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LAST UPDATED: December 21st, 2021

Founded in 2009 and with offices in Arlington and Corpus Christi, Texas, Deca Solar has completed hundreds of residential solar installation projects across the Lone Star State, tailored to each home’s energy needs and household budget. The solar company is an Authorized Elevation Solar Dealer, meaning Deca installs superior equipment and provides top-level customer service. 

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The Good

  • Authorized Elevation Solar Dealer

Authorized Elevation Solar Dealer

Deca Solar is an Authorized Elevation Solar Dealer. Elevation Solar is one of the nation’s leading solar providers as well as a 2019 Energy Star award winner; its dealers offer customers the following:

  • Superior solar products — including energy-efficient solar cells from Panasonic and inverters and solar energy monitoring services from Enphase; all equipment consequently comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Award winning customer service — providing the homeowner with a dedicated solar project manager and customer care specialist who are on board for the duration of the solar installation process

The Bad

  • No Solar Lease or PPA
  • Average Workmanship Warranty
  • No NABCEP Certification

No Solar Lease or PPA

Deca Solar only offers customers the options of directly purchasing their solar panel systems, or financing the system through a zero money down solar loan. Both options grant homeowners access to several solar incentives, including the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

However, both require thousands of dollars in investment. Solar leases and power purchase agreements, meanwhile, are better for homeowners on limited budgets, as they allow customers to rent the system or energy it produces at a fixed rate over 20 to 25 years.

Average Workmanship Warranty

Deca Solar provides a workmanship warranty good for 10 years, considered the industry average. This warranty protects the solar energy system against damage caused during the installation process along with necessary maintenance. Leading solar companies offer workmanship warranties good for 25 years, or the lifetime of the system.

No NABCEP Certification

Deca Solar does not appear to hold a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), widely considered the gold standard in solar installation training in the solar industry. While this in no way suggests poor quality or professionalism on the part of the company, an NABCEP certification signal’s a company’s true expertise, and can be the difference maker for some customers.


The Bottom Line

Solar customers living in Texas who are looking for a local installer with a zero money down financing option, might find success with Deca Solar. The company brings years of experience and a key industry partnership in Elevation Solar to the table. Customers are encouraged to read verified Deca Solar reviews and compare the company’s offering to leading solar installers in the area to determine if Deca Solar is right for them.

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Silvio Ramirez Austin, TX

Had a great experience with Deca Solar and their customer support. They were very professional and generous customer service when we needed help and had questions they didn’t hesitate to answer them, I definitely recommend Deca solar.

1 month ago

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Clif San Antonio, TX

I bought solor panels from this company, not only did the installers not properly install the panels, the electrician cut off power to my A/C, which is brand new that I spent 10000 dollars on. As well as he cut off power to the heat on my dryer. I called the company and the electrician told me why it wasn’t working but not when he was going to fix it. Called the customer service and both times I was told the manger would call and never did. So not only do I not have solor, but I have no A/C and I’m drying my clothes at the laundry mat

1 month ago

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Harinath Mallepally Keller, TX

This is kind of a junk company, they do not respond to you after you sign the contract, you never know what is happening and its literally hopeless. Something must be happening with them Q4 , 2021. Signed up for couple of my homes and they neither installed solar or give an update. Poor roofer trusted them and installed roof and is now begging for payments for weeks. I have not seen such a hopeless solar company so far.

1 month ago

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Seth Cummings Midland, TX

Zenith Solar, now Deca Living destroyed my $80k roof and installed the solar system illegally. I highly recommend not doing business with them at all. Also a simple phone call to Elevation Solar to ask if either Zenith Solar or Deca Living is a authorized dealer and you will find out that they are not at all. Which is fraud. At one time Zenith Solar was an authorized dealer but unfortunately for them, they were doing these types of things will bring a dealer, so Elevation Solar cut all ties with them. It is quite funny that they are still falsely advertising that they are an authorized dealer. Also if I was any customer of either, I would reach out to your city’s permitting department and ensure that they actually pulled the required permits by law to install you system. If they didn’t that could fall back on you as the home owner, not to mention if something was to happen and to your roof or system, your insurance, that is required through loan contractors and their contract to replace or pay off the system in the event of total loss, would not be covered at all by your insurance because the system was installed illegally. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of doing business with them or for anyone that has done business with them.

2 months ago

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HOPE PERALES Fort Stockton, TX

If I could give this rating 0 stars I would. Sales rep, Michael promised to be with us every step of the way and has failed to do that, along with his Assistant Manager, Anand. Both have refused to return my messages. I have many questions and they have refused to answer. It took numerous rescheduling attempts to get these panels installed, 1st because they didn't have the right brackets for the rood. They assumed I have the standard metal roof like everyone else. Guess he didn't bother to look properly. Was just ready for that spicy commission check he gets when suckering people into buying their product. TNP said the meter was the wrong one, so they had to go and swap it. Was informed to call them back and inform them that the breaker was shut off and they needed to come by and finish their part. It hasn't happened. They mentioned payments would NOT go up, but FAILED to mention if you use the tax credit you get back due to the government program for personal needs such as fixing up an AC unit instead of putting all the money back towards the loan that your payments would go up tremendously. So instead of paying 290 something you're paying close to 400! I'll be filing a complaint with the BBB. The most shady company I have ever dealt with. Find someone else more trustworthy.

2 months ago

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Miles Whitman Houston, TX

Super fast installs!! Before I began the process I did nothing know much about solar, however, the salesman took the time to explain the entire process and made sure all my questions were answered. I have friends that went with another company and took months to get installed, they were so jealous when they found out I was up and running within two weeks! They also offer amazing warranties and every promise I was made has been followed through on. I was skeptical at first but I have not been able to find any issues with my service.

6 months ago

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LaDonna Rigsby Fort Worth, TX

I moved into a new home. A door to door sales person came through to introduce Deca who previously did business as Zenith. As is the case with sales people, they talk a good game and make promises. After a little research I decided to move forward with the purchase and installation of the solar panels using Deca as the provider. The process started ok. I was a little put off with the installation planning. My sales person didn't work with me to set a date. He called me and said, there's another house in the neighborhood with an install so we're going to do yours the same day. Well, I work away from home so I have to make arrangements. There wasn't enough time for me to do that so, I was not at home when the panels were installed. It seemed like as soon as the panels were installed, the Deca sales person forgot that he had a customer. His promise to me was that he would check up and follow up until the process was complete. As it goes, the last time I saw my sales person was a day after the panels were installed. I made contact with him a few days later because my security cameras were off line which could have been disconnected when the installers were in the attic. After that. silence until I received a note on my door from Oncor indicating that I was stealing solar energy and that I needed to turn the panels off immediately. Well I didn't know the panels were on nor did I know how to turn them off so I bypassed the sales person and contacted Deca directly to have someone come through to turn off the panels. Then I contacted Oncor to check next steps. Well the story goes on and on until I was able to connect with Deca employee Darren. Darren assured me that he would make sure the rest of the process went smoothly. I hung onto his promise (again) and he delivered. Darren took my case to the team that could finish the process. It took about a week and a half to finish up the needed requirements with Oncor and to connect that with what Deca was supposed to do. I was kept in the loop along the way. Finally finished, Darren contacted me to stop by to turn on the panels and install the app on my phone. It seems that everything is working as designed. The app on my phone shows me progress and the meter outside shows activity. Waiting on my first bill. The process began in April. We're in Mid June now. This may be normal. My story doesn't have an end right now but, for anyone interested in this process, I recommend asking for or creating a written check list when talking with your sales rep to make sure price points and benchmark dates are being met. Also get the name and numbers of people at the company to call. I've learned that sometimes sales people can be kinda wishy washy or they over commit. They're done when the sale is done but, they don't make proper transitions to connect the customer to the next team responsible for completing the process. If my sales guy had made that transition instead of personally promising that he'd be there every step of the way, my review would have been 5 stars instead of 4 stars. Overall I'm at peace with my purchase thanks to the follow up and follow through by Darren.

7 months ago

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Cesar Neira Laredo, TX

Do not get anything from deca. My advice talk to any other company even if you have to pay more. You will not regret it. Over 3months with panels on my roof. And can not get them to work. Do not go with this company

1 month ago

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Robert Reed Killeen, TX

Giving a 1 is more than wanted to. System has not worked correctly now for 5 months, and nothing is getting any better. Texas customers don't go with them. Their customer service is outrages, had scheduled for service, and didn't show for 2 weeks in a row. Only this I can say is that they will refund the monthly solar costs. Can't get past the manager to voice complaints. AGAIN AVOID DecaLiving Solar in Texas.

3 months ago

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JohnS2 Mcinnes Abilene, TX

My doorbell rang in early January of 2021 unexpectedly. My wife and I had been mulling over the idea of investing in solar for the last few weeks so I was pleasantly surprised to find the doorbell was rung by two nice looking folks from Zenith Solar (now DECA). Long story short they convinced us to invest in a $83,000 system promising a lot of things that ended up not being entirely true. 1. When asked how long it would take to be fully installed and producing they said " Oh we are seeing an average of about 3-5 months", "plus we are writing you a $1000 check to offset the cost if you end up having to pay an electric bill AND the $299.00 solar panel payment." I am writing this on September 21st and I am still not connected. 2. I noticed when going over the financial agreement that there were two different monthly payment amounts. When I asked what the difference was I was told that " the higher payment you see there is when your loan re-amortizes. I was told what that means and that I would have 18 months from the time the loan started too pay off the amount of around $23,000 to keep my monthly payments for the solar panels @$299.00. When I asked how the heck am I supposed to come up with that kind of money in 18 months I was told that I was going to qualify for a massive tax credit as part of a government program. I then said "so you're saying on my next tax return I will get that money in a lump sum" and the salesperson said "yup". Keep in mind that my average monthly usage was only around $275.00 so having a fixed payment of $299.00 wasn't that big of a jump AND it would add value to my home (something that just paying an electric bill never would). Not in a million years would I ever want a chance for my monthly "electric bill to be $400.00 every month, that would be counter productive and financially insane. 3. Since this whole process has taken much longer than originally planned I have also missed out on getting locked into a "1 for 1" buyback program from the new electrical provider I choose to go with. So once again it has made a bad situation worse buy now having to pay more for the electricity I use and getting less for the electricity I produce. I guess the morale of my story (like many others I've read) is that usually if it sounds to good to be true it is. In an effort to "make things right with me as a consumer DECA has written me about $5000 in various check amounts to try and off-set the bad information I was given that led me to making this horrible decision. I asked for them to keep whatever money I had spent on this fiasco and just come get the stuff off my home and fix the roof and we could be done, they said "no can do". I asked for them to pay the approx $23,000 I was told I'd receive in the lump tax return to keep my loan from re-amortizing and they again said "that's not gonna happen". So all in all I am paying for something I no longer want, which will eventually have me spending more money per month for electricity then I ever have, and that still hasn't even been turned on yet to show me it even works. So if this sounds like a good deal to you then be my guest and sign up, but if you do I'd make damn sure if any promises are made don't take anybody's word on it until you have a copy of said promises in writing in hand. Otherwise you might end up like me. END RANT.

4 months ago

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Siy Luis

Great people! Great innovation! Amazing Products and Offers No Down Payment and Free Installation for going Solar!! Would definitely recommend!

4 months ago

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Judson Dosher Mission, TX

Nothing to like about this company. The salesman promised to be with us through the whole process, what a joke. Promises that when the panels are installed they will give me a check for a years worth o my electricity, so far I have seen half that and do not expect to see the rest. Also sat at out dinning room table and told us about how we could pay the loan off faster by using the tax credits from the federal government and that AEP also had some credits or payments. It turns out that deca living and any or all of the companies that they have taken over are NOT on the approved installers list at AEP and so none of their customers are eligible for the AEP program. Our panels were installed on the 16th of April, but not able to use them for the next 62 days as paperwork was incorrectly filled out and submitted to AEP and was returned to deca living and ignored for a month. Once I started contacting AEP and found out I started calling for support and help, can you guess just how much support I got? NONE. Panels were finally turned on 17th of June as AEP finally came and replaced the meter. As of today, 26 June, we still do not the app installed and configured. Customer support at this company is areal laughing matter, it is totally absent. By the way, I had to start making payments BEFORE we were able to use the panels. Great comapany..NOT! Avoid at all means and costs.

7 months ago

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David Katy, TX

Was able to reduce my average bill by $43 and I applied the $1000 they gave me at install to keep my payments low

5 months ago