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LAST UPDATED: October 25th, 2023

Level Up Funding has been providing customers with small personal loans for over 20 years. The requirements to obtain a loan are limited making the Level Up Funding products easily accessible for almost anyone.

Level Up Funding is a sovereign enterprise and is owned by the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. The loan products available through Level Up Funding are provided by a sovereign government. Proceeds of the Level Up Funding product go directly towards building up business fund governmental services for Tribe Citizens.

The loan options provided through Level Up Funding are designed to help people with smaller financial strains and are expected to be paid back relatively quickly. 

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The Good

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Same-Day Lending
  • No Penalty For Early Payback

Minimum Requirements

The requirements to obtain a personal loan through Level Up funding are relatively easy to comply with. For instance, most personal loan providers will require at least some sort of baseline credit score. That is not the case with Level Up Funding. The company will work with almost anyone regardless of their credit score.

Typically, personal loan lenders offer minimum loans with those amounts ranging from $1,000 to several thousand dollars. That is also not the case with Level Up Funding, which will provide personal loans of $100 to anyone who meets the requirements.

The only substantial requirements are a Level Up Funding client must be 18 years old, provide some proof of being able to pay the loan back, and reside in one of the states serviced by the firm.

Same-Day Lending

In some cases, same day lending is available through Level Up Funding. To obtain same-day lending, loans must be pre-approved and the request must be submitted on a business day. An eSignature of the loan agreement in addition to the completion of the confirmation call has to be done by 11:45 a.m. EST.

Lastly, the customer has to use ACH as their payment method. Not all lending companies can provide same-day lending to their customers which sets Level Up Lending apart from the rest of the industry. 

No Penalty for Early Payback

Typically when a loan is agreed upon, a term length is also agreed upon. This means that the client agrees to pay back the loan over a duration of time. Some personal loan companies do not allow for early payback of the loan or will charge a fee for early payback.

With Level Up Funding, a customer can pay back their personal loan in full as soon as they would like, even if it is on the first charged payment. 


The Bad

  • Legal Limitations
  • Only Offer Small Personal Loans
  • Short Loan Terms

Legal Limitations

While not necessarily a negative point, it is important to note that Level Up Funding is not held responsible under the same federal laws and regulations of other personal lending providers.

As a federally recognized sovereign enterprise, disputes with Level Up Funding are regulated under Tribal Law. That means if a client has an issue or wants to take legal action, traditional means of doing so in a federal or state court is not possible. A client may try to do so under Tribal law if they wish but the issue will be handled by Tribal dispute resolution. Other personal loan providers within the industry are held liable under state and federal law.

Only Offers Small Personal Loans

The maximum amount that can be offered to Level Up Lending customers is $3,000. While this amount can help people with fast approaching bills or provide assistance to those who need money for general living expenses, a client would not be able to get a loan amount approved for any more than that. To put that in perspective, many personal loan companies offer a maximum loan amount of $50,000–$100,000.

Short Loan Terms

Since Level Up only offers relatively small personal loans, they also require a relatively quick payback time. Level Up loan terms are nine months, meaning customers must pay back their loan in full within nine months of obtaining the funds. The personal loan industry as a whole typically requires payback of a loan within 36–60 months of approval giving clients more time to pay back their loan.


The Bottom Line

Level Up Funding takes a bit of a different approach to personal loans. The products are not designed to help people with large financial strain or those in need of thousands and thousands of dollars.

Instead, the Level Up Funding product is designed to provide quick small cash options to help clients with immediate bills or needs such as paying rent or medical bills in a pinch.

As a result, Level Up Funding is not for anyone looking for loans in excess of $3,000. Those in need of any loan amount exceeding the Level Up Funding maximum will need to look elsewhere for their personal loan needs. 

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