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5 Tips for Getting Your Personal Loan Approved

August 14, 2017

Personal loans are generally a bit different than other types of loans. You might need a personal loan to meet your eve...

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8 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Out a Personal Loa...

July 31, 2017

Personal loans can be a good place to turn if you are low on funds but need to consolidate high-interest debt or make a...

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Will My Credit Score Be Negatively Affected If I Apply for...

January 20, 2016

Are you considering a personal loan? Are you worried about how applying for or borrowing a personal loan will affect y...

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    Is There a Limit on What I Can Use My Personal Loan For?
    Everyone is familiar with the concept of working with a lender to secure a loan for a home or a car. For just about all of us, this is simply the best and perhaps only option when we want to make such a large purchase. So wha...
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    Springleaf Expands, Acquires Subsidiary of Citi
    Following a lengthy antitrust investigation, the Justice Department has granted approval for Springleaf Holdings to purchase One Main Financial Holdings from a subsidiary of Citigroup Inc. The decision, announced on Nov. 13, ...
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    What is APR?
    Interest rate and annual percentage rate: two terms that often get tossed around when discussing loans and credit. Both are important to understand, and both are critical to the process of securing and paying off a loan. Whet...
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    What Is an Interest Rate?
    No matter what type of loan or source of credit you are seeking to secure-be it a mortgage, auto loan, student loan, credit card or personal loan-there are certain components you examine and pay attention to. Clearly, the am...
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    What Are Unsecured Loans?
    The need to borrow money might start in childhood or adolescence when you ask your parents or friend to spot you a couple of bucks to see a movie or to buy a toy or popular game. As an adult, borrowing money is required for l...
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    What Are Secured Loans?
    It's reasonable to say that just about everyone needs a loan at some point in life. Whether you're looking to mortgage a home, purchase an automobile, pay for college tuition, or even finance a large-scale home improvement, w...
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    Lending Club Proving Investors Wrong as Growth Soars
    Contrary to the sentiment being shown by investors, Lending Club appears to be in great shape. During the latest quarter alone, the San Francisco, California-based peer-to-peer lender reported tremendous growth and profitabi...
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    How Can I Improve My Credit Score?
    When you're sitting in the office of a mortgage lender or discussing with the local auto dealer the prospect of financing a new car, the words "We'll need to do a credit check" can either inspire you with confidence or leave ...
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    What Is an Average Credit Score?
    Your credit score: That little three-digit number that is a key determining factor in so many important decisions, purchases and investments. You hear all the time the necessity of having good credit and of the dangers of ha...
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    What Goes Into Determining My Credit Score?
    There are a number of instances when your credit score will come into play. Depending on your personal situation, this scenario might be the cause of nervousness and anxiety. Perhaps you have decided it's time to purchase a n...

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