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LAST UPDATED: March 29th, 2023

Fortress Credit Professionals provides baseline credit repair services. Rather than charging monthly fees, the company only charges per item deleted. 

In addition to its extensive online credit repair resources, Fortress Credit Professionals has attorneys on retainer to represent its clients to credit bureaus and creditors, and can help stop debt collectors from calling. 

However, the company's "per-deletion" fees are much higher than those of comparable companies and the company requires customers to pay for a credit monitoring service. 

Customers are encouraged to investigate other credit repair companies before making a decision.

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The Good

  • No Monthly Fees 
  • Attorneys on Retainer 
  • Helpful Online Resources 

Fortress Credit Professionals seeks to establish itself as one of the foremost credit repair experts in the business. 

The company provides a number of useful online resources: an active blog, a training program for entrepreneurs seeking to finance their business, as well as a credit repair podcast. 

Essentially, the company aims to provide customers with as much education about their credit score as possible. 

Fortress Credit Professionals has licensed attorneys on retainer to help represent its clients to creditors and put a stop to collection calls. Benefits include:

No Monthly Fees

Fortress Credit Professionals only charges "per-deletion" fees.

Since the company does not require customers to pay a monthly payment for services, customers can rest assured that they are paying for the services they receive. 

Attorneys on Retainer

The company has a list of attorneys on retainer who can help customers put a stop to harassing debt collection calls. 

Helpful Online Resources

The company provides an extensive knowledge base on its main website, including a credit repair podcast.  


The Bad

  • Minimum Deletion Fee 
  • Enrollment Fee
  • Poor Online Transparency 

Although Fortress Credit Professionals do not charge a monthly fee, its per-deletion fees are quite expensive, at least $100 per deletion.

Other companies in the credit experts with similar pricing models charge as low as $20 per deletion, while others will correct or delete certain inaccuracies for no charge whatsoever. 

The company provides little policy information upfront, and terms and conditions are only available upon request. 

Due to the lack of online transparency, customers may not learn about additional fees (be they applied at the time of signing or cancellation) until after the literal contract is actually printed.

Potential clients should note that the company does require all of those who enroll to "maintain an active three bureau credit monitoring service with Credit Mojo at $25 per month." 

Enrollment Fee

In addition to the company's pay-per-deletion fees, account members are asked to pay an enrollment fee of $172.

According to the company's website, this is a financial investment that customers make to get started with the credit repair process. 

Minimum Deletion Fee

Fortress Credit Professionals' credit repair service is significantly more expensive than other "charge per deletion" credit repair company services. 

Poor Online Transparency

Those who are interested in Fortress Credit Professionals' credit repair service, can only obtain the company's terms and conditions upon request. 

Generally, credit repair companies offer information about their credit repair process before asking clients to sign up. 

Additionally, Fortress Credit Professionals do not appear to offer any sort of free service trial, which means that potential customers may experience some financial risk when signing up for the company's services. 


The Bottom Line

If you are looking to truly educate yourself about the credit repair process and other factors affecting your credit, Fortress Credit Professionals has some of the most comprehensive resources in the industry (most of them for free). 

The company also does not charge a monthly fee for services and works with all three major credit bureaus to dispute negative and inaccurate items that are on customers' credit reports. 

Fortress Credit Professionals work to dispute collections, charge offs, tax liens, short sales, foreclosures, auto repossessions, and bankruptcy violations. 

Unfortunately, the company's per-deletion fees can stack up quickly, and customers with extensive credit damage could end up paying thousands of dollars in a matter of months. 

If you are interested in hiring Fortress Credit Professionals to fix your bad credit, we recommend that you read several customer reviews and contact the company to learn more about its services and credit repair process. 

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ismael Honolulu, HI

Fortress credit "professional" they contract with the second party call Credit pro collection billing agency. They are more expensive than other credits repair out there. Fortress credit will charge you $250 for each dispute in your credit and for the second party credit pro collection you pay a separate fee. By the way was trying to pay for a settlement and we're not help to close my payment.

1 year ago