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LAST UPDATED: November 28th, 2022

Future Energy Savers was founded in 1978 and is a family-owned company that has been serving California residents for more than 40 years. Originally, its business model was based on insulating homes to help its customers improve energy efficiency, reduce their energy bills, and conserve natural resources.

Now, Future Energy Savers has expanded into other areas, such as solar electric, HVAC, exterior coatings, and window replacements. The company has become an industry leader and has won numerous awards and accolades from state agencies and local utility providers. To date, Future Energy Savers has installed over 6,500 solar systems and provided thousands of Californians with solar panels.

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The Good

  • USA-Manufactured Solar Panels
  • Quick Solar Process
  • Solar Energy Storage Option Available
  • Online System Monitoring
  • Time in Business

USA-Manufactured Solar Panels

Homeowners who choose a solar installation from Future Energy Savers will receive solar panels that were manufactured in the United States.

Quick Solar Process

Future Energy Savers can design and install most systems within 2 to 3 weeks from the time the customer selects their system options. This timeline includes securing permits and utility or other required approvals. The system will be powered up after a final inspection by the customer's utility company, usually within another week or two.

Solar Energy Storage Option Available

A solar system will not continue to bring power to your home during a power outage. However, Future Energy Savers offers an optional battery backup feature that you can have installed with your solar system to provide you with limited amounts of stored renewable energy power during such outages. The company features products from Generac, one of the industry leaders in natural gas and renewable energy storage.

This is not included as part of the typical solar panel installation; therefore, if you are interested in battery backup and reducing your dependence on fossil fuel, you will need to talk with Future Energy Savers for costs and other details.

Online System Monitoring

The Future Energy Savers website doesn't explicitly state whether or not the company offers any type of online monitoring system; however, several of the testimonials on the Future Energy Savers website feature customers raving about the 24/7 online monitoring that they have access to. Basically, it appears that Future Energy Savers offers monitoring, but it would be wise for potential customers to confirm this feature with the company.

Time in Business

Future Energy Savers is incredibly experienced and has been in business improving energy efficiency for homeowners in California for more than four decades. While the company originally provided insulation for homes, it now offers a variety of energy efficiency solutions, including solar electric, roofing, heating and air conditioning, exterior coatings, and window replacement, to help customers reduce energy costs and take control of their utility bills.


The Bad

  • Vague Financing Options
  • Mixed Feedback on Online Public Forums

Vague Financing Options

Future Energy Savers mentions offering solar customers a number of financing options to help facilitate their solar installation; however, solar energy company provides little useful information or details on said payment options. Most solar providers partner with local banks or credit unions and/or third-party clean energy upgrade lenders to offer homeowners low-rate solar loan financing.

Other companies also provide solar leasing or power purchase agreement products as part of their financing options suite.

Mixed Feedback on Online Public Forums

We scoured the online public forums and found mixed feedback in regards to how Future Energy Savers does business.  The majority of complaints were due to company sales reps not showing up for scheduled appointments and door-to-door salespeople being pushy. There was also a multitude of complaints regarding relentless telemarketing practices. The company's owner does, however, respond to the complaints, which shows that Future Energy Savers is at least willing to try to resolve any issues that arise.


The Bottom Line

Future Energy Savers offers several attractive features, including American-made solar panels, a quick design and installation process, battery backup options, and online monitoring. Additionally, the company has decades of experience and provides a variety of energy efficient products and services. However, the company has received mixed feedback and a number of complaints on online public forums.

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