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LAST UPDATED: June 25th, 2021

Home Warranty, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Rock Rapids, Iowa. The company serves eighteen states, primarily in the midwest-Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the company is rather vague regarding information on pricing and coverage.

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The Good

  • Choose among several plans
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Undisclosed pre-existing issues covered

Choose among Several Plans

Home Warranty, Inc. offers plans for current homeowners, those who will be putting their home on the market, real estate professionals, and new home buyers. The company offers a free 30-day program for homes that are entering the market as a way to help the sales process go more quickly for both homeowners and real estate professionals alike.

24/7 Customer Service

Unlike some of its competitors that only have customer service agents available during regular business hours, Home Warranty, Inc.'s representatives are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to help connect customers who need help when their system/appliance breaks down outside of business hours.

Undisclosed Pre-Existing Issues Covered

Unlike many of its competitors, Home Warranty, Inc. includes protection for issues that are often labeled as pre-existing by other providers. In order for an otherwise pre-existing problem to be covered, the home must have passed an inspection without the inspector reporting a problem with the system or appliance. In this case, the repair is covered by Home Warranty, Inc. 


The Bad

  • Lack of transparency in coverage and pricing

Lack of Transparency in Coverage and Pricing

Much of the Home Warranty, Inc.'s published material online is vague, with customers reporting difficulty differentiating which information matches which plan. The company does not publish sample pricing for its policies, unlike many of its competitors.

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The Bottom Line

Purchasing protection from Home Warranty, Inc. is a solid choice for many. The company's policy on covering pre-existing issues alone set it apart from its competitors. The company, while not serving the entire country, does have a presence in several states. Added transparency and increased clarity would benefit prospective and current customers. In comparison, many of the company's competitors are considerably more transparent in exact coverages, products, and pricing than Home Warranty, Inc.

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Kinzey Sebben Milwaukee, WI

I called about an issue with my water heater Tuesday night. They told me that they would send someone to look at it and I would have to pay a $75 deductible to the people that came to look at it. Wednesday the people come look at it and call the warranty place to tell them the problem. I then get a call from Home Warranty stating that our claim was denied because this took place within thirty days of living in the house (we were on our 29th day when the water heater took a crap). Although this is very frustrating, I get it. But my issue was that even though the warranty did not cover anything I was still charged the $75 deductible. I called the Home Warranty back and explain this to the guy that had denied us the warranty and he informed me “The $75 is just a credit towards the service bill”. So basically when it came down to it he just twisted his own words to change this $75 from a “deductible” to a “credit” just to try to screw me out of my money. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told they would call me back. Three hours later still no call so I call again and was told a supervisor would call me back in 30 minutes. Two hours later still no call. So I try again the next day, I finally get through to a supervisor and he tries to tell me the same thing as the guy who denied me. I had to argue “I have a paper right in front of me stating ‘$95 service fee and $75 Home Warranty Deductible’”. I was told if I email a copy of this paper in I will be credited back the $75 but at this point I wouldn’t believe it until I see it. Another problem I have with this whole situation is they should have told me when I called Tuesday that we were within our 30 days so none of this would be covered. I shouldn’t have had to have someone sent out to the house if they knew no matter what the issue was it wouldn’t be covered. We already knew that we were going to need a new water heater so had I known all this we would have just went and bought one and put it in instead of paying $170 to a company to tell me something I already knew. This place has very very bad customer service, very rude employees and are just not willing to work with you at all and do not truly care about their customers at all.

2 months ago

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Katie Shimer Chicago, IL

I paid $400 for a warranty for my 2flat in Chicago. I was worried about the furnace in one unit. My tankless water heater went out and I forgot I had this warranty. I called them while the plumber was replacing the tankless with a traditional gas water heater. I told them the ignitor had gone out on the tankless but I just wanted to replace the whole thing as the tankless was old and a weird brand. They paid me $200 for the price of the ignitor and I used it to offset the cost of my new water heater. I was happy with that response.

2 years ago

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homeowner75 Chevy Chase, MD

No information about "emergency" service when called on a Friday evening when water heater went out in January and snow was coming. Rep said she didn't know anything about how much I'd be charged if I was transferred to the dispatcher. Left two messages. Waited until Monday morning. They still didn't call. I called them with three estimates all saying a 22 year old water heater needed replacing. The gas control valve failed, and none of the companies said they'd replace it because of the potential issues with tinkering with such an old water heater; all three said the tank needed replacing. Despite all three estimates, Home Warranty Inc. (Ron) was extremely argumentative saying he needed a specific diagnosis in order to replace, even though a water heater is on the list. Ron said it would only cover parts. So, any plumber would need to first replace this part on a 22 year old water heater, then continue spending time trying to figure out what else was wrong with the water heater. None of the three plumbing companies would do this, saying it was not worth their time and more importantly could lead to serious damage because of the age of the water heater and all said it was recommended protocol to replace. Then Ron said in that age of a water heater, if there's sediment, that's excluded, and there likely would be, so then they don't have to cover it regardless. Home Warranty Inc. has thus far refused to be of assistance, and my six-year-old child and I have had no hot water for four days. WASTE OF MONEY and HEADACHE!!!! DO NOT USE!!! NOTE, Look online for best home warranty companies. They are NOT in top lists!!! The fact that they list it, given the exclusions, and way Ron wishes to twist things, is a total joke. They WILL NOT REPLACE A BROKEN WATER HEATER. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!

7 months ago

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Chris Lawrence, KS

I am a landlord and have this policy on several properties. My last issues were two units had heater problems on the same day I called my service man got the repairs approved and paid 2 Days Later excellent service

2 years ago

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Kate Elisabeth Alamo, TX

Have had a warranty on three different properties and have not had any issues. They are quick to answer the phone and assign a contractor to help me. It is important to review the coverage and know what you are buying.

3 years ago

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L F Wichita, KS

Paid premiums for 2 1/2 yrs over $600 per yr and the first time I called to file a claim on my A/C I had their HVAC professional look at it and stated my coil is leaking and needs to be replaced. They told me they are a repair company not a replace company and wanted me to fill it up with the old RF 22 coolant (environmentally unsafe) at my expense of around $500. (The HVAC told them this will not fix the problem and leak the refrigerant out again). They said if it does leak again they would fill it next time but told me it would come out of my cap limit of $2500 so basically it would of dropped what they would cover to under $2000 so they really are not paying a thing! This is a con job warranty. They will remind you annually to pay your premiums tho!! STAY AWAY FROM HOME WARRANY INC. from Iowa!!!

2 years ago

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dissatisfied customer Waxahachie, TX

I have contacted Home Warranty Inc., for at least three different types of service on the home I purchased in late March 2018. Each time I call to request service I am told that there is not a contracted vendor for that particular service in may area. I am instructed to call the vendor of my choice and pay for the service up front if the vendor will not bill HWI. I have yet to find a vendor who will bill HWI. I am also instructed to have the vendor call HWI prior to making any repairs so that HWI can approve or deny the cost at that time. That seems reasonable, though HWI has yet to approve any repair on my home. I have either been told up front that the repair will not be covered or repair coverage has been denied after an HWI representative speaking with the repairman. My complaint is with regard to HWI's lack of a vendor network to serve may area in Ellis County, Texas. Home buyers need to be aware of that prior to selecting HWI. There is apparently not even a suitable HWI vendor network in the South Dallas market that could be dispatched to homeowners in Ellis County. I see that as a problem because the homeowner is left to pay up front for repairs and wait for reimbursement from HWI. I finally reported this service issue to my local Century 21 agency today in an effort to help future homebuyers in this market area. I've not run into this with any home warranty company before.

2 years ago

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Talia Bloomington, IL

They cover next to nothing of the cost after they make you pay the deductible. Also, I had a claim open on my dishwasher, the technician they called to fixed it completely botched the job. My warranty expired a couple days after he made the problem worse, but they refused to do anything or try to help a problem that their technician made WORSE if the first place. Even if my warranty expired, they should have stood by the problem initiated well before it expired. They were way rude and unhelpful on the phone too. Very bad customer service.

2 years ago

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Michael Peoria, IL

I would not deal with this company again if my premium was $0. Timeliness in not in their vocabulary. And the contractors they work with are just as bad at being on time or even showing up at all. They really could care less when your problem gets fixed, but they immediately call when your payment isn't there on time.

2 years ago

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