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LAST UPDATED: January 24th, 2023
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Tesla Energy Solar Power is not affiliated with Tesla.

Tesla Energy Solar Power is in no way affiliated with the electric car and solar company founded by Elon Musk, but it is an entirely separate entity located in Sacramento, California. If your solar panel system was installed by SolarCity or Tesla, please visit our Tesla profile to leave your review.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Sacramento, California, Tesla Energy Solar Power provides alternative energy sources for home and business owners. The company offers solar energy systems for both small- and large-scale projects and claims to utilize vast expertise, proven methodology, and high-quality products.

Tesla Energy Solar Power aims to provide the lowest-cost solar panels in America, offering both a price match guarantee and a money-back guarantee.

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The Good

  • Free Evaluation
  • Superior Aesthetic
  • Financing Options
  • Warranty Coverage

Free Evaluation

Tesla Energy Solar Power provides complimentary site evaluations for potential customers. Once the site evaluation is complete, the company will provide the potential customer with a certified quote. 

Superior Aesthetic

Some customers worry about how a solar system will look on their roof, but Tesla panels have a sleek look and maintain a low profile with no visible grid and a concealed edge. Panels have a black anodized aluminum alloy frame with black solar cells and backsheet. If you want to see how solar panels would look on your roof, you can visit Tesla's design studio online.

Solar roof tiles are another option to consider if you need to replace your roof or are building a new construction. 

Financing Options

Tesla Energy Solar Power aims to provide its customers with cost-effective solar solutions. For those who may not be able to cover the entire cost of the system upfront, the company offers a variety of financing options, including options with no interest and options with no upfront cost.

Notably, Tesla Energy Solar Power will match a pricing quote for solar.

Warranty Coverage

All of Tesla Energy Solar Power's systems are backed by the company's Iron Clad Power Protection Guarantee. The company provides a 12-year inverter warranty, a 25-year performance guarantee and 100 percent system coverage. You can monitor your system's performance from your phone.

The corporate website does not include workmanship warranty information. 


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Outsourced Installations

Limited Availability

Tesla Energy Solar Power is headquartered in Sacramento, and the company appears to focus on the California market.

Outsourced Installations

Tesla Energy Solar Power states that it partners with a third party, Sunworks, for solar system installation. This may introduce communication or staffing hurdles that aren't as evident when companies hire installers in-house. However, Sunworks does appear to have a positive reputation within the solar industry.


The Bottom Line

Tesla Energy Solar Power has been in business for several years and offers free evaluations, financing options, and 25-year warranty coverage. However, the company appears to work with another company for the installation portion of the solar process, so you'll want to make sure you're made aware of installation details like the workmanship warranty (if applicable), projected completion timeline, and scheduling specifics.

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Tesla bought out Solar City, so technically, we have experience with both for solar power. We never received a utility bill from our power company again, but had a credit with them of a few hundred dollars. The solar was amazing. Our monthly bill stayed exactly the same summer/winter/fall/spring. No matter how much we ran the AC or heat, the bill never changed. It was exactly half of what our power bill used to be. I love solar and Tesla has done a great job. We never had any technical issues with them even after they bought out Solar City. I would always choose Tesla in the future. Great choice.

3 days ago

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Vikram Arwade Morgan Hill, CA

My tesla app stopped reporting the usage for solar generation and consumption more than 4 months ago. I opened a ticket with them at that time. 4 months in and they have not done much to resolve my case. Every time they tell me that someone will call me next day, guess what no call ever till I call them back. They sent a person to my home to fix it twice and both the times they gave a wireless extender saying that the signal is weak. It has not helped at all even with the solution they provided. They have been transferring me from one department to another for the past month and on calls for hours at a stretch. Customer service is so rude that they don't care about wasting customers time and they are like you are talking to my now and I don't want to talk about why you were on the call for the past 2 hours and I can't help you with the problem as the order is in the system but don't know when it will be served. Also we got solar along with the home we bought 3 yrs ago and had called to move the system under my name at that time. Guess what it was still not moved 2 years ago. I called in they said they moved it at that time. I talked to a representative today to address my current problem and they had not moved the entire system to my name yet!!! 3 years and they still can't fix it. I have no words to how they are conducting their business and deal with customers in a rude way. I had rude customer support from them at least 2 times in the past 4 months. Very disappointed with Tesla. Will not buy anything solar things from them again...

2 months ago

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Rick Colen Corona, CA

I would love to be able to review the product, but I can not seem to get them o to finish the installation. I signed up like everyone else, hoping to get a hassle-free experience. This has been a nightmare. They installed my panels after complaining for three weeks of no communication, and now I have 31 panels on my roof doing nothing. No one will respond when I ask for any updates from 3 different contacts. The sales guy was super helpful and knowledgeable, but that is where it all fell apart. For anyone looking to use them, I would look elsewhere. I get that there may be issues during a project, but all they have to do is keep people informed. Even if it was going to take an additional six months, it could be dealt with but do not have anyone reply to you is frustrating.

4 months ago

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Thomas Traveler Brandon, FL

I have had permission to operate for 20 months. It has been dead for 5 of those months, with 3 inverter failures. Tesla provides platitudes and blames the maker of the inverter. If it were a new car, the dealer would provide a loaner for outages of this duration. I cannot recommend Tesla to others at this point.

5 months ago

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Jennifer Monrovia, CA

Solar installation went very smooth. Loved the professionalism and the experience was amazing. The Tesla Battery looks so modern in my garage. I was skeptical about adding one in the beginning but the battery acts as an insurance policy, if a black out were to occur my system would continue running perfectly!

2 years ago

Tesla Energy Solar Power Logo

Reply from Tesla Energy Solar Power

Jennifer, thank you for your patronage! We are so happy to hear about your project's success!

Feb. 20th, 2020

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M. Lami al-Atasi Danville, CA

after I ordered the panel. they said the system will be installed within a week. it took the 25 days. they came more than 6 times and canceled more than 3 appointments. 2 times arrived and do not have the right parts. 21 days elapsed after final payment and have not contacted the utility company. I called trying to push them to contact the utility company. billing depart sends me to the advisers people and the advisers send me back to billing. By now i should have my system is connected to the utility company, commissioned and running but it is not . and I do NOT know when that happening

8 months ago

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Adarsh Basavalingappa Fairport, NY

It has been over a year since placing the order. Until the order was placed the salespeople were very persistent and punctual. Installation was done in next 3 months. Debugging of faulty installation was abandoned after a couple of attempts. Was told to continue with permission to turn on stage while they continued maintenance. They got paid fully. They kept telling me they're waiting for permission from utility company. IT WAS A LIE. They consistently lied to me for about 6 months when they hadn't even submitted the paperwork to the utility company. After I started contacting utility company and questioned Tesla about no application being pending for my address, Tesla admitted to have not submitted any application. They submitted the application 6 months later while I had paid them and was also liable for the utility bill caused by Tesla's blatant negligence and fraud of Tesla. It has been 9+ months since the installation and there is still no end in sight. Tesla claims to have submitted the paperwork over 2 months ago and if that was the case I should have received the approval by now. The project coordinator from Tesla keeps changing and many of them don't even bother to check on the status and when asked they just provide boilerplate responses which are mostly lies. I have requested copies of all the communication between Tesla and my utility company on by behalf and yet to receive them. Recommendation: use a local contractor even if they cost a little more. At least you'll have a working system. Do not sign off on the full payment until you get permission to turn on.

9 months ago

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Amber Hanlon Cape Coral, FL

Do not give Tesla your money! I bought solar panels for our home through Tesla. A coworker did so a few weeks later through a different company. He told me that his company said Tesla was terrible for install which I shrugged off figuring its Tesla. How could Tesla be terrible?? We quickly learned just how that was not only accurate but an understatement at that. Tesla has ignored my calls, emails, and voicemails. They have also filed for incorrect permits then minimized our complaints. We were promised many things that never came to fruition. After months of trying to get a manager involved, I FINALLY got a call from a supervisor. After again explaining everything he provided a $200 discount! That is .6% off our $32,000 job. He then told me normally they only offer a $35 gift card if that! This is after I have had to call our electric company myself to get install scheduled, spent over 3 weeks waiting for a manager call back that was supposed to occur within 72 hours, informer Tesla their first permit was filed for the wrongly sized unit, informed them the permit was issued, and spent hours on the phone to try to get this project on track. I could not be more surprised, disappointed, and aggravated with how our experience has been but it becomes more clear by the day that this is the norm for Tesla. Finally, we spoke with someone from Tesla who promised us IN WRITING that they would issue a $250 refund once we paid our invoice in full. I paid, then notified her so she could process the refund. I received a call a few days later from her saying they were not going to honor that and it was her mistake. That was a contractual agreement which was the only reason we paid the invoice in full. While they may have a decent product, they also think it is acceptable to promise one thing to get money then break that promise. It is unacceptable and illegal! While they may be cheaper than most, save the frustration and get solar elsewhere! I wish we would have.

10 months ago

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BeaC Oakland, CA

Tesla Support unscrupulous. Worst business practices. Beware. Document everything. Fabricators. Have never had such a terrible experience with the entire support personnel. Can't believe that a lawsuit has not taken them down. Over four months and still do not have the repair completed. There is a pattern of doing the minimum of almost nothing so that you keep having to schedule more and more appointments two weeks out each time and nothing gets fixed. They will cancel, or show up at the very end of the time frame of when they were supposed be on site and then leave without doing anything five minutes later. They will lie and say that you declined to have any more work performed. They will come and say that they are there to find out what the problem with the system is. Oh DUH, you have known what the problem is since four months ago. Then they say that they have only come to get warranty information. WHAT THE WHAT. Yep, four months with the minimum of nothing done, if that can happen, they have discovered how to do that and are expert at it. Yep, they are the best at the minimum of nothing accomplished. I quit making payments on the lease as I refuse to pay for less than what I agreed to. Plus, I take offense when I am made to work so hard for free, trying to get Tesla to perform, be responsible, and do its' job. I am wondering if it can be considered elderly abuse. Taking advantage of an elderly woman. It's really disgusting.

11 months ago

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Chung Emily San Jose, CA

How do I file a compliant against Tesla energy? Our solar was never turn on for the past two year due to their poor customer service. Now, they refused to refund or credit our. account. We have been paying for the service or energy that was neither performed nor produced. I called the CSM million times. They told me they. can't escalate the issue and we have to just accept whatever they have decided. We paid over 2K. This is unfair and absurd.

10 months ago

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UnHappy customer Mission Viejo, CA

Supper unhappy with this company! We are stuck in a 20 year contract, our panel stopped working over a year ago. We reported it right away. We are still waiting for our solar power to work. We waited over a year for the panels to be replaced, only to find out that the inverter also needed to be replaced. They said it would be ordered and changed within a few days that was three weeks ago. We have been paying for solar power every month, and paying the electric company since we are not getting any solar. Super frustrated.

3 years ago

Tesla Energy Solar Power Logo

Reply from Tesla Energy Solar Power

Hello, Was this Tesla Motor/Solar City that installed your system?

Feb. 9th, 2020

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Dale Nuce Seattle, WA

Tesla works great when it is working but if it breaks down you are out of luck, been down 7 months now with no end in site 4 service calls...they came out once still not working

11 months ago

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Sharon Aigner Culver City, CA

worst customer experience ever. Promsied savings and my electric costs doubled. Take a long time to provide service. System is highly automated so when and if you do get a person they are just reading from a script and cant accomidate you in any useful way. Run away!

1 year ago

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v j Hicksville, NY

Don't ever install Tesla solar, its nightmare service they offer, very bad customer support. If you still not understand get ready for troubles.

8 months ago

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John Santa Cruz, CA

I got a loan for Tesla Solar Panels after 6 months they still have not been connected to PGE. MOSAIC is now billing me for Panels that produce zero energy. ...

2 years ago

Tesla Energy Solar Power Logo

Reply from Tesla Energy Solar Power

Hello John, Did Tesla Motors/Solar City install your project? Thank you

Feb. 13th, 2020

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Charles Donahue San Francisco, CA

I signed an agreement in November and it's been almost three months and still no video when this project will be submitted for permitting.

2 years ago