USAA Auto Insurance

USAA Auto Insurance

USAA insurance was founded on the principles of people helping people, when 25 military men agreed to insure each other's vehicles when no one else would. Memberships are open to U.S. military service members, veterans with an honorable discharge and their eligible family members, with some policy types available to the public.Since its founding, USAA has expanded the services they offer to include other types of insurance as well as banking for all Armed Forces members, past and present, and their families.

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The Good

  • Coverage features
  • Service coverage
  • Discounts
  • File/Track Claims

Coverage Features

All policies are custom-created to meet the insured's needs, budget and state minimums. Additional coverages can be added into the policy.

  • Property damage liability
  • Bodily injury liability
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • PIP
  • Extended benefits
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Accident forgiveness

Service Coverage

The company provides their products and services in all 50 states, which can only be said about a handful of the largest insurance companies. This availability is somewhat tempered by the fact that only service members and their immediate family have access to their services. USAA also offers a great opportunity for members who want to add a policy to their home, with up to 75 percent of the home's insured value with no depreciation factored for all members.


  • Driver training
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Family tradition
  • Good student
  • Safe driver
  • Accident forgiveness

Membership savings include discounts for family members, multi-product savings, long-term customer rewards and discounts for vehicles stored in military installation garages. A free mobile phone app for iPhone, iPad, Android and even Windows Phone provides access to insurance, banking and investment services. Members can check balances, pay bills, access auto ID cards and do many other essential things.

Agents and reps of USAA are exceptionally friendly and helpful. Based on our experience and hundreds of online reviews from numerous websites, USAA employees tend to be highly professional, compassionate, understanding and willing to assist members in expediting claims based on individual needs.

File/Track Claims

The claims process appears to be efficient and fair, and claims can be filed either over the phone or online at the USAA website. Claims can be tracked online, or a USAA rep can guide members through the process step by step. They provide a lot of help throughout the claims process, including locating a repair facility, renting a replacement vehicle, and facilitating replacement of stolen or damaged electronic equipment.

The Bad

  • Coverage limitations
  • Service hours
  • Qualified clients
  • Claims process

Coverage Limitations

USAA doesn't have as much policy flexibility as other major insurance companies. Some optional coverages are only available in limited areas. For example, accident forgiveness in not available to members in North Carolina, California, New York, Maine or Delaware.
Roadside assistance is provided through USAA towing and labor coverage at a super low rate, but the coverage is fairly limited. For example, they will only tow to a local repair shop within 14 miles. If a customer needs to go farther than that, they will have to pay for it. Compare that to AAA, which tows up to 100 miles.

Service Hours

For some reason, USAA has limited service hours for their claims office, which can be frustrating for members trying to get hold of a rep during off hours. The website can be used to file a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but some people prefer to call and speak to an actual human being. For those individuals, the limited hours will be especially annoying.

Qualified Clients

Of course, the biggest negative that can be said about USAA is that they only offer their services to military personnel and their qualifying family members. This means most people cannot take advantage of their affordable rates, even though the company operates in all 50 states. Though they have flirted with offering limited services to non-military customers over the years, it is doubtful that this will ever be the norm.

Claims Process

Though customer service seems to be really good on the whole, there have been a number of complaints from members who have had trouble with the claims process. Most of these complaints have to do with response times. However, a number of people have noted a tendency to declare a damaged vehicle a total loss even when the damage is not severe.

The Bottom Line

Any military personnel or qualifying family members will do well to consider USAA for their insurance needs. They provide some of the most affordable rates on the market, much lower than many of their competitors. Combined with a few good discount options and great customer service, it is difficult to think of a good reason for those who have access not to take advantage of these great rates.

They don't have the widest number of insurance options, but what they do have is great and covers all of the essentials. Claims service hours are limited, which can be frustrating, but the ability to file and track claims online should help. USAA is definitely worth looking into for all your insurance needs and comes highly recommended.

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    March 16th, 2017 Beltsville, MD

    When USAA did not appear at the top of your list, I figured you must not have included them at all. I can't imagine who you interviewed to get such a low score! I have been a USAA customer for more than 40 years; my father was before me, and my husband was before we were married. Both of our sons are now USAA members and all of my siblings and their families are members. We all have them for both auto and homeowners insurance. Their rates are unbeatable for the services and coverage they offer. I have had both auto and home claims with them and they have done an excellent job of both coverage and of handling everything so that it was easy for me. I was given a choice of using their recommendations or providing my own--but I prefer to use theirs, since I know USAA follows up and the repair people won't cut corners when dealing with a USAA member. USAA is amazingly responsive and has made everything as smooth as possible via their website. If someone doesn't like using the web, they can be reached immediately at any time of day or night by phone. When other insurance companies contact me, I tell them I have USAA and they just hang up. They know that no one can match the cost for the value that USAA provides.

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  • User Score


    August 1st, 2016 Lincoln, CA

    I was shocked to see how low you rated this company! I have been a member of USAA for the past 44 years and my father was a member decades before me. They have not just GOOD rates, but SPECTACULAR rates compared to traditional insurers...that's because it is a NON PROFIT organization, and all the excess revenue goes into reserves for major claims, or are REFUNDED to members at the end of each year in the form of a CHECK and a DEPOSIT into a SUBSRIBER'S SAVINGS which we have accumulated thousands of dollars. Not only are their rates phenomenal, but their service is top matter where we've been stationed around the world USAA has always been there for us... To me they should be at the very top of your list!

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  • User Score


    May 10th, 2016 Goodyear, AZ

    I'm a 50 year customer. I commend their lifetime support, great rates, and terriffic service reps. I use USAA for all my insurance needs, and will continue to do so.

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