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LAST UPDATED: June 9th, 2021

Energy Outlet is a Texas company that organizes and compares Texas energy plans for customers. Its platform is entirely online and free, and offers a sleek comparison between energy providers for anyone looking for a cheaper or more affordable energy plan.

The company’s founder, James Birkbeck, has years of experience in energy, home security, and environmental conservation. Since its founding in 2018, Energy Outlet has grown to work with over 15 providers offering both residential and commercial plans.

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The Good

  • Options for Fixed-Rate and Variable-Rate Plans
  • Focus on Green Energy
  • Completely Free Platform

Options for Fixed-Rate and Variable-Rate Plans

When you begin to compare energy companies through Energy Outlet’s website, you can choose if you’d like a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan. This information will display customized results, helping you further narrow your search for an ideal energy company. This differentiation between fixed and variable rate plans allows customers the flexibility to easily find a plan they are comfortable with.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a fixed or variable rate plan are that fixed rates usually require a contract for a certain length of time. This can be helpful as the temperature outside changes or the market shifts, as many energy companies may alter their prices month to month based on these factors. Locking in a fixed rate helps avoid these fluctuations. On the other hand, with a fixed-rate plan, if you choose to leave your contract before the contract is finished, you will pay a cancellation fee.

For those who choose a variable-rate plan, you avoid paying any type of cancellation fee because there will be no time-bound contract. Month to month, your energy bill will be determined by energy consumption, the environment (in sunnier months a central cooling system tends to be used more often, in winter months a heat system is more frequent, etc.), and by shifts in the market or economy. While these things mean you could end up paying less for your energy some months, other months you may end up paying more.

When choosing an energy provider through Energy Outlet, it’s most important to first consider if you would like a time-bound energy service contract, and if so, for how long, before making a new energy company decision. Energy Outlet allows you to select energy options from one month up to 36 months.

Focus on Green Energy

One strongpoint of Energy Outlet is its focus on green, clean, and renewable energy sources. In order to help encourage customers to choose companies who offer these services, Energy Outlet clearly marks companies with renewable energy options. Energy Outlet compares companies with solar power, wind power, and shows businesses that use all renewable or partially renewable energy options. These specifications can help customers make an informed decision based on what they are looking for. Part of Energy Outlet’s mission is to help customers make more environmentally conscious purchases all while saving them money.

Completely Free Platform

Energy Outlet prides itself on offering customers free access to its website and energy company comparisons. The process is entirely free and without hidden fees.


The Bad

  • Less Organized Commercial Energy Plans
  • Limited Service Area

Less Organized Commercial Energy Plans

In addition to residential energy plans, Energy Outlet also offers commercial energy plans. To facilitate this, customers fill out a survey with basic information about their business and their energy needs. Once submitted, Energy Outlet sends the information to several Texas energy companies who will send the customer personalized quotes or commercial energy plans. The customer can then select the best option for their business.

While this system is relatively seamless, it leaves more work for the business owner to connect individually with the commercial energy companies that come his or her way. Whereas with residential energy plans the options are laid out side by side with their pros and cons, the business plans come to the customer individually through separate providers, making it more difficult to easily compare costs and details. 

Limited Service Area

Currently, Energy Outlet only provides energy company comparisons for those living in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth areas.


The Bottom Line

Energy Outlet is a seamless, user-friendly website for anyone in the Texas area looking for a cheaper, more affordable energy supplier. The website is completely free to use and offers many customizable filters. For residential energy plans, customers can filter searches by fixed-rate or variable-rate plans, eco-friendly options, length of contract, or energy providers. 

For those looking for business or commercial energy plans, Energy Outlet’s is slightly more complicated. Using the businesses information, several commercial energy providers will contact the business with their own energy plans, making the process more complex for business owners. Improving this process would help make Energy Outlet an even stronger company.

However with free rates, easy comparisons, and a variety of suppliers, it is a great option for those looking for residential energy plans in Texas. 

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