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LAST UPDATED: October 29th, 2021

Invented by Jamie Siminoff and now owned by Amazon, Ring is a home security provider with the mission of reducing neighborhood. Ring invents products that give homeowners the ability to control their home security in the comfort of their home as well as outside of it when they are away. Ring includes various product options, including a home security system package, video doorbells, and security cameras.

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The Good

  • Low Monthly Fees
  • No Professional Installation Necessary
  • Customizable Add-ons
  • Mobile Apps

Low Monthly Fees

Ring has two Protect Plans to choose from and they both have low monthly fees. Having cheaper monthly fees makes Ring more affordable for homeowners. Plan coverage and pricing is as follows:

Protect Basic (Per Camera)

  • Video recording
  • Video review
  • Video sharing
  • $30 per year or $3 per month

Protect Plus (Per Home)

  • Everything in Protect Basic Plan
  • Unlimited cameras
  • Extended warranty
  • Exclusive discounts
  • $100 per year or $10 per month

No Professional Installation Necessary

You can install Ring’s security system on your own without professional help and without any tools. You simply choose where you would like the alarm to be and wall mount it with a quick-release bracket or you can choose to use it as a handheld and set it anywhere you’d like. This is the same for the other devices in the security system, such as the motion detector and the range extender.

Customizable Add-ons

Ring allows you to expand your security system with additional protection options to fit your specific security needs. Add-on options are as follows:

  • Alarm Contact Sensor ($20)
  • Alarm Motion Detector ($30)
  • Alarm Keypad ($50)
  • Alarm Range Extender ($25)
  • First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm ($40)
  • Alarm Flood & Freeze Senso ($35)
  • Alarm Smoke & CO Listener ($35)
  • Dome Siren ($30)

Mobile Apps

Ring’s app allows you to remotely access your home security system from anywhere at any time. Monitoring abilities through a smartphone, tablet, or PC allow you to see, hear, and speak to anyone on your property. If there is any motion detected at your house, you will be notified immediately by an alert through the app. You can also review your security footage through the app and share it with nearby Ring users, making it easy to alert your neighbors if there is suspicious activity nearby. The app works with each Ring device, including doorbells, cameras, and your main alarm system.

Ring also has a Neighbors by Ring app designed for neighborhood watch. Its purpose is to help communities stay connected by working together to report any suspicious or crime-related activity. The app enables crime updates from law enforcement as well as from the Ring team and other neighbors using the app.


The Bad

  • Limited Sensors
  • Short Warranty

Limited Sensors

Ring’s security system package only comes with one contact sensor, a smaller number than most home security companies. However, you can add as many additional sensors as you would like for $20 each.

Short Warranty

The Ring security system only has a one-year warranty on its devices, whereas other home security companies offer longer warranties — sometimes even lifetime warranties. Make sure you trust Ring’s security system before purchasing because if it malfunctions after a year, you may have to pay full price for a replacement.

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The Bottom Line

Ring seems to be a sensible choice for your home security needs. Its simplicity makes it easy for homeowners to install and manage their home security system from anywhere. Ring’s security app and Neighbors by Ring gives you additional resources to look over your house and your neighborhood through video sharing, 24/7 monitoring, and crime alerts. However, Ring’s security system bundle only has one sensor, so if you want additional ones, you have to purchase them separately. While this makes Ring’s coverage more customizable, it could be a concern for potential customers. Ring also has a brief one-year warranty for its security system. We suggest making sure Ring’s security devices are reliable before purchasing.

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john doe Aurora, CO

I have three cameras with solar charging, and ring doorbell. At first I was impressed with the system until I realized the limitations.unless you pay the fee you can’t see anything but live video feed. I paid the annual fee and realized over the two years I’ve had it the sensors are not sensing like they did when new. However, the wind blowing will set the alert off. Also you must have internet with WiFi to be able to see the video feed. Power out? Useless. You own the equipment, but you must still keep paying to use it through cable cost and annual service fee. I really regret spending a lot of money for something that most of the time is useless.

5 months ago

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Edward C Mix Kingston, PA

Two years ago I purchased 4 Ring cameras. 2 solar charges, and 4 extra batteries from Home Depot which was not cheap because I thought they were worth the money. Now 1.5 yr later the hard wire spot light one went bad. Ring replaced it for nothing because I had the extended . Not even 2 months later another one went bad. I even spent over 1 hr with their tech that wasn't trained well enough to help with it . She couldn't even speak English well enough to understand her. She FINALLY realized that it wasn't fixable either. Also my extended warrant expired one month ago and I would have to PURCHASE another one. What a bad product when 2 out of 4 cameras went bad within 2 years. Now I'm stuck with 2 extra batteries and solar charger because I'm buying another one for it to last only 2 years for it to go bad again. They, RING, is very expensive, too only last not very long at all. I was rob with junk that I paid dearly for .

6 months ago

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Melanie Neff Los Angeles, CA

Horrible customer service and shipping as bad. Ordered 3 cameras got one. Customer service reps told me to reach out to shipping agent. Uh, don't know who that is, nor is it my responsibility. After chatting with them several times they finally said they'd escalate my case. a week later, absolutely no response from anyone. So I disputed it with PayPal and my CC. Guess who won? That's right, I did. got a full refund. Ring may have ok, products but their customer service showed me I will never use them again or buy another product from the company.

6 months ago

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FRConsumer ,

If hardware is set up properly it would get five stars however service in their so-called online community can be biased Based on race. Specifically the so-called community can be a group of unknown people that decide your alerts or information is not valid in their personal opinion. You can be shut out of sharing vital information. I have escalated issues and they hide behind procedures that don’t match the situations escalated, meaning they can be a racist organization based on your region. I would recommend simply safe if you wanted a more honest service provider.

11 months ago

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Constantine Bloomfield, CT

I have a ring alarm system. I tried to post a trespassing of some unknown people coming onto my property illegally to dispose of their trash. I posted the video onto ring neighbors and they tell me they cannot post disputes between neighbors. How is trespassing of unknown persons onto private property a neighborly dispute? Ring service is worthless. Don't waste your money they don't offer the kind of security you are looking for. Criminals must really appreciate the ring system. Our service will be canceled very soon and will probably include a public internet video. I would have give ZERO STARS but I could not write the review without at least choosing one.

1 year ago

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RPP Lake Worth, FL

Purchase the Ring Alarm Wireless 10-piece Security Kit from Costco. Not able to activate the base station. Called the Ring tech support and he had same problem with activation. Finally he suggest me to do the factory reset on brand new unit. After that activate of all sensors, base station and extender. Found one door/window sensor doesn't work after the install, so remove the sensor and call the Ring tech support on 5/9/20 and he mention that sensor need to replace and he will send the another sensor under warranty. I haven't got any confirmation or replacement sensor for 1 week, so called the Ring tech support again on 5/16/20 and another tech support told me that previous tech support didn't submit your warranty replacement ticket. He process the ticket on that day and mention that he will expedite the shipping. He mention that you will get the email for confirmation of shipping. I haven't received any confirmation email and sensor up to 5/20/20, so call the ring support again. Ring representative told me that they ship the product 5/19/20 by ground. I was surprised that they ship it by ground instead of air. She don't have the authority to make any decision, so i was on the phone for more than 30 mins and after that she told me that i am not able to help for expedite the shipping. Also ordered the another two door/window sensors (2pakc) from amazon. Found One sensor came in Ring original packing and other sensor came in different box with ring label-repack and senor and hardware was loose in the box. Found repack sensor doesn't work. Return the sensors to Amazon. Quality of Ring security system is very bad and I will never suggest to any one Ring security system. After that i drop the plan to install the Ring security camera and door bell

1 year ago

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Nigel J Voller Port Orchard, WA

I made the mistake of purchasing 1st generation Ring alarm from Costco, What a mistake, I start out each year intent on not buying China crap, I set my record on march 18th 2020. The next day I purchased the Ring alarm. 4 months later the system is not working. I have tried to get help with setup and Ring do not respond, The ask option has no one home, My local Best buy guys just laugh at me when I ask them for help.

1 year ago

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Kevin Dayton, OH

It doesn’t work like the commercials. You can’t catch somebody walking up to your camera because of delays. If you have a ring camera I can easily show you how I can break into your house undetected.

1 year ago