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LAST UPDATED: December 25th, 2022

Powered Alliance Solar entered the solar industry in 2018 and is a licensed, bonded, and insured installation company serving the western United States. As a solar energy contractor operation, Powered Alliance has rapidly grown since its founding to provide services to prospective clients in multiple states. 

Powered Alliance Solar has completed more than 200 solar system installations. Projects were completed on residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. With the Powered Alliance Solar team, clients can expect the company to quickly move throughout the solar installation process, from the initial consultation to instructing each property owner on how to properly use their new independent and renewable energy. 

In addition to providing typical solar installation services, Powered Alliance Solar also offers roof prep services and repairs to guarantee that the actual structure is ready for the solar system installation. 

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The Good

  • Customized Designs
  • Service Area
  • Solar Battery Solutions

Customized Designs

The solar installation industry typically joins solar manufacturers with solar contractors to provide a product and a service. Generally, a solar installation company will become an authorized dealer or seller of a certain brand or product. This ensures that the installation company has equipment to install.

Powered Alliance Solar does not feel like its clients should be restricted to these relationships, and as a result, allows clients to hand pick panels and have input on equipment installed on the property. While many solar installation companies claim to offer completely “custom designs” that phrase is loosely defined. While these companies may design the layout, they can only provide custom services within the realm of the equipment they have access to.

With Powered Alliance Solar, clients can truly enjoy a custom designed system. 

Service Area

Typically, a solar installation company will solely provide installation services in one state or just a few cities or counties within a state. Very few solar installation companies have expanded to offer services in larger geographical areas.

Powered Alliance Solar offers services to more prospective clients by expanding installation services in the following states:

  • Idaho
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Nevada

Solar Battery Solutions

With the surge in popularity surrounding solar systems, the need for solar battery solutions has also grown. However, not all solar installation companies offer a solar battery solution or service to their clients.

Powered Alliance Solar offers solar battery solutions to clients looking for increased energy independence. This means that any energy that a solar system produces will not be shared to the “grid” but will instead be stored for personal use. In the event of a power outage or inclement weather, the stored energy will be used without a disruption in service. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • No Warranties Offered
  • Lack of Certifications

Undisclosed Equipment Information

While the approach to solar panel selection is more flexible and customized than what most of the industry offers, there is no way to truly determine what level of equipment is installed in Powered Alliance Solar projects.

The company claims that it uses “state of the art panels and micro inverters while other companies still use old optimizer systems,” there is no proof of these claims. The company does not disclose what tier-1 solar manufacturers, if any, it works with or purchases panels from.

While in theory it is nice that clients can hand pick the panels of their choice, it does not guarantee that the client is necessarily getting a better product. 

No Warranties Offered

Another concerning point with the Powered Alliance Solar service is the fact that it does not offer any sort of warranty to clients. Since solar is a financial investment for property owners, warranties are designed to protect that investment. On average, clients have 25-year equipment warranties generally provided by the solar equipment manufacturer.

The workmanship warranty is typically offered by the solar installation company. This warranty is usually 10 years in length and covers any issues stemming from installation errors.

Powered Alliance Solar does not offer any such workmanship warranty and encourages clients to make decisions on solar panel equipment based on warranty in addition to size and efficiency rating. 

Lack of Certifications

Powered Alliance Solar is a licensed, bonded, and insured company, but it has not taken steps to protect clients from errors in installation. Many solar installation companies have a NABCEP-certified installer on staff. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is widely considered to be the gold standard certification within the solar industry.

Obtaining this level of certification means that the installation professional has been vetted, trained, and has the experience required to install a highly efficient solar system. While it is not required to be NABCEP certified to install a solar system, it goes a long way. As it stands, the Powered Alliance Solar team does not meet the NABCEP certification requirements. 


The Bottom Line

The Powered Alliance Solar team takes a unique approach to the solar installation industry. The engineers for Powered Alliance Solar will create a completely customized solar system, allowing clients to choose the most energy-efficient panels for their property. Powered Alliance Solar services four states, allowing the company to service more interested solar clients than typical solar installation operations can. Also, Powered Alliance Solar offers solar battery solutions to its clients looking for additional energy independence.

While there are a number of reasons prospective clients should consider Powered Alliance Solar for installation services, there are some things customers should be aware of. First, it is unknown specifically what equipment Powered Alliance Solar has access to in its installations. The company itself does not offer warranties and clients are encouraged to pick equipment that comes with industry standard warranties. Lastly, no member of staff at Powered Alliance Solar is NABCEP certified.

Considering all of the information and data Powered Alliance Solar has made public for potential customers, anyone considering the service should make sure that they conduct thorough research and ensure that any and all questions and concerns are addressed by the Powered Alliance Solar team during the initial consultation. 

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Michael B Ingram Nampa, ID

The rep. that came out to my house to sell me the solar panels did not tell me all the facts, he told me just enough to make it seem like it met my needs. For instance I am a disabled vet on fixed income, so i told him t5he monthly payments couldn't be more then my electric bill. Well he got me financed at about the same price as my electric bill per month, what he didn't tell me was that monthly amount was only good for 17 months and then if i didn't pay a $15000 balloon payment on that 17th month my payments go up to $235 a month.and that is just one of many items. Plus I talked to other people here in my subdivision whom had similiar problems.

8 months ago