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5 Confusing Things About Open Enrollment

October 29, 2019

"It's complicated," said your ex about breaking up with you. Or were they talking about health insurance? Health insura...

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4 Things to Look For in a Health Plan

August 12, 2019

Health insurance is an important way to get the health care you need while protecting your finances from large medical ...

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Pitfalls to Avoid During Open Enrollment

November 07, 2018

Enrolling in health insurance is an important financial decision. Health insurance can save you money on your health car...

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    American Veterans Need to Know Health Insurance Options
    Guest Post by Shaun Greene Happy Veterans Day and 101st Anniversary of Armistice Day. As we take the day to remember our veterans (especially those who gave all), let’s also do what we can for those who are transitioni...
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    How to Cope with Mental Health Issues When You're the Boss
    Guest Post by Heather Baker One of the most positive changes of the last decade has been the slow shift in attitudes towards mental illness in the workplace. From celebrities like Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga, to Prince Harry and...
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    5 Confusing Things About Open Enrollment
    "It's complicated," said your ex about breaking up with you. Or were they talking about health insurance? Health insurance has lots of terminology and specific processes that can be daunting and difficult to understand at fi...
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    5 Good Habits to Keep You Healthy at Your Desk Job
    Guest Post by Sophia Smith Having a desk job is a given these days, yet, in spite of obvious comforts this type of job has, stress and difficult office relationships can still take their toll. Of course, there are more stress...
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    Fall Health Hacks for Your Physical and Mental Health
    Taking care of your physical and mental health can help make life more enjoyable. Now is the time to get prepared and make necessary changes as the season changes to get the most out of fall. Physical health  Fitness is...
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    Fall Health Hacks for Your Nutrition and Fitness
    Maintaining good health is important year-round. As each season changes, it’s a nice opportunity to evaluate your habits and make changes. Because of harvest season, fall is a great time to add more vegetables and fres...
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    3 Things That Can Happen When You Switch from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare
    Guest Post by Troy Frink  Many people know about Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), the public health insurance program created in 1965 for retiree coverage. Did you know there are additional private plans called Med...
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    5 Pitfalls to Avoid During Medicare Annual Enrollment
    Medicare Annual Enrollment for 2020 coverage runs October 15, 2019 to December 7, 2019. It’s a good opportunity for people with Original Medicare to evaluate if a Medicare Advantage plan might be better and vice versa....
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    3 Ways to Prepare for Medicare Annual Enrollment 2019
    Medicare Annual Enrollment is a valuable opportunity to re-evaluate your Medicare plan, review Medicare options, and even find a better plan. The Annual Enrollment Period for coverage during 2020 runs October 15th through De...
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    What You Should Know about the Medigap Underwriting Process
    Guest Post by Danielle K. Roberts When your Medicare benefits begin, your Part B effective date kicks off a 6-month open enrollment window during which new Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in any Medigap plan with no health...

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