MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless service that was recently acquired by T-Mobile. There is nationwide talk, text, and data available through T-Mobile’s networks. It’s the sixth largest telecommunications network in the United States and uses CDMA technology. It was a good thing that MetroPCS was acquired by T-Mobile because MetroPCS decommissioned their CDMA network. They integrated their 4G LTE network with T-Mobile by second half of 2015.


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The Good

MetroPCS offers a variety of affordable service plans for their customers to choose from. The family plan offered the best savings on the market for non-contract phones. A family can simply get an unlimited data plan or share the same data plan between multitudes of different lines. There are no overage fees or contract fees for MetroPCS and their service.

Currently, MetroPCS offers a number of Google Android phones and a number of simple “basic phones” that are available to be purchased. The basic phones do have access to data, but lack the advanced capability of the Google Android phones. There is even an Alcatel data tablet that can be used among phones as part of a data plan.

Another selling point for MetroPCS is the fact that they do not charge service or activation fees to get started. MetroPCS also has a sound business strategy in place. The merger with T-Mobile was structured with customer experience in mind. Two of the best customer care providers, backed by T-Mobile’s great 4G LTE network, are in a great position to provide great coverage and quality customer service for clients.

The Bad

One problem customers have expressed are in regards to the lack of phones available with MetroPCS. MetroPCS seems to be pretty far behind in terms of offering different operating systems to its clients. There are no iPhones currently offered alongside MetroPCS’s data plans and services. There is also no BlackBerry phone available for customers.

MetroPCS is also lacking in the number of tablets and other products that customers can purchase. There is one tablet available from Alcatel, but Alcatel’s products are not reviewed well by customers with other phone companies and there isn’t much information available.

Another common complaints surrounds the quality of coverage in certain areas. In order to enjoy your MetroPCS data plan, you are going to need to live in a major urban area or somewhere with a lot of cell phone towers set up to provide 4G LTE service. With the T-Mobile merger, MetroPCS should be improving their 4G LTE coverage in the near future.

One issue with MetroPCS’s service is that they advertise all of their plans as being “unlimited” in terms of data. The first two basic plans are great, but they have a data limit where data throttling starts. Data throttling has even been reported with the unlimited plan. The data plan with the two basic service levels, while advertised as unlimited, is not actually unlimited.

The Bottom Line

MetroPCS offers a unique service to those fearful of enrolling in a big-name carrier service. A majority of customers appreciate the fact that getting a family plan equates to true savings for customers. If you get five additional lines with MetroPCS, you can save up to $300 per year. This margin of savings is vastly superior when compared to competitors in the pre-pay and contract phone industry.

There are a few issues with MetroPCS that arose as part of the process of completing the merger with T-Mobile. There are not that many phones available with MetroPCS. The technology selection is extremely limited. That being said, customers know what they are getting with their plan and with their phone from the start.

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  1. User Score


    October 26th, 2016 Lubbock, TX

    Absolutely the worst customer service experience I have ever had. After years of being with Metropcs in a large metropolitan area I have had very little problems with them until recently. At first I liked MetroPCS because I was able to purchase decent phones at a relatively low price and have cellular service for $40.
    Then I later had billing issues. I paid my phone bill with my debit card but MetroPCS turned off my phone anyway claiming that I did not make a payment. I went to a local corporate store to get the matter resovled. The manager told me that I need proof of the payment. They provide confirmation numbers but the manager wanted a bank statement. So I spent gas money and time driving to my bank to retrieve a bank statement to get my phone turned back on. A couple years later after moving to west texas, I missed a payment and my service was terminated which was understandable. However being that metropcs is a “no contract” carrier (basically pay as you go), I figured all I had to do was pay my bill and have my service restored. After paying my bill in full, I received a text a alert that I had one week to make another bill payment or my service will be terminated. I had a job interview the following week and metropcs turned off my service after only two weeks of me paying my bill. Thankfully I got the job anyway because people were kind enough to let me use their phone and provide directions. Also, in west texas the metropcs internet service is horrible. It hardly works. I’m happy to divorce metropcs. Good bye for good!!!

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  2. User Score


    September 22nd, 2016 Manteca, CA

    No service, No way to contact customer service. There should be an email for us to contact a representative when things like this happen. Yet there is an address for us to write to.

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  3. User Score


    March 10th, 2016 Cape Coral, FL

    The service works fine and i’m happy with my phone, but they gave me a phone number of someone who had this before me and I’m getting calls for this lady “Poochie” 6 months later. Plus I get texts and automated calls from her kids school. Aldo I have not been able to set up my account. Every time I try it says my email is already in use. I think that lady still has her account set up with that phone number. No one at this company knows who to fix it and now Mymetro app on my phone doesn’t work either.

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  4. User Score


    October 29th, 2015 Pittsburgh, PA

    I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. Had a Verizon account. Had 1 smart phone, 1 dumb phone. 700 shared minutes, 500 texts and 2G of 3G data. Cost $144 a month. Switched to Merto PCS. Unlimited talk and text, 1G of 4G LTE service. Price $64 a month. No difference in service. Plus, I got free phones from metro PCS.

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