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LAST UPDATED: March 26th, 2024

Fortress Credit Professionals provides baseline credit repair services. Rather than charging monthly fees, the company only charges per item deleted. 

In addition to its extensive online credit repair resources, Fortress Credit Professionals has attorneys on retainer to represent its clients to credit bureaus and creditors, and can help stop debt collectors from calling. 

However, the company's "per-deletion" fees are much higher than those of comparable companies and the company requires customers to pay for a credit monitoring service. 

Customers are encouraged to investigate other credit repair companies before making a decision.

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The Good

  • No Monthly Fees 
  • Attorneys on Retainer 
  • Helpful Online Resources 

Fortress Credit Professionals seeks to establish itself as one of the foremost credit repair experts in the business. 

The company provides a number of useful online resources: an active blog, a training program for entrepreneurs seeking to finance their business, as well as a credit repair podcast. 

Essentially, the company aims to provide customers with as much education about their credit score as possible. 

Fortress Credit Professionals has licensed attorneys on retainer to help represent its clients to creditors and put a stop to collection calls. Benefits include:

No Monthly Fees

Fortress Credit Professionals only charges "per-deletion" fees.

Since the company does not require customers to pay a monthly payment for services, customers can rest assured that they are paying for the services they receive. 

Attorneys on Retainer

The company has a list of attorneys on retainer who can help customers put a stop to harassing debt collection calls. 

Helpful Online Resources

The company provides an extensive knowledge base on its main website, including a credit repair podcast.  


The Bad

  • Minimum Deletion Fee 
  • Enrollment Fee
  • Poor Online Transparency 

Although Fortress Credit Professionals do not charge a monthly fee, its per-deletion fees are quite expensive, at least $100 per deletion.

Other companies in the credit experts with similar pricing models charge as low as $20 per deletion, while others will correct or delete certain inaccuracies for no charge whatsoever. 

The company provides little policy information upfront, and terms and conditions are only available upon request. 

Due to the lack of online transparency, customers may not learn about additional fees (be they applied at the time of signing or cancellation) until after the literal contract is actually printed.

Potential clients should note that the company does require all of those who enroll to "maintain an active three bureau credit monitoring service with Credit Mojo at $25 per month." 

Enrollment Fee

In addition to the company's pay-per-deletion fees, account members are asked to pay an enrollment fee of $172.

According to the company's website, this is a financial investment that customers make to get started with the credit repair process. 

Minimum Deletion Fee

Fortress Credit Professionals' credit repair service is significantly more expensive than other "charge per deletion" credit repair company services. 

Poor Online Transparency

Those who are interested in Fortress Credit Professionals' credit repair service, can only obtain the company's terms and conditions upon request. 

Generally, credit repair companies offer information about their credit repair process before asking clients to sign up. 

Additionally, Fortress Credit Professionals do not appear to offer any sort of free service trial, which means that potential customers may experience some financial risk when signing up for the company's services. 


The Bottom Line

If you are looking to truly educate yourself about the credit repair process and other factors affecting your credit, Fortress Credit Professionals has some of the most comprehensive resources in the industry (most of them for free). 

The company also does not charge a monthly fee for services and works with all three major credit bureaus to dispute negative and inaccurate items that are on customers' credit reports. 

Fortress Credit Professionals work to dispute collections, charge offs, tax liens, short sales, foreclosures, auto repossessions, and bankruptcy violations. 

Unfortunately, the company's per-deletion fees can stack up quickly, and customers with extensive credit damage could end up paying thousands of dollars in a matter of months. 

If you are interested in hiring Fortress Credit Professionals to fix your bad credit, we recommend that you read several customer reviews and contact the company to learn more about its services and credit repair process. 

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Patrick Rusniak

All credit repair takes time. All these companies take advantage of you in one form or another. I had a huge blow out with them because I took a few creditors to court on .y own and had them deleted through the courts. They tried telling me they had them deleted until I showed them the court documents. Now in complete fairness to Rondi. I will give this man 100 % credit for his knowledge. Can't take this from him at all. We just clashed on a few things and that was that. It was a very bitter ending. He threatened law suits against me and I threatened fraud against him so we basically never spoke again and that was the end of it.

3 months ago

star star star star star

Sara Thompson Las Vegas, NV

I am not sure why there are so many bad reviews. I have been with several companies, and I was blown away by Fortress. Before I signed up they counted up my items to let me know exactly how much it could cost when I was done, and they worked out a payment arrangement. Then they only charged me for the items they got permanently removed. I had a lot of medical collections, so they removed most of it. Thank God! Then during the repair I worked with my client advisor and followed the easy instructions in the coaching to build up new credit. They even set me up with a few credit cards and showed me some hacks on how to build credit quickly. I love the education I received, especially the amazing information the CEO Rondi L shares online. Not only did my score go from a 420 to 607 in 6 months, but with their coaching I have been able to take it from a 607 to a 742 after the repair. Now I share all the tips I learned from them with all my friends. It's insane that this stuff isn't taught in schools. But I am thankful for Fortress, they did exactly what they were going to do, and they didn't charge more than what I was quoted. Yes, it was expensive, but it was worth every penny. Especially considering the amount I am now saving in interest and deposits.

5 years ago

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Wyze Rose Hartford, CT

IF YOU SEE ANY REVIEWS ABOUT THIS COMPANY OVER A 1 START ITS PROBABLY FAKE!! I tried to work with them but once I realized all the hidden fees and monthly charges to at least 2 diff companies i said I'm all set… THE WORST PART IS, when i didn't sign the contract they would continue to try and take payments from my card randomly at 4am 1am 3 am knowing i did not want to do business with them… they inly want your money and provide no results with little info on policy or how anything works

8 months ago

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Kathy J Banning, CA

I signed 6 months ago and was told most of the negative reports would be deleted within 2 to 3 months as there were many inconsistencies on my report. Between payment to contract holder for Fortress and payment to Creditmojo, the cost is over $200 per month. This is all talk and a scam. Any positive reporting to credit bureaus is due to my handling of my business, not due to any deletions on behalf of Fortress. I keep leaving messages with no call back. Also, left message for owner, Rondi ro return my call. I can no longer afford to pay $200 per month for no action. Buyer beware!! Think twice before signing any contract!!

1 year ago

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Phil Porte

I don't understand these negative review. I worked with this company and had results. Yes, it is expensive, but going from 525 to 744 in 2 months is insane.

2 years ago

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ismael Honolulu, HI

Fortress credit "professional" they contract with the second party call Credit pro collection billing agency. They are more expensive than other credits repair out there. Fortress credit will charge you $250 for each dispute in your credit and for the second party credit pro collection you pay a separate fee. By the way was trying to pay for a settlement and we're not help to close my payment.

2 years ago

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Kelley King

Absolutely DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They will charge you an absorbant amount of money the first month and do nothing to help your credit. They charge per credit item, per credit report. You could end up paying $300 per credit item. You will end up with over a $2000 bill before you even know what or understand what is going on and your credit score will barely improve. There are other companies out there that charge way less and do more for you than this company. I am extremely disappointed with the results I received, the customer service is horrible at best. I am so sorry that I did not completely understand what was going on how they were going to charge me. Within 30 days they charged me over $2000. This is ridiculous. I would never recommend anyone use them.

6 years ago

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Jessica Gutierrez Tampa, FL

Made the HUGE mistake of working with these FRAUDS!!!!!!!!! They charged me for things that were “deleted” off of my credit and were placed back on only a month later, they charged me $300 just to have my name updated. I made the mistake of not educating myself and looking at ways of fixing the small stuff and then going to a company for the things that I couldn't do however now knowing ALL that I know, I can do it all myself and so can you!!! Don't give these scammers a dime, do the research and get it done for your self… If you have a computer, printer, envelopes and stamps that's all you need!!!!! If you don't, GO TO THE LIBRARY!!!! Don't hire someone for $100 PER DELETION. That's ridiculously high!!!!!! I did my fathers credit in 4 months, got a repo removed in 2 months and his score went from the low 400's to high 600's in 4 MONTHS!!!!!! Just as soon as they remove the few hundred that they scammed me for “deleting” items I will do my OWN credit…. Don't be fooled by these people, I was stupid and did it out of desperation at the moment and fell in with a $1,300 debt that they are threatening judgement against me!!!! One last thing that I thought was hilarious, they disputed my name with Experian and charged me $100 for getting my name “fixed” but when I received the letter from Experian, they said that that name was NEVER reported on my credit report!!!!!!! Such BULL!!!!!! People wake up and do it yourself, don't trust your information to these people!!!!!!!

9 years ago

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Bob Baxter Matawan, NJ

The absolute worst customer service it’s a one trick pony show. They try to make themselves look a lot bigger than they are. while putting down other credit repair companies such as Lexington law be prepared to spend around $4000 and expect little to nothing for your money they take credit for deletions, when in fact, it’s asking me if I had permission or received invitation to leave this review what kind of nonsense is that? they’ve reached maturity date and fall off on their own I would not recommend Credit Fortress pros to anyone colossal waste of my hard earned money

1 year ago Edited May 30, 2023


Review Source

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Nhat Ho Dallas, TX

Fortress credit professionals is a company build to scams people that have bad credit. They talked a good game try to get people to sign the contract and after the contract signed they will not do as they said. However when you try to cancel the contract they will creat a profile showing the work that had been done on your credit and start charge you for it but actually they didn’t do nothing. And if you don’t pay they will send it to a collection company in India and they will report to your credit bureau….

2 years ago

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Rochelle Saul Atlanta, GA

The worst credit service with hidden fees that as a customer i was not aware of the unnecessary work they claimed need to be deleted. For example: my name was always spelled correctly. I had passed credit that was paid in full and they still charged me for the service. I stressed how important the bankruptcy was to be remove from the credit agencies, that is still on my credit report. That being said, they have charged me $3,000 for services that is still on my credit report. Please Don't use this company. They're a scam.

6 years ago

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Lanny Palm Bay, FL

Do not use this company! Was told I would receive a free credit report analysis. The rep asked me for my credit card information to confirm I was over the age of 18 to receive the reports (which I ignorantly gave) and he attempted to upsell me credit report monitoring services and credit repair. I refused, hung up the phone and thought I was done with this company. I started getting charges on my credit card each month and attempted to contact them but no one picked up the phone. The charges continued until I finally cancelled my credit card for a new one.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Randall Pueblo, CO

Simply put, nothing ever happened, this company did nothing to help me. In fact, perhaps coincidentally but my Transunion score went down 55 points during my tenure with Fortress. PLUS...they do NOT get "paid for performance"!!! There are a LOT of monthly and other fees so they make money off you, deletions or not. The one thing that was OK was that when I asked for a refund, I got it.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Kelley Watson Red Bluff, CA

This place is awful. They charge their fee plus put you into a monthly fee with credit mojo and then do little to nothing. You're better off paying off debt because I could have paid everything I owed with the money they take monthly and do nothing for

1 year ago

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Alvaro Chacon Los Angeles, CA

STAY AWAY - Company is not transparent and after 1 year of working with them, I had zero results removing fraudulent collections from my account. It is impossible to cancel their account as the address they provide does not exist and there's no one to pick up the phone.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sam Gueis Saint Augustine, FL

This company is a fraud. Do not do business with them. Once you pay the application fee which is not legal. They will run with your money and never do anything for you. Please run from Scammers for sure.

8 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Steve San Jose, CA

This company work on my credit for one year. When all was said and done my credit was basically the same. I was charged approximately 2000.00. Paid on time. After one year they said let's take a break and let the credit agencies recalculate. I never heard from the again. I AM VERY ANGRY.

9 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jim Ulleseit Manteca, CA

Wow! The absolute biggest scam in the industry. $1325 later and not a single item removed after a year. I can’t believe I got suckered by these clowns. What a joke!

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Trey Caldwell Saint Augustine, FL

Customer Service is a joke. I know the owner doesn't care about customer service. I wouldn't recommend them to anyway who is serious about getting their credit repaired.

8 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

gary Causer ,

Stay away. I was given a free credit repair if You sign up for Credit mojo then they changed their minds Wanted a thousand bucks

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border


the worst over bill by 2000 no address no return e mail no supporting documents refuse to provide anything but a bill

8 years ago