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    How to Improve Wi-Fi and Internet Speed in an Apartment
    Your Wi-Fi typically gets the job done, but at 5 p.m. on a Friday night in your apartment complex, with your roommates blasting a movie with ten of their closest friends in the other room, you can’t seem to get any conn...
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    How Can an IT Help Desk and IT Service Desk Contribute to Your Organization
    Guest Post by Managed Solution While an IT Help Desk and IT Service Desk have some overlap regarding what they do, there are also some differences. Below, we'll present some of these differences as well as how each of them wi...
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    10 Tips for Online Security
    Maybe you have an online shopping addiction.Maybe you order a lot of GrubHub.Maybe you’re a freelancer.Maybe you overshare on social media.The more places you’ve shared your personal information, like credit cards...
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    Century Link vs Cox vs Xfinity 2019 Review
    Everyone wants the best internet service at the best possible price. As the industry develops, the technology changes and allows for faster and faster internet speeds.  When setting up your internet service, you want to ...
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    6 Tips for Catching Online Scams
    Guest Post by Elaine Thompson While the internet isn’t the Wild West it once was, plenty of mayhem and trouble still awaits online. Even with antivirus software in place, using the web requires vigilance to avoid accid...
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    Firewalls, VPNs, Guest Wi-Fi, and Internet Secuity
    There are many benefits to the internet — improved information sharing, streaming TV and movies, and social engagement.The internet also poses risks. We share a lot of personal information online. While we can select pr...
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    3 Simple Internet Security Tips
    Everyone wants to feel secure in their own home. We lock our doors at night and when we’re not home. Some people even have home security systems installed. Just as we take measures to ensure our physical safety, we shou...
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    Internet Security Essentials: Hardware, Passwords, and Encryption
    We use the internet for almost everything. Internet companies are continually improving their internet speed, which makes streaming TV and movies even better. The internet also makes paying bills and keeping current with frie...
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    Top 5 Internet Service Providers—November 2016
    How We Evaluate Internet Service Providers All internet service providers are ranked and reviewed against a series of carefully chosen ranking criteria: we look at a company's nationwide availability, price, download/upload ...
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    Google Fiber: Which Cities Will Get It Next?
    Google Fiber is a disrupter in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry to say the least. Just ask Comcast! The threat that Google poses to all current major ISPs is already being felt. You can see why Comcast/Xfinity mov...

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