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LAST UPDATED: June 6th, 2022

Suddenlink is primarily a phone, cable, and internet provider that provides a security system that can be purchased independently or in a bundle of services. It has its own brand of equipment and its system is a proprietary service, however, it is unique in that security services can be used with any existing equipment that a customer may have. Suddenlink offers two plans, Basic Home Security and Connected Home Security, with different features.

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The Good

  • Mobile Smart Home Features
  • Infrared Night Cameras
  • Self-Installation or Professional Installation
  • Discount Bundling

Mobile Smart Home Features

The technology for home automation services and for the Connection package touch screen panel are impressively advanced. Users have control over lights, garage doors, thermostats from anywhere in the world on their smartphones.

Infrared Night Cameras

High definition camera equipment includes infrared night vision.

Self-Installation or Professional Installation

There is the option of having the system professionally installed or self-installed. There is also 24/7 professional monitoring.

Discount Bundling

For those wishing to find their cable, phone, internet, and security needs met and billed in one go, Suddenlink does make these services available with a discount for bundling.


The Bad

  • Unclear Pricing, Warranty, and Fees
  • Unclear Package Details
  • Early Termination Fee
  • Unclear Customer Service Hours

Unclear Pricing, Warranty, and Fees

Nowhere on the Suddenlink website are pricing, warranty, and installation services outlined. It is not clear whether the warranty covers Security services, or whether it only covers equipment from their phone, cable, or internet services. The terms and pricing of their warranty plan are also not disclosed online. Their website confirms installation and cancellation fees but does not disclose how much they are. A potential customer will have to call Suddenlink Security to obtain a specific quote. 

Unclear Package Details

There is no information as to the range that the standard equipment has in terms of square feet of coverage in the home. Differences between the two packages are poorly explained. The equipment that comes with the non-basic package is also unexplained.

Early Termination Fee

Although Suddenlink security does not charge customers a cancellation fee, the company does charge what it calls an early termination fee in the event the customer wants to discontinue service prior to the contract's expiration. This fee can be up to $200, and will cover any owed equipment or monitoring service fees.

Unclear Customer Service Hours

Customer service hours are also undisclosed, meaning that in the event of an alert or equipment failure, the user does not know when they will be able to reach a Suddenlink representative. Overall, only vague information is offered about Suddenlink through poor website transparency.

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The Bottom Line

Too much of the information about Suddenlink is undisclosed and unclear on the company's website, making it difficult to know what you will be getting and how much you will be charged for it. If you want the convenience of one-stop shopping for multiple services, then this may be a solution for you, but it will require at least an in-home estimate to gain knowledge about the terms and cost of the service.

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