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LAST UPDATED: December 22nd, 2022

Green Star Solar Solutions was founded in 2009 by Gary Bynum. Bynum had previously owned a successful plumbing business when he became one of the first people in the state to receive a Green Plumbing license. Bynum combined his knowledge of green plumbing with his extensive expertise in the construction industry to form Green Star Solar Solutions — a comprehensive solar installation company and authorized dealer of top solar equipment. 

Green Star Solar Solutions helps clients from start to finish when it comes to solar or green projects. From the custom design, to the permits and paperwork, to the installation, a member of Green Star Solar Solutions will be there every step of the way.

As the solar industry continues to grow and develop, Green Star Solar Solutions has proven it has the ability to expand and progress to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. Green Star Solar Solutions maintains the highest level of credentials and ensures that a high quality product is installed each and every time. 


The Good

  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Warranty Options
  • Financing Options
  • Clean Energy Services

Equipment Partnerships

One of the biggest draws to the Green Star Solar Solutions product is the fact that the company has multiple partnerships with tier-1 manufacturers. This allows clients to choose from some of the best equipment in the solar industry. Green Star Solar Solutions has solar partnerships with the following companies:

  • Panasonic Solar (authorized dealer)
  • SolarEdge (preferred partner)
  • Sol-Ark
  • Solar Royal
  • Enphase

With a wide variety of equipment options to choose from, customers are likely to find a product that is ideal for their property. Many solar installation companies do not have access to multiple solar brands, but Green Star Solar Solutions does. 

Warranty Options

Green Star Solar Solutions customers have two options when it comes to extended warranties. Since the cost of solar is rather steep, ensuring that the installation and equipment functions as designed is critical. To protect clients from installation or equipment malfunctions, Green Star Solar Solutions offers the following warranties:

TripleGuard Warranty

  • 25-year warranty term
  • 95% power output performance after 10 years
  • 91% power output performance after 25 years
  • 9% 25-year power degradation
  • 25-year parts and components protection
  • 25-year protection on labor to repair and/or replace
  • 25-year protection on shipping costs

AllGuard Warranty

  • 25-year warranty term
  • 95% power output performance after 10 years
  • 91% power output performance after 25 years
  • 9% 25-year power degradation
  • 25-year protection on solar modules, built-in microinverters, unirac racking
  • 5-year protection on monitoring hardware
  • 25-year protection on labor to repair and/or replace
  • 25-year protection on shipping costs

While warranties are typical in the solar industry, they are typically not this extensive. Most workmanship warranties are only 10 years and many equipment warranties do not guarantee an output performance over 95%. The warranties available through Green Star Solar Solutions is unmatched. 

Financing Options

There are three financing options available for Green Star Solar Solutions' clients. First, clients can always purchase the system outright and own it from the start. Additionally, Green Star Solar Solutions offers the following financing options:

  • Power Purchase — Avoid upfront costs in the event that you do not qualify for the federal tax credit. The developer will arrange for the design, permitting, financing, and installation of the solar energy system. 
  • Solar Loan — With a solar loan, customers pay for the system with a loan and can be paid off without penalty. 

While most solar companies offer some sort of financing options to customers, Green Star Solar Solutions offers both cash purchase and loan solutions making solar affordable for varying financial circumstances. 


As one of the more experienced installers in the state of Texas, Green Star Solar Solutions boasts high level certifications and contractor permits. Additionally, since the origins of Green Star Solar Solutions is in the plumbing industry, licensed plumbers are on staff as well. Certifications and credentials include the following:

  • NABCEP Professional Installer #110112-24
  • NABCEP PV Technical Sales TS-100414-010610
  • Texas Electrical Contractors License #28902
  • Texas Master Plumbing License #M-16950

While many solar installation companies try to have at least a NABCEP professional installer on staff, it is rare to have both a NABCEP professional installer and PV technical sales representative. Green Star Solar Solutions has both, separating the company from the rest of the industry.

Clean Energy Services

Green Star Solar Solutions offers a wide range of solar and clean energy solutions to its clients. Green Star Solar Solutions services help create clean energy, store and use clean energy, and ultimately monitor and manage the produced energy. Green solutions offered through the company include the following:

  • Solar Electric Systems — Utilizing the power of the sun, Green Star Solar Solutions will install PV solar systems to reduce the cost of electricity and increase the amount of renewable energy being used.
  • EV Charging Stations — Green Star Solar Solutions can install electric vehicle supply equipment and is an authorized representative for Coloumb Technologies. This is a sustainable solution for electric transportation users. 
  • Solar Storage — With solar storage, customers can integrate solar with battery storage, helping homeowners consume energy, maximize solar usage, and create greater electricity savings and energy independence. 
  • Solar Attic Fans — Green Star Solar Solutions can install solar attic fans to help save money and energy. Solar attic fans can reduce temperatures inside the attic and other rooms creating a more comfortable home. 
  • Solar Hot Water — With solar hot water, clients can save money washing dishes, doing laundry, showers, filling and maintaining swimming pools. 

Not many solar installation companies offer multiple green solutions to their clients. Green Star Solar Solutions truly offers comprehensive green solutions to customers. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area

Limited Service Area

As a locally owned and operated company, Green Star Solar Solutions can provide personal and customized service to its clients. That high level of service does come at a geographical cost, however. The company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and only services the central Texas region. That means that anyone outside of this service area will need to look elsewhere for solar installation services.

While many solar installation companies are regionally based, some companies offer services across multiple states or a region of the country. By only offering services in central Texas, Green Star Solar Solutions is unable to service many prospective solar clients. 


The Bottom Line

Green Star Solar Solutions provides complete solar and green energy services to its clients. With numerous tier-1 manufacturer relationships, extended warranties, multiple financing options, and proper credentials, Green Star Solar Solutions clients can expect a high quality product, installation, and service. 

The only drawback of Green Star Solar Solutions is the limited service area in which the company is licensed to operate. Customers outside of the greater San Antonio area will need to look elsewhere for solar installation.

Residents and commercial property owners looking to have a solar system installed in central Texas would benefit from what Green Star Solar Solutions has to offer. The company has a proven track record and has completed hundreds of successful solar projects.

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Green Star Solar Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

What if my roof is damaged by a hail storm?

It’s important that your system gets added to your policy along with the home. If the system and the roof gets damaged by a weather event, then you would make a claim on your home insurance policy. Panasonic panels offer Hail Safety Impact Velocity covering 1 inch hail stones at 52 miles per hour. This means that your solar system could be safer than your roof.

What if I need a new roof for my home?

The company recommends doing installations on roofs that are less than 10 years old. It also recommends adding the solar system to your home insurance policy once the installation has begun. If a new roof is needed, then the uninstall and re-install of the solar system will be covered by your home policy in the event of weather damage. The price increase to home insurance is negligible to add a solar electrical system. When an uninstall and re-install is needed, the roofers should not be un-installing your solar electrical system. Green Star Solar Solutions will handle that for you. An unintended benefit of installing solar panels is that the panels will shade the roof, keeping the house cooler, and also extend the life of your roof shingles.

What types of rebates and incentives are available?

Rebates will depend on the electric utility that services your area. You can learn more about rebates from CPS Energy in San Antonio and Austin Energy in Austin by visiting their websites. You can learn more about incentives in your area at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) website. Tax credits are taken off of the “net cost” of your system which is the post-rebate cost.

Are there financing options available?

Yes, Green Star Solar Solutions strives to present the best financing package in the market as well as an honest assessment of how financing can impact your return on investment. Currently the company offers "Same as Cash" system financing.

How much will a solar electrical system cost?

Your system will immediately increase the value of your property upon installation and can also be exempt from property tax. After your system “saves” for itself, your system electricity will be free for years and years to come. A customized, site-specific proposal will be provided to you at no cost. Due to the importance of this investment, an at-home presentation is highly recommended. Going solar is a long-term investment. Green Star Solar Solutions provides competitively priced systems with the highest level of quality. Signing incentives are available. In addition to competitive pricing, the company's focus is on customer service and communication.

What happens to solar panels when it's cloudy or raining?

Solar panels absorb the greatest amount of solar energy when they are in direct sunlight, but they continue to capture indirect sunlight when it’s overcast or raining. Rain can provide an unexpected benefit by rinsing debris off of the panels, which allows them to perform at their best.

How do I track the production of my system?

With your new solar electrical system, you will be provided an online monitoring platform that can be operated on your computer or mobile device. The platform allows you to see how your system is producing in real time, has panel level access and can be setup to provide automatic messages and alerts. Inverter platforms also can track your consumption allowing you to identify troubling energy appliance issues i.e., A/C that is using to more power than it should.

How long does an installation take?

A Green Star Solar electrical system installation will typically finish within a week. Care is taken at every step of the way because this is a big investment for customers. Because of this, no corners are cut to ensure a quality job all around. The company provides you with full details and schedules of your installation plan.

What kind of equipment does the company use?

Green Star Solar Solutions provide the highest-rated equipment with the lowest failure rates on the market from its trusted supply partners: Panasonic, Enphase, Solar Edge and Solar Royal. Customers can also use their preferred brand(s) if they choose.

Can I install the solar system myself?

The company does not recommend that a home owner install a solar electrical system themselves due to many factors including safety concerns and obtaining permits, many of which require having a licensed installer with a Texas electrical contractor license.
Message from
Green Star Solar Solutions

We are one of the leading solar energy companies in Texas. Having completed hundreds of projects generating multiple megawatts of solar energy, we believe in the power of a clean, primary energy resource — the sun. With our turn-key process, we design and install your solar panel system including handling all the permits, utility applications, and other paperwork.

We also provide a number of products and services that promote the use of clean energy:

  • Home Energy and Panel Level Storage
  • Smart Breaker Panels
  • Solar Attic Ventilation Fans
  • Radiant Barrier Attic Foil Insulation
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
  • Atmospheric Water Generators
  • Rainwater Recapture Systems

We are A+ rated with the BBB and have TECL & NABCEP licensed crews with access to Master Electricians and Journeymen.

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