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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

District Energy is bringing tier-1 solar technology to the Metro D.C. area servicing both residential, commercial, and government related clients. The goal of District Energy is to transition clients away from harmful fossil fuels to a more reliable and clean source of energy. Each project is assessed to determine energy needs and equipment requirements. District Energy will offer a customized plan to tailor the perfect green energy solution. 

With District Energy, clients can expect some of the best solar equipment and monitoring technology as part of the installation package. As a SunPower dealer, District Energy is able to provide some of the latest advancement in solar technology that come with features that maximize energy production and usage. SunPower equipment is also backed by the Complete Confidence Warranty, protecting equipment, repairs, and replacements for 25 years. 

From start to finish, District Energy will manage every aspect of the solar process. The trained professionals will provide clients with a data-driven complimentary report and full mock-up of the design, pull necessary permits, provide complete installation, and ensure that all components are up to speed for operation. 


The Good

  • Variety of Energy Solutions
  • Professional Installation
  • Battery/Storage System Options
  • Solar Green Roofs

Variety of Energy Solutions

District Energy is more than just a traditional Solar PV installation company. Instead, District Energy is committed to helping clients maximize energy savings in multiple facets of life. These energy solutions include:

  • Residential solar
  • Commercial solar
  • EV charging
  • Re-roofing
  • Battery storage

While many of these energy solutions are offered by other solar installation providers, one unique offering of District Energy is its re-roofing service. Often roofing repairs or replacements are needed prior to a solar installation project taking place. If this is the case, solar clients have to find an experienced roofing company to provide these services. With District Energy, clients can utilize the company for all their roof preparation needs. 

Professional Installation

The makeup of buildings and homes in the Metro D.C. area pose unique challenges to solar installation technicians. The architecture and age of buildings and homes can make it difficult to effectively install a solar system. District Energy understands these challenges and has experience dealing with them. Each solar installation professional is trained in how to deal with these potential challenges. Ultimately, designs reflect the individual needs of each property. Not all solar installation companies would be able to effectively take on these types of projects. 

Battery/Storage System Options

As a SunPower dealer, it is expected that District Energy would install and have access to the SunPower technology. Most dealers are restricted to offering equipment solely produced by their partnered manufacturer, but District Energy offers the following battery solutions:

  • SunPower SunVault
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Enphase

These options provide clients with more choices when it comes to customizing and tailoring the system to the property’s specific needs. 

Solar Green Roofs

One unique design and installation solution offered through District Energy is its ability to put in solar green roofs. These systems combine solar panels with plants and foliage that ultimately use stored water to benefit plants. This system must be securely installed in a ballasted monolithic platform. Roof penetrations and potential for leaks pose challenges, but this will eliminate the storm water runoff and produce clean energy. Finding a solar company that provides this service is rare, so clients interested in a solar green roof should consider District Energy. 

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The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Financing Options

Limited Service Area

Most solar dealers only function in a restricted geographic service area. That is the case for District Energy as well. The company solely services the Metro Washington, D.C. area. Outside of this area, District Energy will not be able to take on the project.

Other solar installation companies that do not operate as a dealer for a particular manufacturer are not as geographically limited. By restricting the service area, District Energy vastly reduces the number of property owners that can be serviced. 

Limited Financing Options

Solar systems are a financial investment, one that typically does not pay off for several years. To maximize this investment, clients are encouraged to purchase the system upfront and outright. This does allow for the greatest return on investment.

That being said, it is not a doable solution for all clients looking to utilize renewable energy sources. That is where alternative financing solutions come into play. Most solar installation companies will offer multiple financing options, but with District Energy the only financing option outside of paying in cash is a solar loan. 


The Bottom Line

District Energy provides comprehensive solar and energy solutions to clients in the District of Columbia. The company offers a number of energy solutions including traditional solar and battery storage installation, as well as re-roofing and EV charging options. The team at District Energy is trained to handle the unique architectural challenges posed by historical and urban buildings found in the city.

In addition to providing SunPower battery and storage systems, District Energy is also qualified to install the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase battery solution. District Energy also installs solar green roofs, a unique offering from a residential and commercial solar provider. 

There are limitations to the District Energy platform prospective clients should be aware of. For example, the service area is strictly limited to the Metro D.C. area. Outside of this service area, District Energy will not be able to take on the project. Also, the only financing option outside of purchasing the system outright is a solar loan.

Clients in need of qualified solar installation professionals to manage the entirety of the solar project will likely benefit from what District Energy offers. The professionals are trained to navigate the architecture while maximizing solar production and efficiencies. 

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District Energy

District Energy takes a holistic approach when designing solar systems. We assess each customer’s energy demand and provide an innovative, customized, green energy solution.

When you work with our team, you are guaranteed solutions rooted in integrity, quality, and attention to detail.

We strive to help homeowners, businesses, non-profits and government attain the best return on investment while they transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable solar.

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