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LAST UPDATED: May 3rd, 2022

Main Street Solar is a family-owned and operated solar installation company responsible for providing installation and maintenance services across the state of Virginia. The professional installation team at Main Street Solar is NABCEP certified, meaning clients can rest assured that the installers have achieved a high level of training and expertise. 

Main Street Solar offers a wide range of solar installation services including residential solar installation, commercial solar installation, grid tie system installation, battery backup installation, off grid system installation, solar water heating installation, and solar pool heating installation. 

The team at Main Street Solar has over 30 years of combined solar engineering and design experience and together the team has been installing systems since 2010. Main Street Solar offers solutions that allow clients to be energy independent. 

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The Good

  • Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Pool Heating
  • Net Metering
  • Solar Monitoring and Maintenance

Solar Water Heating

Solar installation companies typically offer residential and commercial solar installation services. This is not a unique offering in any way. More and more solar companies are starting to offer solar battery and storage installation services as well. However, these are not the only installation services available in the solar realm. 

Instead of heating water through traditional means, there are solar water heating solutions clients can take advantage of. According to Main Street Solar, the average household in Virginia can save up to $600per year with solar water heating instead of using traditional electricity for water heating purposes. Main Street Solar is well-equipped to install solar water heating systems that will only help homeowners maximize energy cost savings and add value to the home. 

Solar Pool Heating

Another unique installation service offered by Main Street Solar involves solar pool heating. Heating a pool, especially during peak months, can cost a fortune. However, with solar pool heating technology, clients can keep their pools warm all year long without it breaking the bank. 

There are not many traditional solar installation companies dabbling in the solar pool heating arena, but Main Street Solar already has the experience necessary to set these systems up for maximum efficiency. 

Net Metering

One of the best parts of the Main Street Solar service is the ability for clients to access something known as “net metering.” Net metering allows the property owner to completely oversee their own electricity usage, production, and financial obligations. During the day, most solar systems will generate more electricity than the home or building actually uses. This energy is then turned over to the “grid,” allowing clients to export the energy they produced for credits on future electrical bills.

This means that power produced today could end up saving a client money weeks or months from now. While off-grid clients will not be able to access this feature, all Main Street Solar clients that are grid-tied will be able to use net metering to save money in the future. 

Solar Monitoring and Maintenance 

Many installation companies, once the design, permitting, and installation process are complete, consider the work to be done. Even though solar systems are extremely low maintenance, there is some care that needs to be taken in order for the system to continue to function efficiently.

Rather than leave clients high and dry, Main Street Solar offers system maintenance and monitoring packages. This ensures that the system will continue to produce electricity at a high level.  


The Bad

  • No Solar Sales Assistance
  • Limited Service Area

No Solar Sales Assistance

Solar installation companies are typically two-fold involving both a sales department and an installation team. The sales department handles the initial consultation and may have a role in the overall design of the system. This sales department also determines, depending on what access the company has to solar manufacturers, specifically what equipment needs to be ordered and what brand or technology will best benefit the client. This is a beneficial service as most prospective clients are not as well-versed in the solar industry as actual solar professionals are. 

One key missing component of the Main Street Solar service is the fact that this company does not offer the sales side of the equation. Clients are expected to find a solar professional who can guide them through the equipment purchasing process. This means that an entirely separate party will be involved in the overall solar process which will ultimately mean additional costs for the customer. 

Limited Service Area

Solar is typically a local service. Most solar installation companies will provide installation services in one state or a number of cities within one state. A select few solar companies have found ways to expand, offering services in multiple states or even covering an entire region.

However, Main Street Solar remains a relatively small operation only working in the state of Virginia. By only servicing only this one state, Main Street Solar simply is not able to service as many prospective solar clients as other companies can. 


The Bottom Line

Main Street Solar provides comprehensive solar installation services, tapping into solar equipment and processes typically not offered within the industry. Main Street Solar is equipped to handle the installation of solar water heating and solar pool heating systems, saving clients hundreds of dollars each year in these utilities alone.

Additionally, Main Street Solar offers net metering services, putting the power of electricity back into the client’s hands. Lastly, Main Street Solar can provide routine monitoring and maintenance functions to ensure that a system is efficiently producing energy. 

It is important to note that the client will play an active role in getting the system finally geared up for installation as there is no equipment broker or sales team in-house. Also, the service area of Main Street Solar is restricted to the state of Virginia alone.

Considering Main Street Solar's limitations, prospective customers considering the company for services should conduct thorough research and be comfortable with the equipment purchasing aspect before utilizing the company for installation assistance. 

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