GoBank is a full featured, online checking account service. It's different from a traditional bank, financial institution, or credit union in that it only operates online. It operates through Green Dot Bank, one of the financial institutions available through Walmart. GoBank became available in October of 2014, designed as a checking account product for people on the go. It markets to low and moderate income individuals and families while often attracting customers who are dissatisfied with big bank policies. Assets are protected by FDIC, which means your money is just as safe as it would be in a normal bank. GoBank is a legit and real bank.
GoBank partners with Uber to provide a Uber Visa Debit Card exclusively to drivers.

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The Good

  • Ease of Opening an Account
  • Features
  • Online Banking
  • Uber Visa Debit Card

Ease of Opening an Account

GoBank does everything a standard checking account does and has several attractive features. To open an account, purchase a starter kit for $2.95 at a Walmart store, deposit $20 (the minimum opening deposit), and then follow the instructions in the kit to complete set up. Two other options are to go to GoBank.com or download the GoBank mobile app to start your account. The account can be opened on a smartphone or computer, and the starter Master Card debit card is immediately activated and usable until the permanent card arrives.

To open an account, you will need to provide GoBank with your name, address, birthdate, social security number (SSN), phone number, and other personal information. This information is used to confirm your identity and prevent fraud. 


A customer cannot be denied a checking account, as long as he or she has a valid state ID. GoBank does not use a credit bureau rating to screen potential clients. GoBank account holders only need to set up a monthly direct deposit of $500 or more to avoid any fees. This deposit can come from any regularly occurring source, such as payroll or government income. Once that is arranged, bankers can rely on the following features:

  • no overdraft, NSF, penalty, or annual fees
  • no minimum balance requirements
  • free monthly maintenance
  • early payroll deposit (averages 2 days before paper check)

If you overdraft your account and even if the account remains overdrawn for several days, there is no fee, as long as a direct deposits entering the account total $500 every month. So a minimum deposit is required to keep your account in overdraft.

GoBank users can deposit cash at participating retailers including 7-11, Walmart, Rite-Aid, CVS, or Walgreens. This will cost you a fee of up to $4.95. Though GoBank is an online-only bank, users can order personal checks to pay bills or pay people just like you could at a traditional bank. A pack of checks costs $5.95.

Online Banking

GoBankers also do not have to fret about banking hours and locations like you might have to with traditional banks, financial institutions, or credit unions. They can access their accounts on their iPhones, iPod Touch, Android device, computer, or inside of a participating Walmart store. In addition to receiving direct deposits, the GoBank checking account can:
  • deposit checks
  • pay any bill
  • send money to anyone
  • send money to other GoBank account holders through email or text message
  • deposit funds into account using cash or debit card at any Walmart checkout
  • mail checks to anyone for free
  • withdraw funds at one of 42,000 ATM's for free
  • write checks from paper or free digital checkbook

Green Dot Bank includes two additional features that are not typically a part of a checking account: a Fortune Teller mobile app that  advises user to spend within their pre-set budget and Money Vault, a GoBank savings account that is unattached to the checking account.


See our Gobank reviews to see more opinions about Gobank.


GoBank does not offer any kind of loans, so if you receive a call offering you a GoBank loan, it is a scam. GoBank will not ask for your personal information like social security number, birthdate, or debit card number over phone or email. If someone asks you for this, they are not affiliated with GoBank and are committing fraud.

Uber Visa Debit Card

Uber created a benefit-heavy debit card exclusively for drivers. It's not common for a debit card to have perks or cash back like a credit card would. Though the card comes with cash back on some auto-related purchases and at Walmart and Sprint, the drawbacks and limitations might not be convincing enough to open an account if you are already satisfied with your current bank. See uber debit card review of GoBank and of its partnership with Uber below. People are really good about leaving accurate and up to date uber debit card review for others to see.

The Bad

  • Direct Deposit
  • Other Limitations
  • Customer Complaints

Direct Deposit

GoBank account holders must have a direct deposit to qualify for an account. In addition to that, they will be charged an $8.95 fee and will continue to be charged each month until at least $500 enters the account through direct deposit. ATM's that are outside the GoBank network cost $2.50 to use and could charge additional fees. GoBank transactions that occur out of the United States have a 3% transaction fee. Accounts cannot exceed $50,000.

All cash deposits must be at least $20 and not exceed $1,100 per transaction; they cannot exceed $3000 within a 30 day timeframe. Income tax deposits cannot be made after June 2nd of the year it was filed. Account holders in Wyoming and Vermont cannot make cash deposits inside Walmart.

Other Limitations

Personal check deposits have a maximum limit of $2000 and could take as long as 10 days to process (first deposit limit is $500). Commercial checks (payroll, cashier, money order, business, etc.) cannot exceed $10,000 (first time is $5,000). Checks less than $5,000 will take up to 10 days to process; checks between $5,000 and $10,000 will 10 days. You cannot deposit government checks that are more than $5000.
Electronic payments take 2 to 3 days if done before 1 p.m. Otherwise, it will take longer. Also, there is no notification when the payment recipient cashes the check. Cash withdrawals cannot exceed $500 within a 24 hour timeframe.
If a debit card is lost or stolen, it could take up to 4 weeks to get a replacement. In the meantime, funds cannot be accessed. Another report is that the online system has a lot of glitches. These are a definitely not a bonus for potential users.
GoBank does not offer any kind of loan services such as student loans, mortgages, personal loans, or business loans. This can be a huge negative for students who are looking for student loans. GoBank also does not offer a credit card, it only offers a GoBank debit card (Visa, MasterCard, and a special Uber Visa debit card). It also does not offer any cash back rewards. GoBank doesn't offer joint accounts.
To officially close your GoBank account, you need to spend or transfer the money in your account down to a $0 balance and then contact GoBank to close it. The $8.95 monthly fee will still be charged until your account is officially closed.

Customer Complaints

Customers regularly complain about GoBank randomly closing accounts for unauthorized reasons. Without warning, a customer receives a notification that their account has closed. One complaint states that when she called GoBank about her account closing, she was told it was due to a suspicious mobile deposit. According to the customer, this was a recurring deposit from the same source, with the same signature, and the same amount. Another customer had the same problem happen with his payroll check.
There have also been reports of fraudulent use of the debit cards. This includes use of the uber debit card review. Some complaints include misallocated funds, misuse of the card or stolen card numbers, and transferred funds that never got transferred. This can upset balance transfers and cause banking issues. These problems usually result in a closed account, either closed by GoBank, or the account holder, losing out on future account opening opportunities. Even though GoBank advertises that they have 24/7 customer service, customers report that they stop answering the phone after a certain time in the evening. This is super frustrating for instant pay, online purchases questions, credit score, points, statement credit, uber and lyft questions concerning the uber debit card review and uber app, overdraft fees, onboarding (such as online subscription services) and annual fee. Other customers report that customer representatives are insensitive and inflexible to their needs and individual requests, even though those needs and requests fall within the legal guidelines and normal expectations a checking account holder would have.
For more common complaints, see our collection of GoBank reviews including the uber debit card review below.

The Bottom Line

GoBank can be a dream come true for someone who for one reason or another, cannot open a standard bank account, or would be unable to afford it. Even to some who do not have those restrictions, it may be quite an attraction to have a checking account with no overdraft fees and no minimum balance. Without overdraft fees, you can still have overdraft protection and earn cash. It is also very convenient to mail paper checks for free or have an app tell you to pass up a purchase because it could unbalance your budget. It really is a free checking account. This makes it easy for account opening and transaction fees.
However, you MUST have a monthly direct deposit in order to qualify. Besides the direct deposit, good luck might be a requirement. Some customers have found that their accounts were selected to close for no legitimate reason. If you lose your debit card or get it stolen it will take weeks before another one will be issued, and the funds cannot be accessed without it. It has several no fee options and free services that most banks do not, especially with such a small balance. However, there are some kinks that need to be ironed out so that the system operates more smoothly and efficiently. Those that use GoBank for online banking services can expect the following:
  1. Limited fees and penalties
  2. Online access to funds 
  3. Deposit limitations

For more information, see the GoBank reviews below. GoBank consistently receives poor reviews from its customers. Though GoBank doesn't seem to do anything illegal, due to their awful experience, some customers feel that GoBank is a scam. 

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May 8th, 2017 Dayton, OH

They closed my account claimed fraudulent activity, showed proof it wasn't, kept my money. Month later still fighting for my refund.


Phillip Lahman

May 5th, 2017 Georgetown, TX

They will NOT answer the phone!. Nothing but voice response. No way to get a "REPRESENTATIVE".


Yazid Amkas

May 2nd, 2017 Fort Washington, MD

Gobank is a thief. they have been holding my money for over 1 month. dont use this crappy bank EVER!


Ricky Nichols

April 23rd, 2017 Las Vegas, NV

Ridiculous amount of time taken to transfer electronically between accounts. 5 days and counting AFTER Paypal shows a completed transfer and my money still isnt available. Poor customer service. Worst I have ever experienced by a Bank and that says alot itself.


Lisa strawther

April 6th, 2017

Two cards compromised in 3 weeks and they want to wait up to 15 days to address the issue....while the first breach has not been resolved and money has not been returned. Our account was wiped out this time. Their customer service is limited in information and capabilities. Had to explain the same thing multiple times and the customer service rep just kept repeating the same thing and making no effort to question or understand me. There was also a 125.50 charge that we did not authorize, that was later reversed by the merchant.....the customer service rep tells me, oh that's just a pretty Auth for gas. NO HONEY...NO GAS STATION FOES A PRETTY AUTH FOR $125 ....but she is sticking with that story. I want them to flag that as it is a red flag. ..but she doesn't think so. Waiting for a call back from her supervisor......


Nicolas Meza jr

March 14th, 2017

I was very pleased with my gobank card until my information was hacked and my account was cleaned out. The worst part of the whole situation is that GOBANK customer service is the worst i have ever seen. I have called trying to file a dispute for the lost funds which has been 5 days now and spend at least 1 hour on hold before i get tired and just hang up. So i have spent at least 8 hours on hold with no results.


Teresa Turner

March 2nd, 2017 Atascadero, CA

Although you can view and print a statement, you can not download data for accounting needs. The only format the file comes is a .pdf. Currently they do not have a .csv (spreadsheet) or .dat (database) file format. At this time, I can not do my taxes based on the limitations of their file format. I have been trying for six months to have this remedied and so far, no luck.



January 8th, 2017 Austin, TX

Scam. I should have read the reviews.. I admit it, I should have read the reviews first because they just took me for $23.00. I tried to verity my account but my tell me: "Whoops. That doesn't match up. Please take a look at your card expiration date and re-enter it." Thing is I put in the exp date correctly...dozens times. I thought it was a malfunction at first, but after I read the reviews, I believe it's a scam. I'm sick of corporations pulling this stuff. I seriously think we should consider a class action lawsuit.


Kelly Brunton

December 26th, 2016

Omg if u r looking fot sanity dont use GO BANK. In tze matter of one ween the have screwed up 2 wire transfer. I npw have no access to my account or my money the have been "reviewing" the issue for 4 days. I cant get anyone to tell me whats going.



December 21st, 2016

I've had a checking account with Go Bank for several months and have had nothing but problems. When you call to talk to a real person, they are never helpful. When I email questions, I get a response that either doesn't even answer the question I asked, or they tell me there's nothing they can do . And the last straw for me is the fact that they are refusing MULTIPLE checks from my customers. So I have checks that they refuse to allow me to deposit at all, and their suggestion is that I go to a different institution and pay a fee to cash these checks, and then go to Walmart to load the money into my account. THIS IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!!! I am sooo done with them and don't recommend them to anybody.



December 14th, 2016 Charlotte, NC

WORST BANKING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! There was a charge on my account that I DID NOT MAKE. I called to let them know and they said they had to cancel my card. This was my sole account and had no way of accessing my funds. I told the guy that I needed to go to the ATM to take out cash that I could use until my replacement came. I told him that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE HIM TO CLOSE MY CARD. He insisted that he had to. You have no way of accessing your funds if your card is close. MY DIRECT DEPOSIT WAS THROUGH THEM! I was without money for over 2 weeks. I got my card and 2 weeks later the closed my account for NOOO REASON!!! once your account is closed they take away the option to even speak to a live person. BEWARE ! their customer service reps are oversees so it is a challenge to understand what they are saying. If you want a onlin ebank GO WITH SIMPLE BANKING!!! THEY ARE AMAZING !



December 5th, 2016

Terrible. Go bank is the worst. Like this article says.. its all about luck so if u have a bump in the road like a stolen card or disputing a transaction. You will be sorry you chose gobank.


Carl Thomas

November 28th, 2016

You can't never get into the account to get your balance and check to see if the money is there or not. It alway technically out of service. It change your your account password every time you enter it. This Bank sucks under Uber and Banking period. Both screw up for some reason.


thomas moore

November 25th, 2016 FL

can not activate card, can not contact a represenative for help. losing hundreds because of this. this company is fraud and not being shut down


Brandon hughes

November 24th, 2016

(((W*A*R*N*I*N*G)))GOBANK.COM/I've been using go bank for 4 months and I've had nothing but bad problems with them the whole time. They finally canceled the account on me after I had 3 different cards sent out and never received any of them. That's 2 weeks per card or 10 days. Review and what ever else. I been trying to get the 800 out of my account now for going on 7 weeks now. I think they are just trying to rob me out of my hard earned money. Honestly I feel like I will never see that money ever again from the run around they have given me for 7 weeks straight. My advice is to not use GOBANK for anything


Kelley and David

November 22nd, 2016

Gobank is great, UNTIL you have a problem; their CS representatives are obviously doing nothing but reading from scripts, my husband has spent hours on the phone and time off work trying to get $1400 dollars in erroneous pending charges removed from our account, as of today they have stayed on the account for over 20 days causing our house payment to be late and delayed us putting a downpayment on a new vehicle. My recommendation is that you NOT use this company.


Lisa Carter

November 9th, 2016

I like go bank. Its very convenient.I have know complaints what so ever. I learned of go bank through Uber.


Patricia Raymond

October 9th, 2016

Still haven't received refund check it's been over a month


Kathy Frasure

October 4th, 2016 Orlando, FL

This company is the worst I've ever seen and somebody needs to report them and close this business cause all they do is scam people



October 4th, 2016 Phoenix, AZ

I liked GoBank at first. Just a simple, dummy-proof bank which has a nice app. And then...the company's true character was revealed upon my first issue which required me to inquire with customer service. My first attempted inquiry with customer service was through the GoBank app via message/chat option. After 2 days of no reply, I called customer service to speak with a human. I explained to this cunt of a customer service rep what the issue is and that I need her help to resolve it (issue being an order that In successfully cancelled with Amazon, but had a "pending" charge on my Transactions list. After 4 business days, I contacted Amazon who said they already contacted GoBank and did indeed confirm successful cancellation and even provided GoBank with the Settlement Verification Code. Amazon also told me that they actually didn't charge my account, but rather merely verified with GoBank that the funds were indeed available ion my account. This action was the origin of the "pending" transaction). Those are probably the only words I was able to get out the entire conversation because from then on, she continued to talk over me, cut me off mid-sentence, express zero concern or empathy, repeat herself over and over while seeming to read, in verbatim, content from my policy. To top it off, her English was terrible and I almost feel that she genuinely didn't even comprehend half the shit I was explaining to her. Once I realized this cunt was not going to resolve my problem, I requested to speak with her supervisor. She quickly said that's "not an option" and that she could only schedule a "call-back" for me, in which some kind of supervisor calls me back per my request. I asked when the call-back will be, and she said that she doesn't know and that it could take 1 day to 5 days. At that point, I just gave up and expressed, in so many words, how shitty GoBank is and that I'll be closing my account pending my refund deposit. I say that to say this: If you value the customer service end of a bank, avoid GoBank at all costs. To be honest, I've never even written a review of any company until now; that's how compelled I felt after this experience. Thanks for the platform to vent my frustration, guys! Hope this serves as somewhat of a forewarning.


Michael Brenes

September 27th, 2016 Miami, FL

If you value your money and having access to it, stay away from using their services. Too many issues to list here. Do not trust them with your money. Easy to deposit your money, and very hard to access it once they have it... Very poor customer service.


Brianna G. Quattlebaum

September 26th, 2016

Lost my card and had no access to my money for over 2 weeks. They only have 2 options to get your money but neither of them worked for my situation and they refused to even try to work with me. My new card was going to be arriving soon but I needed my money now so when I called I got the run around by what sounded like the same girl who was pretending to be a supervisor then someone from the lost card department. Each time I was transfered they cancelled my card and requested a new one. So now I'm waiting...... once I get my money I'm never using them again!


Jennifer West

September 17th, 2016 GA

It has now been 12 days and counting. I was issued a refund by a merchant who only charged my card by accident. You would think this would be automatic. For the 10th day they said it was still pending, then it was not found. Now it has been found but being investigated bc "This never happens " I don't even know how to get my.money I am so pissed. $157.10. Why would a bank have to steal. But I am reporting them.to the FDIC


Tracy Thompson

September 16th, 2016 Morristown, TN

They just closed my account without warning! I had no idea! I just got an email telling me that my account was closed. I'm scheduled to have a direct deposit go in tomorrow, and I don't know if I'll ever see that money again after reading these other reviews. This is the most unprofessional business I've ever dealt with! CROOKS, THIEVES!


Wafik Mikhail

September 15th, 2016 Staten Island, NY

More than one month now I can't disput transaction and they ask me to send a form I did but they keep asking on the otherside you can disput a transaction on Amex just one click I'm very upset


Tammie Delynn

September 12th, 2016 TX

They deposited my check , closed my account, kept the money n have been ctaking $8.95 out of it for 3 months. Only response i get is my acct closed. Where is my money!!!



September 2nd, 2016 Temecula, CA

I opened this account in August with direct deposit.Doing business with these people is a nightmare.There is no professionalism.I paid my bills using their online billpay service.I received notification via e-mail that the money had been taken from account and the bill was paid,well 2 of them were not paid.I paid both of them on the 3rd of Aug.So<to began I contacted them and told them,I had received a cancellation notice from my Ins.Co.,because the bill was not paid,they said ok give us 48 to investigate,and we will refund your money within 7-10 business days,this never happened.They are also liers and thieves.Now another bill has not been paid,which was suppose to paid on the 3rd of Aug.,it is Sep 2.So I call and was told the same thing give us 48 hours.She said it look like it was paid,I said no it was not.My bills are delinquent because of these peoples.I have filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve.I want my money refunded to me.I warn you not to do business with GO Bank. We share these experiences to help each other.


Jennifer Nichols

August 23rd, 2016 Monmouth, ME

If you expect to have access to your own money or even decent US based customer service, do not purchases a GoBank card!! Because they screwed up my mailing address, they deactivated my card, with every dime I have put on it, and now have to wait 7 business days to get at MY MONEY????? Not one customer service rep eis from the US, they barely speak English, nobody above the phone answers to speak with, no expedited shipping of cards, no help with problems they create, etc...... Do Not EVER purchase a GoBank or Green Dot card from WalMart, total fraud!! Jennifer from Maine


Alexus Mayfield

August 22nd, 2016 Edinburg, TX

horrible customer service if disputing any transaction refund or otherwise they will cancel your card with no prior given notice and send a new one also the bank will not authorize any transactions untill you activate the new card smh I Don't think I will be keeping this account as soon (if ever) as i get my new card i will be taking out all my money and hopefully opening a One United Bank account I all ready have a cc with them and so far no complaints


Andy Price

August 14th, 2016 Seattle, WA

Uber uses GoBank for instant pay but you can not even withdraw all your money. Max withdraw is $2500 every 30 days. So if you make $5000 per month and deposit it you will never see all your money without closing your account even then it takes weeks upon weeks to get a check. IF even GoBank decides your account was legit. I've heard of others closing their accounts GoBank freezing the money and saying you must prove every transaction.


Danielle Templeton

August 2nd, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

I was very unhappy with big banks a few years ago, so I signed up for this. My paychecks are deposited here, and my disabled daughter's SSI checks were also. She passed a couple weeks ago and all of a sudden I cannot access my account. GoBank insists that SSA told them to block my access, SSA says they just don't do that. I have spent two full days back and forth on the phone and on hold for very extended periods with both. I cannot pay my bills, or pay for my daughter's funeral service because that is where my money is. I spoke with Joseph who claimed to be the corporate manager and he was very unhelpful. He keeps insisting that he has to have a letter from SSA giving permission to release MY money.



July 14th, 2016

I have been having an issue with the card since my second week of use. They have taken finds out of my account that were not supposed to. If I have a negative balance and try and clear the balance by transferred funds into the account, the negative balance gets higher. I'm so frustrated with this card and most of their representatives. The majority act like its nothing they can do about it or as if they're a part of a scam.


cody Travis

July 13th, 2016 Plant City, FL

They cancelled my account saying it was cause of a suspicious check i deposited but the check was from my grandma.


lacrista lala

July 6th, 2016 Olive Branch, MS

I actually love this account. Both my husband and I have one and have had it for over a year. I've never payed over 5 Buicks for monthly service. Not sure why. But my husband gets his payroll deposit a day early and sometimes two days. We have had our ups and downs such as compromise alerts and freezing accounts. But when that happens, call them, you'll appreciate what they are doing. I promise. It's a safety feature bulk into the account. If purchases look suspicious, they will be flagged. You call in, answer don't questions and they will fix it ASAP. Love it!


Jeffrey Oren

June 29th, 2016 Longwood, FL

There was fraudulent use of my debit card and over $500 was stolen out of my account via two ATM withdrawals and 3 other in-store purchases. The remaining $400 in the account was supposed to be sent to me via a check that was supposed to arrive in 2 weeks. I called two other times and each time they said I would receive my refund in the two week time frame. So, six weeks had passed and then I FINALLY received my money after numerous calls and requests to speak with supervisors that were often denied. Now here I sit and still no $500. I received a letter stating that the ATM withdrawals and in-store purchases were "valid transactions." I called to dispute again and I was trying to get more information about where the fraud occurred. It turns it out that these transactions took place in 2 different states pretty far away from where I live. When I asked for more information, they said all he could give me was the store name and the city, and for the ATM's it showed in their system as Cardtronics, Brooklyn, NY. This could be one of 5,000 different machines. So, Iam still in the process of fighting to get this money back. My hope is that I can find the ATM's and retrieve the photos to prove that these transactions were not performed by myself and that I was in fact 5 states away. It seems very odd that this organization does not want to lift a finger to help me in any sort of way. Anyways, stay away from this company. Customer service is terrible if you run into any type of issue. I hope someone from their organization reads these reviews so I can receive some help that I desperately need.


Shawn Reu

June 20th, 2016 Fort Lauderdale, FL

My card was compromised 2 weeks ago. I called them and told them about 2 fraudulent transactions, they were able to assist me by letting me take money out of the account via ATM. I have since been waiting for a new card in the mail and I was making payments on another credit card so I could utilize that one. Unfortunately the payments on the credit card got returned for an unknown reason, then the account was placed on hold because it was reportedly compromised. I called them to inquire about why the account was compromised when I...the account holder was accessing the account. They also said the new debit card that was in the mail with a new account number that was not even activated yet was compromised. So they said they would mail a new card and it would be in my mailbox within 2 weeks. This would mean I would not have access to my money for an entire month. How am I supposed to pay my bills and rent when I can't have access to the my hard earned money!?....I asked to speak to a supervisor on the weekend but they stated no supervisor is on duty on the weekends. I will be calling them first thing monday morning to speak to a supervisor. I've been a loyal customer for about 3 years so I hope they can make up for this horrible experience.


Sally Mae

June 16th, 2016 Bel Air, MD

Hello, The GoBank card is a defective product. There is no customer service support, and there is an automated system which has errors. It is a scam.


Scott Fowler

June 15th, 2016 Littleton, CO

I deposited a check through mobile banking. They indicated I had 24 hrs to cancel the deposit if the hold was going to be long. The next day I tried to cancel the deposit before the 24hr time limit but the website would not let me cancel. I then drove to the bank the check was written on and tried to cash it. The bank teller (USBank) told me the check had been cashed by GOBANK and I could not get any money. I called GoBank and they told me there was a 14 day hold. I responded that the check has cleared all ready and to release the funds. After arguing for several days they never released the funds. It's the 13 th day now and hopefully the funds will be available tomorrow. This is how they make their money, they place holds on funds they know are available and for as long as the law allows hold it so they make interest on that money. Multiply that times hundreds of customers and they can collect a lot of interest. I would not use their mobile deposit any more. I will be closing my account as soon as all my money is available!



June 15th, 2016 Lafayette, CO

This is the worst company ever!! They have been holding on to funds that I have earned when driving for Uber. I wouldn't recommend this company EVER!!! Unless you don't want to see your funds. They keep saying they will get back to me in 1 business day. It's been 4 DAYS!! And not to mention no one speaks English!!!! I have had NO food or gas for 4 days because of these people. When I called they kept apologizing and saying their system needs to update. It's been 4 days!!!!



June 14th, 2016

Cannot activate after loading money on the card



June 8th, 2016 Modesto, CA

They have frozen my account with over $300 in it and say they need receipts from deposits before they can free the money. The whole idea, fools, is there is no paper receipt its supposed to be online. The customer service will not answer and say the same recorded thing over and over. They are holding my electronically deposited money from a legitimate source and will not give me access or explanation. They are crooks and I will have to go the congressman's office to try for help.


Shane DeVilbiss

June 4th, 2016 Owasso, OK

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line issued me a refund/credit from a cruise we were on last week. The credit was sent to my GOBANK card. GoBank froze my entire account siting that they needed proof that Royal Caribbean made the refund as it could be a fraudulent refund. Royal Caribbean sent them the refund directly through the banking system - I had no contact with it or any dealing with it being put in my account. That was all done electronically by Royal Caribbean and GoBank. GoBank is requiring I contact Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, obtain a receipt for the credit or they will not allow me access to any of my account - not just the credit. I have called Royal Caribbean, they sent me an email to provide to GoBank along with a screen shot of the transaction, but it does not meet GoBanks demand for a receipt for the credit - but no receipt is issued for credits - thus Royal has no receipt to issue.



May 29th, 2016 American Fork, UT

2 weeks for a new card and my money is on hold until then at which no bills can be paid, and my vacation will be paid solely out of my savings. Great,


james alexander

May 26th, 2016 Springfield, MO

I attempted to transfer $125 to my vault and it was declined. According to a gobank guide it was done while the system was upgrading and that's why it was declined. The $125 simply vanished from my account. I've sent numerous emails only to be answered once and I've called them four times only to be told that it was turned in to their technical department and that's been 8 days ago today. I'm getting very upset because any resolution should not take this long especially when it was their fault. I NEED MY MONEY!!!


Cheryl Cano

May 25th, 2016 Dallas, TX

I deposited money through instant pay agreement they have with Uber- the money shows as deposited but not in the balance and now ALL MY money is in limbo- customer service blames it on an upgrade on their system and said it could be days/week before my money is able to be used. THAT IS BULLSHTT


Michael Holden

May 20th, 2016 Chicago, IL

Free ATM'S? I think not. I used a so called freeATM and Gobank charged me $2.50 for each transaction. They do not return messages or emailsand you have long wait to talk to a live person after going through an extended menu of options.



May 19th, 2016

I got my check deposit on my go bank account. When I tried to use my card , it said declined. So I called and they said that my card was locked because it was a temporary card and they was going to send me a new one. It's been a whole month and I still have not received my card. I was only able to play my car note and gas bill using the account and routing number ! After , they tried saying that it was some suspicious activity and I had to submit a photo id online! I did that 3 days ago , they said it only takes 2 business days! Now that I am trying to call, it is saying that my information cannot be found so I can not get thru to anybody! I have over 600$ in my account. And I am behind on my rent because of this !


Kristen Alessi

May 14th, 2016 Phoenix, AZ

I have to say that I love the concept of Go Bank and the actual bank. BUT.... The customer service is HORRIBLE. Completely ABHORRENT. The worst I've EVER come across. It's really too bad.


Jenny Penny Cox-Brock

May 10th, 2016 Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

GoBank put a hold on my card 3 minutes after I had purchased food on my lunch break. They said it was due to suspicious activity when I checked the alerts. So I then looked nat my transaction history and noticed that I had a transaction made like I said above, 3 minutes after I had purchased lunch at a GAMESTOP #5734 in Orlando, Florida. If you are know where Orlando is (where Walt Disney World is) and are familiar with surround cities such as Cocoa Beach, (where I was 3 miles from in Merritt Island, Florida at my place of business). Either way, I was at work at least 45 miles away from this GAMESTOP #5734 in Orlando Florida. My card was charged at GAMESTOP #5734 in Orlando, Florida for $372.74. The GoBank Cust. Service Rep then asked me if I had tried to make a purchase for around $371.00 at Walmart in Orlando, Florida. I answered no of course because I was at work. She was very helpful (I thought). She said that they would put a 24 hour hold onto my card to ensure that no more charges nwould be made to it. And send me a new card within 7-10 business days. This happened April 14, 2016. She told me the money would be debited back to my account in FULL $372.74 on April 21, 2016 (7 days from me disputing)(I thought) Boy was I wrong. So on the 21st of April I checked my account, no deposit. So being optimistic, I waited two more days, checked again, NO MONEY!!! So I called. First, the barely speaking English woman with whom I spoke with was INCREDIBLY RUDE. SHE HUNG UP ON ME...TWICE!!! Because I kept asking for her supervisor or manager or anyone that was higher up than her as well as someone that I could understand and spoke English as their first language which is my legal right to do so. So I call back, go thru this long and drug out process ONCE MORE!!! This lady was not rude, but nor was she helpful, or interested in listening to my case, and hearing about how I had gone through this and the money was supposed to be deposited back in two days ago yada yada yada. So I had to file a dispute case, get a case number, then go online and download the dispute form, fill it out, sign it, and email it to GoBank. I covered my ass and snail mailed it also. They emailed me back the next day saying they needed more info. And a transaction dispute form...what I had emailed them. @ copies of via email, 2 via snail mail. So i filled out two more forma and emailed them both separately to their email, then sent two via snail mail again. Today, May 10, 2016, I get an email stating that my transaction dispute was denied. I called and asked why. The man said he didn't know I asked to speak to his superior, again, he doesn't have one!!! DAMMIT, I REALLY NEED TO GO WORK THERE! NO BOSS! That must be the life! Anyways, After about 15 minutes of repeating the question "Excuse me, what did you say? Again, he spoke very broken English...He tells me that the transaction was authorized. I said their is no way that is possible, because I was at work with witnesses, and my debit card on my person, in a location far away from GAMESTOP #5734 in Orlando, Florida! He said I'd have to re-dispute it, gave me a new case number, told me to fill out yet another form, and write a letter with all of the details. This is not the first incident with GoBank. Idk why I've stayed with them after the numerous sh*t they've pulled on me, but I'm definitely out now, once I get my money back. Hopefully there is some sort of class action lawsuit going on against them for this stuff. From what I've researched on the web, it seems to be pretty darn common. OH YES, ONE MORE WAY THEY F***ED ME WHEN I GOT MY NEW CARD IN THE MAIL!!! I transferred $75.00 to my husband's card, immediately afterwards I transferred $75.00 more because I felt like being nice LOL! Well, he only got one of the $75.00 deposits I sent him, but 2 were debite4d out of my account! And GoBank says that there is no way that's true. That they show no transactions of $75.00 twice in a row. They only have one. As I sat there and looked at the screen on my computer of the back to back $75.00 transactions, as well as on my print out of my statement, and the print out of the screen of the computer and on my android GoBank app. So I'm screwed out of that $75.00 too. They don't care I have an infant and a toddler to provide for, to pay for daycare for, etc...They just want to let some dumb A** that probably got my card number from a gas pump the night previous to the day the GAMESTOP #5734 in Orlando, Florida transaction of $372.74 happened. I'm sure that A**HOLE is at home playing his new Xbox One or PlayStation or something to that effect for the amount of money he used of mine at a GAMESTOP #5734 in Orlando, FLORIDA!!! Must be having fun. So what do I do? Do I call the police? Do I call a huge class action attorney? $372.74 might not be a lot of money to most people. But it is life changing money to me and my family!!! Please help me!


Alyssa Mancuso

April 19th, 2016 Pasadena, CA

I would just completely agree with everything mentioned above. Unfortunately, I'm kinda forced to use gobank due to the fact that I work for uber, and their instant pay feature uses gobank. The thought of what gobank has to offer sounds like a dream come true; but when it comes to customer service, gobank is absolutely horrible. Their representatives are rude and offer no help whatsoever. Uber sent the funds, and I've been trying to get some help from gobank to see what is going on, and they refuse to help, started to talk to me slowly as if somehow that was going to make me understand, and basically told me that I was just going to have to wait-and-see if I get my money...I had to ask to speak to a supervisor four different times (as in 4 separate phone calls) for there to finally be one available. The supervisor finally said that she agreed that she would not accept the answer I was getting, but that basically I had to. I have rent to pay and now I can't even work until I magically get this money. Again, everything about gobank is awesome, until you need help.