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LAST UPDATED: November 1st, 2021

Synergy Power, a DBA (Doing Business As) registration of A Frame Construction, Inc., is located in Alpine, Utah. The company specializes in providing Utah residents and businesses with both grid-tied and off-grid energy systems. The company claims on its website to be the price leader for solar energy systems, and free project quotes are available for interested consumers.

From 2014 to 2018, Synergy Power was named one of Solar Power World Magazine's "Top 500 Solar Contractors," and per 2018 figures, has installed at least 15,600 kilowatts of clean, renewable energy since its founding in 1999.

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The Good

  • Top-Level Solar Equipment
  • Flexible Financing Options
  • Energy Savings

Top-Level Solar Equipment

Synergy Power uses some of the best solar panels and solar inverters in the industry to build its solar roof installations. The company sources panels from LG and REC Solar, which report some of the highest energy efficiency ratings money can buy, and solar inverters from SolarEdge and Enphase, the two leading inverter and performance monitoring manufacturers.

To supplement its solar energy system, Synergy Power gives customers the option to install backup battery and energy storage solutions from LG Chem and Sonnen.

Flexible Financing Options

Synergy Power offers several financing options, including lease, loan, and outright purchase, to help its customers go solar.

With a lease, customers can have a solar system installed for $0 down and start saving money on their monthly utility bills.

However, to take advantage of federal and state incentives, an outright purchase or loan is required. Many loan options offer 15 to 20 year terms.

Energy Savings

Solar energy systems can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. However, according to Synergy Power, solar customers can save $15,000-$200,000 on utility bills over the life of the system.

Monthly payments typically range from $90-$600, depending on the system and the financing option. Overall solar savings vary from customer to customer.


The Bad

  • No Service Information
  • Possible Solar Installation Restrictions

No Service Information

Synergy Power does not offer specific details about its products or services on its website. There is no information in regards to warranty coverage, maintenance plans, or cleaning services.

Typically, solar energy systems come with a 25-year warranty. However, it's unclear whether or not Synergy Power offers this benefit.

There is no FAQ section on the company's website to answer common questions that a potential customer might have, which can be frustrating.

Possible Solar Installation Restrictions

There are a number of factors that could potentially restrict Synergy Power from installing solar panels on a residential home, including north-facing rooftops, immovable obstructions, and excess shading from surrounding trees.

Rules and regulations from homeowner's associations might also prevent rooftop solar installations. As an alternative, homeowners may be able to have a ground-mounted system installed.


The Bottom Line

Synergy Power offers its customers multiple financing options. However, the company's website is lacking a lot of important information and there are possible installation restrictions.

If you live in Utah, Synergy Power might be the right solar company for you. If you live elsewhere, you'll need to check out other top rated companies.

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Beth Roy, UT

In 2016 we had solar panels installed by Chad H's company, Synergy Power, based in Sandy, UT. The warranty is for 25 years and "within this warranty, Synergy Power will repair or replace, free of charge, any part proving defective in material or workmanship." We have been very pleased with the installation until lately.  In March of this year we noticed one of the panels was only producing half the electricity it was capable of. We called the number specified in our paperwork, but could not reach a real person and the voicemail was not set up. So I emailed Chad as it was specified in the contract that we needed to immediately notify Synergy Power of any defective part.  We never heard back from him. So a couple months later, I called Synergy Power and talked to Brandon who sent a technician out to look at it, take pictures and produce a report. While the tech was here, he called Brandon and let him know the status of the panel and Brandon told him he would start the warranty replacement procedure.  A couple of weeks ago, I called Brandon for an update. He said that Synergy Power had been bought out by Solar Works Energy and "no longer handled warranty work for Synergy Power installations". He said that Chad H had started a new company called WeServiceSolar which would handle the warranty work for Synergy Power.  He gave me Chad's email and said the replacement of our panel was already in the works through Chad's new company and gave me his email so I could get an update.  I wrote Chad, again. Asked him to please update what was happening with the replacement panel. Nothing. I have tried calling WeServiceSolar twice now and am forwarded to a voice mail service. I have left a message three times asking for an update. No response. I have been in touch with the Canadian manufacturer of my panels and if I can access the information they need for replacement of the panel, it sounds like they may help. I contacted Solar Works Energy main office in New Mexico to see if there were still records of installations that Synergy Energy performed. Everyone I talked to was very sweet and concerned. Tawny S contacted their Utah office on Friday and by Monday morning I had the information I needed!

2 years ago

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Vincent Noot Cedar City, UT

Our sales rep was great. He wasn't scammy, sleazy, or salesy. In fact, the sales rep (Andy S) was the whole reason why we went to Synergy Power in the first place, even though there were other companies offering solar energy. But then came the problems, after we bought it. Our panels cost around $35,000. Since the 20-year loan would only add about $10,000 in interest, we decided to get the loan, for cashflow reasons. Later that year, when interest rates in the real estate market dropped (in 2020), we tried to refinance our home, which would save us about $110,000 in interest, but our loan officer informed us that it was impossible because the solar company (or Sunlight Financial) had put a lien on our house. What?! Why? He called and called, he negotiated and every time, he frustratingly reported back to us that there was no way to let us go on with the refinancing. Eventually, we just said, "If it makes it easier, we'll just pay off the solar loan." We happened to have enough cash saved up and so, we paid the $35,000 in full. But the misery wasn't over yet. In December, our solar panels stopped working. I called the phone number I found online. No answer. I left messages, at least 5 or 10 of the, throughout the weeks. Never called back. Then I called Andy and he said the solar company had been bought out by another company and that he could no longer assist us. He gave us Chad's phone number, but this was the phone number I had been calling so many times anyway. My wife texted Chad. At least he answered but he failed to send someone over. Every time, it was something like, "We don't know when one of our guys will be over there," or, "we don't have anyone in the area," or the empty promise of, "maybe we'll swing by sometime." Never any clarity. And no, the problem didn't get fixed. We've been without solar energy for about 3 weeks now. This is going to cost us another $250 extra on energy. Does Chad care? Probably not. Eventually, he told us the problem must be the electricity panel inside the house. Wish he would have mentioned that 3 weeks ago! Hopefully, the electrician can fix it. I think it's obvious that I highly recommend to NOT get your solar energy from Synergy Power. We almost missed out on a gigantic refinancing deal because of the sneaky way they put a lien on our house. Glad we had the cash. And now they're not even working. Worst investment ever!

2 years ago

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Unhappy customer Saint George, UT

Synergy Power's salesperson was approachable and helpful until we paid for the whole system. After we paid, customer service plunged and it is now almost impossible to get any response or service out of them. Due to delays (several months) and misinformation from Synergy Power, we are now ineligible for our federal tax deduction in time to pay back the high-interest portion of our loan. This has turned into a very negative experience for us.

4 years ago