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LAST UPDATED: October 20th, 2022

Vision Solar LLC was founded in Washington Township, New Jersey in 2018 with the mission of providing homeowners with easy access to solar energy and the energy and environmental savings that come with it. The solar company provides a zero-money down power purchase agreement and assembles its solar panel systems with some of the best equipment available today. 

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The Good

  • Top-Level Solar Equipment
  • 24-Hour Installation
  • Zero-Down Financing

Top-Level Solar Equipment

Vision Solar has partnered with some of the best solar panel and solar inverter manufacturers in the world. Most notable among its solar panel partners is SunPower, the solar industry's leader in high-efficiency solar panel production. SunPower solar panels average an efficiency rating of 22.8 percent, second to none. SunPower's solar energy solutions also come with an industry leading 25-year materials warranty.

In addition to SunPower, Vision Solar has also partnered with Enphase Energy, one of the top solar inverter manufacturers in the world. Enphase micro inverters not only convert solar power into residential electricity at an incredibly high rate, but they also monitor the performance of individual solar panels. Through Enphase's app, Vision Solar can detect any damage or problems with a given solar panel and instantly call the homeowner to set up a repair appointment.

24-Hour Installation

Vision Solar boasts one of the fastest solar panel installation windows in the industry — 24 hours. Many solar installation companies can take up to a week to install a solar system, or leave you wondering as to how long the process will take.

A 24-hour installation window means that once the site survey, energy evaluation, solar array design, and permit pulling stages are complete, homeowners can begin saving up to 30 percent on their monthly utility bill after only a single-day installation.

Zero-Down Financing

Vision Solar provides customers with a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA). A PPA operates much like a solar lease and offers zero-money down financing with monthly payments that are often lower than the electric bill for most residential homes. PPAs also place the entire burden of ownership on the installation solar company, meaning all installation, maintenance, and repair fees are footed by Vision Solar, and not the homeowner; all the homeowner is paying for is the amount of solar power the system produces each month.


The Bad

  • Limited Financing Options
  • No Workmanship Warranty
  • Limited Availability
  • No NABCEP Certification
  • Negative Vision Solar Reviews

Limited Financing Options

Unfortunately, the PPA is the only financing option Vision Solar offers to its customers. Financing a solar system provided by Vision Solar through a solar lease, solar loan, or direct purchase are not available.

While a PPA is incredibly cost-effective, it does have its limitations. For example, people who sign up for a PPA do not own the solar PV system, meaning they cannot take advantage of available tax credits and solar incentives.

No Workmanship Warranty

Vision Solar does not provide a workmanship warranty for its solar systems. But given that the company takes care of all maintenance and repairs at no cost to the solar customers, no workmanship warranty is necessary, as this type of warranty protects panel owners against errors caused during the installation process.

Limited Availability

Vision Solar is available in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, with plans of expanding into two more states in the near future. While this is a break from the majority of new solar installer companies that service only one or two states, the service area is still smaller than that of industry leaders in the United States. Promoting verified Vision Solar reviews can be an effective way for the company to stand out among the competition.

No NABCEP Certification

The solar company does not appear to have a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is widely regarded in the solar industry as a premier certification provider. Companies with this certification indicate that their technicians have undergone advanced training and are well versed in the best installation practices.

While the lack of a NABCEP certification does not imply poor installation quality on the part of Vision Solar, its presence can sometimes be the difference between choosing one company or another for a customer.

Negative Vision Solar Reviews

Unfortunately, a number of customers have had negative experiences with Vision Solar, be they related to not being able to speak to customer service in a timely manner, waiting long periods of time before actually getting the panels installed, noticing roof damage after the solar panels have been installed, or just generally experiencing unpleasant interactions with the company or its representatives.

While the current reviews on Best Company are generally negative, every customer experience is unique. The best thing consumers can do is thoroughly research the solar companies they are interested in, and compare quotes from multiple companies to ensure they are getting the best deal for their situation.


The Bottom Line

Vision Solar provides fast, high-quality solar panel systems with an affordable financing option. Consumers living in the company's service area are encouraged to obtain a free quote, and determine whether the solar installer address their home's solar needs and offer better energy savings than the utility company.

That said, they should be aware that Vision Solar will not provide them with a path to solar panel ownership. Every solar project from Vision Solar can only be leased or fall under a PPA. Vision Solar is not NABCEP-certified, but installs quality, well-maintained solar solutions all the same.

Perusing verified Vision Solar reviews can help readers get a sense of customers' solar experience with this company, and determine whether Vision Solar is the best solar company for them.

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naeem smith Hollywood, FL

PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! TLDR: I now have: - A damaged roof - An extra bill for absolutely nothing - Solar panels that don't do anything - Damaged relationship with my spouse because I talked her into signing up with this company. This is for their Deerfield location, but the company as a whole is a scam and Jonathan S should be ashamed of himself!!! After the impressive sales meeting at my home in November 2021, I signed up to have them installed. I asked them about permits and they stated that it is against the law for my city and HOA to deny Solar panels. I still went ahead and obtained permits from my HOA, because they could still fine me $100 a day and I didn't want any problems. It took almost 2 months to get the permit and the entire time Vision Solar continuously contacted me via text, email, and phone to pressure me into getting the panels installed ASAP. KEEP READING!!! When the permit came in, I went and had the panels installed in Feb 2022. They came quickly, did a three day rush job and left my roof with damaged shingles and holes. They had their in-house inspectors approve everything. It wasn't until rainy season started in early June that I noticed leaks in my roof. A third-party roofer came out and confirmed the damage was from the solar panels. I contacted them relentlessly for someone to come out and fix the issue. It is now mid-August 2022 and the issue has not been resolved. KEEP READING!!! Also, that permit that they said was not important to obtain from the city actually is extremely important. Without it we can't have the solar panels connected to the electric company's power grid. So we have non-functioning panels on our roof that do nothing until whenever the city actually approves the panels and they are connected to the grid. KEEP READING!!! Furthermore, and this is the MOST egregious part, once the panels are installed, Sunlight financial (or whatever lender you end up with) will start to charge you within 3 months of installation regardless of whether or not the solar panels connect to the power grid. So I'm paying my regular electric bill which avgs over $300 a month, and now $223 a month to Sunlight financial. I signed up for this to SAVE money, but now I have an extra bill and just giving money away to a company for absolutely nothing. Vision solar states that they will reimburse you for those monthly lender payments until the panels are connected to the power grid, but I have yet to receive a single payment. In conclusion, I now have: - A damaged roof - An extra bill for absolutely nothing - Solar panels that don't do anything - Damaged relationship with my spouse because I talked her into signing up with this company. I'm left with no choice but to seek an attorney.

5 months ago

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Daniel Utley Rhome, TX

My experience is pretty much the same customer experience that everyone else has had. When I signed up for services in March of 2022. I was told that this whole process would take between 30 and 90 days and that I would recieve a roof voucher, a one time cost replacement for the solar panels when my roof shingles needed to be replaced, lies. I finally turned the power on to the solar panel in August of 2022. Yes "I", I called to check the status of my solar panels for like the 30th time and I was just told to go outside and flip two switches. Why is the customer having to this? Do the math, this whole project took way longer than 90 days and that was after making several phone calls. My sales rep Charlie and Matt. No where to found. They make their commission of the sale, they don't return phone calls or text messages. I called customer service to check the status of my roof voucher, they said nothing was documented, I called Charlie on 3 way, as soon as i mentioned the roof voucher he hung up the phone. No call back or text message from him. When I called Vision Solar in May of 2022 to see what the hold up was. I was told that I was waiting on the inspection from the city and for the power company to replace my meter. I called Oncor in July of 2022 and they told me that on April 20, Solar Vision was granted permission to operate, April 22, my meter was reprogrammed, and May 3rd my meter was updated and did not require repalcement. So more lies from Vision Solar. Im still trying to get my roof voucher they promised. Everytime I call now they tell me that a manager is aware of what is going on and that they are trying to get ahold of the representative. How hard is to get a hold of someone that works for you and how hard is it for you to fulfill your agreement?

5 months ago

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Thomas McCormick Philadelphia, PA

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, FAILURE TO COMPLETE JOB, FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE! They started my solar project in the fall of 2020 it is now May of 2022. They came and replaced my roof, it was quick, efficient and looks good. They also installed the solar onto my roof in a timely fashion and did a nice job. The problem is the tree they promised to cut down. I had a huge tree in my yard (biggest in the neighborhood) they came around the same time as the roof and cut off half the branches. They then came back a end of November and cut the other half off leaving me a towering trunk over my house. They left the cut up branches in my yard all winter next to the towering ugly trunk and never returned. I complained multiple times and they finally returned in spring of 2021 and cut down the trunk. Just cut it and left it lay across what was left of my backyard. They did NOT remove anything. I now had a huge pile of wood from branches and the monster trunk laying on the ground almost to my deck. Again they didn't return. I complained many times again and they finally returned months later to cut up the trunk and remove all the wood at the end of summer of 2021. While here they told me the would cut the remainder of the tree down to the ground so I could have it ground out. While removing all the wood they destroyed my backyard. I had zero grass left in 9/10ths of my yard and craters from the bobcat the scooped all the wood and a lot of my topsoil with. They suddenly had a "tree emergency" and left. It is now almost mid May of 2022 and these people have still failed to do as they said with the part they were supposed to cut down to the ground. Vision Solar customer service is a complete waste of time and their management does not care about customer satisfaction at all. I would suggest using a different company that cares.

8 months ago

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Paul Mannheim Phoenix, AZ

Overview - They refuse to put verbal agreements on the contract and try everything in their power to hold you liable for canceling after the 3 day grace period. On the experience: This company sends out salesmen that spend a long time with you to try and get a contract signed same day. They say a lot of GREAT things. Their main promise was the below: "We guarantee you will never have to pay your utility company for electricity. If you do, we will reimburse you 100% and if it keeps happening, we will install more solar panels." I signed and was given a 3 day grace period to cancel the agreement. After reviewing the contract, I saw NO mention of reimbursements and immediately sent a detailed email to cancel followed by a certified letter on the first available business day as stipulated by the 3-day cancellation verbiage in the contract. After canceling, I received a call from "Quality Assurance." They beat around the bush for more than an hour. They said multiple times that they would send an email out verifying that any energy usage bills sent by the utility would be reimbursed by vision solar but absolutely refused to add it into the contract. The whole call felt like it was an attempt to keep the contract pending just long enough that the 3-day grace period is forfeit and one owes the company 10% of the total cost. I felt scammed. I felt like i was being lied to. I will report this to the BBB and post reviews to every site i can to warn people. Horrible Grow at Any Expense company that gives solar companies a very bad reputation.

9 months ago

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roy feuerbacher Largo, FL

They showed a day late!!The salesperson called manger on phone very rude!! Wanted to see my other quotes before giving me a price!!SCAM… Please do not use them!! Look at the reviews!!

7 months ago

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Ang Castile Norristown, PA

Well, after 5 hours of my time, $95K quote, pressured sales tactics I was researching options for financing other than theirs, maintaining contact with Brian K. while continuing to work and my day to day life, I was contacted stating, "let's move forward already" & "hate to continue to play phone tag with you". Asked him not to contact me any further, received NINE more messages AND he began acting like a 5 year old! On top of this, I received two other quotes for 50% of the price of the quote given to me Brian K.

1 year ago

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Reply from Vision Solar

Ang, we value our customers and thank you for your review. I will escalate this to our Directors. We appreciate your patience as we look into this further.

Apr. 29th, 2021

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Roberta Connolly Hyannis, MA

So far it’s all been lip service. I signed up and was approved in December now it’s the 19th of February and no permits. I can’t get an answer from anyone as to why. The salesman that signed me up left the company. They don’t return calls very very frustrating. If we ever get going on this project my rating might change. If not I will be pulling out of this deal for sure.

1 year ago

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Reply from Vision Solar

Hi Roberta, we value our customers. I will make sure to escalate this to our Directors and review your case. Thank you for writing us.

Apr. 29th, 2021

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paul pasquariello North Stratford, NH

We started installing panels in August just finished 3 weeks ago took a month and a half to get my roof leak fixed, now I have interior ceiling damage and all company is doing is sending out contracts by email to sign, with no discussion on repairing inside damage.

1 year ago

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Christina Seabrook Orlando, FL

I signed up with them in January 2021. While they installed the panels in a timely manner as of date 9/27/21 they are not turned on yet. The installation of the box has failed inspection 3 times. I'm still waiting for when they are coming out to correct. They don't follow up on calls. Totally frustrated

1 year ago

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Jim Kawash Peoria, AZ

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Does not follow through on their responsibilities. Points fingers at township and doesn’t take ownership for anything. Zero Stars!

1 year ago