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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Kern Power Company provides a solar service in which clients can choose from a number of equipment and financing providers to create a customized solar solution. The Kern Power Company solely focuses on residential clients so homeowners looking for a way to reduce utility costs and protect their financial interests from rising energy rates may be interested in what the company offers. 

Kern Power Company has partnered with a wide range of solar financing partners and solar installation companies in order to offer a robust and complete service. Company representatives will walk each potential client through the purchasing process and lend insight and counsel as needed. 

Kern Power Company works essentially as a solar broker, meaning the company shops around and provides a number of options to clients for each aspect of solar installation and purchasing. Clients should note that Kern Power Company itself does not manufacture or install solar systems. Instead, the company takes the lead on solar projects and identifies the best solutions within the industry that makes sense for the individual client. 

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The Good

  • Shop and Compare Option
  • Multiple Financing Options 
  • Roofing Services

Shop and Compare Option

One of the most beneficial features of the Kern Power Company platform is that each client will truly receive a customized solar solution at an affordable price point.

Most installation companies are bound in terms of what equipment and financing solutions are available to clients. These competitors will have partnerships with one or more equipment manufacturers and can only offer panels, inverters, and batteries from those manufacturers. The same applies for financing solutions as most solar installation companies can only offer one or two avenues for financing.

With Kern Power Company, clients can choose from a wider variety of equipment options and can utilize every financing solution available within the industry. 

Multiple Financing Options

Through Kern Power Company, solar clients can choose from a host of financing options, including power purchase agreements, loans, leases, or cash financing avenues. Most solar companies will offer one or two alternative financing solutions, but rarely does a company provide every financing solution available within the industry.

Kern Solar Company is able to do this as it has partnerships with the following reputable solar financing companies and programs:

  • LoanPal
  • Sunlight Financial
  • Mosaic
  • Dividend
  • CaliforniaFirst
  • Hero
  • SunPower
  • SunRun
  • Sunnova

Depending on what financing solution a solar client decides to go with, full warranties, low down payments, affordable monthly payments and tax incentives may be available as well. 

Roofing Services

Another beneficial service offered by Kern Power Company is its roofing expertise and brokerage work. Whether or not a homeowner is a solar client, Kern Power Company can offer the following roofing services:

  • Identify and research the ideal contractor for the project
  • Pick the right materials for the work needed
  • Remove the old roof safely
  • Inspect wood decking 
  • Roofing material installation
  • Final inspections and touch up work

Solar systems can often outlast roofs. Solar clients can take care of all roofing work including replacement and solar with the Kern Power Company. Many solar installation companies do not have the experience or knowledge necessary to provide roofing services. 


The Bad

  • Outsourced Installation Work
  • Local Service Area
  • Undisclosed Equipment and Warranty Information 

Outsourced Installation Work

In an effort to provide a perfectly tailored service to each client, the Kern Power Company has to outsource pieces of solar projects in order to have the work completed. The Kern Power Company itself does not provide installation work, instead those responsibilities are outsourced to one of the following partners:

  • Vivint Solar
  • 1st Light Energy
  • Bright Planet Solar
  • Abundant Energy
  • Freedom Forever

Most solar companies offer start-to-finish services meaning one company will handle the consultation, design, permitting, installation, and inspection work. The Kern Power Company does not provide this to clients. 

Local Service Area

Like many solar companies, Kern Power Company provides a local but geographically limited service. That being said, solar providers that have trusted partnerships with installation companies or dealers typically are able to service a larger area covering multiple states or regions across the country. This is not the case for Kern Power Company. To date, the company serves the following areas in California:

  • Kern County
  • Bakersfield
  • Rosedale
  • Delano
  • Arvin
  • Shafted
  • Wasco
  • Taft
  • Visalia
  • Tehachapi
  • Oildale
  • Rosamond

Outside of these central California cities, Kern Power Company will not be able to assist with solar consult work. 

Undisclosed Equipment and Warranty Information

Despite offering a shop and compare service, it is unclear specifically what equipment and manufacturers Kern Power Company clients will have access to when making a final purchasing decision. Most solar providers will publicly disclose manufacturer and warranty information so those interested customers still in the research stage of the process can determine if the company will be a right fit or not. 


The Bottom Line

Kern Power Company provides a unique consulting and management solar service to property owners interested in utilizing renewable energy. With the shop and compare feature, clients can pick and choose the solutions that best suit their individual needs. The Kern Power Company has relationships with a number of solar financing providers allowing clients to choose the best and most budget-friendly option for their specific circumstances. The Kern Power Company is also well-equipped to help with roofing replacements and other needs. 

There are drawbacks to the service the Kern Power Company offers that interested customers should be aware of. First, all actual installation work is entirely outsourced to other providers. The company's service area is also restricted to Kern County and the greater Bakersfield area. Lastly, it is unknown what solar equipment specifically is available to Kern Power Company clients, and the details surrounding warranty specifics are vague. 

Clients looking for a completely customized solar solution instead of being forced into a solar installation company’s limited options will likely benefit from what the Kern Power Company offers. Those looking to work with one company to handle each aspect of the solar process in-house may want to look elsewhere for solar services. 

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