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American Standard Auto Protection (ASAP) is headquartered in Delaware, although its services are nationwide. The company employees between 51 and 200 individuals—a large growth spurt since its founding three years ago. ASAP says that it provides “the most trusted vehicle service protection contracts in the industry.” With high ratings on Consumer Affairs, ASAP provides auto coverage to maintain the electrical and mechanical parts of vehicles. ASAP has been featured by the following news sources: CNN, Yahoo! News,, Fox, C and D, MSNBC and

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The Good

  • Warranty cost
  • Other features

Warranty Cost 

American Standard Auto Protection offers a flexible savings plan with 0 percent interest. ASAP offers a total of three plans: Total Performance, Total Care and Total Shield. Depending on the plan you choose, the price ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. The company’s plans are based on either a three-year or five-year plan. We found ASAP’s option of stretching out payments to over a year is appreciated by customers on a budget. Not all companies offering car warranties offer flexible payments. The ones that do often charge interest on the payments. ASAP is superior to the competition in this area.

Other Features 

With ASAP, all policyholders are allowed to choose their own mechanic/dealer. Also favorable is that your vehicle does not have to have an inspection before enrolling in one of the company’s warranty plans.

All American Standard Protection Plans offers the following additional warranty features:

  • Roadside Assistance: All American Standard Auto Protection plans offer 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Average rental car reimbursement (daily price): up to $60 per day, to a maximum of three days and a total of $180 per car breakdown
  • Repair Deductible: American Standard Auto Protection plans offer the following deductibles—$0, $50, or $100
  • Money-back Guarantee: ASAP offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Cancellation Policy: if you cancel within the first 30 days, you get a full refund; after 30 days, there is a small administrative fee ($25) and a pro-ration fee of time or miles, whichever is greater.
  • Transferable Warranty and Price: ASAP vehicle service contracts are fully transferable to another vehicle owner at no cost to you. You may also transfer coverage to another vehicle for a prorated difference if required.

A few additional features ASAP warranty plans cover include the following:

  • 24/7 Out of Gas Rescue
  • 24/7 Locksmith Service
  • 24/7 Trip Interruption

ASAP’s 24/7 availability and coverage for these additional benefits are superior to several warranty providers serving the used car market.

One of ASAP’s best features is that its warranty is accepted by almost every mechanical shop. ASAP lets customers pick their favorite local body shops to work with and promise that you will pay nothing (besides the deductible) out-of-pocket. All you need to do is call them before having any work done, get the order approved, and bring your car into be fixed. Not only are the company’s plans accepted across the United States, but they are also accepted throughout Canada—a total of 425,000 dealerships to choose from. Your options don’t get much better than this.

The Bad

  • Basic warranty features
  • Time business
  • Powertrain warranty

Basic Warranty Features 

Unlike several basic warranties (e.g. bumper-to-bumper or new-vehicle warranties) offered by many car dealerships, American Standards Auto Protection offers plans only for pre-owned vehicles. If you want to get basic coverage for a used vehicle, ASAP offers a Total Performance Plan.

Here is a detailed layout of ASAP’s basic warranty features:
Engine Coverage, Transmission Coverage, Turbo/Supercharger Coverage, 4×4/All-Wheel Drive Coverage, Cooling System Coverage, Heating System Coverage, Drive Axle Coverage, Brakes Coverage, ABS Brakes Coverage, Electric System Coverage, Fuel System Coverage, Hi-Tech Coverage, Steering System Coverage, and Suspension System Coverage.

Time in Business 

American Standard Auto Protection (ASAP) was founded in Delaware in 2012, with a history of four years in business. Compared to other companies in the car warranty industry, four years is a short time to be in operation. Most of their competitors have been in business since the 1990s and earlier.

Basic Warranty Length 

ASAP Warranty provides coverage ranging from one to 10 years and coverage mileage ranging from 10,000 to 48,000 miles per year. These terms allow customers to customize their coverage to their needs. Someone who commutes further for work can select a five-year/24,000 miles per year warranty. Customers who drive less can opt in for a five-year/10,000 miles per year coverage. In the car warranty industry we found that at the high end, basic warranties last up to 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. At the lower end, they can last only three years or 26,000 miles. ASAP is at the low end of this spectrum.

Powertrain Warranty 

While some companies offer a Powertrain Warranty to cover new vehicles, American Standard Auto Protection does not. What the company does offer is extended coverage packages for pre-owned vehicles. This means when your powertrain warranty runs out from the place you originally purchased your vehicle, ASAP’s warranty takes over.

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The Bottom Line

ASAP offers fairly average features that most extended warranties offer. The company’s warranty covers things most extended warranties would cover, and leaves out your everyday maintenance items (oil change, tires, etc.). We think that ASAP fall short in the extended auto warranty industry in the following categories:

  • Warranty price
  • Cancellation fees
  • Industry experience (only four years)

At the same time, ASAP offers some nice additional features. ASAP, unlike some companies, lets you pay premiums over time rather than a lump sum upfront. We also like that you can transfer your ASAP warranty between people and cars. This means that if you sell your car, the new owner can adopt your policy. It also means that if you change cars and want to keep your warranty, ASAP will transfer it to you new car (with a prorated fee).

Overall, we recommend taking the time to get a quote from ASAP—especially for anyone on a budget looking to make payments without interest. ASAP’s customers service reps will help you find an extended warranty that best fits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the warranty include towing? What are the limitations on towing expenses? 

24/7 Towing Service is included with all of ASAP plans. Limitations on towing are not available.

Can a warranty be transferred if the car is sold?  

ASAP vehicle service contracts are fully transferable to another vehicle owner at no cost to the seller. Owners may also transfer coverage to another vehicle for a prorated difference, if required.

Are there any fees involved in the transfer of the warranty to a new owner? 

There are no fees to transfer an ASAP warranty to a new owner.

Where can the repairs be done under warranty? 

Customers can take their vehicle to any ASE certified repair facility or to their dealership, file a claim, and provide the repair facility with their VSC card. Their service advisor will then contact ASAP’s claims department directly to start the claims process.

What hours/days can a repair be reported? 

Owners can take their vehicle into an authorized ASAP dealer during normal service hours for repairs covered by the warranty. Customers can contact ASAP customer service representatives via toll-free phone, email, or fax.

Does the warranty cover a car rental while the repair is being made?  

American Standard Auto Protection offers 24/7 Rental Car Service, which is included with all of their plans. The specifics for the courtesy transportation vary by location.

How many days/hours does car rental cover? 

American Standard Auto Protection offers 24/7 Rental Car Service, which is included with all plans.

How long does it typically take to file and process a claim? 

Customers say that ASAP has a relatively fast turnaround. Since the company pays the mechanic/auto repair shop directly, the entire process can be as little as three hours from when you file your claim to where you pick up your vehicle from the mechanic. ASAP, however, does not guarantee any time frame for a customer’s vehicle to be repaired and ready. That depends on the dealer.

Does the warranty cover defects which are discovered or which occur in a different state than the state of purchase? 

ASAP plans are accepted anywhere in the U.S. or Canada at over 425,000 dealerships and ASE certified mechanics.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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17 American Standard Auto Protection Reviews

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  1. User Score


    June 12th, 2017

    This company is a scam do not give your hard earned money to this lie. Their sales department will lie to they don’t cover anything and will find any excuse to delay you. There is no claim department or service, the sales also answer the phones for all departments. Any review you read that is positive is a lie look them on the BBB.

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  2. User Score


    April 26th, 2017 Encinitas, CA

    I have a customer with this ASAP warranty protection, on 4-6-17 we went through the pre-approval process that has taken several days, any other warranty company you can get approval within one or two hours. The customer was approved for the repair on 4-10-17, the warranty company insisted we use the parts from them directly. The claim was for $1,250.35 of which they said they are only responsible for $354.99 using some crazy price deductions and parts from a wholesaler. As of 4-26-17 they have not reimbursed the customer any money for the approved repairs and they keep stalling for some reason, The only thing that makes sense to be is they are running out of money as a company and will file for bankruptcy soon, BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

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    1 1

  3. User Score


    March 18th, 2017 Huntsville, AL

    This company is fantastic in getting you to sign up but that’s where it ends. It took me months to get a claim paid and that was only after filing a complaint with the BBB. Now I have jumped through all their hoops trying to cancel my warranty and they are still dropping the ball. I sent my notarized mileage verification by certified mail to their but after 10 days they have yet to collect it. I don’t hold out much hope of recovering any money.

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    1 1

  4. User Score


    February 23rd, 2017

    Wonderful experience. Agent was very thorough and thoughtful. He made things quite clear. I feel it was a great price. I had talked with other companies and their prices were considerable higher. Being on a fixed income I needed something affordable. Thank you American Standard Auto Protection.

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    1 1

  5. User Score


    December 31st, 2016 Glendale, CA

    these guys are a joke. When you call to file a claim it goes to a call center and someone very nice will tell you that someone from the office will call you back. but they never will. your car will sit at the mechanic for days and you will not get a call back. I finally had to pay the repair myself. I then called to cancel my policy. again no one calls back. It doesn’t matter if you get irate with the call center people because they just tell you they are a call center and no one from the company is there to talk to you and someone will call you back. but no one ever does. I finally got someone to call me by leaving a negative review. Basically called to threaten me in some weird way. I asked to cancel my policy once I finally got someone on the phone and I was sent an email with a form for me to digitally sign. I did that over 30 days ago and still no refund. Do not give these guys any money this is a scam.

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    4 1

  6. User Score


    November 1st, 2016 San Jose, CA

    I got coverage from them for a good price and haven’t seen any issues after going through one claim process. Recommended.

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  7. User Score


    October 21st, 2016

    Mark did a great job of working with me and making the decision an easy one to choose American Standard Auto Protection. He is professional and worked hard to earn my business. I really appreciate all he did.

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  8. User Score


    October 21st, 2016 Staten Island, NY

    I had a problem with my car and was still not under warranty. My warranty didn’t go into effect for another 3 days. but the people there helped me out and got me some courtesy claim approval. very happy with it.

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  9. User Score


    October 12th, 2016 Elk Grove Village, IL

    I have had nothing but trouble since working with them. I have called 21 times, contacted the BBB, wrote a letter (that was sent back as a non-business) form the USPS, emailed and now disputed the charge on my credit card. I am not sure what is going on but I stopped my service within a day of signing up and now it has been almost 45 days and no credit has been issued. I am told each time that someone will call me back and no one does. I was told to call at 9:00am and now I am told to call back in an hour for the billing department. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ASAP.

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    4 4

  10. User Score


    September 22nd, 2016 Seaside, OR

    Trying to get refund for cancelled warranty after reading other reviews. 15 days later and no refund. Customer service is nonexistent.

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    Was this review helpful?
    5 4

  11. User Score


    September 4th, 2016 Matawan, NJ

    After reading this article
    as a concern tax payer I feel a Investigation of and and

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    Was this review helpful?
    3 5

  12. User Score


    August 22nd, 2016 Absecon, NJ

    I was very satisfied with the customer service.

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  13. User Score


    August 5th, 2016 Woodstock, IL

    I purchased extended warranty for my car, sales person was very helpful and even said will write off the deductible and gave $ 600 discount, hence I signed up and paid in full. I later found out that the company does not cover anything seeing the reviews online, hence decided to cancel the policy on next business day. I got e-mail confirmation of cancellation after arguing with the same polite agent I called several times since I did not receive the amount credited to my card, and was told will take 12-14 business days. I am past 14 days and am still not credited yet and getting a run around. I would not recommend this company to anyone, and they ask for full payment on signing. Please stay away from ASAP warranty.

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    Was this review helpful?
    4 5

  14. User Score


    June 11th, 2016 Arlington, TX

    Could you please explain how it take you 2 second to debit someones account but 2 months to return it?

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    Was this review helpful?
    5 4

  15. User Score


    May 17th, 2016 Gilbert, AZ

    I bought a picy with them and decided to cancel it after approximately 60 days. I signed a letter to discontinue the policy. I was told in the letter, that my money would be refunded in 12-14 business days. It has been much longer than that and I have called them 7 times, and still no refund. Since it was for 200.00 I hoped to get it back as promised.
    Today I was told that it was released, but I was also told the same thing five days ago. They even told me to physically go to my bank to see what happened did, and my banker looked at me as if I was crazy. Since I paid with a debit card, my banker said that it would oonly take a few hours or even minutes for ASAP to ACH the money back into my account.
    I have asked ASAP to speak to a supervisor, and was told that they didnt have anyone like that!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have NEVER had such horrible service from any public company. like this!!!! I still dont have my refund and will have to take l;egal action.
    Dont buy anything from these people! I think they are a scam!!!

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    Was this review helpful?
    6 5

  16. User Score


    January 28th, 2016 Phoenix, AZ

    I bought a 2006 BMW 750Li in 2015, and shortly after purchasing the vehicle, I purchased an extended warranty for it via ASAP (American Standard Auto Protection). In September, the car went to BMW with the previous owner, and received a clean bill of health — which included no mechanical faults — (prior to the sale to me). It ALSO passed a smog test (with no mechanical faults) on 12/01/15. In January, the car experienced a mechanical breakdown, and was brought to Steven’s Creek BMW for repair. The dealership estimated the repairs and sent this information to the warranty company. After almost a week, the warranty company hadn’t replied to the dealer, but they had requested all of my maintenance records, which I happily provided, considering that they show the car was in good health when I purchased the warranty.

    Because the warranty company refused to respond to BMW, my loaner vehicle was taken away, and I was asked to pay almost $1,000 in diagnostic fees.

    When I signed the contract with the warranty company, on 11/12/15, the car had 114,200 miles. That day, I went up to Napa, and put about 150 miles on the car. On the way back, I got a flat, and had a tire replaced. Because my miles were 114,347 on the invoice from the car company, ASAP is now claiming mileage fraud, and have canceled my contract, and refused to honor the warranty. I obviously informed them that I drive the car, and that 147 miles in a day is a reasonable distance to travel. They’re clearly acting in bad faith and trying to avoid honoring their commitments.

    Incidentally, they also committed to calling me back right after the breakdown to get a tow going, but they didn’t touch base until the next day — leaving me (a disabled person) on the side of the road all night, and without my medication.

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    Was this review helpful?
    14 5

  17. User Score


    December 18th, 2015 Brooklyn, NY

    I did a massive amount of research for a warranty on a 2001 Jag XK8 that has a warranty that was expiring and the company I had been using had nothing to offer me. From the first contact with ASAP I found them to be friendly, professional, and very easy to work with. I spent a long time making this decision and Mark was not pushy while I was going through my process. I appreciated Mark sending me a copy of the contract right away, no beating around the bush, so I could study it in detail. I probably researched a total of about 12 companies, narrowed it down to three finalists, and when I called Mark back with a list of questions he was very upfront and accommodating.

    I have two things that I wish could have been done differently: I wish I could have made a down payment and then made payments instead of paying in full up front (I have never paid in full up front, makes me a little nervous plus it’s a sizable expense) and because the car is only a fun car and we don’t drive it often or long distances it is going to take a while to drive it 1000 miles to get through the waiting period. Mark did ask but this is one area where there was no flexibility.

    In the past it was always 30 days or 1000 miles whichever comes first. I understand they want to protect themselves from someone who has a car that needs a repair before they buy the coverage, but in my case the waiting period is rather onerous. Wish they could have made an exception but I understand that they couldn’t.

    I feel the negotiation process was fair on their end and I was able to make a purchase that was within my pain threshold. I have a good feeling about this warranty and company. Many other positive aspects that I could mention but this review is already long enough. Now it just comes down to how the company actually does business but I am not expecting any issues with that.

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    Was this review helpful?
    13 2