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    What Is a Floating Rate Loan?
    Certainly, one of the first things a person asks when considering a loan is what the interest rate is. These rates, of course, fluctuate and vary depending on the type of loan (for example, mortgage loan rates are much lower...
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    California-Based Online Lender SoFi Says No to FICO Score
    A notable online lender has introduced a new way to determine loan qualification, and those who have had or do have credit problems will be all smiles about it. San Francisco-based SoFi, which has issued more than $6 billion...
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    What is the Difference Between Interest Rate and APR?
    When it comes to obtaining a personal loan-or any other type of loan-there are certain terms and definitions you'll hear. Each of these plays on important role for the lender and for you as you qualify for, receive and repay ...
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    Will I Need Collateral for a Personal Loan?
    If you are thinking about getting a loan to meet some of your financial demands, there is much to consider. Aside from the obvious things such as how much you need and what you'll use the funds for, you're concerned with inte...
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    How to Determine if a Lender is Legitimate
    You may have heard the saying: "Money is the root of all evil." Arguments could be made in favor or in opposition of that assertion. But one undeniable thing is that people need money to survive, and we'd all like to have mor...
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    How Many Loans Should Someone Apply For?
    Establishing a credit history is an essential part of qualifying for loans. It's an interesting dichotomy: to get a loan you need to have gotten loans or made purchases on credit in the past. For instance, if you meet with a ...
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    What Are the Qualifications for a Personal Loan?
    Personal loans are a popular way to secure needed funds. One of the most desirable things about a personal loan is that you can use the money for just about anything you wish-whether it be to pay-off medical bills, finance a ...
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    What Are Other Types of Loans?
    Need money to finance one of life's many major needs or purchases? Unless you are the fortunate heir to a large sum of money or you find yourself in the enviable position of being independently wealthy, you're probably going ...
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    Could the Amount I Owe on My Personal Loan Increase Over Time?
    There are certainly drawbacks to personal loans, and one should exercise caution when deciding to apply for one. This type of loan, however, can have some positive aspects as well, not the least of which is the fact you can u...
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    What If I Can't Pay Back My Personal Loan?
    Everyone knows that life can bring surprises — some good and some not so good. Unexpected financial challenges are hardly uncommon. They can come in the form of job loss, major medical needs, or catastrophic event. Whe...

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