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LAST UPDATED: November 6th, 2023

Residential Warranty Company (RWC), founded in 1981 and headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, specializes in home warranties for builders, remodelers, and manufacturers nationwide. Typical homeowners may want to look elsewhere for a home warranty unless they are overseeing the construction of a home.

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The Good

  • Variety of Home Warranty Programs
  • Specialized Program Options
  • Builders Warranty Quote Request
  • Transferable Warranties
  • Extended Warranties

Variety of Home Warranty Programs

Residential Warranty Company offers a variety of home warranty programs for new homes, remodeling, and commercial purposes. The following programs are available:

  • 10-Year New Home Warranty — ideal for new home constructions
  • Customized State Warranty Program — warranties crafted specifically to meet each state’s new home warranty statutes
  • Administration Only Warranty — allows a builder to be self-insured for any warranty issues that may arise
  • Remodeler Warranties — ensures that contractors are quality and professional
  • Building System Warranties — affordable warranty option for modular, panelized, and log homes
  • Specialty Warranties — for detached garage, commercial building, and conversion constructions
  • HUD Code Warranty — warranty program specifically for the HUD-code industry
  • Extended Warranties — available for both new and resale homes
  • RWC Insurance Advantage — an insurance option for builders
  • Incentive Program — available to qualifying home builders that enroll 20 or more homes a year

To know which home warranty program option is the best for you, speak with a RWC representative. However, a good place to start could be a customized state warranty program, aligning your build with your state’s new home warranty statutes.

Specialized Program Options

In addition to its home warranty program options, Residential Warranty Company offers more specialized program options, including the following:

  • Warranty Express — RWC’s online system for home enrollment, membership renewal, and everything in between
  • Incentive Program — available to qualifying RWC members to receive “cash” for their good claims experience
  • RWC Insurance Advantage — insurance protection for RWC member builders
  • Warranty Training Seminars — free in-depth training seminars for any staff you may have

Builders Warranty Quote Request

You can quickly and easily get more information and rates about Residential Warranty Company’s warranty programs by submitting a quote request on the company’s website.

To submit a quote request, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Company information (name, address, and phone number)
  • Construction information (average sales price, number of home builds per year, and counties that you build in)
  • Your personal information (name, address, and contact information)

Upon submitting your quote request you will receive personalized information and rates for your build.

Transferable Warranties

A home warranty provided by Residential Home Warranty is transferable, meaning it can be carried on to the next owner if the home is sold. This typically helps a home sell faster on the real estate market and increases its value.

Extended Warranties

Residential Warranty Company offers two types of extended warranties for appliances and systems:

  • Key Estates Certified Warranty — Includes coverage on appliances and systems in resale homes. Structural coverage is also an option. This warranty is offered nationwide. If sellers or buyers are interested in having coverage for a home that is on the market, their Realtor can purchase this warranty for them on their behalf.
  • Platinum Advantage Warranty — Available for coverage on appliances and systems in newly built homes. This warranty is purchased by the builder or manufacturer. This particular warranty is only available in select states.

The Bad

  • Builder Warranties Only

Builder Warranties Only

Many features that average homeowners are looking for in a home warranty company may not be present with Residential Warranty Company because the company caters primarily to builders, remodelers, and manufacturers. 

However, since Residential Warranty Company's warranties are for newly constructed homes, builders, remodelers and manufacturers can purchase the warranty for their homes, then pass that value and peace of mind onto their homebuyers.

The company also has a wide selection of warranties to choose from, including the standard 10-year warranty, state-specific warranties, remodeling, commercial, building systems, HUD-Code, and more. Although the company caters specifically to builders, its offerings are still competitive in the industry. 

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The Bottom Line

If you are a home builder, remodeler, or manufacturer, Residential Warranty Company (RWC) could be a great home warranty company option for you. 

The company offers a variety of home warranty programs, allowing you to choose the option that will best suit your company’s building needs. And the company makes it easy to manage your warranties online through Warranty Express, RWC’s online customer portal. 

In addition, RWC member builders can access additional insurance and have the opportunity to earn cash back through good claims experiences.

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Aaron Matas Houston, TX

You should be able to give less stars, like negative stars, especially for this company. The foundation company they suggested screwed us over and blackmailed me into signing an NDA. They broke my driveway in half and wouldn’t fix it until I signed it. Their “contractor” they sent to quote my damage from the lift can’t even put up a fence that won’t fall down (according to his reviews), and we also have him on video saying he can’t perform the work needed to be done to the house. We have him recorded saying he did some illegal electrical work on a customers house too. We had 3 separate quotes that say it will be at least twice as much to fix our house than what their guy said. He also will not tell us how he came to that number. Do not let this company send out their own people! Make sure you have your own contractor on hand to walk the job with their person. I will be posting the video to every social media outlet with the RWC name. I’m also going to contact the BBB, my states attorney, and as many local tv outlets as I can. Worthless warranty, worthless employees, and worthless company.

3 months ago

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Ryan Wellington Norman, OK

I am filing a claim about this insurance company with my state. I believe they have failed to honor my contract and have screwed me over. I would not recommend anyone renew with them because I worry about whether it will be worth it for them.

7 months ago

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Paul Rowson Midlothian, VA

RWC provides no tangible benefit to homeowners in my opinion. I notified my builder and RWC about standing water within 10 feet of my foundation within my one year warranty period. I provided RWC documentation and pictures of the standing water. My builder claimed they came out to my property to inspect and could find no standing water. RWC ignored my evidence and told me I needed to pay RWC $1,050 to go into 3rd party binding arbitration to challenge my builder. All a builder has to do is deny accountability for a covered warranty item and the homeowner has to pay $1,050 to challenge the builder. The builder is not required to cover the cost of the arbitration filing fee if ruled in the homeowner’s favor. What a joke!

5 months ago

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Ryan Martin Franklin, TN

Totally crooked company, their business model is to delay and not respond to you. Causing you to call into over and over again in hopes that you will just give up. Total story: We bought a home, 2 years later our downstairs AC unit failed. We found out there is a class action against the provider on this unit because it fails so frequently, but we were not eligible because we weren't the original owners. Open a claim in June, they tell us to go ahead and have the work done. Our contractor explains the parts that failed, and it would be cheaper to replace the unit. We do so, provide the invoice and cause of failure to the warranty company as well as a copy of our home inspection that stated our AC unit was in working order and maintained. No one calls back after two weeks I reach out, they tell me the invoice isn't in the correct format. Fine we get a new invoice submitted. A week passes, I call back in, now they need a more detailed listing of failed parts and reason for failing. Provide that immediately. Another week goes by I call back in, now they want an invoice to repair the parts instead of replacing the unit which we had done. I explain to them the replacement was $6K (as provided on the invoice), but repair was significantly more expensive. They still claim that's what they want. Takes me a couple of days, but get a repair invoice for $9K. 2 weeks go by (mind you they never reached out to me to state these issues), now they need maintenance records. That took me a couple of weeks to track down, got them submitted. Now we have provided everything they have requested, it's just a waiting game. I start calling in every 3 days only to be told in the queue. Mind you a typical hold time with this company is approximately an hour. And should the person disconnect they don't call you back, right back into the holding pattern. Call after call, only to be told "It's in the queue," I'd ask if there was an ETA "No." Finally we make it to September where they say it's an "Unkown preexisting condition and that is covered for $1,000," I'm told I receive a check within 4 weeks. Clearly frustrated I state that by that logic every claim is an unknown preexisting condition. After filing a claim with the BBB I finally receive a call back, I answer the phone to be greeted with, "This is RWS, what is the issue with your claim?" After constant interrupting back & forth, I was told this doesn't make sense and we must have had a crooked contractor. Explained to them we had been working with the contractor for months to locate the leak and hadn't filed a claim because it wasn't worth the hassle for $600 worth of Freon etc. Agent doubles down on a crooked contractor and a failure to maintain. We went back to the provided maintenance records and home inspection. Agent tells us it isn't possible, and we had a crooked contractor. Told them they reserved the right to have another contractor come look at it, but at no point did they exercise that right. At which point I was told, "I know the contract, I suggest you read it." At this point I have had enough and hung up, I don't need this anymore. Don't do business with this company.

1 year ago

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john klingaman Hanover, PA

We had a builder that made mistakes and never came back to correct them , then 8 months later he went bankrupt,, but he did give us this warranty at settlement and said how good it was. first problem we had was a row of cement blocks would get wet when it rains, it was parched and the builder would not come back to check it out,,,so i turned to RWC. They could not help me because no water laid on the floor,, BUT yet the blocks were wet,, we danced around for months and all we could agree with was the blocks were wet, but the floor did not get any drops of water,, I probably could have put a little water on the floor and then let them look at the problem,, but I am not like that,, so now they will drop the claim because not rain on the floor,, funny we are in a drought and no rain for a month,,,, they said sorry, 30 days and pull the claim... the lady that talked with me was wonderful, she did her job, all she could read was no drops of water on floor,,, NO HELP,,, screw the wet blocks, we don't care , it seemed,,,

3 years ago

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CaringDaughter Long Island City, NY

This company does not deserve any stars. WARNING, if you are a homeowner with a 'warranty' from Residential Home Warranty (RWC) you cannot rest assured. My parents experienced a foundation issue that they were at first told was covered but then were subsequently denied coverage. After hearing about the denial of their claim and RWC's exclusion of an important and critical fact in their ‘inspector' report, I decided to look into Residential Warranty Company, LLC. It appears denying claims is a standard practice with RWC. While my parents may have limited recourse with RWC, I have all the time in the world and will reach out to all my connections as I see appropriate to expose RWC for what it is…a company designed to maximize their own profits at the expense of unsuspecting home owners. Homeowners that typically do not have the means, time or wherewithal to fight a laborious process that is designed to screw them over. Additionally, I would be suspect of any builder choosing this company to cover their even a quick Google search will uncover their unscrupulous practices. Please do you research and protect yourselves!

4 years ago

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Larry Thomas Saint Cloud, FL

I gave one star because that’s the lowest I could give. This company is utter trash 🗑 customer service is non existent. It runs as if it runs out of someone’s kitchen . Every call is transferred to a voice mail And you don’t receive a call back for atleast a month or when you are irate. And their only goal is to find a way that your problem is not covered. After a month of trying to speak to someone you have already found an alternative to fix the problem. I sent an email As their site states. I got a response in about 2 days (autoresponse) saying I will receive a call shortly. 3 weeks later I sent another email. Got no response. A week later another email and left voicemails. I finally got a response by email saying some agent emailed me a response saying I had gotten a response 2 weeks prior. I had never gotten it. Now they want to send it to me certified after he emailed it to me.. doesn’t change the lie that you sent it. I know reviews like this are going to be justified as someone angry they didn’t give me service . But I am upset about the trash customer service. And shell of a company

5 years ago

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Annie K Hilliard, OH

We are very disappointed by the useless warranty that RWC Warranty provides and the unwillingness of RWC warranty to facilitate our case against the builder Fischer Homes of Columbus, Ohio and the HVAC company Airtron of Columbus, Ohio. We built a brand new home, still within 1 year warranty, in the Heritage Preserve in Hilliard, Ohio with a builder Fisher Homes of Columbus and the warranty company being RWC warranty. There have been ticking and clicking coming from the HVAC system, so frequent that it has been a maddening experience trying to live in our home. The HVAC company, Airtron of Columbus was in the home 5-6 times trying to fix the problem but seeing that there is no easy fix, they backed off and called it “normal.” The builder Fischer Homes of Columbus, directly sent us the warranty booklet that ticking is “normal” and refused to even look at the problem. We can’t even use some rooms in the house because of the clicking noises. When we contacted RWC warranty to help mediate the situation with the builder their first response was that the builder is unwilling to resolve the issue and they sent us the paperwork for arbitration. RWC warranty is a company that boasts to help builders in their arbitration cases against their customers. On the RWC website, under “case study #1: Arbitration? It works!” they describe a case of a customer with the same predicament as us with noisy ductwork and how the unfortunate customer arbitrated and lost their case. This is unacceptable for a warranty company that is also supposed to help customers, not just builders. This is a useless warranty offered by RWC warranty, especially when we are dealing with an extremely uncooperative builder Fischer Homes of Columbus, Ohio that does not even want to look at the problem. RWC Warranty provides no mediation service as written in their warranty and sends us straight to arbitration. Hopefully if enough unhappy customers provide negative reviews we can push builders to either select a better warranty company or remove the arbitration clauses from our building contracts.

6 years ago

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Shirlita Jackson

This is the worse company ever they never respond to nothing they put you on hold and leave you there. They never have anyone in the area to help you when they do get back to you. I've been paying out of pocket for all issues that are suppose to be covered by them. I've tried contacting them by email, phone, and website. I will not be purchasing another one when this expires.

1 year ago

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Michael McKeithan GA

RWC is 100% on the builder’s side. If the builder messes something up that isn’t obvious prior to closing, homeowners can forget about any assistance. Their employees try to gaslight homeowners … they don’t have the last word… contact an attorney and go to arbitration! I’m not sure what Dan R Builders paid for this warranty…. But I hope they got a deal. Dan R used to be a good builder who stood by their work… but now they don’t have to…

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Smartbuyer1 Traverse City, MI

Con Artists. Would not recommend them to warrant your dog house. Read the fine print, which excludes most everything at the end of 1 year, and even in the 1 year, covers basically nothing. We are a home builder that sought out an extended warrantee. They are in the business to collect your money and deny your claims. They also took my money and never issued the policy and I caught that, said it was in effect and corrected, only to find they cover nothing at all. Don’t waste your money with this company. They lie A LOT!

1 year ago

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Kat Atlanta, GA

I had a claim back in February 2020 about my flooring. They ignored told me I was uninsured and then sent me RWC with my validation and the PDF booklet. I emailed my claim with all my information and they told me It was insufficient information. Now the water line is leaking my, roof is warping , my floor creeks and ducts are barely blowing in the master. I am definitely disappointed in DR Horton and more disappointed at how I'm being handled by RWC. It is very hard to get a live person and they will blame it on Covid. But it was hard to get a live person before Covid.

3 years ago

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Costa Homebuilders are TRASH!!!! Clairton, PA

RWS is a trash warranty company. Garbage Homebuilders like Costa Homebuilders Elizabeth, PA offer this 12 year crap warranty from RWC with the purchase of their low quality garbage built homes to make their customers feel better about selecting them as a builder. After living in my brand new Costa built fixer-upper for approximately two years I had a plumbing issue that cause a significant amount of damage, RWC covers none of it! Seems to me that this warranty company is suited more so for talentless builders and not the home owner.

3 years ago

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Jason Poett Elgin, IL

Horrible company. After a leaking roof they said that it's not covered. It clearly was after I showed them the contract. Then they sent an "inspector" not a roofer. They couldn't determine the leak and blamed it on the bathroom on the opposite side of the house. Hired a roofer and they found the problem in 15 minutes. Fixed it for 400.00. They wanted me to fight it in arbitration for 350. Clearly just paid to fix it. This is beyond a doubt the most worthless company I have seen.

5 years ago

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Art GA

When your builder gives you an RWC document, throw it out its worthless and protects the builder not the homeowner period. Just garbage from a garbage company to match my garbage builder

1 year ago

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paula stewart Tucson, AZ

Terrible warranty company! They have no intentions of providing service in a timely manner. They practice poor communication and delay tactics to avoid contract services. I would give them zero stars!

1 year ago

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Z K Rockwall, TX

Basically this company is a 24 month warranty on minor repairs that you are obligated to pay up front. They are cheaper on the closing contract for that reason. Look elsewhere!!! Beware

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

William Haggarty Suwanee, GA

After a bad experience, I am very happy to report IMMEDIATE action by management to resolve my issues.

5 years ago