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LAST UPDATED: April 23rd, 2024

America's Preferred Home Warranty, a privately held and Christian based company, was founded in 1999 and serves customers in 36 states. You can choose your own licensed contractor to service approved claims, allowing you to have more control over the repairs process. 

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  • Various Coverage Options
  • Add-On Coverage
  • Choose Your Own Contractor
  • Easy Claim Process
  • 24/7/365 Service

Various Coverage Options

America's Preferred offers several home warranty coverage options for customers to choose from. The company offers basic coverage that can be tailored to specific property types. The basic coverage covers the following major appliances and systems:

  • Attic and exhaust fans
  • Central air conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Heating system
  • Humidifier
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Plumbing systems
  • Roof 
  • Septic system
  • Trash compactor
  • Water heater
  • Water well pump

Note: Coverage limitations may apply to specific appliance or system parts or features.

Home warranties are available for the following property types:

  • Single-family home
  • Condo
  • Townhouse
  • New construction
  • Multi-family units

Coverage will likely vary, but American's Preferred is committed to providing reliable coverage no matter your property type.

Add-On Coverage

America's Preferred Home Warranty offers various add on coverage options that can be applied to any plan. Add on options include the following, including approximate price points for each:

  • Additional refrigerators — $4.17
  • Clothes washer and dryer — $7.92
  • Gas fireplace — $4.17
  • Pool/spa — $15.42
  • Salt water pool/spa — $28.75
  • Bathtub with jets — $10.42
  • Sprinkler system — $4.17
  • Termite control — $4.17
  • Water softener — $7.92

Costs are subject to change. These are typical add-on coverage options that you will see within the industry, although it is worth noting that most other home warranty companies include a clothes washer and dryer within their plan coverage.

Choose Your Own Contractor

Most home warranty companies have an option for customers to choose their own contractor if they'd prefer to do so rather than work with a contractor from a company's vetted network. The America's Preferred business model is different in the fact that you will have to choose your own contractor for claim repairs and replacements. This allows you to have greater flexibility and control in the repair process, but it requires you to be more involved in the claims process overall.

Easy Claim Process

Because you can choose your own licensed contractor to do any repair or replacement work, the claims process will look a little different from what typically occurs with other home warranty companies.

America's Preferred Home Warranty has a simple claim process that can be started online. Once you complete your online claim, you will receive a claim number. After receiving this number, you can contact your chosen contractor. Once the contractor is at your property, you must call America's Preferred for phone approval. If you don't get phone approval, your claim could be denied.

24/7/365 Service

The home warranty company offers 24/7/365 customer service for filing claims. Customers may call the company directly anytime repairs are needed and choose their own licensed contractor. No forms are required to be filled out, but the contractor must call the company for approval prior to performing any repairs.



  • No Online Claims
  • Service Limitations
  • Realtor-Only Mobile App

No Online Claims

America's Preferred does not offer customers the ability to file claims online. Customers must contact the company by phone for approval when repairs are needed. No claim forms are required.

Service Limitations

America's Preferred does not offer customers a live chat option on its website for customers to ask questions before purchasing a home warranty. Pricing information for its warranty coverage is not clearly listed in full detail on the company's website.

However, America's Preferred does offer an online quote. The company is licensed to do business in only 36 states. A full list of state coverage details is disclosed directly on the website.

Realtor-Only Mobile App

America's Preferred does not offer a mobile app for homeowners or sellers to file claims or make payments. The available mobile app is for real estate professionals only and is used to manage multiple client accounts and warranty documents. 

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The Bottom Line

America's Preferred offers customers a wide variety of home warranty plans with 24/7/365 customer service and a make-it-right guarantee; however, the company is not fully transparent about its pricing structure and its service coverage area is limited. Customers are not able to file online claims and the company's mobile app is for real estate professionals only.

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Kim Bosler

I LOVE APHW!! As as new homebuyer, I had several issues. The refrigerator, icemaker, washer and drier. And a few other things. OHMYGOODNESS they took care of everything!! I received back way more than the one-year warranty. I am SO GRATEFUL that I chose this company!! Thank you!!

2 months ago

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Darlene Williams Canadian, OK

Acquired this home warranty when I purchased the house I wish I had just asked for the credit I could have gone with the company I knew and had previous experience with. I first of all didn't receive the home warranty information until I re-requested it from the realtor. I then received an email from the company on in November 2 months after the purchase of the home with the Home Warranty policy information. I tried getting online and could not register I finally talked with a very nice young lady who got me a password so I could get set-up online. However upon questioning her and printing off the home warranty information...for their Buyers premier coverage plan....I see where they don't cover MOST items only thing showing to be covered for a refrigerator is the compressor! The temperature in the refrigerator is not adequate to keep our milk from going sour 8-10 days ahead of experiation and the refrigerator makes a very strange noise going on and do I pay the $50 deductible for a repairman to come out and take a look to see if it's the compressor plus out of pocket and additional for a service call because if it isn't the compressor it's all my expense! Probably just purchase a new refrigerator. Also, just found out we would have had to purchase additional coverage back on for the water softner that is currently leaking....back on Oct 29th 2023 (remember I didn't know WHO the home warranty company was until Nov 21st 2023 when I received the email from them). From reading online if you jump through all their hoops you still don't get coverage for items covered) I WILL be going back to American Home Shield at least I never had any problems with them!!!!

6 months ago

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tammie delaney Charlestown, IN

DO NOT PURCHASE A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY WILL NOT COVER ANYTHING!!!! A warranty with this company was included in my home purchase. About 6 months after the purchase my 15 year old AC stopped cooling. Per their process they spoke with the technician who explained that the 15 year old unit needed to be replaced due to age, however when asked if it had been maintained properly the technician said that he did not believe that it had been. My claim was denied because the proper maintenance had not been maintained, despite the fact that it was a 15 yr old unit and maintenance over years that I had not lived in the home. Fast forward 3 months and I had a leaking roof. It was determined that the flashing on the 14 yr old roof needed to be replaced. At some point someone had used Flex Seal to seal it (again, not me), and because of this they denied my claim. Seriously, what does it take to get a claim accepted???? This "warranty" is a complete waste of money. I have no idea how this sham of a company is still in business!

2 years ago

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Luciana Charlotte, NC

DO NOT, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If I could give zero stars, I would. America's Preferred Home Warranty is a rip off. I got this plan in December when I bought this home.If I had known about this company before, I would have asked the seller for a credit and went with another warranty company. Once this contract is up, I will defiantly be going with another warranty company. 1. Asking to speak with contractor on the phone while they are there. The only item the warranty company should ask for is the estimate the home owner receive from the contractor. 2. They will find any type of loophole to get out of paying for repairs. 3. They require you to pay for repairs up front and then get reimbursed. Why have a deductible if you still have to pay in full? What if you don't have thousands of dollars to pay out of pocket to get the repairs done? Does this make sense, NO IT DOES NOT. Now, I am in process of a HVAC claim. The Weatherking unit is 15 years old. The coil is shot. The contractor explained to the rep that the coil is obsolete, no longer made by Weatherking. The unit needs replaced. It took the rep a while to call me back. Apparently, they are using a website that do not go by manufacturer rules to justify parts being available. Not only did I call the company that came out for the first inspection, I also called two other companies. None of the companies would use that site for parts. They said it is equivalent to " rebuilds and junk yards". All three companies have stated that the coil is obsolete from the manufacturer Weatherking. Because these companies are very large and very known, I believe them. I did my own research and could not find one. I called this horrible warranty company back to let them know what 3 highly known companies have said. I was on hold for about 10 minutes, only for the rep to come back soundly like a robot. "We will add $300 for labor for the replacement of part or upgrade of unit. $300 for labor??? I tried to explain again that none of the companies will use that site and all three says the part is obsolete, so the unit will need to be replaced. The rep states "use a licensed contractor. This is the website to verify that there is a part available". Once again, I had to state that these licensed companies WILL NOT use these parts because the part is obsolete and they don't use hand me downs. What licensed contractor will use obsolete parts without jeopardizing their reputation. The robot rep says, " This is the website we use. You can use the money towards the part replacement or upgrade". Basically. This company wants to set you up for failure. So, now my family is in home with no ac in South Carolina where the temps can get up to 100°. How can we afford an entire new unit? Once again, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I will be going somewhere else. I will also be letting those who are buying homes my experience about this company so they don't have to go through this.

2 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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I had asked for another company when purchasing my home but this is what the seller provided. 2 claims in 3 years and both experiences were the worst.!! They find every excuse not to pay for replacement. Recently lost the water heater which was due to an internal leak which caused an electrical short that fried the unit. $876.63. APHW will pay $178 toward labor and $21 on parts. But said it was ruined due to plumbing not unit failure caused by electrical short. Plus they deduct my $50 service fee so in all I receive $150 policy cost $592.92 per year (as I chose monthly pay)....definitely will NOT RENEW oh and by the way they demand to speak with contractor while he is on the job but do NOT tell you what dollar amount they allow until after it is finished.....WORST THERE the past homes I had the privilege to use 2 different companies. Both were stellar... at 73 yr old on fixed income I sure can not afford APHW

3 years ago

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Ryan Jenkins Alamogordo, NM

purchased this APHW on a home I bought 3 months ago in Southern New Mexico. I am writing this review while I have a current claim going on because I want to represent my experience with the company thus far. I try my best to make my reviews honest and fair. I will share facts and my feelings; however, please note that I will distingusish between the two. A week ago yesterday the 27 year-old furnace in my "new" old house stopped working. It had been making loud noises prior. I filed a claim. At the time of this review, we are experiencing record high heat and today's high is projected to be 106 f. We are also in the middle of a Pandemic with Covid-19. I find myself in a new place, where I cannot go anywhere in public and hang out. I call the repair folks, and it takes a couple of days to get the repairman out, as expected during a heatwave, they are busy. The repairman begins troubleshooting and the run capacitor is blown. He puts in a good one to test and continue and the motor ia blown. He looks at the system and determines that it is at the end of its life expectany and he can replace the motor, but he cannot make any guarentees that will fix it. He found that the unit I have is not longer made and that he did find a motor to fit, but again, no guarentees. This motor is not local and will cost a pretty penny to ship and then to expedite. I shared the information with APHW and I explained the situation above and that I cannot keep living in a 100 degree house as we trouble shoot piece by piece on such an old system. I was told to submit the invoice for the replacement part or total replacement estimate and I would have an answer by the end of the day, possibly even the end of the hour,she said. I had the owner of the repair shop come to my house to give me the estimate and had him wait to speak with APHW on the phone. He was very kind, even though he and every other place I called told me they don't deal with home warranty scams! He was willing to talk to APHW and do what he could to help me. Sidenote: The place I hired is Porky's Heating and Air and I chose to go with them because during this process he told me that he would only give an honest estimate and feedback to the warranty and would not lie. James (Porky) displayed his honesty. Back to the review, I got an APHW rep on the line and she would not speak to the repairman. She told me they had everything they needed. I asked if she was sure and told her that the owner, himself made a second service call specifically to speak to them and she siad no. So I confirmed that I would hear something by the end of the day and she said yes. Two days later, today...I call and get an APHW rep on the line and let her know I am awaiting the determination. She put me on hold for about 5-10min, guessing I didn't time her but it was several minutes. She ten told me they needed to speak to the repairman! I did my best to remain calm and let her know he came out and was here and they confirmed they had everything they need. I told the rep that I was not upset with her personally and I understand she is doing her job, however, I was they had everything they needed. I reminded her that I purchased the warranty to help me in times like this, I am asking they approve the $2250 so I can move on with my quarentined life. I also reminded her that while I have a warranty, I am still the owner of this house and I will be the one who makes the final decision on whether I repair or replace this 27 year-old unit. I proceeded to schedule my replacement and I reviewed APHW agreement and they say they cover $2250 max to replace. I am currently waiting to see if APHW will step up and do the right thing and approve the $2250 by tomorrow morning. We shall see and I will post a follow up review on how this turns out! UPDATE: The supervisor called me and proved to be the same broken record as the previous rep I spoke. DO NOT BUY THIS WARRANTY!!!! They do not care about you the consumer at all. I asked if they would make an exceptions during Covid-19 and record heat and the supervisor told me it was my choice, I can follow their policy and procedures or I can choose to pay for it myself. I decided to pay $7000 for a new unit and in the end APHW did agree to pay $600. Better than nothing, at least that is a refund for the crappy warranty!

4 years ago

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Jason Webb Buffalo, MN

Terrible Company. I tried making different claims and they declined each one by referring to some small print exclusion. 1.) They declined my garage door opener that broke 2 months after moving in because I have a detached garage. 2.) The previous homeowner didn't winterize the hot tub correctly causing $3,500 worth of damage, they declined the claim. 3.) The central humidifier stopped working, they declined the claims because it was "pre-existing" even though the home inspection report states otherwise. Don't wast your money, I wish I would have went with American Home Shield.

5 years ago

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Brandon Stow, OH

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Do not let your realtor trick you into getting one (they receive a kickback). Just have the seller give you 500 dollars extra. What an absolute joke of a company. They will do anything they possibly can to not pay a claim. Ignorant customer service representatives that asked questions it was impossible for the technician to answer. The first time I used them they only authorized a portion of what my technician estimated. The second time they refused to cover any of it even though it was clearly described in the “covered section”. If you look closely you will see that they have an opt out for any situation. For instance, they cover drains, faucets, or water line leaks....but not if it is caused by cracking or rust. When would a leak be caused by something other than cracking or rust? This company is a disgrace.

5 years ago

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Corey Alpharetta, GA

This is absolutely the worst! Pay that money to a charity at least you are donating to a good cause instead of these sleaze balls. My jacuzzi tub broke and leaked and flooded part of the house. They denied claim after wasting 2 months claiming the broken tub was removed. It was understood through all the calls since it was emergency mitigation work was already done. They first asked my receipts that I fixed leaky toilets as stated on home inspection report, which has nothing to do with the incident. Then they asked plumber diagnosis report. After a month they said the plumber report was no needed they actually needed report from mitigation company and speak to them. Then they told me claim was denied because the mitigation company did not do plumbing report which I offered initially. When I offered again I will re-send the plumber report, they then say the claim is still denied because tub was removed before they were notified in mitigation. This company exceeds all expectations and is the all time gold medalist not only for screwing you in the end, but jerk you around all over the place to get there, so you have the most outstanding experience on the journey to deny.

5 years ago

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Johnny Estacada, OR

The contractor is required to talk to them by phone rather than submit a document with pertinent information. They use a series of questions and conditions to find a way to not cover the repair or replacement costs. The bottom line is, you money would be better spent as savings for your new appliance because this company wont cover the full cost of replacement. Max payout is $500 according to their agent. This was only 30% of the cost of replacement, which I guess is better than nothing.

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Natalia Chesapeake, VA

HORRIBLE! In two years of having this warranty, they didn't pay any claims. They will "fine print" you out of paying anything, not to mention having to call them with the contractor on the phone and the "deductible". They go out of their way to make it difficult for you to get what you need, which of course works to their advantage. Lastly, I would add that they tried to scam us out of 1 year of coverage (may as well have!) by putting the wrong date on the contract. Don't bother, you'll end up paying for everything yourself anyway!

3 years ago

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Ron G Clarksville, TN

I have the home warranty, and when my water heater went out a few months after moving in I called to see if it was covered. They said yes, so I followed their instructions and called someone to fix it (normally I would fix something like this myself, but since it was covered, decided to go ahead with the repair. Only after the fact did they tell me that there was a manufacturer warranty that covered parts only (under $60), so they wouldn't cover labor. As a result, I spent $400 out of pocket because they gave me bad information.

4 years ago

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Melia Maketo Mableton, GA

Stay away from this company!!!! If I could give them zero stars, I would. They denied a claim on repairs done to my roof first claiming that I had a type of shingle (curled) on my roof that doesn't exist. The shingles on my roof are asphalt. After being caught in that lie, they switched to another reason. Poor customer service. After dealing with multiple reps (all of whom wrote confusing notes) the last rep had to consult with a supervisor who denied the claim. I would never use this company again.

5 years ago

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Cory Alliance, OH

What a joke. This company is a total scam. Said they would cover the cost of my well pump in my water well and would not disclose how much i was covered for they approved the work after talking with the contractor and after the work was done the total came to almost $3k and turns out they only would allow $400. Absolute joke don’t waste your time thinking you have coverage when u buy a warranty from America’s proffered home warranty.

5 years ago

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John F McMahon Jr Camdenton, MO

Do not do business with!!! Most worthless company out there, they always have something in the small print to keep from paying. Worthless as toilet paper about as useful too. I am reporting to 20/20 television show and maybe they will be out of business if America is lucky. They should not be allowed to do business, unless lying is their business of choice. I do not know how a business can stay around who acts this way.

6 years ago

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Donatello1957 Ephrata, PA

This is nothing but a scam. Paid only a small percentage for two appliances that have failed. I was made to jump through hoops after hoop and the whole process was extremely painstaking. One year into a two-year contract and at cancellation zero refund. Please, please don’t waste your money!

2 years ago

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Michael Miller Hinesville, GA

If it were possible to give this company no stars I would. There are so many better companies out there, choose one of them. The most this company could offer for a 2400 dollar fixture was 150. They will make it sound good on the phone and in the brochure but will low ball you terribly.

2 years ago

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Glenn Schmick Wetumpka, AL

The air conditioning repair man who came to our house said APHW will deny your claim. I asked how he knew - he said they ALWAYs do. He was right - they said heat was unusual weather in the summer. He said they have a ay book so no matter what you say - they have a reason not to cover it. ZERO stars!

4 years ago

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Jim East China Township, MI

Bought a home in the winter and the A/C could not be inspected. Turned it on in the summer and it didn't work. I was told that was a pre-existing condition so NOTHING was covered. Had I lied and said it worked when I first turned it on and now doesn't, they would've covered the repair. What a joke... save your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

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Mike k Bedford, OH

‘‘This company is a scam. Follow its procedures and just get denied. And they want tell u how well you r protected to have its coverage. I wish a class action suite would filed against them to shut them down All I found online was they don’t cover anything

5 years ago

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Joe Hissong Columbus, OH

We bought our home 6 months ago. We have had 3 issues (A/C, roof leaking at fireplace chimney and roof leaking at new construction) and all three claims were denied. Their policy is useless.

5 years ago

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MG Daughatridge Nashville, NC

I am an agent and have had very good success with this company as long as you follow their protocol.

5 years ago

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Yan Tan Wixom, MI

Don’t trust this company, they want you to pay and then won’t let you get coverage, cheating , lies. Bad service at all, they just have your money and go away.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Mary Morehead City, NC

Call Center is in the United States. Everyone was courteous and helpful.

6 years ago


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Anthony Roetzel Newark, OH

Won’t cover claims. Make it extremely difficult to actually get reimbursed due to all of the red tape. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

2 years ago