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LAST UPDATED: November 28th, 2023

Almika Energy is a solar company whose primary mission is to make sustainable energy accessible to Texas homeowners.

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The Good

  • Simple Process
  • Financing Available

Simple Process

When working with Almika Solar, the company is extremely transparent about its solar process — which is only four steps. The company clarifies that the first step is meeting with the client and getting all the details of your roof (things like roof size, angle, shade from trees or adjacent buildings, average power usage, and more). 

Once the company has all that figured out, it will start designing and taking care of other tasks such as financing and permits. Almika Energy then states that about 30–45 days after you and your consultant agree on a design plan, the technicians will come and have your entire solar system up and running within two days — an impressive turnaround time. 

Not all homeowners are exactly sure what to expect when they choose to go solar. And we appreciate Almika Energy providing some basic information as a guideline. Almika’s process isn’t anything new or complicated, but it shows us that the company is confident in how it conducts business and is confident in the process. 

Financing Available

Almika Energy knows that buying a brand new solar system isn’t something most people pay for with straight-up cash. Many families will need to finance their new system. To help, Almika offers financing, where clients will have one low monthly payment. 


The Bad

  • Unclear Service Area
  • NABCEP Certification
  • Missing Information
  • Limited Almika Energy Reviews

Unclear Service Area

Almika Energy doesn’t post its exact service area on its website. So it is unclear exactly how far the company’s service extends. 

However, if you are interested in working with Almika, you can easily view its portfolio to see which cities it has previously worked in. From what our research team found, it appears that the company’s service area includes cities surrounding Houston, Texas. However, we recommend contacting the company and making sure that your home is within the service area.

NABCEP Certification

Almika Energy does not disclose whether the company (or any of its staff members) are NABCEP certified. Being NABCEP certified is not required of solar companies. Still, it indicates that the company can take on more complex projects and is willing to go above and beyond client expectations. 

Missing Information

Unfortunately, some important information is missing from Almika Energy’s website that we feel would help consumers decide whether or not they should work with this company. 

First, there is very little information on the company’s warranty. Almika Energy claims that its panels “will last for at least 20 years.” However, that’s all the information you get. It does not explain your coverage or (more importantly) what’s not included. You also are left wondering if there is a labor warranty or what the company will do if you’re not satisfied with the installation. Because this information is not disclosed, we highly recommend asking about this during a consultation. This way, you know exactly how long the warranty lasts and what is covered. 

There is also no information regarding which panel and inverter brands Almika Energy prefers to use. There are a number of brands of solar panels available and consumers will want to pick the ones that make the most sense with their location, lifestyle, and budget — so disclosing this information would be beneficial. 

Limited Almika Energy Reviews

In the competitive landscape of renewable energy, trust plays a pivotal role, particularly given the long-term nature of solar investments. Almika Energy reviews, when actively accumulated and showcased, can significantly enhance the company's online presence and reputation. Positive feedback from satisfied customers reinforces Almika Energy's commitment to customer satisfaction, contributing to the solidification of its position as a trustworthy leader in the solar energy industry.

Encouraging and leveraging verified online reviews is a strategic approach for Almika Energy to build confidence among potential clients and distinguish itself in the dynamic and competitive renewable energy market.


The Bottom Line

Almika Energy is a relatively young company in the solar industry, but that hasn’t stopped it from helping Texas homeowners. The company seems to be dedicated to helping consumers save money and reducing our environmental impact. Almika Energy provides a straightforward process and leaves consumers with few questions on what to expect — at least as far as the design and installation process goes. 

There are a few things that we recommend asking during your consultation, as they are not disclosed on the website. The first thing to bring up is the company’s 20-year warranty. Make sure you know exactly what is offered with this warranty and what parts/components of your new system are covered. 

We also recommend double-checking that your home is within the company’s service area. It is frustrating to research a specific company only to find out that your house isn’t within the service area. 

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