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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

SaveCo Solar is a solar installation provider headquartered in Hildale, Utah. The company has provided solar installation services in the area since 2018. Solar systems installed by SaveCo Solar are designed to provide savings over the span of the system life span. These savings can start almost immediately especially with the rising energy costs and inflation currently impacting the market. 

With a SaveCo Solar system installation, clients can produce their own power even when the sun stops shining. Essentially, every system installed by SaveCo Solar operates as its own little micro power company. When a SaveCo Solar professional is dispatched to a potential client’s home, clients will be given a tax and property valuation detailing the benefits of self producing energy. 

With SaveCo Solar, the solar panels will produce the power and then the battery and storage solutions will store that unused power for future use such as during inclement weather situations or days where not as much energy is being produced. 

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The Good

  • Energy Audit Breakdown
  • Detailed Installation Timeline
  • Solar Monitoring

Energy Audit Breakdown

The energy audit is a service SaveCo Solar provides free of charge. Some companies will charge for these services and include it in the total cost for solar installation. However, SaveCo wants to ensure that all plans made for a particular structure will produce enough energy at an efficient rate. This information is then disclosed to the client so final preparations can be made. 

Detailed Installation Timeline

After the initial sale is complete, many solar clients are left in limbo waiting for work to actually commence. For SaveCo Solar clients, these unknowns are never an issue as a detailed installation timelines is provided:

  • Day 1, Sign Up — A draft plan, price, and system specs will all be agreed on.
  • Day 7, Site Inspection — System specs will be confirmed and building codes will be ensured.
  • Day 15, Final Engineered Plans — A third quality check is completed and a licensed engineer will approve final plans to ensure highly efficient energy production.
  • Day 30, Permit Approval — The dedicated SaveCo Solar team will submit all required information to obtain necessary permits. 
  • Day 35, Material Arrival and Installation — Clients will not have to do anything during this process as SaveCo will get to work installing the system. This takes one to two days.
  • Day 40, Grid Connection — The utility company will then approve the grid tie for net metering and power backup. From there the system is turned out and starts producing clean energy. 

Solar Monitoring

Generally, once the solar installation process is complete, the work by the solar installation company is considered done. That is not the case for SaveCo Solar clients as the company provides active monitoring services throughout the duration of the system’s lifetime. If for any reason, the system is not producing energy like it should, a SaveCo Solar professional will be dispatched to the site to determine the root cause and solution. Clients do not need to worry about their system’s production rates as SaveCo Solar will monitor its efficiency and provide solutions if any work is needed. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Purchasing Options Unavailable 

Limited Service Area 

In recent years, many solar installation companies have expanded to offer solar installation services in multiple states or regions across the country. SaveCo Solar is not one of these companies and, despite sitting on the border of Utah and Arizona, remains committed to servicing only the southern Utah area. 

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Solar manufacturers are responsible for actually producing solar equipment and technology. This includes the panels, inverters, and batteries/storage systems. Solar installation companies are then responsible for selling solar systems and installing them. These two company types have to work in conjunction with one another in order to be successful.

Typically, solar installation companies will partner with one or a few tier-1 solar manufacturers and offer that equipment to its clients. Those partnerships are typically made public as they play a role in the purchasing decision for interested clients. SaveCo Solar has not disclosed what equipment is used in installation or if it has a partnership with any solar manufacturer. 

Purchasing Options Unavailable

Not many residential property owners are in a position to purchase a solar system upfront and outright. Even with tax incentives and available rebates, solar systems cost thousands of dollars to have installed. While it is expected to recoup that investment and more throughout the duration of the system’s lifetime, the upfront costs can be insurmountable for some interested customers. To combat this issue, most solar installation companies offer one of the following financing options available to clients:

  • Loan
  • Lease
  • Power Purchase Agreement

There are also home equity lines of credit available in some circumstances or independent solar programs that homeowners could potentially qualify for. Despite most solar installation companies offering at least one of these options, SaveCo Solar does not offer financing directly to its clients. 


The Bottom Line

SaveCo Solar provides solar installation services to residential clients in Southern Utah. Each interested consumer can take advantage of the energy audit breakdown supplied by an energy professional employed by SaveCo Solar. Once a client decides to utilize SaveCo Solar for installation services, a detailed installation timeline is provided in order to keep expectations clear and communication channels open. After installation, the work does not stop. SaveCo Solar provides active solar monitoring throughout the duration of the system’s lifetime. 

While there are reasons to utilize SaveCo Solar, there are limitations to be aware of as well. The service area is restricted to a small portion of Southern Utah and only residential clients can be serviced. There is no information regarding what manufacturer, technology, or equipment is used in SaveCo Solar installations. Lastly, SaveCo Solar does not independently offer any financing options to clients. 

For clients considering solar installation, SaveCo Solar could be a viable option but not enough is known about the company dealings to make a guaranteed recommendation. Interested clients should take advantage of the energy audit process and have any questions or concerns directly addressed by a SaveCo Solar professional prior to making a final decision. 

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