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LAST UPDATED: January 16th, 2024

MBPI was established in 1981, and based out of Missouri. MBPI is one of the oldest companies in the car warranty industry with 36 years of experience. Part of MBPI's philosophy is "to seek out select, quality dealers in targeted geographical areas, and provide the highest possible level of service to those dealers."

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The Good

  • Customer Support
  • Multiple Protection Plans

Customer Support

MBPI is an employee owned company, this makes the success of the company more personal to each employee. MBPI has an award winning staff that covers a great deal of customers, including 500 dealers. The staff have a combined service contract experience of over 100 years. This means that when a customer has an issue, the staff will be able to answer their questions as experts in the service contract field.

Multiple Protection Plans

MBPI offers several protection plans that cover all types of car issues depending on your circumstances. These varied plans allow customers to pick and choose what types of coverage they need for their vehicle. MBPI also offers varied service contracts that cover your vehicle regardless of the age or mileage. This can be very difficult to find in the industry as most car warranty companies limit the age and mileage they will cover:

  • Service Contracts (Preferred and Extra): these two plans cover various services and roadside assistance
  • Tire and Wheel Coverage: covers costs associated with damage from nails, potholes, and other road hazards
  • OEM Coverage: covers the modern vehicle technology
  • GAP: this insurances waives the difference between your primary auto insurance settlement and the outstanding balance on your vehicle
  • Lifetime Powertrain: covers the powertrain for the lifetime of your vehicle
  • Total Package: covers all interior and exterior components to protect you from paying expensive repairs

The Bad

  • Lack of Transparency
  • Fees and Exclusions

Lack of Transparency

MBPI is upfront about a lot of information, and is very thorough about what each package covers. A lot of companies are not as transparent with some of the information that MBPI is. It is important to have information available for customers who are shopping around for a car warranty company; however, MBPI is lacking some information that is pertinent such as warranty prices, warranty deductibles, cancellation fees, transfer fees, and their availability. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for potential customers to compare services with other companies in the industry. It requires the customer to take out more time to find answers than necessary. It also makes it difficult for our team to rank MBPI's services fairly. We would like to see MBPI be more transparent with this information on their website.

Fees and Exclusions

While MBPI offers a great deal of services and coverage- they leave a lot to be desired. Their towing costs are high at $80 each tow. Some rental companies offer free towing services for a certain amount of miles, or tow at a much lower rate. Their rental car reimbursement is also quite low in the industry at $35 per day, and they are only willing to cover this expense for three days. Most of their packages only cover cars that are under ten years of age, and have less than 150,000 miles. This limits customers who have newer cars with relatively low miles. Once a current customer is over those requirements, they may have to find services elsewhere.


The Bottom Line

MBPI offers many great packages for automotive protection that potentially cover almost anything a customer could need. MBPI has over 36 years of industry experience, and has a great reputation for quality customer service; however, MBPI is lacking some transparency, and some of their services do not offer the same value as services with other companies in the industry. We would like to see more specific information regarding their warranty prices, warranty deductibles, cancellation fees, and transfer fees. For your car warranty needs, we recommend checking out some of the other car warranty companies on our list.

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Steinar Andersen Huntley, IL

I am unsure of the situations with the other reviewers here. My 2013 200 Limited Hardtop Convertible had 97,000 miles when I purchased it (with MBPI warranty & I made sure it was the plan that covered the most issues - Premier Care). You should not bother to purchase a lesser plan, as you will come across issues like the other reviewers (there is a reason why those plans are cheaper - they don't cover as much). I took my 200 to Kunes Country in Woodstock, IL, I had an emissions issue (multiple parts needed replacing). As the dealership had those parts in stock, they got in touch with MBPI to get authorization to do the repair. it was approved within 15 minutes and I got my car back in 2 hours (all repaired.... and I paid my $100 deductible - the work cost a LOT more). Also, I make sure I have all of my scheduled maintenance done (with receipts) to show I do everything to keep my car in excellent running condition. As invariably, the shop working on the car is asked by MBPI if it has had such maintenance done. I never have a warranty problem if I follow those basics. And if you can't afford to do the scheduled maintenance on your car, it will show in how the car runs when the shop looks at it (which will make it that much harder to get work covered by any warranty company). So, if you can't afford regular maintenance and got the cheapest powertrain warranty - you are bound to have issues (and you should rethink car ownership). And as an aside, NEVER buy a new or used car with a CVT transmission (Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi.... as they are horrible warranty problems and are VERY expansive to fix. The only good CVT is in the Toyota Prius.

4 years ago

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Larry frederick

I have had 3 claims against this warranty, 1st time they covered less than half of the bill. 2nd time they denied the claim because my exhaust manifold and catalytic converter are both in same part and this was bad. 3rd time they denied because intake manifold went bad because egr caused it to. So if a part is covered under the warranty but a part that is not covered cause it to go bad , they don't pay. Here's The Deal, I paid 2,861 Dollars for this warranty, just so Ican pay over $2800. dollars to the dealer for repairs. I can tell you I did fixed the problems myself after dealer diagnosed it. I am very sorry I got involved with this company, in my personal opinion stay away. Save your money.

5 months ago

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Amnon Cavari

MBPI is a waste of money. They will cover nothing. They will delay work, require you to pay out of pocket, and then say that the repair is not covered. Avoid at all cost!

1 month ago

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Paul Woodman Rutland, VT

Great company.Lebanon ford in NH said they wouldn't even try to call MBPI, never did business with them before. I went to ford of claremont and they said MBPI was the easiest company they ever did business with. Payment was made immediately after repair, and it didn't cost me a nickel. I bought my car at Pleasant motors in new bedford mass, Brian is a class act through and extremely professional, and meticulous. I knew the insurance was going to be top notch with his approval.

3 years ago


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Larry T. Peoria, IL

MBPI answers the phone faster than anyone else, and they listen and work with you to help you rather than trying to figure out ways to not pay. In the rare instances when they do not pay a proposed claim, they clearly explain why so there is no room for confusion. They are fair.

1 year ago

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Norb Gorbman Medford, OR

They took a really long time to approve my claim, I was trying to have a head gasket job done. However, being such an expensive repair I do get it they just made me go to the dealership which wasn’t the mechanic I wanted to use. All in all they approved it and I can’t complain as it is a pretty expensive job and the warranty paid for itself. The customer service could use some work they don’t want to approve warranty claims you have to use particular words and hope the mechanic that you have call them has dealt with warranty companies so he can help get the job approved.

2 years ago

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Hank Washington, DC

I was sent a sample copy of the "MBPI Premier Vehicle Service Contract" from the Buick dealer because I wanted to thoroughly read it before signing. I noticed there was a conflict between two sections of the contract as follows: -On page 2 under the definition of "Mechanical Breakdown" it says: "minor loss or seepage of fluid is normal and is not considered a mechanical breakdown." -Then on page 3 it says: You are responsible to take immediate corrective action to correct at your expense lubricant leaks discovered at any time. If you fail to do so this contract shall be null and void." So I called them for clarification because on the one hand they say some leaks are fine and they won't fix it. Then they say they will void your whole contract if they find a leak. They could not or would not explain the contradiction in any rational manner so obviously I will not be getting their policy!

1 year ago

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Sheila Nazari Washington, DC

During corona virus I moved to Washington DC and as my lease expired on my car I was unable to return to car as the dealerships were closed and so was the DMV, restricting me from purchasing a new car as you must have an updated license to purchase here in DC. We were able to extend our current lease with the manufacturer. I have been paying for MBI Insurance for 36 months on this car . Now they are saying they won’t cover any insurance on the car as it expired when the lease was first up yet no one made this clear or informed me that I would lose this policy. They also were very insensitive to the situation in general as there were no further options or steps for me to take in the circumstance . Absolutely no sympathy shown towards the inevitable situation I was put in.

3 years ago

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Dennis Jones

I currently have an MBPI policy and my vehicle has been in the shop for almost a month. I have had a hard time getting a hold of them and on top of that I just found out not only am I going to have to wait at least another week to find out if they cover the issue. I am going to have to pay out of pocket if they say they don't cover the problem I am having with my transmission. I have had extended warranties in the past through AUL and had great experiences with them. Not only that but with my vehicle being in the shop for so long they refuse to give me a rental car for longer than three days. My advice to anyone who is looking for an extended warranty do not get one from this company the only reason they have been in business for so long is by leaving their customers out to dry.

7 years ago

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Will Sparks Saint Johns, MI

They told me my paperwork would not be good enough throughout the whole GAP process endless faxes to them. 4 months later they don’t pay the vehicle off like advertised and stuck me with over a thousand dollar bill for my totaled truck. Horrible company and a scam to not pay. I been advising everyone I know to cancel anything with MBPI

11 months ago

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David Twombly Midlothian, IL

Seal on turbo failed causing oil to go into the catalytic converter fouling it. MBPI covered the turbo but not the catalytic converter that the turbo ruined. I talked to 3 people from MBPI and got the corporate answer "NO". Very unfair immoral and unethical. Illinois Attorney General has been notified along with the BBB.

2 years ago

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M Adams Bentonville, AR

They aren't there when you need them. I agree with other assessments on this site indicating a lack of transparency. "we cover the engine, except all these specific things for these specific reason." I'll not purchase a policy from this company again.

4 years ago

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Powerhouse automotive Crawfordville, FL

I own a car garage.. with 337 five star reviews. A customer brought her Equinox in within the “warranty” period. We were told that timing chain/ tensioner were not an internally lubricated part. Rip off... sad

2 years ago

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Kiley Kansas City, KS

This company does not help with any sort of mechanical damage to your car. The bottom of their pamphlets say mechanical breakdown protection inc. yet their plans do not offfer assistance with anything mechanical.

5 years ago

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Jason Schmidt Tulsa, OK

Really good company. They covered nearly 8K of repairs to my odyssey.

4 years ago

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They go the extra mile to avoid paying a claim and leaving you out to dry. Really disappointed I wasted my money on a company like this.

6 years ago

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Jason Hoppe Lenora, KS

Hit an 8 point buck. No chance to react. My vehicle was totaled. Claim denied no reason why.

4 years ago