Ambetter insurance specializes in health insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace in twelve states. These plans are also sometimes called Obamacare plans. Ambetter health plans are operated by the Centene Corporation. If you're looking for another kind of plan or don't live in an Ambetter service area, you'll need to consider other health insurers.


Attention: Ambetter is a very unpopular health insurance company.

It has received a 1.4/5 star rating from reviews left on Best Company. Roughly 88 percent of the Ambetter reviews on Best Company gave a 1-star rating. Complaints against Ambetter include poor customer service, difficulty with pre-authorization, and high costs for limited coverage. Most customers do not recommend buying healthcare coverage from this insurance company.

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Ambetter health insurance's covered services include preventative and emergency care, therapy, behavioral health help, medications, maternity, and hospitalization. It is an on-exchange health insurance option in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Health Insurance Marketplace plans offer comprehensive health insurance coverage. For health plans to be on the Marketplace, they must be a qualified health plan that covers the essential health benefits listed in the Affordable Care Act.

To enroll in Ambetter insurance, you need to apply during Open Enrollment. The Open Enrollment period for 2020 healthcare coverage runs from November 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019. If you missed the enrollment period, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period after December 15, 2019 if you have a Qualifying Life Event.

The Good

  • Health Plan Options
  • Member Resources
  • Unique Features
  • My Health Pays™
  • Dental and Vision Coverage

Health Plan Options

If you're looking to get an Ambetter plan, you can view their health plans by first selecting the state you live in and then selecting the type of health plan tier you're most interested in. From there, your options open up to several different plans with varying prices and benefits.

Ambetter Health Insurance Marketplace plan options include: Ambetter Essential Care (Bronze Plan), Ambetter Balanced Care (Silver Plan), and Ambetter Secure Care (Gold Plan).

Each plan offers insurance coverage for the essential health benefits listed in the Affordable Care Act, but the cost-sharing rules for medical expenses are different for each tiered plan option.

Members with Ambetter Essential Care pay lower premiums but have higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Ambetter Balanced Care, the Silver Plan, offers higher premiums and a lower out-of-pocket limit.

Ambetter Secure Care has higher monthly premiums, but the lowest out-of-pocket expenses of the three plan types.

For specific coverage and cost information, including the deductible, out-of-pocket expenses, and premium costs, you'll need to work with Ambetter directly. Depending on your income, you may qualify for a tax credit subsidy on your monthly premium.

Member Resources

Each Ambetter member has access to an online portal through which they can make all of their payments, view healthcare plan benefits, and take care of logistics like obtaining a member ID card. The member portal offers extra features, too, such as providing reminders for members when they are due for another doctor's visit or allowing them to take a health risk assessment to determine which steps they can take to live healthier.

Members can track their claims 24/7 through the online portal, as well as connect with member services at any hour of the day.

The subsidy estimator in the online account also helps members see how much they would receive for reimbursement for a treatment with their benefits. If you qualify, the subsidy lowers what you pay for the monthly premium charge.

Unique Features

Ambetter provides more than just logistical tools for members. Many of the extra features it offers also send the message that Ambetter wants members to get healthier and stay healthier. These tools include a 24/7 nurse hotline that members can access for questions and medical needs.

There are also health-promoting programs to support members with dealing with behavioral health and maternity and newborn care. Ambetter offers 24/7 Nurse Advice Line and integrated health management to enhance members ability to get the most out of their medical care. Ambetter also offers telehealth access with some of its plans. With telehealth, members can have phone or video access to in-network providers for non-emergencies.

My Health Pays™

My Health Pays™ is Ambetter's rewards program to provide incentives for members to live healthier with better habits. You can earn money for taking a survey provided by Ambetter, getting a flu shot, or having your wellness exam, and this money can go toward your next premium. Members can be reimbursed for gym membership payments as well. This rewards program promotes health and well-being among Ambetter members. While this program is great, it's only available in some of the states Ambetter services.

Dental and Vision Coverage

Dental and vision coverage are available with Ambetter, but the benefits and availability of each are entirely specific to the state you live in and the type of health plan you've signed up for. Dental benefits, for example, is not available in Texas, but vision insurance is. Dental coverage includes exams, cleanings, and screenings, overall, and vision benefits include yearly eye exams and glasses or contacts. Those seeking vision coverage and dental benefits in addition to health insurance can find options through Ambetter.

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The Bad

  • Poor Customer Reviews
  • Access to Plan Information
  • Limited Service Areas
  • No Mobile App 

Poor Customer Reviews

Ambetter has received an overwhelming number of 1-star reviews on Best Company. These Ambetter reviews mention difficulty getting medication and treatments approved for coverage, issues with claims that were difficult to resolve, frustration with customer service, and difficulty finding an in-network provider.

With such a high number of 1-star reviews, you'll be better served choosing another company if you can.

Access to Plan Information

It's somewhat difficult to access specific information about the types of health plans Ambetter has. Its website primarily just explains the metal tiers (gold plan, silver plan, and bronze plan) as well as how essential health benefits are covered by every plan.

To find out what kinds of plans these are, such as Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), not to mention what prices and benefits you qualify for (like out-of-pocket expenses, copayments, deductibles, covered services specifics,and if you need prior authorization for certain medical services), you'll have to contact a representative.

Upfront, it's important to know that Ambetter is part of the Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM). It's Centene's option for HIM plans, which are intended for people who don't have health insurance and maybe don't qualify for typical plans.

Ambetter only offers Marketplace plans. If you are looking for another kind of insurance plan, like a short-term health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, you'll need to find another insurance carrier.

Limited Service Areas

Ambetter plans are available in a some states. These include Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you don't live in any of these states, then Ambetter may not be an option for you.

Even if you do reside in one of the states they service, make sure to check the location of their in-network providers (e.g. a primary care physician, specialist, etc.) for your state to ensure they have an in-network provider near you.

No Mobile App

Unlike many of its competing insurance companies, Ambetter doesn't have a mobile app. Some companies provide this for enrollees to access their accounts right from their phones, making communication and logistics much easier. Ambetter hasn't provided this yet, making account management slightly less convenient than with other companies.

The Bottom Line

Ambetter should be somewhat of a last resort when choosing an affordable health insurance company. While its plans all have decent health coverage for preventative care and some vision and dental benefits, it is difficult to access full details of its various plans. Data points such as the annual maximum out-of-pocket limit and co-pays are difficult to find on the website.

Plan cost and deductible levels vary among plans. Availability depends on location. Cost is also affected by the number of people on the plan and some demographic information, like age.

While Ambetter's plans offer comprehensive healthcare coverage, it's important to review customer reviews to get a sense of Ambetter's quality — health plans, value, cost, and customer service — and compare Ambetter to other health insurance companies before making a final decision about signing up for an Ambetter plan.

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Fatima Arana

May 12th, 2016 Bellevue, WA

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN THIS INSURANCE COMPANY IS WRONG!!!!!!! It has poor service. They have been billing me and taking my money when I wasn't even covered because of a payment error. They took me out of the insurance and they never told me. They made drive arround 3 cities looking for a clinic and when I got to two of them after an hour driving they told me that they didn't take this insurance anymore. I wish I could do anything else than asking for my money back! They made me go from place to place in pain! This is ridiculous! DO NOT GET INSURANCE FROM THEM!


Veronica Miller

May 12th, 2016 Spokane, WA

I don't even know where to begin. This company goes beyond negligent, incompetent, and dishonest. This company is intentionally stealing money from taxpayers, clients, and providers. What they do is calculated. I have been paying faithfully every month my premiums over the phone with my debit card, have confirmation numbers, and the whole nine yards. Just found out today that I have not even been covered since January. They intentionally put you in what they call "suspension" for some alledged mispayment. All the while they are taking your money they have no intension of paying the provider. At the same time they are taking your payments, they are collecting huge monthly premiums from the federal government and ripping off tax payers. They know what they are doing. I had one of their reps get honest with me today. He said this happens all the time and that he has chosen to pay the federal fines and have nothing to do with Ambetter or Obama Care. This coming from a guy that works for them. Go figure. When is there going to be a class action suit? Dishonest companies like Ambetter couldn't do a "better" job of sending our nation into bankruptcy than if that was their intention to do so in the first place. Do you think maybe it is? Every complaint posted in these miserable reviews I have experienced. Believe me this goes beyond incompetence. This is intentional.


Annie Lovato

May 6th, 2016 Seattle, WA

Ambetter customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. After signing on for a new plan at the start of 2016, I noticed my payments were not being taken out of my account. I called to inquire and was told that my auto pay through my bank was not set up. So, I went through the process for a 2nd time and was assured that it was set up correctly. Stil, no payment was taken out so I called again and was told the same thing and went through the same process, again. Still no payment so I called a third time and was told that the reason no payments were being made was because I had a credit on my account. Unsure of where this credit would come from I inquired about that. They were clueless. So, I took at as fact because they are supposed to know what they are doing. I then call back a couple months later because I am still not getting charged and they tell me that all I owe is $19.03 and they say my autopay through my bank is STILL not set up so I go through that process again. Here it is the end if April and I receive a letter in the mail telling me my account is suspended because of non-payment and at the same time I receive another letter in the mail with an enclosed check of $121.03 telling me I have overpaid and they are paying me back. WHAT!?? So after several oblivious customer service reps later and being asked if I am related to Demi Lovato, which I did not appreciate I FINALLY get a supervisor who then spends another 40 minutes trying to figure this mess out. It gets figured out and then I am hit with the amount of ALL of the months I had tried to pay all at once which was a large chunk of change. I was told to NOT cash the check and that once I paid 4 months worth of payments my account would be back to active. I am LIVID that this is how things went down. I basically begged them to let me pay my monthly bill each month, was given the run around, had my insurance taken away from me and a check mailed to me, then was hit with all four months of payments that I had tried to make in the first place all at once. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!! If you can get your insurance anywhere else DO IT!!!


Katy kennedy

May 6th, 2016 San Antonio, TX

ambetter has "glitched" twice now terminating my account because the people in the enrollment department can't get their shit together when I had a income change through marketplace ...not marketplaces fault shockingly only ambetters...didn't have insurance for a month over it and after finally getting it fixed over dozens of phone calls only for the same thing to happen again terminating my insurance but this time it's just over pure fuck up on ambetters end and again nothing to do with marketplace


Lam truong

April 25th, 2016 Snohomish, WA

I made payment for my mom already. But when i checked payment history. I still saw the amount i still owe them for a month. Even i called them, they said that i paid already. They didn't update my profile. Until now, i haven't received the invoice for April and the bill for May. I am not really sacrified with this company.


Emily Ardolf

April 25th, 2016

It took me 6 months to see a doctor and only after I went to the local news. This is because in Waco no one will take this insurance if you're a new patient. When I switched insurance, my dr office claimed that meant I was a new patient. After multiple calls from the local news, my dr office finally saw me. However, I can't now update my PCP to whom it is and when I search in their system not a single provider comes up in my zip code. However, magically they found me a PCP to assign me. This insurance has been a nightmare to use and I'm looking into private insurance which may cost me a significant amount long-term, but result in better coverage.



April 25th, 2016 Tampa, FL

This company is the worst insurance I have ever had. Online and with a telephone rep it looked like my primary was associated to them. He was not. I found this out AFTER I signed up and paid. When I went to make a vision appointment I found out the majority of options available were dropping the plan that had Ambetter attached to it. I was literally told there wasn't a vision option for me within 300 miles that would be covered with my plan. What? They drafted my account for a monthly payment too early and by 'accident', without my permission. Their customer care reps are clueless. I've paid for this plan for 4 months at nearly $300.00 a month and haven't used it because nobody takes this insurance! I'm dropping it. Such a mistake.


Andy Resende

April 21st, 2016 Savannah, GA

I HAD to get health insurance in the end of last year because of the Affordable Care Act. I chose Ambetter because it had a primary doctor that was covered under Ambetter. I came to find out as soon as I tried to make an appointment with him that he is no longer with Ambetter and Ambetter refuses to take his name out of their site. Along with this doctor, I learned that there is almost ZERO coverage with Ambetter in the Savannah area... and I am talking about: dentist, allergist, orthopedic, dermatologist, you name it! No one takes this insurance in Savannah! I am now stuck with this insurance paying for something I can't use... If I cancel it, I will be penalized for not having insurance, but at least my fine will be less than what I have to fork out every month for no use... but that's the avenue I am going for because I contacted the Healthcare Marketplace and they said there's nothing they can do about that either...


Andrew Soperr

April 20th, 2016 Athens, GA

Ambetter had a "glitch" with my billing months ago and stopped accepting payments. NO ONE notified me and my insurance has been suspended (for over a month without my knowledge). I have paid my past bills, opened a case with marketplace, and will have to wait for upto 30 days for a resolutions. All while I have no health insurance. I am also currently sick with chest cold/seasonal allergy thing and am dealing with it as best I can with over the counter drugs. This is the worst insurance company I've dealt with and I've been on Blue Cross!


Martha Nickens

April 15th, 2016 Pearl, MS

This is absolutely the worst company ever. I cancelled my coverage before it even started due to all the bad reviews and I am so glad I did. All these reviews are spot on. I am entitled to a refund for the premium that I paid however I have yet to receive it. I have been given a different excuse by every rep and now 7 weeks later I still dont have it. Dont ever do business with this company.



April 13th, 2016 Fort Lauderdale, FL

I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYBODY!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!! TERRIBLE !!!! gruesome!!!!! shocking!!!! awful!!! 1. Customer Service - lack of knowledge of the representatives of the company, the lack of updating of current data: doctors, institutions and addresses 2. sporadic number of doctors and specialists (less than the minimum amount) 3. huge distances and commuting to facilities or doctors 4. The lack of agreement between the company and doctors, specialists and institutions I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYBODY



April 13th, 2016 Pittsburgh, PA

Worst Insurance company ever.... NO BODY ACCEPTS AMBETTER... their customer service worst customer service i ever had in my life..wrong information on their website.. supervisors, managers are not even returning a call or following up on issue... every time 20-30 mins hold.. anent told me that they dont have Customer Relationship Department and any other manager or even Corporate number... Only number is customer service number ... Worst ever... cant wait till open enrollment till change this nightmare insurance company...



April 13th, 2016 Savannah, GA

None of the Drs. or health facilities accept Ambetter in the Savannah, GA area, yet, when we sign up online at the HealthMarket place, it shows that several family doctors and specialty groups accept it. Of course, when you show up with the Ambetter card, NO ONE accepts it in this city!!!! You will pretty much pay for health coverage that isn't accepted here. Pay for nothing!!!! Representative at Ambetter was able to pull up one doctor in their system that accepts it, but it turns out, that doctor no longer is here in Savannah! That goes to show how slow their system is. It's not current or updated at all! This wasted too much of my time. It's April now and I still not have any health care I paid for!



April 11th, 2016 Indianapolis, IN

This is horrible , I have this insurance from January 2016. Still I have not received our insurance cards. I tried to find ophthalmologist for my husband from Jan. I called ambetter to help finding ophthalmologist, they give me 3 times wrong doctors appointments.i wasted every time at list 30 to 60 min., till now no result. Finally went to market place and cancelled my insurance yesterday. Now I will have to fight for my premiums I paid for 4 months and not received any services.



April 7th, 2016 Tampa, FL

The service is over priced and, of course, garbage. Their customer service reps are incompetent at best. But nobody really cares b/c they are basically a monopoly in a "free market economy" U cant cancel, u cant get service, u cant but insurance outside of the market place. Its basically like living in communist Russia. It's disgusting and a disgrace but our hands are tied by the corperatocracy which runs our government and disregards its own ppl.



April 4th, 2016 Cincinnati, OH

Customer Service do not give you the right information.Every time you contact they provide different answer. Customer service is not professional or cares to make sure you are helped. Payments do not reflect on your account on time. phew..the list goes on- Savitha


Roxana Valdes-Lynch

March 29th, 2016 Miami, FL

I cannot start describing the number of phone calls I have had to make to this terrible company to get some basics things done. They have been my worst nightmare during 2016. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!! Run away from them. RUN!!!!


Matthew Heller

March 29th, 2016 Coral Gables, FL

I have a catastrophic plan with Ambetter. I knew what I was getting into, but paying over $1300 a year just so I can go to a doctor for three health maintenance visits (no labs or prescriptions covered mind you) is too much. I have also found inaccurate information on their web portal (i.e. website says I owe an extra month's premium while agent on the phone guarantees I'm paid up--glad I didn't blindly pay online). All calls made to Ambetter take several minutes to reach an agent, which is the only option since repeatedly entering my Member ID#, SSN, DOB, or zip code in the automated menu are always met with a recorded "Sorry, there is no record for that information." The company is frustrating and a time suck, but tell me something about the US system of health care that isn't.



March 29th, 2016 Snellville, GA

I was just my policy was cancelled because of non payment. It was suppose to be drawn out of my account every month. However, that didn't happen. What is with this company. I called previously and they said that I can log on and create an account and pay. Tried that and failed. They gave me the incorrect insurance ID number. Then the lady said she shows no record of me calling. This is why I can't deal with crap like this. America take note of why companies are failing. Lack of customer service. Take take take is all they do.



March 29th, 2016 Pflugerville, TX

worse company ever. Customer service is worse. Their management is worse. over all everything is worse.



March 29th, 2016 Miami, FL

Because they are so new (and possibly inexperienced), very few offices in my area accept Ambetter. I am 31 and my doctor's office has more toys than magazines in it's waiting room. I can't find anyone anywhere close by that will accept Ambetter so I can have an MRI done, even with a pre approval letter from Ambetter, no one will take me because the letter does not guarantee payment from Ambetter. My last option is to drive 5 hours to the nearest facility that is in network! That sucks!


Sabrina Diz

March 23rd, 2016 Key Biscayne, FL

i signed up through the Marketplace on 11/2015 and on 02/11 I called to get my info packet and sign up a doctor. I had just gone through a death in the family and was a little late in doing everything, but still on time. The rep I spoke to fabricated a whole story, stated that my policy was cancelled due to non-payment, and when I asked her for more details, she said I hadn't paid the "Initiation Fee" or the "Start up Fee"...I was floored. I called Marketplace and started a new policy with Coventry Health - but Marketplace told me that their Health companies don't have any of those fees. So I called back Ambetter and the new rep told me my policy wasn't cancelled and that those other charges did not exist!!! Now I was in a pickle stuck with two insurance companies. I've been trying to get Ambetter to cancel my policy for 2 months now AND get a refund. They refuse to refund me because they say I had coverage!!! The following are my conversation notes: FEB 11: AMBETTER REP SAID AMBETTER IS CXLED, GOT NEW INSURANCE CO WITH COVENANT, CALLED AMBETTER WAS TOLD NOT CXLED, ASKED FOR CANCELLATION AND REFUND $126.54 MAR 01: CALLED AMBETTER AND REP SAID SHE WOULD SEND THIS TO THE RIGHT DEPARTMENT, TO CALL BACK IN ONE WEEK MAR 22: REP SHOWS THAT THE POLICY IS BEING CXLED; DOES NOT SEE A REFUND BEING PROCESSED - 1/1 TO 2/29 HAD COVERAGE; EXPLAINED TO REP I DID NOT HAVE A DOCTOR NOR PAPERWORK - 2 PACKETS WENT OUT IN NOVEMBER AND ANOTHER IN FEBRUARY; NOTATIONS IN SYSTEM - "PROBABLE LIABILITY MUST BE PROVEN IN ORDER TO GET REIMBURSEMENT, CONTACT MARKETPLACE REGARDING COVERAGE". CANCELLATION# FL20166193994950 ***DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY OR THEIR REPS!!!!


vee ram

March 23rd, 2016 Davenport, FL

Blame Healthcare. They should have never endorsed a company like this. The healthcare providers tell you that they accept this insurance then call, then call you during the actual week of your appointment to inform you that they don't accept this insurance. Doctors say that Ambetter don't pay them. There are no providers in Davenport FL, except one and now they will not be accepting Ambetter anymore. Everyone should channel 8.


Sad they are not better

March 19th, 2016 Hollywood, FL

The nearest Urgent Care was 20 and 25 miles away. The nearest pulmonologist was 25 miles away.


Jay Hoffman

March 8th, 2016 Round Rock, TX

I am 53 years old. Ambetter by Celtic is the absolute worst health insurance company I have ever experienced. They have challenged nearly every aspect of my care. My doctor's directions are irrelevant to them. They will not approve medicines that I have had success with for years. I have lost work due to illness waiting for them to ultimately deny filling my allergy medicine. Steer clear of this company. They should not be allowed to do business in Texas. In the next few days, I will file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance. I hope you will do the same if you are a victim of theirs. You will see this post in every social media avenue and online review site that I can find. Please share this to help your neighbors. #ambetter #ambettersucks #celticinsurance


Isabella Martinez

March 8th, 2016 Metairie, LA

The WORST insurance possible. They have a bunch of doctors listed that don't accept the insurance. I couldn't see a doctor at all. What is the point of the insurance if I can't see a doctor?


Mark Hamlin

March 8th, 2016 Auburn, WA

This is company is the worst. Today is 3/8/16 and I have been dealing with them since 12/5/15 to pay a claim that they should have paid in November 2015. It was a routine preventative maintenance procedure that is supposed to be covered in full with no deductible. That part they seem to agree with every time I speak to them as well as the letters I receive from them. They just can't seem to handle the part where they are supposed to send a check to the doctor's office. I called in again today and asked to speak to a supervisor in the grievance department to find out why the claims have not been paid. I am told they don't know how to transfer me to the grievance department but will give me their supervisor. While supposedly talking to a supervisor I get the same line as before. The only difference was that she said that it is not possible at all for me to talk to someone in the grievance department. They will send the information to the grievance department and I have to wait. So I ask for that supervisor's boss and get Jasmin who for all I know is just another person in the cubicle next door who's only job is to answer the phone and give pre canned responses like everyone else that I have talked to. What a monumental waste of time dealing with customer service at Ambetter is! Nothing gets done. The doctor's office still want's their money and my credit score is at risk because the doctor's office is going to send the bill to collections. Ambetter gets my money every month on a timely basis and I get nothing in return. Ambetter is the worst insurance company but unfortunately I'm stuck with them until the next enrollment process. I'm starting to think that it would probably be better for me to just cancel my policy, pay the doctors with cash and accept the tax penalty for not having insurance.


Giselle Chang

March 5th, 2016 Hialeah, FL

This co. is horrible, my husband and I choose it thru the market place, after 2 months they cancelled his policy, however they been billing and receiving the payments, Market place been sending them reinstatements requests, we been doing conference calls, spoke with everybody there, no body knows what they are doing. there is not a supervisor who can give you a solution, every person we spoke with do an escalate supposedly to solve the problem, but nothing happen, meantime, insurance is no covering medicines, doctors appointment, been waiting for the reinstatement of his policy more than 30 days. this co. is a joke. but the take your money anyway that the only thing they do. no body do their job. there.


Denise Brooks

March 5th, 2016 Decatur, GA

Please don't waste your time with this company. While the premiums are lower so is the level of service you receive. This is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. Customer service is non existent. I cant say enough bad things about this company, please save yourself the time and headache.



March 5th, 2016 La Grange, IL




March 5th, 2016 Acworth, GA

Ambetter is THE worst company I have ever had to contact. Firstly, their automated payment system message is incoherent, and then cuts out. Then they make you wait on the phone for 40 minutes, then cut you off. I tried to register online, and it didn't recognize me as a member. No button to press for help. Then I call again, and try the phone payment... It just cut me off. I tried to get a human, and was then told after 2 hours dealing with this garbage that their offices were closed. Heaven knows what they would be like IF you needed to make a claim. Go with ANYONE else, but these people. It is literally, your life in their hands.


Sharon Fleischer

February 25th, 2016 Miami, FL

From the provider end, they are HORRIBLE. I am waiting almost a year to get paid on 75% of our claims. I get bounced from person to person as they "pass the buck" to get rid of me. Bill over and over again, and then they tag it "duplicate" as if they have actually paid it. They sent my payments to the wrong address and I had to wait FOUR MONTHS to get it reissued!!! They are MORONS.


Betty Mills

February 25th, 2016 Hollywood, FL

Worst insurance I ever had, I have trouble getting any help from them, say they will call back never do, their provider list is very limited, I would love to go back to Coventry I never had any problem with them



February 25th, 2016 Jacksonville, FL

This company is ridiculous. They have a listing on their website to show which providers accept Ambetter. Literally 20 doctors later (all listed in their up-to-date list) I finally found 1 that accepts Ambetter. Yes, I literally called 20 different offices that supposedly accept Ambetter(according to Ambetter) and only 1 said they did. Scheduled an appointment as I was having some issues and they called me up a day before my appointment that they no longer accept Ambetter and I would have to pay everything out of pocket. Since I am already paying for my insurance I really don't want to pay 100% of my health care needs as well. About 3/4 of the doctors officers gave the same reason why they don't accept Ambetter: Ambetter does not pay them. 1 of the doctors listed is actually an acquaintance of ours and he told us from the beginning that he does not accept Ambetter and is unsure why his office is listed as healthcare providers that accept Ambetter. When I called up Ambetter asking what nearest walk in clinic was available to see if I could get prescription medication for my breathing problems, they referred me to an office that's about a 4 hour drive away. Seriously Ambetter?



February 25th, 2016 Seattle, WA

Please don't choose this insurance people! I have never in my life encountered such a horrible company! We had it for just a couple month and had trouble finding any doctor to take it.Their list of network is outdated, doctors that their website says take Ambetter told me they do not anymore and never will again and now I know why.One time I went to a doctor I got sent a 150$ bill even though it was a regular visit that I should only pay 1$ copay for. My husband is a diabetic.We ordered his medicine once and next order they refused to cover his syringes.A month ago we got fed up and requested to be disenrolled and receive a refund for the month we won't be using their services, since we paid ahead of time.They said we were disenrolled and will be issued a refund within 48 hours.We never did.Called again.The next person said it's not in the system but now it will be.You qualify for an expedient refund.Will get your refund in 48 hours.Nothing!Next person on the phone said we need to call Health benefit exchange to disenroll.That was new!Ok, we called them.Got confirmation for disenrollment. Same story. ..Nothing!Received a mail from Ambetter saying we have voluntarily disenrolled.But no refund still.Called again today.They say we are not disenrolled so no refund.I'm holding their letter in my hand that says we are and they say that we are Not disenrolled. Basically the point is they don't want to give us money back. I have seen some mistakes done dealing with companies of all sorts, miscommunication, red tape, human error.But they were all resolved after a couple of calls. This however is Catch 22. Not only they are the worst health insurance I have ever had but they also are playing tricks with those who want to exercise their right to take their money and walk away from a bad business.I'm not the kind of person to go out there and write a bad review based on my emotions but I would not want any other human being to get into this mess.Ambetter is a nightmare!


Suzanne Chapman

February 25th, 2016 Boynton Beach, FL

This is without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with and the worst insurance company ever. They are incompetent. Customer service reps are clueless and untrained. The amount I owe is always incorrect. They cannot manage to even mail ID cards. It is as if clowns are running the place. They should not be allowed to sell anything never mind health insurance. Pathetic pathetic company. If you can get insurance from anyone else--do it. You will be sorry if you go with Ambetter. Their name should be Amworse.



February 11th, 2016 Atlanta, GA

Ambetter overcharged my bank account over $500, and with overdraft fees from my other bills coming out, my account is overdrawn. They first told me it would take 30 days to get my money back. After calling the billing department numerous times and waiting on hold for about 2 hours total, now they are saying 3-5 days. That was Friday, today is Wednesday, and i still don't have my money. I requested a refund confirmation email so that I can give proof to my bank so that they will refund my overdraft fees. I was told it would take 3-5 days for the email too. And i still have not received an email. In the time it took the manager to notate my request, he could have sent me the email himself. I am HIGHLY dissatisfied with the way AMBETTER'S HUGE MISTAKE is being handled corrected. It has negatively impacted all of my finances and bill payments, so I hope anyone reading this will rethink using Ambetter. More like AmTERRIBLE.


mary Shannon

February 4th, 2016

OMG, this company is the biggest headache you'll ever encounter, all the complaints listed here I have experienced! !! Every single one !!! Lucky I did find a Dr that felt sorry for me & treated me ! His staff called this NOBETTER ! I paid on 1st every month, was suspended every month, after 3 to 4 hours I'd be reinstated! I feel for anyone that gets on this plan !!! I was told to Call Obama! ! Once told they were to busy bn 1st excepting payments, they didn't have time to deal w complaints, call back middle of month !!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr, I switched paying triple premiums, but peace of mind so worth it !!!!!!



January 29th, 2016 Helotes, TX

Ambetter should change it's name to AMWORST! Last year i experienced a mass in my nose that was possibly cancerous. It took two months to finally see an ENT because there were none in my area that accepted the insurance, even though their provider list shows several. This year we signed up with them again but with a better plan hoping for better results. Two and a half months ago my wife was referred to a specialist by her PCP but again the ENT does not take Ambetter. Almost 3 months later Ambetter has not been able to find her an ENT that accepts the insurance. I told Ambetter last year that it is deceptive to provide a list of providers that is inaccurate when they are aware of his fact. But this year they have the exact same list of providers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. We are canceling them and starting with AETNA in March.



January 29th, 2016 San Antonio, TX

I selected Ambetter Insurance based on one criteria: My cardiologists were in their provider directory. BUT my cardiologists office, after much discussion, says that Ambetter refuses to pay them because they ARE NOT actually providers. Even though they are in the directory, and have been so for over a year, they are not actually providers. Bait and switch - show providers that are not really providers in order to lure people in. Then refuse to pay those same providers.



January 27th, 2016 Austell, GA

I have been making payments for 2 months and can still not get in the system nor will Ambetter send me any information or my member ID. They gave me 3 doctors in my city to call. The phone numbers were all wrong. And, the dotors appear to be in a town way north of me if they exist at all. I think that this is more than incompetance. This bisiness model is deigned to collect money and never provide anything. Pathetic and a scam company.



January 18th, 2016 Atlanta, GA

Terrible customer service. They tell Yoi one thing then do another. The billing department is the worst I have ever seen. They send the wrong bill for 3 months. I called and questioned it twice. I was told it was was correct so I paid the amount they were asking which was lower than my monthly premium. When they finally get their act together, they bill me for their mistake and tell me I am late on my payments. I can't say anything good about this company. I thought I was done with them. We did NOT select them for our insurance for 2016 yet they have sent us our cards and say we have paid through February. We have not paid them this year. The people here are incompetent and their computer systems do my work. On top of the billing issues, they raised our premium 3 months into the year. Are they even allowed to do that!? Stay away!! The price is too good to be true. Pay a little more for a better company. The lower price is definitely not worth the stress and hassle.



January 14th, 2016 New Albany, IN

They can't even post a payment properly to your account, what more can you expect? 1 hour hold time. Not covering widely used prescriptions. Use this company as an absolute last resort (as have I).



January 11th, 2016 Seattle, WA

How in the world can this company be rated above a 1 with the comments. They are horrible. No providers, their customer service is staffed by untrained, uninformed folks (told me to go to ER/Urgent care to primary care service), don't return calls. How do they stay in business. No providers accepting patients in GA, offering services in Jacksonville, FLA - really great. On line access doesn't work half the time. Please report them to your State Insurance Commissioner. I did and let's see what happens.


Gilbert Arriaga

January 6th, 2016 TX

Worst decision I've ever made in my life. There is not a single Dr within 100 miles of me that takes this health insurance. Before I paid they gave me 3 primary care providers one of which I had to choose for them to cover my medical expenses. After I paid I called the 3 Dr's they gave me and NONE of them existed at the numbers provided and when I tracked one down I found out they don't take this health insurance at all. It took this company more than a week to activate my coverage and they refused to cover the $100's of dollars of medications I had to pay for in the interim. Because no primary Dr's within 100 miles of me take this health insurance I am also being denied coverage for the specialists I need to see. In other words they took my money and gave me NOTHING in return and cosy my health to suffer in a way I can not begin to explain. I am laying here with a herniated disc, a torn disc, 7 bulging disc and spinal cord compression and because I paid Ambetter to be my health insurance company I can not see a Dr or get any treatment at all. I would not wish this on anyone. Please don't make the same mistake I did.



January 4th, 2016 Chicago, IL

Terrible customer service. First, Health Care gov has an option to pay my first premium online, however I am not able to because of a glitch in the site. I have called multiple times to pay by phone, but because I don't have a member id yet, I am not allowed to. And I can't get through to a representative because I'm on hold for an extremely long time and then the phone hangs up. Every time i try to get straight to the live representative option, the call ends. I don't understand and I'm very annoyed. Awful awful awful.



January 4th, 2016 Houston, TX

I have had nothing but bad experience with this company. When I called to get help with going to see a dr which shingles this month not a single dr would help me would of had to wait for 3 days before being seen. I even called on a Saturday to see if there was any dr or urgent care I could go to and I was on the phone over 2 hours with a rep that was no help at all. Then I called to cancel this plan by the 15th and was told that it was done even was transferred to health care gov and again told was done. Then last week get an email thanking me for being a member I called again and was guaranteed it was cancelled and not to worry. So guess what no it wasn't and they pulled out the funds from my account and was told it takes 7 to 10 business days to get the funds back. This is BS they sure are good at taking your money but worthless when it comes to helping you out when you need to use the plan. Never been so discussed with a health insurance plan.


Corinne Tampas

December 21st, 2015 Atlanta, GA

Worse than awful. I have paid every month, yet in the past year I have had my insurance suspended twice and canceled once. Fortunately, I have not been sick in the past year, so I haven't used my insurance, but .... they have made me absolutely crazy with their billing.


Peter J Hall

November 25th, 2015 San Antonio, TX

The real problem with this company is less than 20% of the doctors in my city will accept the insurance. The ones who do take it complain about Ambetter not paying them, having to spend hours trying to collect from them and in one case taking litigation against them. This is the same for blood work and imaging, the places Ambetter tells you accept their insurance do not. I personally believe that all of these places did at one time but got tired of not being paid so they stopped accepting patients with their insurance, one office staff member actually confirmed this to me. Emergency room visits, that is laughable, you can only go to the hospitals that they cover. I live in San Antonio TX, with 15+ hospital brands. ONLY one accepts the insurance. Absurd. Bottom line, if you live in a smaller city think twice about using them, odds are that you will not find a doctor that accepts their insurance, if you live in a big city and are pretty healthy you *might* have some luck. Caviet Emptor...



November 3rd, 2015 Philadelphia, PA

So many plans. Very confusing! I would like to know the reason for that, They are not fear with agents, they do not allow them to represent the company.