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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Sol-Tek Solar provides complete solar design and installation services to clients in the Central California area. Sol-Tek Solar has licensed general contractors and solar experts with decades of experience in designing solar systems and implementing solutions. Sol-Tek Solar provides services to both residential and commercial clients, but offers more specialized solar solutions to homeowners. 

For residential clients, Sol-Tek Solar can implement a number of solar solutions including traditional PV solar, solar pool heating, and solar hot water systems. Sol-Tek Solar can handle all of these types of projects from start to finish including the sales, design, installation, and maintenance (if any is required). 

Each client will have the opportunity to sit down with a Sol-Tek Solar professional to go over all information and address any questions or concerns. The decision-making process can be difficult to navigate, and the Sol-Tek Solar representatives are available to assist and fill in any informational gaps. 

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The Good

  • Solar Pool Heating and Solar Hot Water
  • Energy Storage and Emergency Power
  • Financing Partners
  • CoolPV Solar 

Solar Pool Heating and Solar Hot Water

The most noteworthy service that Sol-Tek Solar offers is its solar pool heating and solar hot water solutions. Not many solar installation companies offer these types of solar solutions, but Sol-Tek Solar specializes in them. 

Sol-Tek Solar will install solar pool heating systems that will warm pools by 8–12 degrees and also extend the length of the swim season. Those interested in solar hot water can save up to 80 percent on water heating bills according to Sol-Tek Solar. 

Energy Storage and Emergency Power

While some companies offer traditional emergency power solutions and others incorporate solar energy storage into systems, Sol-Tek Solar offers both. Solar clients can take advantage of energy storage, allowing systems to store energy produced but not used. This energy can then be consumed when the panels are not generating energy or a power outage has occurred.

Residential clients who do not have access to solar but no longer want inclement weather and other power outages to prevent them from accessing energy can have a generator installed. Sol-Tek Solar installs Generac home backup generators that will turn on automatically in the event of an outage. 

Financing Partners

Solar is a financial investment and can be an expensive one if purchased upfront and outright. To combat the financial hurdle, many solar installation companies will offer at least one form of financing to clients. Sol-Tek Solar has gone above and beyond, partnering with the following financing providers that offer a range of financing solutions:

  • Light Stream
  • Fixed Rate Equity Mortgage
  • EECU Energy Efficiency Loan
  • Sungage
  • YGrene
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Renovate America Program

Additionally, Sol-Tek Solar offers commercial PPA solutions and financing for non-profit organizations. 

CoolPV Solar

A distinctive product offered through Sol-Tek is the CoolPV solar system. Sol-Tek Solar offers this unique product in the greater Fresno area. CoolPV solar, also known as “Cool Solar” incorporates a hybrid technology to provide dual solar benefits in a single solar panel. The CoolPV solar panel will operate as a traditional solar electric panel generating energy while also working as a thermal panel to determine water temperature. With CoolPV solar panels, clients can enjoy up to four times as much total energy production all from the safe rooftop space. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Lack of Warranties

Limited Service Area

The solar installation industry is usually geographically limited. Most solar clients will need to reach out to a local provider in order to access solar solutions as there are not many regional or national solar providers. Sol-Tek Solar is limited in its service area only servicing the central California market. The company is located in Clovis, California and services the counties around its headquarters. 

Lack of Warranties

Warranties are a standard offering in the solar industry. Since solar is a financial investment, clients want some sort of protection on that investment. The industry standard is 25 years of protection under the equipment warranty and 10 years under the workmanship warranty. The equipment warranty is generally offered by the manufacturer and the workmanship warranty is usually provided by the solar installation company.

That being said, there is no public information on warranties available though Sol-Tek Solar. While that does not necessarily mean the company does not offer warranties, it is rare to find a solar installation company that offers warranties but does not publicly disclose that information. 


The Bottom Line

Sol-Tek Solar provides comprehensive solar solutions to residential and commercial clients. In addition to PV solar installation, Sol-Tek Solar is also experienced in solar pool heating and solar hot water system installations. The company provides energy storage and emergency power for clients interested in no longer being subject to outages.

Sol-Tek Solar has a number of financing partners offering loan, lease, and even PPA financing solutions. Sol-Tek Solar is also authorized to install CoolPV solar systems for those interested in what those panels have to offer. 

While there are a number of reasons prospective solar clients would want to work with Sol-Tek Solar for design and installation services, there are limitations to the company as well. Sol-Tek Solar only services the central California region. Outside of this area, Sol-Tek Solar is unavailable. The company also does not appear to offer any sort of equipment or workmanship warranties. If it does, there is no public information regarding these types of protections. 

Clients interested in solar installation services would likely benefit from Sol-Tek if they reside in the central California region and want to take advantage of multiple solar solutions. 

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