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LAST UPDATED: September 2nd, 2022

Avolta is a sustainable-living solutions for homeowners and companies throughout the country. With a team of highly trained experts and innovators, it provides world-class solutions including solar technologies, water capture and filtration systems, smart home security tools, insulation and roofing improvements, energy-efficient appliances, etc. Avolta works to cultivate a brighter future for its tens of thousands of customers and for its more than 500 dedicated team members.

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The Good

  • Solar Product Partnerships
  • Widely Available

Solar Product Partnerships

Avolta boasts a number of industry-leading partnerships to deliver quality solar energy systems and solar financing options. In terms of solar equipment, the company has partnered with both Enphase and SolarEdge — the two leading string and micro inverter manufacturers in the business. Products from these two companies convert energy for any size of solar power system and can be adapted to add solar backup batteries to an existing system. Avolta has also partnered with IronRidge and Pegasus Solar, both pioneers in solar roof mounting and racking technology.

The solar installer has also partnered with a number of well-known solar financing companies:

  • Loanpal
  • Sunlight Financial
  • Mosaic
  • Dividend 

Each of these lenders provide homeowners with robust financing options flexible to almost any budget and often for zero money down.

Widely Available

Although Avolta Power is headquartered in Utah, the company serves homeowners across seven U.S. states:

  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas (Dallas and Houston)
  • Utah

Considering that most solar providers only cover one or two states, the fact that Avolta has maintained such wide availability since its founding in 2015 speaks to the company’s high-quality systems and customer service.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty
  • No Panel Disclosure
  • No Lease or PPA Options
  • No NABCEP Certification

Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty

Although Avolta has made clear that every solar installation comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty (which protects against damaged or defective solar panels), the company has not disclosed its workmanship warranty, which would protect the system against errors or damage caused during the installation process. Leading solar companies provide labor warranties good for up to 25 years.

No Panel Disclosure

As with most companies, Avolta likely sources its solar panels from multiple manufacturers; however, the company has not publicly disclosed which, if any, solar panel manufacturers it has partnered with. The brand and model of solar panels built into a solar system greatly informs the price, durability, and energy efficiency of the system at-large, so providing this information prior to the customer obtaining a quote will empower homeowners comparing multiple providers.

No Lease or PPA Options

Avolta’s partnerships provide customers with solid solar loan options; however, Avolta does not appear to provide solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs) for customers on a more fixed budget who would still like to invest in solar energy for their home.

No NABCEP Certification

Avolta Solar does not appear to hold an NABCEP certification. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners provides leading certification programs in the solar industry. While the lack of a certification does not imply poor quality on the part of Avolta, companies with this designation are true experts in all things solar installation and technology.


The Bottom Line

Avolta’s partnerships and large number of completed installations are great plusses for the company in terms of system quality and proven track record. Homeowners living within Avolta’s service area are encouraged to read verified Avolta reviews and compare the company’s products and financing options to other leading companies in their neighborhood.

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sarah krepel Pueblo, CO

I'm forced to give a one-star rating. Working with Avolta has been a nightmare! Ethan J, the sales rep, was fabulous during the sales process. However, he is now ghosting me; will not return calls or text messages. Multiple installation issues. Multiple missed appointments. Failed city inspection, TWICE. Second inspection was today between 1:00 and 3:00. Matt, I assume the project Manager, call me this morning to inform me of the inspection time. Guess who failed to show for the inspection. You guessed it, Avolta. City took a look and found that the deficiencies from the first inspection (I was not notified of the first inspection) still not fixed. Matt unreachable for 30 minutes. By this time, the inspector had to move on to his next job. When Matt did call, he said his team was 30 minutes away!!!! Matt could only tell me that he would schedule another inspection, ASAP. I told him that wasn't good enough, since he's the PM, he needs to provide a date today. He couldn't. Asked for his supervisor's contact. Guess what, I was provided a non-working number, Finally, got a number for a John, no response to voice or text messages. No use calling Avolta customer service; has gone to voice mail all afternoon. Filed a complaint with the BBB. Spoke with an atty this afternoon, recommended I notify the district atty to file a complaint. I've been asked twice in the last three weeks about a referral for solar. I cannot recommend Avolta and tell everyone I speak with to steer clear of the sham of a company. I have to laugh at the second question below, "Did you receive a specific invitation from Avolta to leave this review?" Hell, I can even speak to anyone in the dreadful company.

9 months ago

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Michael Woehl Raleigh, NC

Avolta is hands down one of the worst companies I have ever done business with. They kept losing the documents that I sent them so I had to resubmit our power bill to them 3 separate times. They punctured a hole in my bathroom wall, then told me someone would be out the next day to fix it. It took 2 months and multiple complaints before they sent anyone out. The panel installation process took nearly six months, and they never actually informed me when it was finally finished. I had to call them and ask them when the panels were going to be ready to switch on, at which point they told me that they had been ready for several weeks. To top it all off, they scoped the project wrong and the panels are only providing about 1/4 of our energy usage. When asked about this they said they had done an internal investigation and found that they are not at fault. So we paid roughly $30,000 to have our energy bill reduced by 25%. Apparently they used to go by another name, but changed their name due to all the negative reviews. An absolute garbage company.

10 months ago

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Whitney Lackovic Waynesville, NC

We decided to purchase Solar Panels on Feb 8th 2021, choosing Avolta as our installer. This turned out to be the worst mistake we have ever made. To begin with, they did price match a smaller company which was over $15,000 cheaper than their original quote. We were ecstatic that they were willing to do this, but the fact that they were charging so much more for the same product, should have been a red flag. They reassured us that going with a smaller company was a bad idea. We were told customer service and serviceability of the panels would not be as readily available to us compared to using a larger, more established, company. In short, they were able to take care of us better then a local company, and respond quicker if an issue with the panels should arise. After almost five months of waiting, on June 24th 2021, Avolta finally sent a crew out to install the panels. During the install, one of the workers fell through our ceiling into our living room. After we had recovered from the sight of the now large hole in our ceiling, the installer went back up to continue working. Moments later, he fell through again. We now had two large man sized holes in our living room ceiling. To add to this, the panels installed on our roof were done with little care. They were uneven, full of hand prints and dirt, and the support bars used were not cut to the same lengths. This was a glaring eye sore on top of our home, and not one we expected after investing so much money into the project. We also have family next door that watches our children during the day. They came by to check on the workers, and said shingles were being throw off the house with no regard to potential damages they could of caused to the surrounding. They also commented on how unprofessional the language the workers were using was. After we had reported this to Avolta, a project manager was sent out the following day. He reassured us that this was not normal practice, and that repairs would be done ASAP. We had to go out of town the following week, but we were told it would all be corrected by the time we returned. What we got next was a nightmare. Due to some kind of delay, or lack of communication on their part, four different repair dates were given to us. As each date approached, we were told they were going to have to reschedule. Needless to say we returned home with the same cardboard covered ceilings. This went on for two weeks. Each day that went by, we stared at the cardboard covering the holes in our ceiling, wondering if they would ever be repaired. Finally, after weeks of living with a cardboard covered ceiling, someone came out. Unfortunately, this was not the repair we were hoping for. Our home is a newer home, and we have had no issue with anything prior to this. We told them a quick patch job would not just magically blend in, that full panels of drywall need replaced. Once again, we were reassured that the people doing the patch would make it look like new. After the work was completed, we were left with two giant patches in the ceiling that were a step above the cardboard we had before. We were then given the phone number to a gentleman name Shayne. He was the COO at the time, and we were told to express our concerns with him. We had told him everything that had happened, and provided him with multiple picture our living room and ceiling. After he reviewed the pictures, he told us the patch job was, “good enough”. He then went on to complain about how much all this was going to cost them. With some help of the project manager assisting us, Shayne finally agreed to get a different crew to fix the issues. On August 13th 2021 they finally sent Mud Master’s to come out and fix the horrible patch work. They did an amazing job, and we would recommend them to anyone needing a ceiling patched. However, they were only told to patch the ceiling, and not paint it. It was yet another five months of waiting on our part before they finally sent someone out to paint the ceiling. Even then, they were told not to paint the entirety of the room, just to try and blend the patched areas. This entire process only happened because we did our due diligence, and kept in contact with them. We had to go as far as letting Brad, the new COO, know we were going to contact the Attorney General’s office. Only after this warning, did a painter magically show up. We haven’t had the panels long enough to give a proper review on the value they have added to our lives. Most of the issues were fixed, but were are now left wondering about the quality of the work completed. Is a panel going to fall off? Is our roof going to leak? Will we notice the paint differences in our ceiling? If you are considering getting solar panels, do yourself a favor. Go with any company other than Avolta. They have been by far the worst company we have ever had to deal with, and have made us regret not going with someone else.

1 year ago


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Clinton Mcfalls Charlotte, NC

So after paying for the solar panels for a year without and power running to them. After many many phone calls and complaints. I finally got the power hooked up about 2 weeks ago. Waiting for a phone call to set up the app I never got. Made a phone call and set the app up only to find that 2 of my solar panels aren’t working correctly. Another phone call. They call me back to tell me they’ll have to replace two solar panels. But I’ll have to pay the labor. I havnt even saved a dollar on a bill yet, just finally got them turned on, something’s not working correctly and they want me to pay the labor to have 2 replaced. I don’t recommend anyone getting solar panels with this company. Not to mention there supposed to call and set up a time to insulate my roof. That hasn’t happened either, but no surprise. This last year and 3 months has been the worst experience, customer service, business I have ever dealt with. Avolta is the new name of an old company that was getting to many lawsuits. We’ll there bout to get more. Hope this helps!

1 year ago Edited February 10, 2022

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Matt Malinosky Savage, MN

Avolta (formerly Total Solar Solutions, Bello Solar, and Brio Energy) is a terrible organization. They mislead me during discussions prior to contract signing, have terrible communication, and ultimately duped me out of about $10,000. I was promised to be enrolled in my utility's solar rewards program and was not (over $5k in lost rebates) and was lead to believe my system will produce 97% of my annual energy use (but is actually only sized for 77%). This company does not know the requirements of my state, did not execute the project properly, I was reassigned to 5 different project managers in a year, and the system was not working properly for the first 12 months. I've tried to reconcile these shortfalls with Avolta for several months, and they are unwilling to come to the table. They won't even have a manager who has any decision making powers call and talk to me directly. They will only communicate through a middle man who knows nothing. This an extremely poorly run and DISHONEST business. Stay away.

1 year ago

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Diego Soto Garcia Denver, CO

Just like Brio & Bello Solar, Stay away. I've been trying to get my solar panels up a running coming up on 2 years this summer. I've been assigned over 10 project managers. This company is an absolute scam. I have been paying for both the solar system and Xcel (System not producing energy). Finally got a tech to come out told me the brand new inverter they installed was bad. STILL HAVE GOTTEN A NEW ONE. They say they'll be coming one day and show up 2 days later. Horrible company. STAY AWAY.

1 year ago

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Cyrus Gardner Cape Coral, FL

Well I'll put it this way. A 4.5kw system for $32,000 in NC. This is insane. 7 bucks a watt? Really? That's the pricing you go with? Very glad I had a friend in the industry to call who informed me that wholesale solar is closer to $2.10 a watt *on the high end*. These people just tried to walk away with $20k of my money, and then wouldn't leave when I told them to. Just.... wow.

1 year ago

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Jeff Preston Denver, CO

Avolta is the best solar company at hiring rating services. All the reviews you see are generated by a bot they hired. Check the the grammar and style......best of luck.

2 years ago

Avolta Logo

Reply from Avolta

Hi Jeff, We're sorry that you're upset but there is simply no base to your claim. We're proud of our happy customers and work hard for their awesome reviews. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, as we are always happy to help. Thank you.

Apr. 30th, 2021


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Sally J Sunbright, TN

The Augusta Reps are too pushy. We decided not to after reading more about this company.

1 year ago