Ambetter insurance specializes in health insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace in twelve states. These plans are also sometimes called Obamacare plans. Ambetter health plans are operated by the Centene Corporation. If you're looking for another kind of plan or don't live in an Ambetter service area, you'll need to consider other health insurers.


Attention: Ambetter is a very unpopular health insurance company.

It has received a 1.4/5 star rating from reviews left on Best Company. Roughly 88 percent of the Ambetter reviews on Best Company gave a 1-star rating. Complaints against Ambetter include poor customer service, difficulty with pre-authorization, and high costs for limited coverage. Most customers do not recommend buying healthcare coverage from this insurance company.

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Ambetter health insurance's covered services include preventative and emergency care, therapy, behavioral health help, medications, maternity, and hospitalization. It is an on-exchange health insurance option in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Health Insurance Marketplace plans offer comprehensive health insurance coverage. For health plans to be on the Marketplace, they must be a qualified health plan that covers the essential health benefits listed in the Affordable Care Act.

To enroll in Ambetter insurance, you need to apply during Open Enrollment. The Open Enrollment period for 2020 healthcare coverage runs from November 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019. If you missed the enrollment period, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period after December 15, 2019 if you have a Qualifying Life Event.

The Good

  • Health Plan Options
  • Member Resources
  • Unique Features
  • My Health Pays™
  • Dental and Vision Coverage

Health Plan Options

If you're looking to get an Ambetter plan, you can view their health plans by first selecting the state you live in and then selecting the type of health plan tier you're most interested in. From there, your options open up to several different plans with varying prices and benefits.

Ambetter Health Insurance Marketplace plan options include: Ambetter Essential Care (Bronze Plan), Ambetter Balanced Care (Silver Plan), and Ambetter Secure Care (Gold Plan).

Each plan offers insurance coverage for the essential health benefits listed in the Affordable Care Act, but the cost-sharing rules for medical expenses are different for each tiered plan option.

Members with Ambetter Essential Care pay lower premiums but have higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Ambetter Balanced Care, the Silver Plan, offers higher premiums and a lower out-of-pocket limit.

Ambetter Secure Care has higher monthly premiums, but the lowest out-of-pocket expenses of the three plan types.

For specific coverage and cost information, including the deductible, out-of-pocket expenses, and premium costs, you'll need to work with Ambetter directly. Depending on your income, you may qualify for a tax credit subsidy on your monthly premium.

Member Resources

Each Ambetter member has access to an online portal through which they can make all of their payments, view healthcare plan benefits, and take care of logistics like obtaining a member ID card. The member portal offers extra features, too, such as providing reminders for members when they are due for another doctor's visit or allowing them to take a health risk assessment to determine which steps they can take to live healthier.

Members can track their claims 24/7 through the online portal, as well as connect with member services at any hour of the day.

The subsidy estimator in the online account also helps members see how much they would receive for reimbursement for a treatment with their benefits. If you qualify, the subsidy lowers what you pay for the monthly premium charge.

Unique Features

Ambetter provides more than just logistical tools for members. Many of the extra features it offers also send the message that Ambetter wants members to get healthier and stay healthier. These tools include a 24/7 nurse hotline that members can access for questions and medical needs.

There are also health-promoting programs to support members with dealing with behavioral health and maternity and newborn care. Ambetter offers 24/7 Nurse Advice Line and integrated health management to enhance members ability to get the most out of their medical care. Ambetter also offers telehealth access with some of its plans. With telehealth, members can have phone or video access to in-network providers for non-emergencies.

My Health Pays™

My Health Pays™ is Ambetter's rewards program to provide incentives for members to live healthier with better habits. You can earn money for taking a survey provided by Ambetter, getting a flu shot, or having your wellness exam, and this money can go toward your next premium. Members can be reimbursed for gym membership payments as well. This rewards program promotes health and well-being among Ambetter members. While this program is great, it's only available in some of the states Ambetter services.

Dental and Vision Coverage

Dental and vision coverage are available with Ambetter, but the benefits and availability of each are entirely specific to the state you live in and the type of health plan you've signed up for. Dental benefits, for example, is not available in Texas, but vision insurance is. Dental coverage includes exams, cleanings, and screenings, overall, and vision benefits include yearly eye exams and glasses or contacts. Those seeking vision coverage and dental benefits in addition to health insurance can find options through Ambetter.

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The Bad

  • Poor Customer Reviews
  • Access to Plan Information
  • Limited Service Areas
  • No Mobile App 

Poor Customer Reviews

Ambetter has received an overwhelming number of 1-star reviews on Best Company. These Ambetter reviews mention difficulty getting medication and treatments approved for coverage, issues with claims that were difficult to resolve, frustration with customer service, and difficulty finding an in-network provider.

With such a high number of 1-star reviews, you'll be better served choosing another company if you can.

Access to Plan Information

It's somewhat difficult to access specific information about the types of health plans Ambetter has. Its website primarily just explains the metal tiers (gold plan, silver plan, and bronze plan) as well as how essential health benefits are covered by every plan.

To find out what kinds of plans these are, such as Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), not to mention what prices and benefits you qualify for (like out-of-pocket expenses, copayments, deductibles, covered services specifics,and if you need prior authorization for certain medical services), you'll have to contact a representative.

Upfront, it's important to know that Ambetter is part of the Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM). It's Centene's option for HIM plans, which are intended for people who don't have health insurance and maybe don't qualify for typical plans.

Ambetter only offers Marketplace plans. If you are looking for another kind of insurance plan, like a short-term health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, you'll need to find another insurance carrier.

Limited Service Areas

Ambetter plans are available in a some states. These include Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you don't live in any of these states, then Ambetter may not be an option for you.

Even if you do reside in one of the states they service, make sure to check the location of their in-network providers (e.g. a primary care physician, specialist, etc.) for your state to ensure they have an in-network provider near you.

No Mobile App

Unlike many of its competing insurance companies, Ambetter doesn't have a mobile app. Some companies provide this for enrollees to access their accounts right from their phones, making communication and logistics much easier. Ambetter hasn't provided this yet, making account management slightly less convenient than with other companies.

The Bottom Line

Ambetter should be somewhat of a last resort when choosing an affordable health insurance company. While its plans all have decent health coverage for preventative care and some vision and dental benefits, it is difficult to access full details of its various plans. Data points such as the annual maximum out-of-pocket limit and co-pays are difficult to find on the website.

Plan cost and deductible levels vary among plans. Availability depends on location. Cost is also affected by the number of people on the plan and some demographic information, like age.

While Ambetter's plans offer comprehensive healthcare coverage, it's important to review customer reviews to get a sense of Ambetter's quality — health plans, value, cost, and customer service — and compare Ambetter to other health insurance companies before making a final decision about signing up for an Ambetter plan.

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Juan Nelson

September 3rd, 2016 Miami, FL

Customer Service is TERRIBLE. I have been paid their service for months and Ambetter show me in the web page as I did not. I have called them several times, saved reference numbers of the calls. But Ambetter do not update their system!!! If I would need to use the insurance, Ambetter will not honor the insurance (It happened once last year). I recommend DO NOT use Ambetter insurance!!!



September 1st, 2016 Chicago, IL

You are literally paying for nothing. Nobody will accept them. The doctors listed on their website as in network don't accept them. If they did they stopped because they weren't getting paid. Good luck finding a specialist, closest one we found is 1800 miles away. The only other option listed is 1849 miles away. Customers service is either in the dark about their network, or paid well enough to pretend. Oh, and the only primary care physician in all of downtown Chicago is the free clinic, although according to their scammy or outdated website there's dozens. .



September 1st, 2016 Jacksonville, FL

AMBETTER is the absolute worst. I have MS and they have denied my Copaxon medication 4 times. They are also dragging there feet in approving my MRI and there billing department holds your payment check for 10 days. I have never been so unhappy with a Health Insurance the only thing this place does correctly is take your money.


Tanisha Lenae

August 27th, 2016 Columbus, GA

Okay so, Um I'm not even a customer yet, but I Signed up over the phone recently. The woman I talked to her name was Jennifer **** and she was extremely nice and all but I recieved no calls or nothing discussing my insurance I was supposed to get for $95 a month but she had told me there was going to be a $115 charge which included the application fee and I'm guessing the first charge, but I only see that $24 and some change is taken out. I really hate the idea of being scamed...... And I just hope that isn't the case and honestly don't want to judge without knowing what is going on, but I feel ad if that is what happened. I left a voicemail and got a little snappy this time and told her there was going to be a report filed because this is my third voicemail I've lleft her and nothing in return... And I am honestly just a person trying to help myself because I have no insurance. And NEED some. ASAP....


Katrina Mintz

August 25th, 2016 Cleveland, GA

I reported Ambetter to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner today. They have sent me in circles since June denying claims. They have only nine oncologist on their website now IN THE WHOLE USA and not one in the state of Georgia. How deceptive!!! An insurance company with the peach state symbol that has not one cancer doctor in the whole state. When I call their services division, they just tell me the cities within a 100 miles they have checked and tell me they are sorry they can't help. THEY ARE SORRY! IT TOOK VERY LITTLE EFFORT TO SEND PAPERWORK TO GEORGIA INSURANCE COMMISSION. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY HAVE GIVEN BOGUS NAMES OF DOCTORS AND BOGUS PHONE NUMBERS TO ME NUMEROUS TIMES.



August 25th, 2016 Tampa, FL

the worst service possible, THEY gives me no 1 no 3 but 5 different doctors non work at the clinic that I go BUT still with his name in you can use other doctors, the specialist send me to a cancer center and need referrals that took a week and half to get here, I ask for test and was told that don't need it now I show up with CANCER I try to get a OON (out of the network) form was denied, bad bad bad insurance part of the stup... gov. care


Luisa Serrato

August 23rd, 2016 Lynnwood, WA

This insurances is the worst they keep telling me that my insurance is canceled but they keep asking me to make my monthly payment.....WTF.....every time you try to call and get an answer they said that they are gonna fix the problem but they never do!!!!!!! DON'T GET THIS INSURANCE!!!!!!



August 17th, 2016

I live in GA. They have providers listed on website or you call to verify or find a provider and when you actual call to make an appointment oh the doctor doesn't take Ambetter. You contact Ambetter and inform them and they apologize and tell you that they have plenty of doctors in Atlanta which is 250 miles and 5 hours away. They cant even verify their prescription services co pay. I was better off going to the public health clinic and using Good Rx. A year later I still cannot see an orthopedic doctor or a neurologist and I am in so much pain that I can not walk. Then when you call the customer service rep ask me if I have had my Well Woman appointment or my colonoscopy that I need to do this but no doctor takes their insurance in Savannah. No not get this insurance. A word of advice the Insurance Commissioner's office advised me that they have to provide coverage locally and how to do it. Call their office for information. It took me 9 months just to get an ID card from them. Please chose another company and make a complaint to the State's Insurance Commissoner. This is graud. The HIM is very aware of this and does nothing. How horrible can this be?


Richard Christy

August 17th, 2016 Olive Branch, MS

Awful. Just awful. It's like being on Medicaid except you're paying for it. You get to see the lowest rated doctors, in the oldest and funkiest offices with the most outdated of equipment. And you're lucky to find these. Most doctor's offices either chuckled at the notion of taking this insurance, or had never heard of it. Then when you call in to find a doctor they tell you there are 4 within 120 miles. I mean cmon. Anyways I resubmitted with a life change of an increase of an extra $50 every two weeks on my check and picked Humana this time so I can actually see a doctor whose name I can pronounce.



August 12th, 2016 Austin, TX

I'm been trying to find a Dr since April. No one has been able to help me. I am in so much pain and they cant find me a dr. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS POSSIBLE. They do not care about the customer. I've had Reps hang up on me or put me on hold for over an hour. They have given me false information. Ive spoken to a supervisor who swore to help me and I still havent received a call back. Ive left countless voicemails. I dont know what else to do.


Darlene Meldrum

August 11th, 2016 Marysville, OH

When I enrolled my physician was listed, with the healthcare market place you sign up in the fall and insurance doesn't begin until the next year. When my insurance took effect my physician was no longer on the plan. Now I have to pay for each physician visit in full! No, I'm not switching from a physician I know well and trust to someone who doesn't have much of a practice because they are either new or not very good. Every time you need to find out if a physician, lab, or anyone else is on your preferred list you have to call because the website doesn't work. Since the beginning of the year they have told me they are working on this, it's been 8 months and no resolution. Of course when you call it takes forever and the person doesn't speak English! Today I received a bill saying I owe for my yearly eye exam, it states in my booklet that this is covered 100%! After being on the phone with Ambetter rep for 22 minutes I'm informed the claim was submitted without a code #. I called my optometrist office and they said they were told that routine eye exams aren't covered. I called Ambetter back and went through all the questions, explained the problem, another 22 minutes on the phone. My optometrist has to resubmit. I would save a lot of money not having health insurance and paying out of pocket for everything. I hate "Obamacare" and will never do business with Ambetter again.


bettina perkins

August 10th, 2016 Leander, TX

I have ambetter, it is a transparent not buy this insurance, they will give you the run around! Report them to your State Insurance Commission, it's the only way they will stop their practices.


Dottie Schreck

August 4th, 2016 Marietta, GA

This company ONLY looks good on paper...we have hit a brick wall SO many times in the 4 months we've had the service. They turn down everything. I am in SEVERE pain every day all day but they don't approve necessary treatments and testing and it's impossible to get into a doctor because so few take it in Georgia. HORRIBLE company and horrible people who don't follow through


Mark Anthony

July 30th, 2016 Miami, FL

It took ,me a few months to get used to how this insurer works. I and my wife have a silver plan and we use the benefits routinely such as chiro and physical therapy, dental exam etc. Our doctors have said our plan gives us more visits per year than other patients plans. We have to spend a lot of time to find the health practitioners that we like but once we do, its great! The ones who are bad we call Ambetter and report the concern and or file a complaint(and believe me there are plenty of bad actors with licenses to practice medicine.) Usually they tell you that such and such a test or treatment that I need is not covered and charge me above the copay and when the visit is done I wonder was what they did anything beyond what is routine? That's when you need to call Ambetter to discuss what took place because there is plenty of fraud perpetrated on the ignorant consumer.


Jan Cook

July 27th, 2016 Stephenville, TX

this company is a huge FRAUD!!! first off they dont explain anything to you when you call & if you get cut off (which ALWAYS happens if you ask hard questions) you never get the same answer or you get cut off. i got a letter on 07/13/16 telling me that they had cancelled my policy for non payment--which is odd since I just got an invoice from them which i pay every month!! now the interesting thing is the date for cancellation was 04/30/16---now i go to the doctor once a month EVERY month! not once did they refuse me or say anything different. i call & was told that all my payments were set aside because they were waiting for a new file from! I then was told oh no you arent cancelled at all just suspended till they got an updated file....ok i then call HealthCare & was told nope cancelled is what they told them & no need for a new file for anything since i was signed up for the entire year. I then find out that they have refused to pay my medical bills by returning them & telling the dcotor office to resend it with a different code-- they do & it gets rejected again but told to use the other code & its a circle jerk!! i just went in for my monthly appt & get told that Ambetter now said i was cancelled & never covered for non payment which meant i was told that i had to pay 4 months of bills or they would refuse to see me! this company is worthless & a scam!!!



July 22nd, 2016 Gilbert, AZ

DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE! YOU MAY AS WELL BE UNINSURED! I am on the phone constantly with these people and always get a different answer. I am crying on hold as I type this. They have screwed up my claims and told me I was paid 5 months in advance and wouldn't take my monthly payment even when I insisted I wasn't! Then they cancelled me, duh, and won't pay my hospital bills!, this is a no company where everyone has a different answer. I hate them and will change health care as soon as humanly possible!



July 21st, 2016 Seattle, WA

Dealing with this company has been a complete nightmare. Hours spent on the phone, money spent on a plant that wasn't even activated, the list goes on and on. Please use a different company if you can, its worth the extra money to get a different company.



July 21st, 2016 Pooler, GA

Horrible, horrible, and horrible! Please be aware of this insurance company scam. Purchased Ambetter through in agent Jan 2016 in my local area. Purchased plan that did not require specialist referrals. In May of 2016 needed to see a specialist. Learned the nearest specialist was 119mi away. Contacted Ambetter and was told they would authorize an out of network provider and expedite request because I was ill. Contacted specialist and informed me the physician I chose still does not have letter of authorization. Contacted Ambetter and was told I would need to go to my primary care physician for a referral. Contacted the doctor they chose to schedule a visits for a referral. Doctor informed me that they have explained to Ambetter since Jan 2015 they do not or have ever accepted Ambetter. Contacted Ambetter and was giving another provider. Contacted his office and was informed he has never heard of insurance company. I normally do not post reviews but If you read this please avoid Ambetter membership at all cost. The company starting to remind me of an upcoming "American Greed" episode


Abraham Bustamante

July 21st, 2016 Houston, TX

This insurance is a scam! My mom went to get some X-rays and it didn't cover 1 penny, she pays over 200 dollars a month for the insurance and for other reasons this insurance is just the worst ever!


Lisa Pitts

July 21st, 2016 Hollywood, FL

Been trying to get my oxygen and supplies for 3 months through this ins.every time I call they need more information from Dr.have been jumping through hoops very disgusted in a few things getting tired of doing g their job for them!!!


S Brown

July 21st, 2016 Killeen, TX

We signed up for this insurance because we could afford the silver plan and receive a little more coverage. We researched their website and looked at all the doctors that would accept this insurance and we thought we had found a decent plan. Unfortunately, as soon as we started calling doctors on the list to schedule appointments we were repeatedly told over and over that they do not accept this insurance. Finding doctors has been a long, tedious process and we have ended up spending so much money out of pocket, we might as well have just stayed with a bronze package with another insurance company.



July 5th, 2016 Decatur, GA

Ambetter's slogan should be "For people who can't do better" because that's exactly what it feels like with this insurance company. Here's the breakdown of my experience with Ambetter: The good: Insurance plus dental, the cheapest rate their is. Easy to contact them and the staff were friendly to me I didn't have any issues with auto-pay until I had a job change The bad (the real bad): You don't know who is in your area. The coverage map you have to look at to select your provider is NEVER updated. Expect to spend hours and hours calling to see who offers what. You might as well not even use the website. You're left feeling that you just have to select who you manage to find. You can pick your primary care doctor on the website if the are accepting patients. Funny thing is, since Ambetter never updates their database you are able, and likely, to pick a doctor that either no longer accepts ambetter insurance, or doesn't even work at the same hospital anymore. Completely useless function. Expect to get the lowest common denominator of doctor choices. FOR DENTAL: This was a nightmare to find somebody for my dental work. More than 80% only accept child patients. Finding somebody who accepts adult patients is just pure dumb luck. Take what you can get. I live in the middle of Atlanta and I could only find 3 possibilities. The only reason I give this review a 1 instead of a 0 is that "you get what you payed for" can be loosely applied here...



June 29th, 2016 Miami, FL

Do not sign up for the dental/vision option. That is unless you want mercury fillings instead of white composite as this is what they cover for the molars. My 1st visit to one of the providers office opened my eyes to all that us not covered even partially. Better to pay out of pocket for your dental because thats what you will end up doing if you care about receiving quality dental service.


Arthur Chisley

June 29th, 2016 Romulus, MI

Ambetter is not a good health insurance for me, I need an insurance that will help me in many ways.



June 29th, 2016 Ruskin, FL

This is the worst health insurance company I have ever dealt with. Website lies the list of doctors and hospitals don't take this insurance. Called obamacare told them i wanted to change my insurance because I am paying an ignormuous amount of money for horrible insurance. They told me I would have to wait till the end of the year to change. I asked if I canceled if i did I would have to pay the tax penalty plus penalty for not having insurance when I signup. I can't tell how mad I am.


L MAddox

June 29th, 2016 Fayetteville, GA

They have screwed up my insurance every month since I have had it. They aren't excepted anywhere but yet I am supposed to pay a montly premium plus 20%every time I go to a doctor. My montly premium has been screwed up every month and I just get the run around and asked if I can call back in 3 days. No help at all.


Maria Pelaez

June 17th, 2016 Miami, FL

BIG JOKE! They cancelled my policy then when we started receiving bills from medical providers it took me more than 5 months and dozens of calls to Ambetter to finally get this straighten out. At one point I would call the customer service line and they would hang up or they also have automatic message of a guy saying that he can't hear us and giving information about ID cards. It's a joke. Worse, when I called to complaint about the message and that it takes me 30 min to get a hold of anybody, the lady Lynn didn't even seem surprised. I had problems with enrollment, disenrollment, wrong information, cancelled charges that weren't supposed to be cancelled, you name it! I've talked to Sabrina, Chayra, Darielle, David Rex, Tina, Carmen and the list goes on and on. Don't waste your time!


J M Jodu

June 17th, 2016 Riverside, IL

Every time I try to get a primary doctor that is listed as accepting patients on the Ambetter website, I call and find they no longer take Ambetter insurance. What a headache.


Tammy Wayne

June 13th, 2016 Schererville, IN

I purchased this on 5.25.2016. Their system did not register my payment. As a result, I did not show as "active". I called them on 6.3.16 to attempt to straighten this out. I had to "prove" that I paid. I did and had at least 5 different customer service reps tell me 5 different things. Liars!!! On 6.6.16, I still do not have insurance. As a result, I am a Type I diabetic without insulin. Further, I will not have insurance for at least 72 more hours. As anyone knows, insulin is like buying liquid gold. I can't afford it as I lost my job due to my position being eliminated. I paid for insurance so I would be able to afford my insulin. Now I will likely end up in a coma, or die. I explained this to Ambetter, but they claim that their hands are tied and can't do anything until U.S. Script updates the system. Apparently, life does not matter to insurance companies. I will die in comfort knowing that I will not be fined for not having insurance that failed to cover me!!


Victoria Gautier

June 13th, 2016

We are actually sueing ambetter for how terrible there service and help is. Even though we have been enrolled for 5 months and paying our bill we just now have coverage. Impossible to find a dr. Once you do you cant get your prescriptions even at wallgreens.



June 13th, 2016 FL

This is the WORST insurance every. All they are worried about is the money.


Jessie Depa

June 13th, 2016 Elmwood Park, IL

This one is fake insurance company in six months I can` get regular physical check-up doctors from the list will not accept if they here AMBETTER. I`m without insurance for another 6 months till next enrollment. Why marketplace allows it?



June 13th, 2016 Lombard, IL

This is the WORST insurance ever. I have called every single doctor on their list (which by the way, happens to change almost everyday) and every single time they say they don't accept this insurance. It's really hard not to feel like I am being scammed. I've about given up calling customer service. They are useless and seem to have no clue. They are good at saying "I do apologize." AMBETTER YOU ARE THE WORST.


sergio campos

June 13th, 2016 Miami, FL

this is the worst insurance company I have ever deal with in my life


Jessie Depa

June 13th, 2016 Elmwood Park, IL

This insurance is a big joke, have to wait two months to get my ID card and after making payments upfront for 18 months I get my card. they were trying to steal one full month payment. Doctors from their list want accept AMBETTER, I am paying for nothing cant get even regular wellness check-up.


Kathy Gearhart

June 13th, 2016 Elgin, IL

Chasing refund check for 6 months, nothing but false promises!!!


Emily Brown

May 31st, 2016 La Grange, IL

they send out your bill with less than 7 days to pay, or you are under their `grace period' where they dont have to cover you. They lock you out of your online account when you try to pay online. Their list of doctors dont exist or dont participate. AVOID


You know

May 28th, 2016 Seattle, WA

Ambetter Coordinated Health is the worst company that I have dealt with in this digital of the new millennium. 1) Billing: You can't pay t:hem. You can pay by credit card and walk away and they will pre-authorize your payment to your bank making the funds unavailable then after 10 business days they don't take the money and then suspend your service for non payment. -To combat this I sentdthe the receipt in their messaging system telling them to make sure they follow through with the transaction. know one should have to do this. -They didn't have proof of any transaction that you have made. The customer service agent doesn't have access to verify that you even made or attempted to make a payment. However after I complained in March they now show transactions and the receipt. Even with that the payments that they show that I have made in the last six months are inaccurate or incomplete. 2) Customer Service: they cannot see or access any real information. Don't leave a survey it is not their fault. But they should tell you the truth about their limited access instead of speaking strongly and frustrated with the customer in repeating wait 3-5 business days. -They can't tell you what happen to a payment that wasn't processed to be resubmitted and they can't see any receipts. -When they make a mistake in not completing the transaction it takes forever for them to clear up the suspension they have against you from using your insurance. Even though it's their fault in not processing the payments. The agents will state it will take 3-5 business days . When you come back with the statement "but your record shows you have had the payment processed and out of my account for 7 business days" there is no answer and the agent gets angry and repeats 3-5 business days and there is no one in billing that they can transfer you to to get real business taken care of rather than speaking to a frustrated agent that knows their information is inaccurate. 3) The phone system know more about processed payments than the website or the agent does but still unreliable. 4)I have never had such a hard time paying for services in my life. I don't know the other end yet. Being that we have had the services for 5 months and I gave them the last payment 3 business days ago because I am going to another company They still haven't paid for my services from 45 days ago. It's pending because of the payment they did not take out of my bank after the funds were there and pending for 10 business days. We are full paid until the end of the month but we are still suspended. 5) On their side it seems they only want to take payments from checking accounts and not credit cards. I guess because they know there is flaw in their system. But I don't want to give out that info because it's easier to dispute/ trace a transaction with a credit card and it's easier to cancel a card. But to cancel a checking account because of potential fraudulent activity is a greater impact on the consumer. So I don't like to give out my checking account info. Watch out. I have spent more time trying to pay this company. With all of my other bills it takes 30 minutes total monthly. With this company I have spent hours a month checking to see if they payment is still pending and if they eve took the payment and resubmitting the payment after the preauth falls off and the funds become available again and being suspended most of the time because of this circle


David Happe

May 28th, 2016 Waconia, MN

Worst health insurance we have EVER had. I cancelled it after 90 days. Here's the deal : Expensive premiums through the ObamaCare Florida exchange. Almost NONE of the doctors listed on their web site will actually take the insurance, and the ones that will are the worst rated/reviewed doctors in the State. If you go to a doctor out of state? Not covered. They assigned me (a 45 year old male) a primary doctor... I didn't pick it. Guess what? They assigned me a PEDIATRICIAN 45 minutes away from my home. If you don't go to the assigned doctor? YOU GUESSED IT... denied claim as you didn't use your "primary" physician. In short, this insurance is a 100% SCAM intended to fleece people out of money to subsidize other people. It's literally the WORST. Oh and if you are travelling? No coverage. ANYWHERE in the United States. Use an out of network emergency room while you are vacationing? NO COVERAGE. It's the worst. RUN AWAY from this scam.



May 24th, 2016 Irwin, PA

Incompetent. Website sucks, Health Insurance sucks, Customer Service sucks. Made a bad choice, but the good thing is, I got choices.


Janet C

May 23rd, 2016 Gatesville, TX

since I got this insurance back in Jan2016 I have nothing but issues!!! First off my doctor is within their network but yet they seemingly make it super hard for them! they say it needs to be filed under eye doctors & then when they do they get told no its winning! then they "forget" to credit my payments in a timely manner & threaten to drop me! i paid my bill at the beginning of the month & still nothing but a nasty letter & now they have tripled my month bill!!! i try to get into my account online it doesnt let me sign in & then i call & for 1 question it takes about 45 minutes to get an answers--most times the person doesnt speak english or does so poorly or just plain RUDE.......had o know they were this bad i never would have taken this crappy service!!!


R Knox

May 23rd, 2016 Hampton, GA

Directory is not current. Can't find a doctor that even takes this insurance. Just mentioning the name to an office you can hear their reaction of how bad it is. Thought it was great to have insurance SUCKS that I can't use it!


Hena Parveen

May 23rd, 2016 Bothell, WA

I never write reviews for anything, but I HAVE to for this company. It has to be one of the poorest health care insurance service I have ever had. Their reps are not helpful, and I talked to one who was downright rude! They had a miscommunication with the health exchange and did not cover me for a month (which I am willing to pay the fine for later) but now they are claiming I was covered and I should pay the premium! Even my welcome package says my effective date of coverage but they said they changed my effective date about 2 months after my coverage began! Ridiculous! I will never use this company again! They are unprofessional and won't accept their system error.



May 20th, 2016 Villa Park, IL

not only do i find this insurance kinda high but nobody takes it! WTF medicaid offers 100 times better coverage! i hate this forced upon me insurance that i can barely afford but yet make too much for free healthcare....



May 20th, 2016 Silver Spring, MD

Do not get "covered" by Ambetter. Pay premiums which are accepted by company and discover coverage has somehow been voluntarily cancelled months before. Few doctors and hospitals accept Ambetter and when it is accepted, Ambetter fails to pay. The worst insurance I have ever had--a total nightmare. You would be better off to pay your local dog catcher your premium and get your health care from him or her.


Leah Dugan

May 20th, 2016 Chicago, IL

DO NOT EVER PICK THIS INSURER! You will regret it. Dealing with this company has caused me time, money, frustration, and my son going without coverage for 3 months. I paid for coverage on time, every month, from Jan - May of this year. I kept receiving letters stating that I owed them money from the previous month. I would call, tell them I had paid already, and after 15-30 minutes on the phone with a rep, was told, each time, the situation was getting fixed. I did this three months in a row. In an attempt to fix the situation, I paid the extra money they insisted I owed (which I had already paid) because my son was overdue for a well visit. At the beginning of this month (May) I received a letter stating that my son's coverage was cancelled in FEBRUARY. This was BEFORE all of my phone calls. No one I spoke with at anytime over the phone told us we had been dropped, they simply took our payment and let us believe we were covered. I have since called the Market Place and they have escalated my case and we hope to get it resolved. In the meantime, my son is STILL WITHOUT COVERAGE and I have paid MORE than what I owed for literally nothing. This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life. And I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.



May 18th, 2016 FL

They label a lot of doctors as in-network when they are actually not covered. I've had this insurance since February 2016 and this has happened more than a handful of times already.



May 18th, 2016 Akron, OH

Fradulent company. Taking money out of my bank account with out permission



May 18th, 2016 IL

No one accepts ambetter. I am having a hard time finding doctors and hospitals who accept this insurance. At the end, go with another insurance provider. Now I need to see what other options I have.


Vivian Johnson

May 12th, 2016 San Antonio, TX

Many of the Dr's listed on the Ambetter website as providers do not accept the insurance. Ambetter does not update the list when a Dr no longer accepts, leading to a deceptive list. I am left with medical insurance I can't use and medical conditions that I can't get treated. This is a horrible insurance and I would not recommend for anyone to use them. RUN! Especially if you have any medical issues. They should not be allowed to call themselves an insurance company.