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LAST UPDATED: July 13th, 2023

Through 52 years in business, Sonitrol has become an experienced veteran of the home security and professional monitoring field. The company offers many standard security protections like fire, glass break, and intrusion sensors, but they take pride especially in their verified audio intrusion detection system that no other company provides. Sonitrol claims that implementation of its home security system has led to the lowest false alarm rates in the business.

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The Good

  • Verified Audio Intrusion Detection System
  • Additional Security Features
  • $10,000 to $20,000 Lifetime Warranty

Verified Audio Intrusion Detection System

Sonitrol's verified audio intrusion detection system is easily the highlight of the company's services. The company uses a system that is sound-based instead of motion-based. This allows Sonitrol's security professionals to listen in when the silent alarm notifies them of an intrusion, making it possible for the professionals to verify whether an intrusion is really happening or if it was merely a false alarm. If it is a false alarm, Sonitrol remotely resets your alarm, saving you time and hassle. If it is a true alarm, Sonitrol alerts both you and the police and sends both real-time information about the intrusion.

Additional Security Features

In addition to Sonitrol's audio intrusion detection system, the company provides a host of other home security features:

  • Access Control Solutions — keyless entry; false alarm reduction; central station managed.
  • Video Surveillance — 24/7 alarm verification through SonaVision for constant video monitoring
  • Fire Alarm — smoke and heat detection; sprinkler monitoring; voice evacuation system
  • Remote Access — Sonitrol security system accessible via mobile app

$10,000 to $20,000 Lifetime Warranty

Sonitrol also offers $10,000-$20,000 in lifetime warranties, depending on the program you choose. The $20,000 warranty is only offered to customers who purchase the National Account Program from Sonitrol; all other programs are covered by the $10,000 warranty. Should Sonitrol's equipment fail to detect any intrusion, the company covers all damages to property and Sonitrol equipment as well as the cost of stolen goods.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Policy Terms
  • No Standard Packages
  • No Listed Installation Prices

Undisclosed Policy Terms

Sonitrol's website is missing a great deal of relevant information on contracts, moving information, and installation requirements, among other things. Instead of determining right away if Sonitrol will fit your needs, you have to arrange for a representative to come to your site and give a free security assessment.

No Standard Packages

Because the alarm company doesn't offer standard contract agreement for its security packages, you will have to negotiate your own contract, which could take a great deal of time. In addition, Sonitrol does not offer any standard packages. While this does allow for flexibility, it also makes it difficult to see which Sonitrol products are compatible with each other, how much you'll have to spend to get everything you need, and how soon it can be set up at your site.

No Listed Installation Prices

There are no listed installation prices either, so when Sonitrol comes to set up your new security network you could end up with a hefty-and unexpected-bill. You could end up paying installation bills all over again if you need to move; Sonitrol gives no free moving options.


The Bottom Line

If you are worried about the repercussions of false alarms, Sonitrol could be a wise choice. It does boast the lowest number of false alarms in the business due to its exclusive audio detection intrusion detection system. For every one else, it may be wise to go with a more transparent company. Sonitrol's lack of disclosure make determining the cost of a new security system, as well as how long you'll be locked into a contract with them, almost impossible. There are many other security companies that offer more clarity, set prices, and services.

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gloria jeanne hone Dayton, OH

I have had a Sonitrol system for 30 years, both alarm and fire. Any problems with the equipment was corrected quickly. I live in a high crime area and have had attempted break ins with extremely rapid response.

4 years ago


Review Source

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M. Nielsen South Bend, IN

Sonitrol is always there to answer your questions and help when you accidentally set off your alarm. Very professional and honestly care about your well being. I recommend them to all my friends and family for their security needs .

2 years ago

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Rick Mathis Greenfield, IN

One of the worst companies I’ve had to deal with. They don’t show up for appointments and if they do they have the wrong parts or no parts. I’ve called my rep and his boss to no avail. When this contract is up I will be looking into other options.

10 months ago

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M.C Beaufort, SC

had it for many years . never needed it fortunately . but when I had a problem with the system they never showed up to fix it or cancel the service . and continued to bill without the service being functional and a year into it sent it to collection as if I'm the delinquent party . and I actually was nice on the phone in my multiple requests for a fix . I Do not recommend it .

6 years ago