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LAST UPDATED: November 23rd, 2022

Titanium LLC is a home security company founded in 2012 and based in California. 

Titanium LLC serves residences and businesses as an Alarm.com provider. Alarm.com creates products for video monitoring, home automation, and security as a white-label service that local business partners sell and install, and Titanium is one of these business partners.

Titanium LLC has protected over 50,000 homes and operates in California, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, and Texas.


The Good

  • Package Options
  • Referral Program
  • Alarm.com Mobile App
  • Dual-Path Technology
  • Technology Services 
  • Employee Authorization Feature

Package Options

Titanium lists a few package options for its customers:

Home Security

  • Smart home app
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Security equipment
  • Customer support

Home Automation

  • Cameras
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Smart home app
  • No installation cost


  • NVR
  • Hard/wireless camera
  • Mobile app
  • Customer support

Prices for each package will depend on the size of your home, its age, and whether you require any additional products or a package bundle.

Referral Program

Titanium LLC offers a referral program. When you make a referral that purchases a Titanium system, both you and the new client get $50 in bill credit.

Some competitors also offer this program because of the obvious benefits to their business model. Titanium LLC has not outlined whether there are any limits to this referral policy — such as a maximum number of referrals — on its website.

Alarm.com Mobile App

The systems Titanium LLC installs are powered by the Alarm.com app. The app can lock and unlock smart home doors, arm and disarm security, record video, control your thermostat and appliances, and deliver push notifications regarding your home. 

The app can integrate with these home security systems:

  • 2Gig
  • Qolsys
  • DSC
  • GE Interlogix

The app also integrates with many home automation features such as the Skybell Door Cam and the company’s smart thermostat.

The app is highly rated on the App Store and averages around 4 stars on Google Play. Many people say the app is easy to use. 

Dual-Path Technology

Titanium LLC’s system uses dual-path technology. This means that your security panel can communicate with your app or a monitoring center through both cellular data and Wi-Fi. Many companies have these options built in so your security system can communicate with an alarm response center as quickly as possible.

Technology Services

Titanium LLC offers not just home security but also home automation and video monitoring products. If you’re interested in these features, it’s convenient that you can bundle them with your home security.

Employee Authorization Feature

For added security, Titanium LLC allows you to verify the identity of representatives on their website. Simply enter the representative’s badge ID to confirm whether they work for the company.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • No Pricing Disclosure
  • Limited Information 
  • Unprofessional Website

Limited Availability

Like many home security companies, Titanium LLC focuses its efforts on a select few states. You can work with Titanium LLC in select regions in California, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, and Texas. 

No Pricing Disclosure

Titanium LLC does not provide pricing estimates on its website. Many home security companies are not able to provide accurate pricing without a consultation, but this places a burden on the customer as they must commit their contact information and time to receive a quote. In an age where digital shopping makes price comparison easy, competitors that are able to list costs — even a number range or a starting rate  — have the advantage.

Limited Information

You’ll have to get your hands on a contract or speak with a representative to learn about Titanium LLC’s cancellation policy, installment fees, warranties and guarantees, and other terms. Many home security companies have some fine print you’ll need to read, so this isn’t unusual.

Unprofessional Website

Titanium LLC could benefit from improved quality assurance of its website. The site contains empty text boxes and several spelling and grammatical errors. These errors undermine Titanium LLC’s expertise.


The Bottom Line

Titanium LLC is a provider that’s had thousands of customers since it started business in 2012, and its partnership with Alarm.com is what enables its state-of-the-art technology and monitoring.

If you’re not interested in Alarm.com’s products, you’ll likely be disappointed by what Titanium LLC has to offer. But if you’ve been looking for a home security company within Titanium LLC’s service area, it might be worth comparing Titanium LLC to other security companies and reading its reviews to see if the company would be a good fit for you.

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Ashley Valencia Longview, TX

My contract was up July of 2022, per customer service I was told to email them at least 30 days in advance that I did not want to renew my contract. I did that actually gave them more than 30 days advance. Why is it that they have yet to cancel my service and still trying to bill me in November. Does not do any good to call cause they all say the same thing. Had to put stop payment on them. I have went went Vivint which is great and great customer service and way better devices and service. I would not recommend this company to anyone , but I do recommend Vivint.

5 days ago

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Hongmin Yu Salt Lake City, UT

By the way, even though the equipment was damaged last year, we have been paying our bills on time until July this year . I'm 43 years old, and this is the first time in my life that I've given a bad review, because I'm always understanding the difficulties of service companies. But this company has pushed the limits of my endurance. When problems arise, they do not solve them first, but procrastinate, talk nonsense, shirk responsibility, and reverse right and wrong. How does this culture and philosophy support a company with service at its core?

2 weeks ago

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Alex Conedy California City, CA

I have had the Titanium system for 36 months, and have had numerous issues. When I contacted them for service, I have been repeatedly told that it would be at least a week or two before someone could come out, and they refused to prorate my bill. Also, they have numerous ways to add on additional monthly fees which they don’t tell you about. They also raise your bill 5 percent every year. However, here is the Kicker. just before my contract was due to expire they renewed it for an additional 36 months without my knowledge or approval. When I called and questioned the action, They conveniently provided me with an audio recording of someone else’s voice saying that I gave verbal authorization. The voice in no way even comes close to what I sound like. They purposely committed fraud! Who would expect this kind of behavior from a home security company! Not only is this company unethical, but they are down right criminal. what is the world coming to!

10 months ago

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Chasity Rattler Dallas, TX

Titanium, LLC security alarm system on home and business owners using and/or engaging in: • Ironclad Contracts with their clients • Breach of fiduciary duty with their clients • Deceptive Trade Practices with their clients • Illegal collection of fees with their clients I have had this system for 10 months, issues 30 days later, still paying for 2 systems $82 Titanium, $82 Brinks=$164 monthly (buyout within 2weeks, 10months later) This company is in full breach of their contracts, preforming money extortion acts, reporting “unfair” information to the credit bureaus, while NEVER providing any services that they have truly rendered. They are increasing rates by 5% "whenever they want". And telling customers to read their contract. Their contract reads the company MAY NOT increase rates during the initial term of the agreement if you selected 60 months. No, customer has a choice, everyone has a 60 month contract with them, therefore the company isn't entitled to any of the increase of funds that they have enforced on the clients. -100 rating

1 year ago

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Desiree Quick Arlington, TX

I had someone come to my door then tried to invite herself in. She had no mask on and no mask with her that I could see. She finally got herself in by asking for a drink of water then wouldn't leave because then she wanted to use the bathroom. I felt like my house was being staked for a robbery so I pray that is not the case. Then she sits herself in my kitchen to write down what she could give me. I want interested and asked her to leave she said just another second. I told her I needed to get back to what I was doing, she still talked. It took me 5 times along her to leave before she finally left. Now im scared that I may get broken into. This person made me so nervous. If they come to your door either don't answer or if you do talk with them thru the door otherwise they will force themselves in.

2 years ago

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One of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with! They are giving me an impossible time when I informed them to cancel my account once the contract had expired. I would never recommend them to my worst enemy!

7 months ago


Verified Customer


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Hugh Riverdale, GA

They take money out of my account when they want

7 months ago