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LAST UPDATED: October 4th, 2019

Slingshot Power is striving to lead the way in a clean energy revolution. It is a SunPower Premier dealer and is located in several areas of California. Slingshot Power's team combined has hundreds of years experience from a variety of different organizations. Slingshot's energy ambassadors provide a free energy assessment to help determine the best way for you to go solar.

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The Good

  • Owning Your System
  • PPAs or Leases
  • Free Annual Maintenance
  • Need to Redo Your Roof?
  • Transparency with Panel Information

Owning Your System

Slingshot Power offers a few different options for you to get going with solar. First, if you want to own your panels then you can go with the buy option which provides you with the greatest potential for savings. While there is a steep upfront cost, over time, your panels could be paying for themselves.

PPAs or Leases

Also, the option to get a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) or lease is available with Slingshot Power. These options can come with no money down which makes going solar even easier for you, however, a third party will own the system. That means you won't receive the 30% federal tax credit. Leasing your solar equipment will require you to pay Slingshot Power a monthly rental and power fee which more often than not, less than what you currently pay your power provider. The PPA allows you to purchase your power (whatever you use) at a flat rate for the length of the agreement.

Free Annual Maintenance

A great benefit of going solar with Slingshot Power is its free annual maintenance which you won't see with many other solar companies.

Need to Redo Your Roof?

Slingshot Power helps its customers out by offering a re-roofing program. If your roof needs to be redone, Slingshot will uninstall as well as reinstall your system for free.

Transparency with Panel Information

Slingshot Power does an excellent job providing information regarding the kinds of panels they use for installations. You don't see companies doing this very often within the industry so it's nice to see the transparency with their equipment.


The Bad

  • How Long are the Contracts?
  • Small Service Area
  • Is There a Mobile App Available?

How Long are the Contracts?

While doing research on Slingshot Power, we were able to find a limited amount of information in regard to the payment options available. However, we have no idea for sure how long Slingshot's contracts are. The company mentions that it would like to have a "25 year relationship" with its customers but is that referring to the lease or PPA or something else?

Small Service Area

Slingshot Power only services certain zip codes in California. So if you live close enough to use Slingshot Power as your solar provider, great! If not, you may want to look somewhere else for your solar needs.

Is There a Mobile App Available?

We couldn't find any information relating to a mobile app of any kind for you to check the production of your panels and usage of power. Top companies within the industry have developed their own apps to give customers this feature.


The Bottom Line

When it comes to finding a solar company that does a couple of things that other solar companies don't, Slingshot Power is your company. They offer a free annual maintenance on your panels which is rarely heard of in this industry. Also, if you ever need to fix the panels on your roof, Slingshot with uninstall, then reinstall the panels at no cost to you. Furthermore, it is nice to see information about what panels are used for installations as well as what the efficiency rating is for those panels.

While there is great information on the site about what panels are used, there was still some information that was missing or confusing such as how long the contracts are. Also, it would be great to get some information regarding any kind of online monitoring or a mobile app as we could not find any.

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