MGMove SmartWatch: The Newest Medical Alert Product

Medical alert devices have been around for a number of years. These devices are used to alert emergency services in the event of a fall or other crisis. When shopping for a medical alert system, you can choose between an in-home system or an on-the-go device. Basic wearable pendants and buttons connect to the base station or mobile system to call for help when activated. 

Medical Guardian has taken several traditional medical alert system offerings, such as 24/7 monitoring and SOS assistance, and integrated them into a sleek-looking smartwatch. On March 1st, 2022, Medical Guardian released the MGMove Smartwatch that allows you to maintain style and convenience without compromising peace of mind. 

Watch the video above for an unboxing of the MGMove watch where we cover what's included in your purchase and highlight the top product features. We've also included information about the features, pricing, and setup below. 

What is a Medical Alert Smartwatch?

A medical alert smartwatch is a wearable device that includes basic tech features for health and wellness along with emergency calling functions. These watches are a popular tool for achieving an active and safe lifestyle while staying connected to loved ones and emergency services. 

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The MGMove Smartwatch

The MGMove is a new wearable device offered by Medical Guardian that helps you stay safe, active, and connected. When you order the watch, you'll receive a charging station and charging cables. The watch carries a full day's charge, allowing you to go about your daily activities without needing to recharge your watch. 

The watch offers six available features: an SOS button, weather updates, reminders, speech-to-text, steps tracker, and GPS tracking. 


SOS Button: The SOS button is located on the side of the watch, as well as on the swipe-to-alert feature on the top of the watch. This is used to contact the monitoring center. The person wearing the watch will be able to talk with the monitoring center through the watch to receive further assistance when the button is pressed and held for five seconds.

Weather Updates: The weather updates will give you an overview of the forecast that day letting you know if you need to prepare for any unexpected weather. 

Reminder Notifications: Get daily reminders from your MyGuardian Portal and App. This is helpful for calendar alerts or medication reminders. All notifications are sent 15 minutes before the event unless those settings are changed. Reminders are also stored under the reminders icon. 

Speech-to-Text: One of the new Social Circle Apps is the Messages App. The watch is a great communication device for talking with your care circle and loved ones. By simply speaking into the watch, your words will be turned into written text and sent to the named recipient.

Steps Tracker: The daily steps tracker is used for setting goals and tracking your progress. 

GPS Tracking: Advanced location tracking allows the selected social circle to see the location of their loved one. MGMove uses the 4G LTE network for location accuracy to give you and your loved one's peace of mind. This is great if you worry about getting lost or a loved one wandering. 


The pricing includes the product lease and monitoring. Medical Guardian provides 24/7 monitoring to connect you in the event of an emergency. to make sure it can properly place an emergency call without sending a false alert. Medical Guardian recommends testing the system once a month. 

The three plan options along with their monthly cost breakdown are listed below: 

Monthly Plan

Quarterly Plan Annual Plan
$39.55 per month $39.55 per month $36.62 per month

You can purchase a protection plan for $6.99 per month. The protection plan covers product damage, loss, or theft. Medical Guardian will replace your watch as long as you have not tampered with, repaired, or abused the product. 

You can also add additional features to your plan such as the Social Circle Apps for $5.00 per month. This gives you access to the Reminders App and Messages App. OnGuard Alerts is another service that notifies you and your Care Circle with real-time texts and emails when there is an emergency.  The OnGuard Alerts is an additional $2.99 per month. 


The Medical Guardian device does not require professional installation or setup. Medical Guardian includes detailed instructions on how to turn on the device and enable the cell phone chip. The cellular service enables GPS tracking so emergency services and your care circle can locate you in the event of any emergency. 

You also don't need a smartphone or cell phone plan to use the watch. Network coverage is included in the monthly cost. 

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Is an MGMove Smartwatch right for me?

If you are evaluating different medical alert systems, the MGMove is a great place to start. The device is easy to use and discreet enough to blend into your everyday wardrobe. Individuals looking to maintain an active lifestyle can use the MGMove smartwatch to track health goals, stay on schedule, and pursue independent passions. The Medical Guardian watch is a great gift idea for a loved one who wants to be self-reliant and active. 

Medical Guardian is a leader in the medical alerts industry with over 13,000 customer reviews on our site and the majority of customers awarding the company five stars. You can read through our Medical Guardian review to learn more about the company that produced the SOS smartwatch. 

For more information about Medical Guardian’s MGMove or other trusted products, visit Medical Guardian's profile or call (800) 860-0618.

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