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American Auto Shield was established in 2002, and based out of Colorado. American Auto displays their commitment to their customers by providing 24/7 customer service options through phone, and live chat. American Auto also shows their devotion to their community by raising awareness and supporting charities such as Every Child's Hope, Make-A-Wish, Adopt-A-Family, and other great philanthropic efforts. American Auto has also made excellent partners in the industry so that their customers are fully covered in more locations.

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The Good

  • Multiple customer support features
  • Flexible vehicle requirements
  • Protection plans

Multiple Customer Support Features

American Auto offers customer support 24/7 and through phone, and live chat. This is very uncommon in the industry, as most companies only offer customer support during normal business hours. Also, most companies do not have the live chat option for support at this time. Live chat is becoming a desirable option for customers who do not have the time or desire to speak on the phone, but don't want to wait for answers through email.

We really like that American Auto understands the desires of their customers and offers this form of support. The company also provides a way for customers to submit reports and claims online for added convenience. Their roadside assistance is also 24/7, which is a huge benefit for customers.

Flexible Vehicle Requirements

Many companies in the industry only cover vehicles within a very limited max year and max mileage range. The average is approximately 15 years, with 175,000 miles. This allows companies to pick and choose which cars they will cover. Older cars or cars with more mileage are more have issues than newer cars. It is profitable for these companies to restrict their coverage to newer cars with lower mileage.

While American Auto does have restrictions, they are very generous. American Auto covers cars up to 25 years old with 250,000 miles. This allows more customers to use American Auto's services. American Auto is a great choice for people with older cars with a great deal of mileage.

Protection Plans

American Auto Shield offers several protection plans that cover different types of automotive issues. The plans a customer can choose will depend on how many miles their car has, the age of the car, and what the customer would like covered. Optional coverage may be added to customize protection plans which is very convenient for customers who would like more coverage than what is offered in the basic plans:

  • Deluxe: covers cars up to 20 model years and 150,000 miles. Covers most major car components.
  • Platinum: covers cars up to 20 model years and 100,000 miles. Covers most major car components.
  • Diamond: covers cars up to 9 model years and 90,000 miles. Covers all but a small list of exclusionary parts.

American Auto Shield's powertrain coverage plans include the following:

  • Powertrain: covers cars up to 25 model years and 250,000 miles. Covers engine, transmission, cooling system, and etc.
  • PT Silver: covers cars up to 25 model years and 200,000 miles. Covers engine, transmission, cooling system, and etc.
  • PT Gold: covers cars up to 25 model years and 200,000 miles. Covers engine, transmission, cooling system, and etc.

The Bad

  • Limited services
  • $75 towing fee
  • Lack of transparency


While American Auto Shield offers great packages and has a generous restriction on the accepted years and miles of a car, they are not without issues. Their rental car reimbursement is quite low in the industry at $40 per day, and they are only willing to cover this expense for four days. Depending on the need and availability for rental cars, this may still leave a lot of financial burden on the customer. Especially if the customer's car repairs take longer than four days to fix.

$75 Towing Fee

American Auto's towing costs are high at $75 each tow. Some rental companies offer free towing services for a certain amount of miles, or tow at a much lower rate. We would like to see these services improved our discounted at a more competitive price.

Lack of Transparency

American Auto Shield is transparent about a lot of information that we look for. A lot of companies are not as transparent with some of the information that American Auto is. Having pertinent information available to customers is very important as they search for the right car warranty company for their needs; however, American Auto is lacking some information about their warranty pricing. This is an important factor in choosing a warranty, and without the price being readily available online, it gives potential customers an extra step in their searching process.

The Bottom Line

American Auto Shield offers great protection, and covers more years and mileage that almost any other company in the industry. They show a commitment to their customers and community by investing in technological advances in their industry, and participating in philanthropic efforts. However, American Auto is lacking some transparency, and some of their services do not offer the same value as services with other companies in the industry. Overall we feel that we can recommend American Auto Shield's services.

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