Great Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

Carlee Linden

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

An elderly couple smiling with wine in kitchen

February is Senior Independence Month and even though February flew by we’re ready to celebrate parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and godparents.

Everyone loves getting gifts from those closest to them and no matter what gift you choose, your loved ones will value the time and effort you put into their happiness.

Show your appreciation for those in your life by getting them something that lets them know you care. If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, look no further. We’ve put together some of the best gifts for older adults and aging loved ones.

Gifts for the sentimental grandparents

If you haven’t asked your grandparents to share a story from when they were young, we highly recommend it. Believe it or not, but our grandparents were once just like us — they struggled with dating, lost loved ones, and somehow made it through. Get them a gift that allows them to share a bit of their world with you.


Surprise your loved ones by having one of their favorite stories illustrated and sent in the mail.
Maybe your grandma loves telling the story about the time she lost her cat only to find him on the top shelf of the pantry. Perhaps your grandpa always brings up the time your dad and uncle snuck off with the car and accidentally crashed it into a ditch. Watch as your loved one opens up their mail to find a personalized gift that brings back their favorite memories.

Available on the Tellinga website


The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions

If your loved one finds it difficult to know what to write about in a journal, this do-it-yourself autobiography is the answer. Each page includes a prompt and ample writing space for your loved one's response. It’s the perfect gift to help older adults remember the small everyday memories and share them with future generations.

Available on Amazon


A Life Untold

With thought-provoking and intriguing questions, A Life Untold gives older adults the opportunity to reflect on and share their life story. A fantastic gift for those who have lived a long and full life, A Life Untold comes beautifully encompassed in a hardcover book and will provide insights that you may have never known about your loved ones.  

Available on the A Life Untold website

Elderly couple sitting on bench

Gifts for the early birds

We all have that one relative who starts their day before the crack of dawn. The reason? No one knows, maybe they’re one of those mysterious happy morning people. Or maybe they love watching the sunrise. Perhaps they like to get out and exercise. Even if we don’t understand it, here are a few gift ideas for all those early birds in your life.


Help your loved ones get their day off to a great start with a gift box full of JAVAMELTS. These portable and convenient flavored sweeteners are an excellent additive for coffee and tea. Small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, JAVAMELTS add amazing flavor to your favorite drinks.

Available on the JAVAMELTS website


Zevro Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser

Sure to be a hit among the grandchildren, the Zervo Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser makes breakfast a breeze. Instead of fumbling with large cereal boxes that never seem to fully close, this food dispenser is great for keeping cereal fresh and easy to reach. If cereal isn’t their style, the dispenser can also hold granola, nuts, beans, rice, and candy. If that wasn’t enough, for all those pet-loving people, it is a great container for holding and dispensing cat food.

Available on Amazon


Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Those who enjoy a big breakfast know how difficult can be to keep the house clean and not have a hundred dishes lying around. This 3-in-1 Breakfast Station makes it possible to brew coffee, toast bread, and cook up eggs and sausages, eliminating the need for multiple pots and pans.

Available on Amazon

Gifts for the young at heart 

Don’t call them old, senior citizens, or elderly. Despite their age, these loved ones feel vibrant and full of life. And it turns out that feeling younger than your age is actually good for you. A study from the Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Journal found that those who felt younger experienced the effects of aging significantly less than those who felt their age or felt older. If you were wondering what to get those spunky older adults, check out these products.


A game with no setup, simple rules, and as fast or slow paced as you’d like, Murbles is a great game for those who love to get out and play with the kids. Murbles is an outdoor game that can be played just about anywhere and is great for players of all ages. Simply dump the Marbles out of the canvas bag, read the rules, and start playing.

Available on the Murbles website


Bold Socks

When was it a rule that seniors must wear boring socks? Bold Socks are a great present for those adults that want to put a little spring in their step. If Uncle Steve tells you his favorite thing in the world is animal puns, Bold Socks has a variety pack just for him. Bold Socks has a wide variety of patterns, colors schemes, themes, and lengths that will spice up any wardrobe.

Available on the Bold Socks website


Monthly Coloring Club

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. With the Monthly Coloring Club, adults of all ages will receive a booklet of high-quality, themed, and Therapeutic Value™ certified coloring pages. These pages are great for those looking for creative stress relief. One of the best things about the Monthly Coloring Club is the fact that each month the theme changes, so you never have to worry about your loved one getting bored.

Available on the Monthly Coloring Club website


Force1 Drone

The Force1 Drone makes a great gift for those older adults who love all things tech related. Easy to fly with a 1-key takeoff and landing button, 3-speed modes, headless mode, and more. This little drone comes with an SD card and card reader so your loved one has everything they need to capture the Thanksgiving family football game or a weekend at the beach.

Available on Amazon

Gifts for the fashion forward

Just because your loved one is getting older doesn’t mean they want to dress like the elderly. Your aging loved ones are full of personality and life and want to show that off with their wardrobe. Nowadays it’s easier than ever for older adults; vintage trends are making a comeback and wearing bright bold colors and statement accessories are in. If you have a senior fashionista in your family, consider these gifts for their next birthday present.

Passion Lilie Scarf

The best thing about the Passion Lilie Scarves is their bold patterns and vibrant colors. The right scarf can pull together just about any outfit while still adding a little flare and funk. Pair a Passion Lilie scarf with one of their fashionable totes and your loved one will be ready for anything.

Available on the Passion Lilie website


John Blair Cable Cardigan

When worn correctly, a cardigan makes for an extremely versatile fashion item. The John Blair Cable Cardigan is a suave, well-fitted, simple cardigan that will seamlessly blend in with any weekend wear. Plus with only $4.99 shipping, you can’t pass this item up.

Available on the Old Pueblo Traders website


Colorblock Mock Sweater

This color-blocked sweater is the perfect addition to any closet. Modern but chic, pairing this item with slacks and a bold statement necklace will make your loved one feel on top of the world. The mock turtleneck collar was popular in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s but has since made its way back to mainstream fashion and for good reason. According to Vogue, “The mock neck has a pretty, neck-lengthening silhouette”.

Available on the Draper’s & Damon’s website


White Terry Kimono

While the White Terry Kimono may not be an everyday look, it sure is great for relaxing at home. Designed to make one feel like they would at the spa, the kimono is made from 100 percent Turkish Cotton and made for complete absorbency. Pair this with velour slippers and a coupon for a massage and your loved one will be overjoyed.

Available on

Grandfather and grandson walking on beach

Gifts for the family oriented

It can be tough to find a present for a grandparent that values family time over materialistic gifts. And it can be tough to navigate around work, school, and life schedules to find a time when the entire family can get together. Luckily, we found the perfect gifts that should hold grandma and grandpa over until everybody can visit for the holidays.


VidHug was designed to make it easy to create a video montage of your family and loved ones and send it to someone special. In fact, the creator made VidHug because he wanted to give his mother a personalized and meaningful gift. All you have to do is send out the invite, the recipients record a short video (from any device) and submit. Then VidHug will compile the videos and create a beautiful montage that is easy to share. VidHug is great to bring together family and friends no matter where they are in the world.

Available on the VidHug website


Luc & Bell Bracelet

Sometimes family isn’t physically close by but that doesn’t mean they aren’t supporting you. The Luc & Bell brand was designed to serve as a reminder for families to remember that they have a “pack” to rely on. There are several aspects to the bracelet that have a deeper symbolic meaning. The silver heart on the bracelet reminds loved ones that they are remembered and loved, you can choose an animal bead (Luc & Bell choose animals that are known for their strong familial bond) to signify that you are a part of a bigger picture and stronger together, and lastly the bracelet has a red bead that symbolizes strength and protection. 

Available on Etsy


Grandma's Joy Box

A Grandma’s Joy Box was created by a grandma who found it difficult to get quality one-on-one time with each of her eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The idea is that a Joy Box will be delivered to your loved ones home each month (each month will have a different theme) and will include different crafts and activities that will help grandparents engage with their grandchildren in fun and interactive ways.

Available on the Grandma’s Joy Box website

Gifts for those who love the great outdoors

For many of us, we see getting older as a negative aspect. We view senior citizens as weak and less capable of performing daily tasks. Some of us even have the idea that being a senior citizen means sitting inside all day and blankly staring out the window, wishfully thinking of our youthful days. However, according to Healthy Families BC, older adults are more active than ever. If your family member or loved one enjoys being active and outside, consider these gift ideas.

Bloomin’ Bin

Bloomin’ Bin is the perfect gift for those that love to get their hands dirty by gardening. Bloomin’ Bin lets customers choose from their Basic Bin or Premium Bin and your loved can choose to plant flowers, fruits and vegetables, or both.

Available on the Bloomin’ Bin website


WiseHooker Clean-n-Flip™

Growing up, my dad would never let anyone touch his grill and for good reason. No one could BBQ like he could. For the grilling machines in your life, get them the WiseHooker Clean-n-Flip™. This tool makes grilling safer, cleaner, and easier. Watch in amazement as your loved one uses it as a tong, fork, spatula, and a grate cleaning tool.

Available on the Wise Guyz Gadgets website


Memel Fire Pit

Some of the best memories a family can have are simply sitting outside and enjoying each other’s company. Curonian Deco makes it easier to stay outside longer with their modern and unique fire pits. The most popular fire pit is Curonian Deco’s Memel Fire Pit. Made with the highest quality materials and a contemporary design, the Memel Fire Pit is durable and made to last.

Available on the Curonian Deco website

Elderly couple smiling at each other

Gifts for those who have trouble remembering

While getting older is inevitable and forgetting things is not something we can completely eliminate, research suggests that by keeping our minds active and regularly “exercising” our brains we can increase our memory performance. It can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one get older and struggle to remember. Whether it’s due to disease, injury, or just aging, there are plenty of products out there that can help.

Making Your Brain Hum: 12 Weeks to a Smarter You

Written by Dr. Joe Bates, a leading expert, double board certified, and award-winning MD on how to increase brain cognition, Making Your Brain Hum: 12 Weeks to a Smarter You focuses on helping seniors increase their memory, clarity, energy, and fulfillment. Seniors are encouraged to try new things and expand their thinking through specific brain exercises and live a ‘braincardio’ lifestyle.

Available on Amazon



The LiftMaster wall-mount garage door opener makes for a fantastic gift for older couples and seniors who are frequently going on vacation and have trouble remembering if they left the garage door open or closed. The LiftMaster 8500W comes with and easily connects to the built-in Wi-Fi. Homeowners can open, close, and receive alerts about their garage doors from their smartphone, so they can have peace of mind knowing that their homes are safe and secure.

Available on the LiftMaster website



The TimerCap has a stopwatch on top of a medicine bottle that reminds someone of when they last took their meds, so if grandpa is always forgetting when he last took his medicine it might be time for a TimerCap. The TimerCap is great for those with time-sensitive medication, but it can also be used to help smokers quit smoking.

Available on the TimerCap website


Tapplock one+

The Tapplock one+ is a smart fingerprint padlock that makes difficult combinations and remembering where the keys are a thing of the past. Use the Tapplock one+ to lock gates, outdoor equipment, and sheds. You can even use the Tapplock one+ to safely and securely store important documents. The best thing about Tapplock one+ is the fact that it can store multiple fingerprints, so if needed trusted family and friends can have access to whatever you are storing.

Available on the Tapplock Corp. website

Gifts for the health conscious

When you’re young, you don’t often think about the consequences of eating pizza and drinking soda every single day. However, your lifestyle will greatly impact how you look and feel in your later years. Not surprisingly, the number of health-conscious seniors is rising and they are choosing products that are helping them to live longer and feel better. Help your loved one by giving them a gift that promotes their healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.

Design A Tea

Design A Tea is an online artisan tea company that allows customers to design their own tea blend from scratch (even herbs). One of the world’s most popular drinks, tea is rich in antioxidants and is believed to provide many health benefits. Design A Tea makes a great gift for the tea lover in your life. You can even personalize the label with a heartfelt message or image, making it the perfect gift for any person and any occasion.

Available on the Design A Tea website


The Ultimate Relaxation Set

Scentered’s unique therapy balms are made with the finest natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. The Ultimate Relaxation set includes the Sleep Well, Be Happy, and De-Stress balms and are the perfect trio of aromatherapy balms to help with the everyday challenges and stresses. One of the best things about Scentered is the fact that none of their balms leave you feeling oily or with clogged pores.

Available on the Scentered website


AlgaeCal Plus

Perhaps not the most fun gift on our list, it certainly is one of the most practical. Unfortunately, many older adults start to lose bone density which can lead to osteoporosis. AlgaeCal Plus is a plant-sourced calcium supplement that helps increase bone density. AlgaeCal Plus is kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

Available on the AlgaeCal website


Extra Strength CBD Muscle Salve

Whether your loved one is fairly active or just experiences the aches and pains from getting older, this CDB body butter works wonders. Glacier Wellness only uses pure hemp extract so you can expect fast results for your neck, back, knee, hip, and joint pain. All the ingredients (coconut oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus essential oil) are completely natural and safe. Plus, it smells amazing.

Available on the Glacier Wellness website and Amazon



The sad reality is the panic attacks happen to one in four people, and they rarely happen at a convenient time. The creator of PanicAide™ spent her life savings to create a product that anybody could use and will easily fit in a purse or pocket. PanicAide™ includes active ingredients that work together to provide the much-needed peace when a panic attack hits but can also be used for general anxiety.

Available on the PanicAide website

Glasses resting on documents

Gifts for avid readers

Reading makes for a great pastime, but it also has numerous health benefits. Reading can help reduce stress, increase mental stimulation, increase knowledge, expand vocabulary, increase awareness, improve memory, and give you better analytical skills. If you know someone who wants or could use any of the previously listed benefits, here are a few books we suggest.

Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind

The author, Joy Rains, clearly explains meditation in an easy to read but knowledgeable way. Meditation Illuminated offers a number of different approaches to meditation and relaxation that are great for experienced meditators or for newcomers. Rains’s mother learned to meditate at 80 years old and is still practicing at 91, so she believes it is never too late to learn.

Available on Amazon


If I Live to Be 100: The Wisdom of Centenarians

Author Paul Mobley traveled all over the United States to find and talk with more than fifty Americans who have celebrated their one-hundredth birthday. The book features beautiful photography and inspiring stories from those who have experienced the changes in our country over the century.

Available on Amazon


Dad Jokes: The Punniest Joke Book Ever

Ok, so maybe this one isn’t for the avid reader, but it does make a great gift for anyone who loves dad jokes. Be ready to either laugh or groan when your dad, uncle, or grandpa come to the next family event equipped with just about every pun there is.

Available on Amazon

Gifts for him

Not sure what to get your husband, dad, uncle, or grandpa? Instead of going with more “traditional” gifts, it might be time to branch out, whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or just because it’s time to show the men in your life just how much you care.


FIXD is great for car enthusiasts as it can help detect over 7,000 potential issues with a vehicle. FIXD allows car owners to see why their check engine light is on so they can view repair estimates before going to the mechanic. Just leave FIXD plugged into the vehicle to continually monitor the vehicle and receive alerts whenever a problem is detected. FIXD works on all gas and hybrid-powered cars built after 1996.

Available on the FIXD website



FlexSafe was designed to help keep your valuables safe. FlexSafe is large enough to fit your phone, credit and debit cards, passports, keys, jewelry, wallets, and other valuables, but still lightweight and flexible. Some of the FlexSafe best features are its sleek design and the fact that it doesn’t attract unnecessary attention.

Available on the FlexSafe website


Minky Couture Designer Blankets

What we love about the Minky Couture line is their wide variety of designs. Whether you’re looking for a bold striking pattern or something more sleek and sophisticated, Minky Couture will have it. These blankets hold up super well (even after being washed) and never seem to lose their shine.

Available on the Minky Couture website


Starling’s Car Trunk Organizer

A great solution for those who want to organize and declutter their car, trunk, or backseat, this organizer expands up to two feet long and has plenty of compartments for tools, groceries, cleaning supplies, outdoor activity equipment, and more. One thing we really loved about the Starling’s Organizer is the fact that it was designed to fit into any vehicle. The expandable/collapsible design makes it perfect if you need a little more room in your car or if you need to store more items.

Available on Amazon

Gifts for her

Even though the holiday season has passed doesn’t mean you can’t give the women in your life a gift. Even if it’s a small, simple surprise, giving her something just to show you care will make her day. We found some of the best gifts to get the women in your life.

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Essential oils have been used for years to help boost moods, encourage relaxation, and reduce health ailments and conditions. If your loved one prefers to use a more natural method for therapeutic benefits, give them this essential oil diffuser necklace from Jewels For Hope. Simply, dab one to two drops of your favorite essential oil on the 8mm black lava stone and let it dry.

Available on Etsy



Tweexy® is super affordable and makes painting your nails a breeze. Tweexy is a wearable nail polish holder that allows you to do your nails anywhere. Small enough to fit in a makeup bag or a purse, Tweexy® helps solve the problem of drips, spills, and shaky hands that come with reaching for the bottle.

Available on the Tweexy website or Amazon


Ginkgo & Grace

Each box you receive from Ginkgo & Grace will include eco-friendly, responsible beauty and lifestyle items. Although Gingko & Grace provides products intended for more mature women’s needs, anyone can use the eco-minded products. Get your loved one a Gingko & Grace box and discover companies that are making a difference in the world with their natural products.

Available on the Ginkgo & Grace website

Happy father at family game night

Gifts from the whole family

It can be a challenge to buy your loved one a gift when it seems they already have everything they need. Instead of giving them the same thing year after year, it might be time to come together as a family and get your aging loved ones something that they could really use. While some of these gifts could be pricey for one person, splitting the costs among siblings, friends, or spouses can reduce the financial burden.

Frisco Maids

Hiring a cleaning company to help your loved one can be an excellent gift. Cleaning can often be a challenge for aging adults, taking hours out of their day while that time could be spent doing something they love. Frisco Maids is dedicated to helping families spend more time together by creating a clean and healthy home environment.

Check out the Frisco Maids website


CannaBeds Hemp Mattresses and Pillows

CannaBeds sells mattresses and pillows made from hemp. Hemp is known for being stronger and softer than cotton. It is also resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, humidity, and mold. The fabrics natural anti-bacterial properties plus the fact that it’s hypoallergenic makes CannaBeds a great product that is gentle on fragile and sensitive skin.

Available on the CannaBeds website


Power Chair

If your loved one is struggling with mobility issues it might be time for a power chair. According to a study, seniors with limited mobility are more likely to feel isolated, but as soon as their mobility is improved through electric wheelchairs, scooters, and other assistive devices, they are more willing and able to participate in social activities. Scooters ‘N Chairs offers plenty of advice and tips (they even have a pre-buying checklist) for those interested in buying a power chair or mobility scooter.

Available on the Scooters ‘N Chairs website


Walk-In Tub

A study by the CDC revealed that 2.2 percent of injuries happened while getting into the tub or shower and 9.9 percent of injuries occurred when getting out of the tub or shower. If your loved one is struggling with mobility, consider a walk-in tub. All Safe Step tubs are designed with safety in mind and exceed the high standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act. The company also offers discounts and financing for its customers to get Safe Steps tubs into homes and reduce the number of accidents. Safe Step also stands behind every one of its products with a lifetime warranty.

Check out a Safe Step walk-in tub


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