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LAST UPDATED: October 12th, 2023

Bright Planet Solar provides complete installation services to residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. The company teams up with solar sales operations to assist customers throughout the entire solar process. Bright Planet Solar has relationships with several manufacturers and solar financing companies within the industry and connects clients through these partnerships.

Customers can bypass the pushy project lead when working with Bright Planet Solar because the company does not sell solar panels. Bright Planet Solar offers quality installation services provided by NABCEP-certified professionals.

Due to the structure of Bright Planet Solar, the company has been able to expand and serve varying states across the United States and even internationally. Bright Planet Solar is also prepared to grow and move into more service areas as its business model allows for this type of consistent growth.

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The Good

  • Equipment Partners
  • In-House Installation Team
  • Financing Partnerships
  • Expanded Service Area

Equipment Partners

What is unique about the Bright Planet Solar operation is the fact that the company has so many equipment partners. Generally, the installation contractor would depend on the sales team to provide solar equipment direction, but Bright Planet Solar has done its own work in building strategic partnerships. This allows Bright Planet Solar clients to access a number of solar equipment options, zeroing in on the best option for the specific property. Equipment partnerships include:

  • SunRun
  • SolarEdge
  • Tesla

These tier-1 solar manufacturers have built a repertoire with Bright Planet Solar and clients will have their pick when it comes to panels, inverters, and batteries which is not the case with all solar installation providers.

In-House Installation Team

Most solar installation companies that have expanded into multiple states typically utilize a dealer approach having general contractors or electricians in the area do the actual installations. The most unique aspect of the Bright Planet Solar operation is the fact that all installations are done by trained and certified in-house members of the team. There are no subcontractors or other moving parts to deal with during the installation.

The Bright Planet Solar team also provides proprietary survey services to allow for a complete customized design for each and every client. This service is also provided by trained, in-house employees.

Financing Partnerships 

Solar is an investment for each and every client. Whether a property owner purchases the system in cash or utilizes a financing option, the lifetime of the solar panel system will end up being a long-term investment. However, the number of clients that can purchase a solar system in cash is significantly less than those who need or want to utilize a financing option.

Bright Planet Solar has partnered with financial institutions to provide a number of financing options. Most solar installation companies will partner with a single credit union or offer a PPA style of financing, but Bright Planet Solar has partnered with a number of solar financing organizations including:

  • LoanPal
  • Sunlight Financial
  • Dividend
  • Mosaic
  • California First

Expanded Service Area

Generally, solar installation services are a local offering. More often than not, solar installation companies will service one state or a select few cities or counties that are highly populated or have a higher concentration of potential clients. There are not many companies that expand and offer services across state lines.

A few have found alternative ways to serve multiple states, and Bright Planet Solar is one of these companies. To date, Bright Planet Solar offers installation services in the following states:

  • California
  • Utah
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts 
  • New Hampshire 

In addition to offering services in eight different states, Bright Planet Solar recently expanded its service offerings in Puerto Rico.


The Bad

  • Offers Installation Services Only
  • Undisclosed Warranty Information
  • Limited Customer Reviews

Offers Installation Services Only

Most solar installation companies are an all-in-one service, meaning from start to finish the same company handles all processes. This includes the initial sale, evaluation, design, permits, installation, and getting the system operational.

Bright Planet Solar has taken a different approach to the solar industry solely focusing on the installation process. That means that clients will have to go through a solar sales force prior to reaching the Bright Planet Solar service. For clients, this means the involvement of multiple companies instead of just using one for the entire solar process.

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Warranties are commonplace with the solar industry. Because of the high costs required to install a solar panel system, most solar companies offer warranties to provide homeowners with peace of mind. Equipment warranties are typically provided through the manufacturer of the product.

Equipment warranties usually last 25 years and provide replacement parts and repairs when necessary. The installation company then generally offers a workmanship warranty protecting against any issues associated with installation. The industry average workmanship warranty length is 10 years.

These warranties are generally made public as it plays a role in many prospective clients' decisions. However, Bright Planet Solar has not disclosed any warranty information or if the company even offers a workmanship warranty to its clients.

Limited Customer Reviews

Bright Planet Solar has a limited number of customer reviews on We cannot give a final recommendation on this company until there is more customer information. We recommend using caution and conducting additional research before choosing this solar company.


The Bottom Line

Bright Planet Solar is strictly a solar installation company helping property owners gain access to solar energy. The company has numerous tier-1 equipment partners allowing Bright Planet Solar to provide clients with completely customized solutions. All installation projects are conducted by Bright Planet Solar installation teams and the work is never subcontracted out. 

To help clients invest in solar power, Bright Planet Solar has a number of financing partners to provide financial services to clients looking to have a system installed. Lastly, Bright Planet Solar offers services in an impressive service area covering eight states and expanding in Puerto Rico.

While there are a number of reasons homeowners may want to use Bright Planet Solar for installation services, there are limitations to be aware of. First and foremost, Bright Planet Solar is not a sales company which means the initial point of contact will be a third player in the solar process. Clients will have to go through a solar sales team to get to Bright Planet Solar. Also, there is no warranty information disclosed publicly by Bright Planet Solar.

Considering all qualifying characteristics, clients would likely find the Bright Planet Solar installation service to be a high-caliber service. However, it's not like a client can go directly to Bright Planet Solar to get the solar process started. Clients will need to get in contact with one of the sales companies that partner with Bright Planet Solar, adding another step and work to the prospective client's plate.

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Chad Barrett

There were some roadbumps at first due to the city taking really long. I was a bit frustrated because of the delays, but I understand that's outside their control. But eventually all the permits got through and everything worked out

2 months ago

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Al Crespo Las Vegas, NV

After being misled about how long an installation would take, I finally got my solar activated (more than 2 months late). BPS then tried to charge me for a main panel upgrade that was included for quoted price in the contract. Finally, less than 30 months after installation, the inverter has failed. I understand part’s sometimes fail, but a service date a MONTH AFTER failure is unacceptable. BPS then suggested I contact the inverters manufacturer to see about getting my electrity paid for while waiting a MONTH for THEIR service department. If given a choice between BPS and stabbing your self with a rusty fork, go for the fork! If a BPS sales person shows up, run far and fast. I wouldn’t even give one, but negative stars are unavailable

1 month ago

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Steve S West Roxbury, MA

Absolutely 100% the worst customer service I have ever seen. Month after month I notify them that system is not performing as advertised and they just tell me not to bother emailing them, because they wait a year to evaluate performance. meanwhile i am paying twice as much as i was paying before i got solar panels. These people are absolutely terrible

1 month ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Brad Parr San Francisco, CA

If we could give zero stars, we would. False promises, rude customer service, and no sense of urgency. We contracted and had the panels installed nearly 10 months ago. The panels haven't been activated, we keep being strung along with excuses and lies, their customer service people make promises and assurances that turn out to be false, and then when we ask where those promises came from in the first place, we're given condescending and rude answers. Their basic customer service response is "We don't care how unhappy you are, you're locked into a 25 year contract with us and there is nothing you can do about it, and we're not going to help you." It's a massive middle finger from BPS. Run away - there are dozens of excellent companies out there and BPS is just not one of them.

4 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Alex M Holliston, MA

I would not trust this company to put up Christmas lights let alone solar panels. They installed the panels and they have not functioned properly. When I contacted them they took six days to reply and only replied after I sent a follow up. They denied that there was any issue. They even offered to sell me additional panels. However, looking at the data on the app it was clear there were major issues. It was under producing and the data was wildly inaccurate. For example it showed that no electricity was being used between 9pm and 5am. That is impossible. It also showed that my use and consumption were in sync the entire day. The graphs for each matched identically. Again, this is impossible. Each day, my production was exactly 50% of my consumption. This was regardless of weather or my own activities. Again, this is impossible. Despite these glaring anomalies, which I have found mentioned in technical articles, BPS said there were no issues. This is either, an unwillingness to admit error and do work, unbridled incompetence, or fraud. Avoid the headache and use a different company.

5 months ago

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Madai Vargas

Panels were installed July 9th 2022 and today April 24 2023 they are still not working. He had to call  every week and they disconnected all the calls. We called the utility company and they are telling us everything is ready and done on their end. I can't even imagine paying 50k to this company and after almost a year we don’t have anything done and we had to pay every month. In my entire life I never had any experience like this. After I submitted my first complaint a few weeks ago I had a call from someone in the company.... After a few weeks nothing was done and we are still in the same place as we did almost a year ago.

6 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Lizzi Sandell Los Angeles, CA

This company does not care about you: your home, your energy, your time. Bright Planet oscillates between eye-watering incompetence and overt scamming. Their installation looks terrible, even now, after multiple installation days and multiple days attempting to fix their mistake (only at our repeated insistence), spread out over months. They drilled THROUGH OUR CEILING and we had to FIGHT them to fix it. They sent over random men on two different occasions to botch the job before FINALLY sending a professional. The solar panels look like they are falling into the roof, which they refuse to fix. They have left unsightly plastic railings sticking out at random angles on our roof. They "didn't have the right tool" to fix it. These people are dishonest. They barely respond to correspondence, refuse to give direct names or email addresses, and phone calls to the main line (the only line they will provide you) will leave you on hold and then passed around to people of various levels of incompetence and lack of caring. Despite this, you will have to contact them CONSTANTLY, and fight to be heard. NEVER TRUST THEM with the appearance or the energy of your home.

10 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Dino Darling Whittier, CA

Sales CONTRACTOR was great. Installation CONTRACTOR was great. For two years the system was great...until it wasn't. My inverter failed in JUNE 2022 and its now OCTOBER 2022 and they didn't show for TWO scheduled appointments where I was sitting at home waiting for them. Their employee, "Ellen" lied to me and said the service tech knocked on my door for an hour with no answer. Never happened! There are things Bright Planet Solar does very well (permits, working with the power company, etc) but their after sales service is piss-poor! I'm making monthly payments on a solar system that doesn't work AND paying for an electric bill that's not getting offset by the very system I paid for! You have LOTS of options for solar! Don't let Bright Planet Solar be one of them!

1 year ago

star star star star star

Tayler Costello Phoenix, AZ

Quick install before NEM 3.0 in California

10 months ago

star star star star star

Antonio Macias Gurnee, IL

they are the best! fast install and they turned my system on right away!

1 year ago