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Residential MD is a home warranty service provided by Cross Country Home Services, Inc. The company serves customers throughout 48 states and the District of Columbia. Customer service is provided 24/7/365 with unlimited claims and no unknown pre-existing condition exclusions; however, the company does have some coverage limitations, and customers may want to consider other options.

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The Good

  • Unlimited claims service
  • Free maintenance visits
  • Appliance buyline program

Unlimited Claims Service

Residential MD does not have any restrictions on the number of claims that may be filed under the warranty. There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and no inspections are required for appliances to be covered. Claims may be filed either by phone or online.

Free Maintenance Visits

Customers who purchase the Residential MD Gold Plan are able to receive up to four seasonal maintenance visits per year with no service charge. This includes a 103-point checklist of items that a technician will review regarding the home's appliances and systems to make sure all equipment is running smoothly and efficiently.

Appliance Buyline Program

The company offers an Appliance Buyline Program that gives customers discounted pricing on name brand appliances and installation savings. Customers are given unique access codes by email for purchasing replacement appliances online. Purchased items can also be installed by scheduling an appointment with a company representative.


The Bad

  • Coverage limitations
  • No mobile app

Coverage Limitations

Residential MD does not offer warranty coverage on certain items covered by similar marketplace competitors. The company does not appear to warranty pool/spa equipment, roof leak repair, well pumps, or septic plumbing. Other restrictions may apply on covered items as well. Customers are not able to use contractors of their own choosing for needed repairs.

No Mobile App

Residential MD does not offer its customers a mobile app for filing claims or making payments on purchased home warranties; however, customers are able to file claims online by visiting the company's website. 

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The Bottom Line

Residential MD offers customers a choice of two home warranty plans that feature unlimited claims, no required inspections, and 24/7 customer service. Free maintenance visits are available with the purchase of its Gold Plan. The company also offers an Appliance Buyline Program with discounts on replacement appliances and parts; however, warranty coverage is limited compared to similar marketplace competitors. There is no provided mobile app for filing claims or making payments but the company does offer an online claim service directly on its website.

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Chief Clearwater, FL

I usually have had good service until recently. I submitted a claim for a refrigerator. The technician came and only did a partial repair, said it was fixed, and sold me way over cost something he said I needed. Asked for a different technician and he finished the repair. I submitted a 2nd claim to fix an overhead light. They called back and said they couldn't find me a technician and offered me $250 if I would find one. I said no, and they cancelled the job without telling me. I got someone to fix it for $228 and they refused to reimburse me. They gave me a bad email address to send the receipt to.

2 years ago

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Yolanda Orozco Chula Vista, CA

One star is even too much for this company. They are HORRIBLE! Every time I've had to call to submit a claim they can never find my contract, they don't have vendors in my area, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. I've had a small water leak in my home for over three weeks and they have been zero help. One representative even told me to call a plumber on my own, that he couldn't help me. If you are considering this company, STAY AWAY! They are HORRIBLE!!

11 months ago

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Benita Garner, NC

I am very disappointed with Residential MD! I filed a claim July 21, 2019 for my HVAC . They referred me to Strictly Services, I contacted this company and they had me on the schedule for August 29, 2019. Now, let me remind you this is my one and only unit. I have been in my house for 4 days with temperatures ranging from 85-94 degrees. I have called every day requesting that someone come out and make repairs. I finally received a call from the representative stating if I find a service provide they would cover the expense of my AC unit. I found a service provider and paid the service call fee! The service provider found the problem it was a compressor since my HVAC unit was outdated and those parts could not be found; he recommended replacing the entire unit. The service provider gave Residential MD all the requested information, cost of the unit, size of the unit and any information MD requested from the service provider. After the service presented his quote Residential MD stated to replace a gas pack unit the price was too much and for me to find another service provider. First, they never told me there was a limited on the cost of HVAC replacements. I am very angry and very disappointed because, each time I explain that I have been in my house for 4 days with temperatures ranging from 85-94 degrees and I had to go to the hospital due to the heat & medications I must take daily! They appear NOT TO CARE FOR THE SAFETY OF THEIR CONSUMERS! Their number one concern should the safety of my health, immediate replacement due to the extreme heat advisory and providing excellent/timely consumer services. I can't believe they have not made some type of effort to find a service provider that will replace the HVAC unit at their replacement price limit!!!! I feel I am playing a cat & mouse game with Residential MD!

1 year ago

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Madelyn Dunnellon, FL

My experience with Residential MD Gold was been terrible. Their customer service is non-profession. I calls May 24 with the issues that my air condition wasn't working. Because it was a holiday weekend nothing was done until the following Tuesday. The order then was place to have Speedy Air and Heat come in and check out the problem. They came May 29 was told it needed a compressor and a motor. They requested the auth. to order parts, it was approved . Today is July 8 and after severals call in June and today to Residential MD, their Customer was unsuccessful with information about my claim. today I was told its under investigation. Only the compression shows up at Speedy Air and Heat they don't know where the motor ended at. Unbeliveable how this company works! I have spend hours on the phone only to get nothing done. They promise to call you right back and they don't.

1 year ago

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Steve K Woodstock, GA

This company used to do a good job. But now they are slow, unresponsive, don't cover much of anything, and choose terrible service providers. Our tankless water heater went out, so the service provider and the warranty company dragged their feet for a month before finally installing it. The plumber didn't show up on time, didn't install it correctly, and then wouldn't return my phone calls to get someone out to fix it. I called Residential MD and they wouldn't help. Said it was now a manufacturer's warranty issue. I was without a water heater for several days -- no showers, no clean dishes or clothes. The warranty company didn't care, neither did the plumber. I hired someone on my own to come fix it. Avoid Residential MD like the plague. I'm canceling my membership.

2 years ago

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J. Howard North Las Vegas, NV

Submitting a service call for my AC on May 28, 2018. Service company came out the next day. AC needs a new compressor, which the warranty company insisted be ordered through their company. Several phone calls to warranty company stated the parts were on back order. Today I call AGAIN and am told no parts have even been ordered yet, the other customer service reps must have been mistaken. Three weeks with no air and over 100 degrees outside with no air!! Called back, cancelled warranty service and contacted company to repair on my own. They are coming tomorrow to replace my whole system!! If I could give this company zero stars... that would be more accurate! Lying service reps, no call backs as promised, and a million "I'm sorry's" still equal no job being done. Never again! I'll take my chances with no home warranty service.

2 years ago

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Scott Edwards White Plains, NY

I have had a Residential MD Gold warranty for 6 years - this is a company under Cross Country Home Services. I put in a claim for a refrigerator repair 13 months ago and after 3 different service technicians came to my house, all telling me (and Residential MD) that they couldn't repair this appliance, this company still refuses to make good on it's contract and repair or replace the appliance. I have wasted hours and hours on the phone with these people and they have openly lied about their service, promising parts were being delivered when they were not, misrepresenting what the service people told them, etc. Last month they told me that they could offer me a "cash credit" because the fridge could not be repaired. How much? $140. Yes, $140 for me to replace a fridge! I am dropping them asap and now, unfortunately, how to spend time suing these people for breach of contract. STAY FAR AWAY - they are simply a scam.

3 years ago

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Lodean Glenn Germantown, TN

HORRIBLE MISLEADING DECEPTIVE. It is near to impossible getting fairly simple services completed. It has been three months since their technician sent an order to replace our water heater. We’re still waiting...

8 months ago

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Mark Las Vegas, NV

Love in Las Vegas it’s summer time 110 degrees outside ac goes out they will not let repair shops use their parts so have to wait a week for parts to come again it’s over 100 degrees for the next couple months. Ac gets fixed 3 days later goes bad now have to wait another 7 days for their parts to arrive when claim was filed part should have been here on the 1st. Now they are saying not until the 6th or 7th . Now extra fees are being added for no extra service.

1 year ago

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Delores Gee Chesapeake, VA

Twice I needed this company and twice they failed me. My washing machine broke and it took months to order the part, and they would not replace the washer. After learning the part was discontinued, the service technician demanded the company order a new wash. This was 4 months after the first claim. Recently, my AC compressor died, the service technician wouldn't return my call and now the company has denied my claim. So I have to get the unit repaired out of my own pocket after years of paying premiums. I cancelled immediately!

2 years ago

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Jacqueline Jones Baltimore, MD

Very Disappointed! Been with company since 2012. Repair or replace, misleading! how do I cancel? Extremely long hold time, with no satisfaction ,passed from one person to another. Stay away!

3 years ago

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Chris Henderson, NV


2 years ago

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