America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union was founded in 1939 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company serves over 700,000 members with a comprehensive range of financial products and services. America First is federally insured by the National Credit Union Association and has more than $7.1 billion in total assets. The financial services company offers several types of Visa credit cards with various benefits and rates with no annual fee.

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The Good

  • Benefits and features
  • Card Guard mobile app
  • Online banking and bill pay

Benefits and Features

America First offers Classic Visa and Platinum Visa credit cards that offer an extensive selection of benefits with no annual fee. Consumers are able to earn between one percent to 1.5 percent cash back or one point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. Other Visa benefits include travel insurance and credit limits up to $15,000 depending on card selection. Cash back rewards are automatically deposited into the cardholder's personal banking account on a regular basis. All cards feature the following benefits:

  • Identity theft recovery services
  • Select entertainment discounts
  • No balance transfer fees
  • Card Guard mobile app
  • EMV security chip technology
  • Mobile wallet
  • ABC Deals cash rebate program
  • No minimum finance charge
  • Fraud safeguards

Card Guard Mobile App

The Card Guard mobile app gives cardholders the ability to manage accounts directly from any mobile device at no cost. Cardholders can set spending limits per transaction, turn off credit card use capability when desired, and choose specific merchants near their location where the card is only allowed to be used. Cardholders must be enrolled in the company's online banking services in order to use these included features.

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Consumers can enroll in free online banking services with America First for easier management of their credit card accounts. Customers can review online statements, transfer funds, and set up automatic payments. Consumers can also apply for additional lending, link multiple accounts, track spending, and create household budgets safely and securely. Account holders can also create customized text and email alerts to be reminded when bills are due or to be notified of any transaction activity. Customers will also receive their current FICO credit scores on each month's billing statement.

The Bad

  • APRs
  • Additional fees
  • Service limitations


America First does not offer a zero percent introductory APR on purchases for customers, which is a feature that often included in many other competitor offerings. America First charges APRs for purchases ranging from 6.99 percent to 10.5 percent depending on current market rate, card selection, and the cardholder's overall credit history. APRs are subject to change on a quarterly basis.

Additional Fees

America First charges up to $35 for late payments and a $10 fee for returned items. There is a 1 percent fee for foreign transactions. The financial services company also charges a 1.5 percent cash advance fee for the total amount of each transaction of this type. These rates are within the average range for the industry norm but can be quite expensive for cardholders with imperfect credit histories. The foreign transaction fee is better than some other competitors but it can still be costly for travelers who make frequent purchases internationally.

Service Limitations

The financial services company only provides credit card services to Utah residents who meet certain undisclosed credit eligibility requirements. In order to access provided services, consumers must first open a personal bank account which may require a minimum deposit. America First does not offer upfront detailed information regarding the specific reward options that may be earned or if there are any maximum earning caps or expiration timeframes with the reward points. The financial services company does not offer 24/7 customer service or a live chat option to speak with a customer service representative.

The Bottom Line

America First Credit Union offers a comprehensive range of Visa credit card options for its Utah-based customers to choose from. These credit cards offer cash back on eligible purchase or redeemable non-cash rewards through the accumulation of points. With limited interest fees, these cards can be suitable for consumers who need to rebuild their credit histories and can also be pretty decent for consolidating large amounts of debt from multiple cards. The financial services company also provides online banking services, a mobile app, and various other financial products and services.

America First does not offer 24/7 customer service for customers to receive assistance with any issues or questions that may arise. The company does not provide specific details on the rewards that can be earned or if there are any caps on the number of points that can be earned within a certain timeframe. APRs and interest surcharges are within the industry norm but are most suited for consumers with excellent credit histories who have an established banking relationship with the company.

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