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LAST UPDATED: May 23rd, 2023

Ehrlich Pest Control was founded in 1928 in Reading, Pennsylvania. In addition to home and commercial pest control services, Ehrlich offers termite control, bird control, vegetation management, and bioremediation drain line services in commercial kitchens. The Ehrlich team is comprised of trained and qualified technicians, and in-house researchers and entomologists, ensuring that your pest problems will be diagnosed and treated effectively. Ehrlich's pest control service is available in 19 states.

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The Good

  • Free Pest Inspection
  • Residential Pest Control Services
  • Commercial Pest Control Services
  • Ehrlich Pest Control Process
  • Ehrlich Pest Control Team
  • Customer Support

Free Pest Inspection

Ehrlich offers free initial pest inspections to its customers. Inspections can be requested online and a customer representative will schedule an appointment over the phone. During the inspection, a residential technician will come to the customer's home and investigate pest concerns and provide treatment options based on findings.

Residential Pest Control Services

Ehrlich is on a mission to eradicate unwanted pests from your home and ensure that they don't return. Not only are pests a nuisance in your home, but they can potentially become dangerous if left unchecked. They can cause health issues for adults, children, and pets, and can cause significant damage to your home if you are not careful. Ehrlich offers solutions for some of the most common pests that find their way into homes across the United States including the following:

  • Termite control
  • Treatment for carpenter ants
  • Rodent control, including mice and rats
  • Mosquito services
  • Stink bug treatment

If you have found any of these pests (or others) in your home, you should take advantage of the free inspection to see if the exterminator can identify if you are facing an infestation in your crawl space, attic, or surrounding areas.

Commercial Pest Control Services

In addition to residential pest control services, each Ehrlich technician is committed to ensuring that your commercial space is free from pests as well. It offers unique benefits to a number of different sectors including the following: 

  • Education — It is important that your schools remain clean and safe to provide the best learning to students. Infestations are not uncommon on playgrounds, in food halls, or in gymnasiums.
  • Industrial — Industrial buildings such as warehouses and storage facilities usually have a number of entry points. This makes them these buildings easier targets for pests. As doors are constantly opened and shut, it is not uncommon for pests to find their way in.
  • Local Government — Ehrlich feels a responsibility to keep public areas and government facilities pest-free. Pests seem to thrive in these areas when left unchecked.
  • Museums — Pests are attracted to many things that can be found in museums. To ensure the safety of these items, Ehrlich takes extra care in protecting artwork, books, textiles, wood,  and furniture from pesky pests.
  • Offices — A work environment should be clean and inviting. There is nothing that screams "run" louder than seeing insects and rodents in your work space.
  • Retail — With multiple entries and hoards of people filtering in and out of retail spaces each day, it can be hard to maintain cleanliness. That being said, if pests find their way inside, you will likely lose customers that find them. 
  • Farming and agriculture — Pests can wreak havoc with farm equipment, livestock, and crops. If you find them on the premises, they should be removed immediately.
  • Hotels — The importance of cleanliness is great in the hospitality industry. With special training, Ehrlich experts know what to look for when solving pest outbreaks in these high-traffic areas. One of the most common pests in hotels is bed bugs. 
  • Restaurants, pubs, and bars — With their key role in society, restaurants, pubs, and bars have to be kept pest-free in order to avoid social media scandals. If one of these locations is said to have bugs or rodents running around, business will diminish rapidly. 
  • Pharmaceuticals — Pharmaceuticals must be kept perfectly clean. Any contamination of these products could have severe repercussions.
  • Healthcare facilities — Facilities that treat those that are sick are no place for pests that could cause further sickness. It is crucial that healthcare facilities do not house pests of any kind.

With services for such a vast number of industries, Ehrlich is prepared to tackle any commercial pest control infestation that is presented.

Ehrlich Pest Control Process

Ehrlich follows a four-step treatment plan to ensure that customers are happy with the services it provides. These steps are outlined below: 

  • Step 1: Contact — Once you have submitted a request online, a member of the Ehrlich team will arrange for a local branch member to contact you. This will happen during the normal work week (Monday–Friday).
  • Step 2: Survey — An appointment will be set to discuss your pest problem. If necessary, a survey will be scheduled to best understand your particular pest problem. At this stage you will be provided with a number of recommendations and quotes for QualityPro certified treatments.
  • Step 3: Treatment — QualityPro certified specialists will come to your home or commercial space during a time that is convenient for you and provide your treatment. Ehrlich treatments are environmentally sensitive and are child and pet friendly.
  • Step 4: Aftercare — In order to ensure that the service provided lasts, Ehrlich specialists will make as many visits as required to be sure that your pest problem is solved for good when you are on the pestfree365 program.

Ehrlich Pest Control Team

The Ehrlich Pest Control team is comprised of qualified technicians, pest specialists, and entomologists. Ehrlich technicians are highly-skilled and qualified to assess the pest situation at your home or business. They can ensure the best pest control treatment and preventative measures for your property. Each technician is supported by the Ehrlich in-house research and development team, as well as professionally-qualified entomologists.

In addition to its technicians, Ehrlich also has a network of more than 750 pest specialists across the country. These specialists are skilled professionals that participate in ongoing training programs to enhance their skills. Each pest specialist is state-certified and licensed to apply pest treatments at your residential or commercial property.

Customer Support

Ehrlich offers many helpful types of customer support to its clients. Ehrlich’s online form lets clients and potential customers request general information or schedule a free inspection. Ehrlich provides a phone number and a live chat feature on its website, which allows customers who have immediate needs or questions to contact the company directly. To further simplify the customer experience, Ehrlich also offers online bill pay.

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The Bad

  • Only Available in 19 States
  • No Lawn Service
  • Ehrlich Reviews

Only Available in 19 States

Ehrlich Pest Control only serves the following 19 states:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia

While there is a chance that Ehrlich's pest control service may not be available in your state, it is worth noting that the company serves a wide range of states — many pest control companies have a far more limited service area.

No Lawn Service

Ehrlich does not appear to offer yard treatment, including fertilization, weed control, and other preventative services. Leading pest control companies like Orkin and Terminix factor this service into their quarterly re-treatments and even offer courtesy spot treatment for fire ants.

Ehrlich Reviews

Ehrlich Pest Control reviews from verified customers are hit and miss. A number of customers have been frustrated when Ehrlich technicians have missed appointments and have not communicated. During phone calls with customer service, customers have felt that their needs were not met and have reported negative experiences. Though this has not been the case for every customer, you should be aware that it could possibly happen to you.


The Bottom Line

Ehrlich has more than 90 years of experience in the pest control industry and offers free pest inspections, a variety of specialty and fumigation services, and helpful customer support features. With easy solutions for both residential and commercial pest infestations, it stacks up with some of the best pest control service providers. However, customers outside the Ehrlich's service areas will have to look for another pest control solution company.

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Ty Stain Watertown, MA

We hired Ehrlich for termite control. We've had termites previously (still had bait stations) and saw activity (swarmers 2 years ago - which is when we hired Ehrlich). Since then, it's been a never ending battle to get anyone to show up at the scheduled time (a schedule that they provide). The annual inspection is useless. They send a card in the mail with a time and date, then don't show up on that date. They do provide what they call an inspection report, but it provides no real information. I've tried leaving messages on their message system (i.e. written messages while logged into their system). None of the messages were every answered (2 have been there for over a year). Last week they were "scheduled" to come out and reinstall some bait stations that were removed during landscape construction. The person that came out (arrived at 8am, yet the scheduled time said noon to 5pm) did not have any tools to install the stations, and was not a termite technician. We were told we would have to reschedule. I'm now in the process of cancelling our service and that is a major process. There is no way to do this on their website - has to be done by phone. In addition, your service is not cancelled until you speak with a "retention" specialist. As I'm finding out, the specialist is impossible to reach (I've contacted the company twice a day for a week now, and I'm constantly told this person will call me. Still waiting. I've gone to the next step of writing a cancellation letter and mailing it via certified mail. I would NEVER recommend this company based on the lack of service.

4 months ago

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Sue C Bernville, PA

Their customer service is truly terrible. They previously would mail a postcard (they claim) with the date of service on our contract. After not receiving these multiple times and having someone show up unexpectedly, we asked to be called to schedule service appointments. They seem to think this means leaving an automated message with a window of 8am to 6pm on their chosen day. If you want to reschedule or request a smaller time frame, you have to call, wait extensively on hold for 30 minutes or more, and then try to explain the issue to rude, condescending "customer service" agents such as Elizabeth (working 5/13 AM) who repeatedly interrupt you as you try to answer their questions. She also disputed the message that was left for me stating 8am to 6pm and said their service times are less than that. Well, that is the message I received and maybe Elizabeth needs to find another place to work. As I was simply replying that the message I received stated those hours, she starting talking over me but blamed it on a phone delay. She interrupted me mid-sentence multiple times, so a delay is hard to believe. I asked her to repeat what she said since she spoke while I was still talking so I didn't hear what she said. She was even more rude after that. Our service techs are usually quite competent and pleasant but the horrible people at customer service give this company the lowest possible star. We're taking our business elsewhere and suggest you do the same.

4 months ago

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dean kupfer GA

If I could give zero i would. I was scheduled for an appointment with Brandon between 2-4. I called to confirm. They said they would have the tech call me. Did not call back. No show. Why would anyone want to use a company like this. What if you needed help?

5 months ago

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Elissa Grad Belmont, MA

I had a termite contract with a local company for 15 years that was bought out by Ehrlich. Since then the service has been terrible. I've gone three years without anyone coming to check baits. I have called many many times to try to resolve the situation. The customer service reps are very nice but can do nothing. They say they are referring the issue and someone will call me. This has been going on for years. No one calls. Of course I always get a bill and I keep the contract current so that my warranty doesn't expire, but it feels horrible to pay for no service. Time to file a complaint with the AG and BBB.

1 year ago

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Barb Pro Columbus, OH

I called to just get a quote and ended up signing up. After sleeping on it the next day I called and canceled. Several weeks later when I wasn’t home had a note in my door the ehrlich man was there and sprayed. I called and was told they’d take care if it . The next month the same guy came while I was there. He told me they never told him. Called them again was told he should have been told. I got a bill in the mail for the first time he was there. I called four times each time after being on hold for ten minutes was told the same thing. They’ll file a dispute. Over a month later still waiting. Don’t trust them.

2 years ago

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Sarah Strom Sterling, VA

This company was purchased by a larger company. I originally spoke to someone - out of state - who was more of like a salesperson who lied to me. He explained to me that I could either pay $260 for a one time visit or I could save $50 for the initial visit if I signed up for recurring payments for them to come out throughout the year. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but he said I could put a CC on file so when I decided, they'd have that information ready. Apparently, giving him my CC info automatically meant that I had signed up for recurring payments... The person who came out to spray was knowledgeable, helpful, and actually became my contact person for appointments.... more on that. So the specialist, as the company calls the people who come out to spray, said that if we see any more bugs within 2 weeks, call, and someone will come back out to spray, free of charge. He also informed me that I should make sure the "office" knew I didn't want recurring charges and that I only wanted a one time service since he didn't deal with that stuff. The next day or so, I called and the call center and the person I spoke with said because I had put my CC on file, that meant I had signed up for the recurring payments. She said she fixed things in the system so that I wouldn't be charged. She also informed me that we actually had a 30 day guarantee so I could call back within that time frame if we saw bugs. A little over two weeks later, we saw a few bugs in the hot spot areas again and I called the call center to set up another appointment for someone to come out and respray. They said someone would call me. No one called, so I called the call center again, who said someone would call me, and no one did - again.... I then texted the specialist who came out originally to see if he could help and he said he'd reach out to the appointment people. He was able to get me an appointment on a Saturday but didn't tell me what time and I received no phone call, email, or text from anyone. On Saturday, I called the call center to find out what time they were coming and it wasn't scheduled until later in the evening, which didn't work for me, so I reschedule with the people from the call center for Monday morning. Now it's 12:45 pm, Monday afternoon and no one has come. I called the call center again and they said the appointment for today was not on the schedule.... omg. Then they said they sent some information and that someone would be calling me... Remember what happened the last time they said that? To add to this irritation, I told the guy I was speaking with that I didn't want to wait for someone to call me and that I wanted to talk to someone immediately, so he put me on hold for like, five minutes, and then some other person from the call center picked up. WTH I, unfortunately, angrily told her the whole story and guess what she said to me.... someone would give me a call... So basically, I don't know if someone will show up today, and I'm really pissed off. I highly would NOT recommend this company or any of their sister companies which I'm about to figure out so that I can write this review for all of them so that no one has to deal with this call center ever again.

3 years ago

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Rick C Ephrata, PA

I called because we found ants along a floorboard near the kitchen. After describing their process I was told it would be $299 for initial visit. It seemed high but we decided to hire Ehrlich and tried to schedule a visit today. The technician, Alex, said a same day visit would cost $450 even though their website prominently states “same day service, no extra charge”. When I called to question why we were getting an additional $150 charge for same day service I was told that’s for current clients only. Nothing like that is stated anywhere on their website. I would not do business with a firm that uses such deceitful marketing practices.

3 years ago

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Mike Brady Miami Beach, FL

J.C. Ehrlich sucks. Run as fast as you can away from J.C. Ehrlich. We have had nothing but trouble with them. They promise all sorts of things on the phone and almost never follow up. Here is a short list of the problems I have had with them: 1. I have had three appointments set and nobody shows. 2. Twice a manager was suppose to call me back based on my frustrations dealing with them and neither time did they call. 3. They fought me on the scope of the agreement and refused to honor what we understood the scope to be - only for us to dig up an email from their employee clearly spelling out the scope. 4. Last time I called for service (because we still have a terrible termite problem) I was ccd on the email sent to the local team. They did not notice that I was ccd and proceeded to insult me in the email thread! AND after that they have refused to call us or take care of the problem or anything. Also, if you check reviews of employees for them you will see that the employees hate working there. Run away from J.C. Ehrlich!

3 years ago

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Ehrlich stole our money Lebanon, OH

We called Ehrlich to our home in May 2019 to get a free estimate to treat for carpenter bees. The service rep told us he couldn't help because the bees were in the wood near the roof (2 story home) and his local company manager had recently told them they weren't allowed to carry ladders on their trucks (he didn't have one with him that day) and weren't allowed to use them on the job. We thanked him for his time and he left. A month later, in June, we received a bill for $219.35 for the treatment that wasn't done. We called and had them remove the charges. In October, five months after our initial contact, we discovered our credit card had been charged $219.35. We called again and were told this charge was to cover our yearly services plan. We did NOT sign up for this service and did NOT authorize the creidt card charge. It is now February 2020. We have called the company six times since October in an effort to have them refund the $219.35 they stole from us. Each time we've been told the refund has to be cleared by the district manager and someone at the corporate level and that it should just take "a few more days". It has been four months and eight days. We're now pursuing legal action. Do NOT use this company! If you feel you must use them, then pay with a check or a cash and check your credit card statements monthly for unauthorized charges.

3 years ago

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Libby Miami, FL

I’ve been a homeowner for almost 40 years and this is by far the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with re: my home!! They are not responsive, they’re unreliable, and they aren’t honest. We tented our house a few years ago then paid the annual “insurance” (what a joke!) to have them come out to see if we had termites. But they wouldn’t show up, broke appts, didn’t do a thorough investigation when they did show up, and worse of all LIED and said we don’t have termites! Well fast forward, our roof started leaking so badly that we have to get a whole new roof and when the old roof was removed it was infested with termites!!! Wish I could upload photos.

4 years ago

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Gerri Woodsville, NH

I have had nothing but issues with this company from day one. They speed read the contract over the phone, they were supposed to email me a copy of the contract never happened. We had a contract for mice removal and the 360 or 365 plan for the house it was two separate contracts for service. Our first appointment was Dec 22 tech was supposed to come check out the house and place the mouse traps, tech comes out, checks out the house BUT has no mouse traps in his truck to place in the house, tells us he will be back after Christmas to place traps. January 8 a different tech comes out to check the mouse traps no appointment scheduled he just shows up at the door, he finds out no mouse traps were set. He sets the mouse traps and makes an appointment with us for January 18 1:00, the tech is a no show, no call, nothing. I wait until January 28 I call the company to complain about the missed appointment, I am informed by customer service we have a scheduled appointment for February 11, so nice of them to schedule this appointment with us. The tech comes out Feb 11 and checks the traps that was the only service rendered at the time. We have not heard from Ehrlich since February. I called them around May 9 to find out when they are coming out to spray the house? We schedule an appointment for May 13, 2019 from 3:00-5:00 pm, once again no show, no call, nothing. I called the company on Tuesday May 14 to relate how disgusted I am with Ehrlich's service. Now I want to cancel the contract for the house, they did the mice service as crappy as it was, my husband caught seven mice with his own traps, Ehrlich traps caught two mice. I cancel my service on the 14th, customer service tells me someone from the local office will call me back about the $176.00 that has been charged to my credit card for the 360 contract. I waited a couple of days no call from the local office, I call the main office and I am upset and disgusted with the run around and lack of communication with this company, there is no local phone # to call and I cannot even find the address for the local office to go to and discuss this situation. Phillip who answered the phone kept giving me the run around about a refund on my credit card and kept insisting that the February 11 appointment was an outside spray. I informed him the Feb 11 appointment was to check the mouse traps we were home talking to the tech. There was never a spray done on that date because the snow was 4 feet deep around the foundation. Today is May 23 Ehrlich has still not contacted me. I have a feeling they are just going to steal my money for services not performed on our house, I called my credit card and I have stopped any future payments to Ehrlich. I have a feeling I am going to have to take them to small claims court if I ever want to see my money. Save your self the time, the aggravation of dealing with Ehrlich.

4 years ago

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KC Alexandria, VA

Hired them for an emergency service to get rid of hornets in the work area at a residence. Construction work had to be shut down because of the problem. They claimed they could get rid of them immediately. They sprayed some poison and it didn't do anything. After they left the hornets would land on the sprayed areas and it didn't bother them. Called the tech back out and this time he claimed he couldn't do anything about the hornets. Same tech - Brian Boone. Charged me $365. And apparently they are using techs which are not licensed by the state. Talked to a few persons on the phone at this company, but no one with any decision making ability will get back to me. Horrible experience all around. Fraudulent business practices.

4 years ago

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Marsha Mancini Jim Thorpe, PA

Very disappointed in this company. As a new customer, I was given a confirmed service date and time (Today, between 8-12). Drove 2 hours to be here for this. Nobody showed or called. I called 3 times throughout the day and was reassured a technician would still be coming today. Needless to say, nobody came or called. Can’t even give me a reschedule date. If this is how they treat their customers, we can do without them. Absolutely horrible treatment of new customers. I would suggest looking elsewhere other than this company.

1 year ago

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D Onna Vanwingen Brunswick, OH

It's hard to review Erlich, since after my first contact a month ago, I still haven't had service. Called 3 times, each time someone was supposed to get back to me and never did. Finally got scheduled, the technician called to change the time and then never showed up. The company rescheduled, so maybe they'll show up then. Or maybe I'll just wise up and go elsewhere.

1 year ago

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Nathalee Tibvrcio

STAY AWAY! after cancelling this service 2 times.. they still continue to try and charge me! they would not provide documentation stating the services are cancelled either . they wanted me to go off of word of mouth. they are trying to have me pay my monthly fees AFTER making several complaints. this company is not the one for you. you're better off going to home depot and doing most of extermination jobs yourself.

2 years ago

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Deborah Costet Chino, CA

The man who came was very nice however nice doesn’t cut it when it comes to the job he was in my house for all of 2-3 minutes and outside maybe two minutes the service was an outrageous $195 ! He skipped through my house he did not do a good job he was not thorough at all ….I have never ever paid this much for pest control before and this was the worst job I ever had I would not recommend them to anyone

2 years ago

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Yvonne Woodring Kennett Square, PA

If I could give it a 0 star I would. I had an appointment and they were a "NO SHOW" for their very first appointment. I was looking for a monthly service contract for the office and a rental home and since they decided not to show up for the appointment I will take my business elsewhere. I am sure that there are other companies out there that would be willing to do business with a multi million dollar company that has housing developments all over the Northeast.

2 years ago

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Al Fort Lauderdale, FL

Worse customer service ever. Tech never showed up for appointment set up with 2 weeks in advance. I called 3 times on the day of appointment because I took half of day off from work. Customer service told me 3 times tech was on his way and he was going to call me to let me know the exact time he was going to show up- never happened. Had to reschedule and then they did not show up for the other appointment neither. Run from this company,

4 years ago

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Stephen Schulman Hopewell Junction, NY

Service from this company is a piece of crap. I am a customer of Erlich and have been trying for 3 days to get service. I have spent over 2 hours on the phone on hold and have left messages for the President and District Manager to call and they did not which was expected. Consumers would be a fool if you sign up with Erlich.

3 years ago

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cathy lassman Bethesda, MD

If there was a zero that would be it! Worst company to deal with. Not even a call back this year. I called 6 times, left messages, been on hold for over 25 minutes to then be disconnected! Not the 1st time either. Then they sent mr an invoice for their services. NOT!! This place is a joke! And so is Eradico! They merged with this company.

3 years ago

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Deanna Ingersoll Frederick, MD

Been stood up twice for quarterly scheduled service. Last time, I called and the dispatcher came back on the line and said evidently the tech I was scheduled with didn't work for the company anymore. HUH?!?!? No one called me, no one did anything. I fired Erlich this morning.

5 years ago