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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Sirius Power is a PV Solar and energy storage development and installation company based in Toronto. The company provides clients with turn-key design, solar engineering services, and comprehensive solutions for commercial and residential property owners.

To date, Sirius Power has installed 2mw and offset 408.900 Kg of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent of having planted over 1.5 million trees in the area. 

Each of Sirius Power’s projects produce almost 3GWhs of electricity each year. Within the next few years, that number per project is projected to hit 80 Gwhs. One Mw of PV solar power produced has the potential to save over $9 million dollars in total throughout the lifetime of the system. 

Sirius Power has partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry including Canadian Solar, Fronius, Q Cells, Vancity, HES PV, and Polar Racking. Sirius Power has worked with a number of community organizations and private clients to bring the power of solar to the masses. 

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The Good

  • Solar Services
  • Carport Service
  • PV Solar Net-Metering
  • Residential Payment Plans

Solar Services

Sirius Power offers comprehensive solar services to both residential and commercial property owners. From design to install, Sirius Power can manage the entire project. Solar services offered by Sirius Power include:

  • Design — The Sirius Power team will conduct studies to determine what is needed in the customized design of the system. 
  • Engineering — The Sirius Power team includes professionals in structural engineering. These engineers can assist in the customized system design, obtaining permits, and completing necessary assessments. 
  • Construction — The actual construction of the system will incorporate a roof mounted display including modules, inverters, power optimizers, and appropriate wiring. 
  • Operations and Management — Solar systems installed are backed by 25-year linear performance warranties as well as installation and workmanship warranties. Clients also have access to constant monitoring and maintenance work. 

With certified and professional designers and engineers, the construction and installation services Sirius Power clients can expect will be highly efficient and customized to each individual property. 

Carport Service

One of the most unique services offered by Sirius Power is its carport solution. This is designed for more commercial clients, but will be a force for saving money. The design of the Sirius Power energy efficient carports are built to resist the inclement weather that permeates Canada for several months out of the year. The entire build is waterproof and includes gutters and own sprouts.

These carports are built to include EV charging stations furthering the commitment to reduce overall carbon footprint. Sirius Power will install these carports and uses turnkey design and development. No other solar company in the industry is offering carport solutions to generate power and save clients money. 

PV Solar Net-Metering

Solar clients interested in maximizing the return on their investment may be interested in the premium PV solar net metering opportunity Sirius Power offers its clients. The company claims that clients that utilize net metering have access to the following:

  • Up to 33 percent return on investment each year
  • Financing options with $0 down required
  • Turneky developer and professional installation
  • Service is considered safe, secure, and reliable 
  • Mobile app tracks and provides energy monitoring and management tools

Not only can clients save money by having a solar system installed, but they can maximize earnings by selling the energy they don’t end up using. Some solar installation companies offer net metering services, but not many are able to maximize ROI quite like the net metering service available through Sirius Power. 

Residential Payment Plans

Flexible pricing models are a must for so many prospective solar clients. Due to the high upfront costs associated with solar system installation, many property owners are unable to make it work money-wise. By offering a flexible payment structure, Sirius Power is enabling more residential clients the opportunity to save on energy and access solar power.

Most solar installation companies will partner with credit unions or other organizations to provide financing opportunities. These opportunities are typically a “rental” structure where the client is renting power from the financier. With Sirius Power, clients are paying to own the system. Residential monthly payment plans break down as follows:

6,500 kWh Annual Production Package

  • 5kW
  • $85 per month for 20 years or 5 payments of $2,299
  • Turnkey project package
  • Premium technology
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • 24/7 online monitoring

9,750 kWh Annual Production Package

  • 7.5kW
  • $115 per month for 20 years or 5 payments of $3,225
  • Turnkey project package
  • Premium technology
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • 24/7 online monitoring

13,000 kWh Annual Production Package

  • 10kW
  • $150 per month for 20 years or 5 payments of $4,200
  • Turnkey project package
  • Premium technology
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • 24/7 online monitoring

780,000 kWH Annual Production Package

  • 12kW
  • $175 per month for 20 years or 5 payments of $4,800
  • Turnkey project package
  • Premium technology
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • 24/7 online monitoring

By offering four different pricing models, clients can identify what energy production is needed to power the property and at rates that are affordable. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Energy Storage Solution Information
  • Services Greater Toronto Area

Undisclosed Energy Storage Solution Information

Sirius Power claims to be a top energy storage developer and a leader in the space for all of Canada. This claim could very well be true, but there is little information about what the energy storage service the company provides actually entails.

Most solar installation companies will provide manufacturer information as well as provide information as to what the energy storage solution can do for the average client. Sirius Power fails to provide either of these key components of information for prospective customers. 

Services Greater Toronto Area

Solar is generally a geographically limited service. For most solar companies stateside, the service area is restricted to one state or a select few cities within a state. The same applies to Sirius Power.

Currently, the company services the greater Toronto area. Outside of the city, prospective solar clients will need to look elsewhere for services. While it is common practice within the solar industry to be locally focused, some companies have found ways to expand the service area to help more people access clean, renewable energy. 


The Bottom Line

Sirius Power offers installation and solar development services to clients in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to providing traditional installation services, Sirius Power also provides solar design, engineering, and maintenance work to clients.

One of the most unique services offered by Sirius Power is the carport solution. The carport is built to withstand the harshest of weather conditions while integrating EV charging states and energy storage solutions. Clients looking for additional investment opportunities may find the PV Solar Net Metering service offered by Sirius Power to be enticing.

Lastly, to combat a number of financial constraints, Sirius Power offers a number of monthly payment plans that do not require extensive down payments. 

While there are a number of reasons a solar client would want to enlist the help of Sirius Power, there are limitations to be aware of. First of all, despite claiming to be a leader in the energy storage solution space, there is little known about this service or what it encompasses. Also, Sirius Power only services the Toronto area, so anyone outside of the service area will have to find another solar provider. 

Considering all aspects of the Sirius Power service, clients looking for a number of solar solutions and energy saving strategies would benefit from what the company has to offer. Between the net metering, carport solution, and traditional solar packages, there are solutions for almost every client’s energy needs. 

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