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LAST UPDATED: February 5th, 2024

U.S. Renewable Energy, previously California Renewable Energy, helps residential property owners access a number of clean energy programs in order to have solar systems installed and save money on utility bills. The professional staff at U.S. Renewable Energy will take a number of items into consideration in order to find the ideal fit in terms of financing, equipment, and installation company to complete the process.

The team at U.S. Renewable Energy works essentially as a solar broker. U.S. Renewable Energy analyzes each case individually to find the ideal fit. That does mean that there are third-party organizations involved in the solar process when clients go with U.S. Renewable Energy. Both the financing and installation will be handled by a separate provider instead of managed in-house. 

The U.S. Renewable Energy team is so confident in its process that the company claims a vast majority of clients do not have to pay any upfront costs and can connect clients with financing programs that will reduce overall costs by up to 50 percent. However, results will vary depending on a number of factors. 


The Good

  • In-Home Consultation 
  • Net Metering Program
  • Transferable Systems
  • Government Qualifications

In-Home Consultation

The team at U.S. Renewable Energy will provide complimentary in-home consultations to each client considering solar energy as a viable option to power their home. Clients will need to collect and provide some basic information prior to this consultation including the previous 12 months of power usage data.

U.S. Renewable Energy will then analyze this data to come up with the best solution for that specific set of circumstances. A residential representative will come to the site and answer any questions or concerns potential clients may have and educate on best programs and incentives available under the circumstances.

While many solar companies will provide this same type of service, not many will go as far as to analyze energy data to find the ideal fit like U.S. Renewable Energy does. 

Net Metering Program

With U.S. Renewable Energy, clients can opt into the net metering program which essentially maximizes solar ROI. With net metering, property owners generate their own electricity through their solar system throughout the day.

However, sometimes not all of that energy is used by the property owner. This energy is then sold to the grid and clients are paid for the energy their solar systems produce. While many solar companies will connect solar panels to the grid, not all have the access to provide net metering solutions. U.S. Renewable Energy does. 

Transferable Systems

Most solar systems, once installed, are there for the remainder of the system lifespan. While some homeowners enjoy the increased home value often seen from having a solar system installed, those that are still making payment on a system may be hesitant to put their home on the market. Not all solar companies have the ability to transfer ownership to new homeowners, or if they do, it is a complicated process.

U.S. Renewable Energy clients will enjoy a 100 percent transferable experience that is simple and straightforward.

Government Qualifications

One of the best services U.S. Renewable Energy provides to its clients is the ability to connect property owners with government-funded energy savings programs. These programs are designed to cut initial solar costs, saving some home owners up to 50 percent. U.S. Renewable Energy residential professionals will go over qualifications and assist clients through this process. Not all solar companies have the experience or knowledge on how to navigate these programs, but U.S. Renewable Energy does. 


The Bad

  • Solar Broker Service
  • Undisclosed Equipment Partners

Solar Broker Service

U.S. Renewable Energy works to connect clients with products and companies that can provide high level solar services. The company itself does not offer installation services, which means that all U.S. Renewable Energy clients will be working with a third-party provider at some point during the process.

While U.S. Renewable Energy will continue to be involved in and oversee the solar process, the company itself does not conduct the actual work. It also does not provide the financing in-house. Again, the professionals at U.S. Renewable Energy work to connect clients with providers that benefit their individual situations but do not offer the services first hand. 

Undisclosed Equipment Partners 

Most solar brokerage firms are public about the equipment partnerships clients will have access to. This is because the benefit of working with a solar broker is having access to so many different solar manufacturers and choosing the system that works best for the consumer. For prospective clients, knowing what equipment is available to them is a huge part of the purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, U.S. Renewable Energy has not made any equipment partnerships known to clients.


The Bottom Line

U.S. Renewable Energy manages at a high level the intricacies of the solar process. A solar professional from U.S. Renewable Energy will conduct an in-home consultation with every interested client to go over a variety of solar options. U.S. Renewable Energy clients can opt into the net metering program and ultimately get paid for the solar they do not end up using.

All solar systems bought and installed through U.S. Renewable Energy are transferable and can move with the clients. In order to help reduce the costs of a solar system, U.S. Renewable Energy will help clients meet government qualifications and other financing solutions. 

While there are a number of reasons a prospective client would want to have some high level help when it comes to managing the solar process, there are some limitations to be aware of. First, U.S. Renewable Energy is a brokerage service simply connecting clients to the providers within the solar industry. It does not offer in-house installation or equipment partnerships.

Additionally, U.S. Renewable Energy claims to have high level connections with solar manufacturers and financing organizations but has not disclosed that information publicly making it difficult to actually verify. 

Taking all contributing factors into consideration, clients who want a high level solar management company would likely benefit from what U.S. Renewable Energy has to offer. However, clients who want the entire solar process conducted start to finish with the same company the entire time may want to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 

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U.S. Renewable Energy Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical solar system cost?

In most cases, homeowners don’t have any upfront costs. They usually pay less for their solar bill than their utility bill.

What happens to my solar system if I sell my home?

Studies have shown that solar systems actually add value to a home and can even help you sell your home faster, especially in California. If you do decide to sell your home, the new homeowner simply takes over your monthly solar bill.

How long does it take to install a solar system?

One of the best parts about the company is that it can connect you with the programs and companies that have the fastest possible install times. Typical install times vary from 4 to 10 weeks from the time you speak with a rep until your solar panels are on the roof and producing power.

Is my home good for solar panels?

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account to see if your home is a prime candidate for solar panels. Things like peak sun hours, the direction of your roof, the angle of your roof, and the size of your roof all need to be considered. U.S. Renewable Energy has extremely advanced software to help determine if your home is a prime candidate for a solar system.

Why does the company need to see my power bill?

The company needs to see two important pieces of information: how much power you use on a yearly basis and how much you are currently paying for your power on a yearly basis. With this information, U.S. Renewable Energy can help you find the program that is perfect for you!

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