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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

EnergyCinq is a commercial solar provider that provides large-scale solar project management services for businesses looking to reduce electricity costs while becoming more energy independent. The leadership at EnergyCinq has decades of combined solar experience providing clients with the expertise needed to make the best solar decisions. 

The team at EnergyCinq recognized the need for commercial property and business owners to modernize energy sources through solar installation. By offering clean and alternative energy, EnergyCinq helps clients decrease monthly energy bills, increase energy independence, and become leaders in sustainability.

To date, EnergyCinq has completed over 100 large-scale utility projects, 308 MW installed, 405 GwH of energy produced, and a total of $1,000,000+ in electricity savings. Despite only officially launching operations in 2021, EnergyCinq has quickly risen in the ranks as a premier commercial solar providers.

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The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Equipment Partnerships
  • End-to-End Planning
  • Energy Independence Solutions

Services Offered

EnergyCinq provides comprehensive solar and energy efficiency services. Through EnergyCinq, clients can truly obtain a number of energy objectives and standards desired. Services available through EnergyCinq include the following:

  • Solar system installation
  • EV charging station installation
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Roofing and carport work
  • Commercial electrical services and upgrades
  • Commercial lighting upgrades

While many solar installation providers and managers offer solar and battery solutions, few also include energy efficiency upgrade services like EnergyCinq does. By including roofing and carport solutions, electrical services, and LED lighting improvements, EnergyCinq offers a more complete energy efficient service than its competitors. 

Equipment Partnerships

In an effort to provide the best service possible with customization options, EnergyCinq has partnered with some of the biggest brand names in solar equipment manufacturing. Equipment partnerships through EnergyCinq include the following:

Panel Partners Inverter Partners Battery Partners
  • Q Cells
  • LG
  • JA Solar
  • SMA
  • SolarEdge
  • BYD
  • LG
  • Tesla
  • Enphase
  • Sonnen

By partnering with a number of tier-1 manufacturers, EnergyCinq offers its clients multiple equipment options, something most dealerships and authorized installers are unable to provide. 

End-to-End Planning

More often than not, commercial providers look to outsource pieces of the solar project as they typically are more time consuming than residential projects. That is where EnergyCinq stands out within the industry as the company provides complete, end-to-end planning. Its solar process includes design, engineering and develpment, permitting, and installation. 

No aspect of the EnergyCinq process is ever outsourced to a third-party supplier. All project management work will be handled in-house by the professional EnergyCinq team. 

Energy Independence Solutions

A major benefit of utilizing EnergyCinq for solar and related energy services is the company is well-equipped to help clients identify ways to bolster energy independence. Whether that is done through small, basic upgrades or installing energy friendly systems, Energy Cinq is able to do it all. 

For commercial clients concerned with natural disasters or regular blackouts, EnergyCinq also has solutions. The EnergyCinq team will meet to determine backup goals, current electrical setup and needs, and detailing a plan complete with what specific products will be needed in order to become energy independent. 


The Bad

  • Commercial Clients Only
  • Undisclosed Warranties

Commercial Clients Only 

Many solar installation companies heavily focus on two types of solar clients: residential homeowners and commercial property owners. A few companies will also offer services in the agricultural or government realm, but more often than not, commercial and residential clients are serviced by solar installation companies.

EnergyCinq remains committed to a restricted clientele, namely commercial clients. That means that any residential clients interested in having a solar system installed will need to look elsewhere for services. 

Undisclosed Warranties

Since solar and other energy upgrades are a long-term financial investment, most clients want some sort of production guarantee to ensure that equipment and workmanship flows as expected. As a result, most solar companies offer a number of warranties including equipment, production, and workmanship.

A vast majority of solar installation companies will self-back workmanship warranties for an average of 10 years. The equipment manufacturers will then back its equipment for an average of 25 years and potentially guaranteeing production for up to 25 years.

Unfortunately for EnergyCinq customers, there is no mention of any warranties making it difficult to determine whether or not this feature is included in its service. 


The Bottom Line

EnergyCinq offers complete solar and energy efficiency solutions for commercial clients looking for a reliable renewable energy source. Through EnergyCinq, clients can take advantage of a number of services including: solar installation, EV charging station installation, energy storage solutions, roofing and carport work, commercial electrical services and upgrades, and commercial lighting upgrades.

To offer the best overall service, EenrgyCinq has partnered with a number of tier-1 solar equipment manufacturers in an effort to provide the best equipment on the market. EnergyCinq offers complete end-to-end services, meaning no aspect of the solar project will be outsourced to a third party provider. Lastly, EnergyCinq is committed to its energy initiatives by helping clients achieve energy independence.

Despite offering a number of high-quality and beneficial services, there are limitations to the EnergyCinq platform prospective solar clients should be aware of. There are no residential solutions available through EnergyCinq. The company solely services commercial needs. There is also no public mention of warranties offered through EnergyCinq despite it being a standard industry offering. 

Commercial clients in need of comprehensive solar management and energy savings solutions will likely benefit from what EnergyCinq offers. However, prospective residential solar clients will need to look for an alternative solar provider. 

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