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LAST UPDATED: August 17th, 2023

MyFreeScoreNow is a credit monitoring company that was founded in 2013.

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The Good

  • Trial
  • Add-ons
  • Customer service
  • Library


MyFreeScoreNow offers a free 14-day trial that allows customers to see their credit reports and scores.


The company offers add-on services that allow customers to see reports and scores from all three of the major credit bureaus. MyFreeScoreNow also provides financial transaction monitoring and credit monitoring to help prevent ID theft.

Customer Service

Customer service agents are available via online chat or phone during normal business hours seven days a week.


MyFreeScoreNow offers a learning library for its paying customers and website visitors. The information offered is fairly basic in its scope, but it is a good starting place for those wanting to understand more about their credit.

The Bad

  • Upgrades
  • Limitations
  • Price


MyFreeScoreNow does not offer their customers access to all three of the major credit bureau reports or their scores without upgrading their service. At that, when ordering the add-on of all three reports, it is a one-time fee and monitoring will only be performed on one report/score.


Customers are at MyFreeScoreNow's mercy as to which credit report and score that will be monitored.


At $29.95 per month, MyFreeScoreNow's monitoring services are pricier than those of most of its competitors.

The Bottom Line

MyFreeScoreNow offers a free trial, add-on services, customer support, and a resource library. However, the company requires customers to pay an additional fee for upgrades, and charges an expensive price for its services.

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Frustration Nation Griffin, GA

I called to cancel because I forgot I even signed up ! I really wasted money because I didn’t even realize they had so many features to help build my credit ! I was so impressed with the features I started working with them ! They rep I had Sayeda W ( I may have spelled her names wrong ) was so patient , so kind had a very positive vibe . You’d have to be a horrible human to be rude to her ! She is an awesome representative for the company!

6 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

Amanda George IL

I signed up for this service because i was trying to build my credit and the first credit report they give you is free, and they don't charge a lot to monitor it each month. The customer service is lacking good people and efficiency. You wait on hold for the longest time before someone answers the phone. I use them each month, my only complaint is that the credit report they give you isn't always updated with accurate information. They say it takes 60 days to get the updated report. But I'm paying every 30 days. Something isn't right there.

4 months ago

star star star star star_border

David Hallstrom II

Myfreescorenow offered exactly what I needed to start. My sister-in-law recommended the service to me. I only wanted one report, at the time, and the fee seemed fair. After reviewing my score and report I upgraded to the three w/ monitoring. I'm in my 7th month (home loan shopping and credit repair). I called customer service one to ask how to best offer assistance on how to work on my score and was quickly transferred to a rep who helped. I recommend this service although I might've liked to have been given the option to select all 3 from the start. All in all, good experience. - David H

7 years ago

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roseland credit Madison, TN

Do NOT Bring your clients here! They will hold your money for months and refuse to pay you!!! I have accumulated commissions for over 6 months and have only been paid out once!!! Do not waste your time or clients' time here! Go to another credit monitoring that pays their affiliates! They are scammers! They tell you you have to hit 100$ threshold, after you pass it several times they still refuse to payout and act clueless! Report this company.

4 months ago

star star star star star

Briana Jenkins Lexington, SC

I can honestly say this has been the best decision I could have ever made. They don't treat you like it's strictly business or that it's all about money. Instead you feel like a very important part of the company. I love it.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Anthony Irvine, CA

I'm beyond grateful for their service! Is such an easy and comprehensive process to understand! As well as all the other added features that it comes with! I highly recommend their services! And I will remain a long time customer up there! They are God Sent!

4 years ago

star star star star star

Remus bowman New Orleans, LA

The best way to understand what’s going on with your credit is to be able to read the information for the best credit monitoring program that’s easy to use it’s my free score now

4 years ago

star star star star star

Tami Kilpatrick

I like the services myfreescorenow provides, credit reports from all three major credit bureaus are available, and all your information is displayed in an easy to use dashboard with lots of useful tools and features.

6 years ago

star star star star star_border

Dario Montoya Arlington, TX

The best service I have ever had compared to any company out there. I like their system it explains everything and gives me tools to manage my credit and my finances.

4 years ago

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Not worth the monthly fee. Pay the $1 for your FICO score and the 7 day trial and CALL TO CANCEL. Nothing is being offered for the fee unless you have issues you need to review monthly. This service offers nothing paid that you can't get for free from Credit Karma or Credit Sesame. The 2 sites are slightly off on the score (sometimes 50 points too high) but all other services are the same you would pay for with Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

Kurt B Post Falls, ID

It's nice to be able to forget about my credit report knowing MyFreeScoreNow is keeping an eye on it and will let me know when it detects something I should verify.

6 years ago

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Marilyn Smith Omaha, NE

I was so surprised/upset when my credit card statement showed $29.95 for Oct and then again in November and now again in December. I can't find a phone number to call and ask what the charge is for. I used this service for about 10 minutes on 10/17 and have no intentions of using it ever again. Not recommended to anyone. Why is it called "Free"????

8 years ago

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What a total scam. I can't believe how much $$ I flushed down the drain just to see my scores (a new 800 club member) - total ego thing. Bit me in the ass. I signed up for all 3-scores June 1 and since then, I've noticed charges totaling $95.85. Literally TWO WEEKS later. I am so upset right now... if you want to check your "free score now"? Run as fast and as far away as you can. Yes - you can do the 7 day trial but that is only for your FICO score... These people are thieves.

9 years ago

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Brenda jenkins

They are rip off don't do it using your credit card get a pay pal card be careful what you buy over the internet and they are hard to get in touch to cancel out you just be on hold so guess what you get no more money. Very upset! And I just did a one time score check not to join I don't like this.

6 years ago

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Charles Herring Las Vegas, NV

I agree that myfreescore is a total scam, i went in think that i was going to receive at least one credit report for all three, but only got one. also their monthly fee for monitoring is in very small print and you will miss it if you don't pay attention, like i did and when they debited my credit card i was shocked.

7 years ago

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Judy T Lawrenceville, GA

Unable to cancel online . They Cancelled my account before 7 day trial ended!

3 months ago

star star star star star_border

Bill OMalley Riverside, CA

I had an account adjustment that need attention and was resolved with a fast response and solution

6 years ago