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LAST UPDATED: August 17th, 2023

Ion Solar Pros was founded to help residential and commercial clients utilize renewable energy straight from the sun to power their home or office building. Ion Solar Pros provides clients with a reliable energy alternative that will save money on monthly utility bills while also providing a cleaner alternative for electricity. These solar solutions allow clients to increase energy independence while bolstering sustainability efforts.

The services offered through Ion Solar Pros have been featured on HGTV, as the company is the exclusive solar contractor for Greyrock Homes which is partnered with the popular television show This Old House.

Each installation done through Ion Solar Pros is overseen by an E-1 electrician and the company has garnered NABCEP certification. To date, Ion Solar Pros has completed thousands of residential solar installations all across the country, making Ion Solar Pros one of the few national solar providers. 

To provide clients with the best possible products and services, Ion Solar Pros remains committed to providing a quality design, system, and solely practices sound installation methods. Ion Solar Pros also installs EV charging stations and has developed PowerLink , a sales management tool that can be downloaded on mobile devices.


The Good

  • Design and Installation
  • System and Performance Monitoring
  • Battery Backup and Built-In Inverters
  • Warranties and Protections

Design and Installation

Ion Solar Pros gives each project the attention it needs to yield the best possible energy production results. The programs and strategies Ion Solar Pros implement during the design portion of the process ensure optimal performance while also taking into consideration the actual aesthetics of the system.

Many solar contractors solely offer cookie-cutter solutions when it comes to designing and installing a solar system. With Ion Solar Pros, this is not the case. All installers are trained and certified to provide customized design and installation services. 

System and Performance Monitoring

The monitoring system that Ion Solar Pros offers to its clients is also worth noting as this technology is not available to all solar clients. Solar clients that do not have access to monitoring systems generally experience slow repair times as it takes some time to notice that a system is not producing as designed. Ion Solar Pros has mitigated this problem by offering a full-scale monitoring system. The monitoring app allows solar clients to:

  • View solar system health and performance
  • View panel-level production in detail
  • Track grid imports as well as exports
  • Directly contact Ion Solar Pros when needing support 
  • Manage and view power-hungry appliances

Ion Solar Pros clients are able to quickly address issues when a system is experiencing problems and better manage property power usage all due to the data made available through the monitoring system. 

Battery Backup and Built-In Inverters

Not all solar contractors offer compatible battery backup or seamless built-in inverters as part of their installation practice. Ion Solar Pros clients are able to reverse any sort of ill effects due to utility power outages by having a quality battery backup system installed and paired with the solar system. These battery backups will allow homes and office buildings to continue to use power even during utility grid blackouts. Ion Solar Pros clients can keep appliances running and the lights on even when the entire neighborhood is in the thick of an outage. 

Additionally, Ion Solar Pros installs some of the best-in-class built-in inverters available on the market. The Enphase IQ8 is widely considered to be one of the “smartest” micro inverters available offering the first grid-forming solar panel micro inverters complete with split-phase power conversion capabilities. 

Warranties and Protections

A key component of the solar industry many prospective clients are concerned with are the warranties available through a specific contractor. Since having a solar system installed is a huge financial investment, ensuring that the system will produce as designed for decades to come is imperative. To combat these worries, solar contractors will generally offer a 25-year equipment warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty. These warranties may or may not have a number of exceptions to consider as well. However, Ion Solar Pros offers one of the most complete and comprehensive warranties in the industry providing the following to its clients:

  • 25-year equipment warranty (includes inverters, racking, and panels)
  • 25-year labor warranty (workmanship warranty)
  • 25-year production warranty
  • 20-year monitoring hardware warranty

Not many solar companies in the industry can compete when it comes to covering what Ion Solar Pros offers clients.

Sales Partnerships

In order to offer solar services on a national scale, it takes serious expansion and logistical work. Ion Solar Pros has accomplished that and has completed residential solar projects all across the country. In order to reach a national base, Ion Solar Pros has had to build up a robust sales team. This has been possible through the company’s involvement in the production of PowerLink, a mobile all-in-one sales tool.

Most solar companies like to tout the extra efforts placed into customer service or maintenance in an effort to win over clients. Ion Solar Pros has placed its efforts into building up its sales network all across the nation.


The Bad

  • Limited Verified Ion Solar Pros Reviews

Limited Verified Ion Solar Pros Reviews

As of August 2023, Ion Solar Pros has earned fewer than five verified reviews on Best Company. Verified reviews are in important component in helping potential customers gain a transparent view of a solar company. Verified reviews clarify factors like installation quality, customer service responsiveness, and solar energy system performance, because they are related by actual customers.

If you are a current or former Ion Solar Pros customer, we encourage you to share your experience below.


The Bottom Line

Ion Solar Pros is working to make solar more accessible, affordable, and reliable one installation at a time. The team is well versed in high-quality solar practices and offers customized designs to ensure the best possible energy generation results available.

Each client that goes through the Ion Solar Pros for installation will have access to system and performance monitoring channels to ensure system productivity. There is also the ability to have a solar battery backup system installed to combat issues stemming from utility grid power outages and built-in inverters through Enphase. Lastly, the Ion Solar Pros offer some of the industry’s best warranties on power, production, and labor providing clients with superior peace of mind. 

Despite offering a high-quality and customized service, there are downsides to the Ion Solar Pros operation like there is with any solar provider. The company does place a great deal of focus and energy on expanding its sales team and software. Additionally, it is unclear exactly what tier-1 solar manufacturer Ion Solar Pros works with to provide the actual solar panels.

Considering all of the beneficial features associated with the Ion Solar Pros platform, clients looking to have a solar system installed should consider using the Ion Solar Pros for system design and installation. 

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Paul Nagin Naugatuck, CT

ISP installed a large solar array (59 panels) on my roof. The design and implementation were professional and well thought out. And the best part is that the system works as promised. I am nearly 100% covered, including heat, cooling, hot water, all appliances, heated inground swimming pool and electric car. No more energy bills!! Strongest recommendation.

1 month ago


Featured Review


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Patrick Misset Watertown, CT

Excellent work by the installers. Product is top notch and is working exceptionally well. Highly recommend them.

2 months ago


Review Source

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Steven Clark Naugatuck, CT

So far so good but I would like to see a definitive drop in my electric bill

2 months ago