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LAST UPDATED: January 19th, 2024

SunUp America's goal is to provide its customers with clean and affordable energy and educate homeowners in everything solar. 

SunUp America's solar panels are all manufactured in Germany and are built to the industry's highest standard of quality. Additionally, all SunUp America's installers go through a rigorous training program and must pass a final quality control check to ensure they are offering the best possible service.

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The Good

  • Educating Homeowners

Educating Homeowners

Choosing to go green isn't always as simple as one would expect. But SunUp America does everything it can to help educate homeowners about everything solar. The company offers numerous blog articles, tips and tricks, and even a free downloadable consumer guide to solar. 

Whether you're looking for more information on saving money during the summer months or what you need to do to weatherize your solar system, SunUp likely has an article or quick tip that can help. 


The Bad

  • Lack of Detailed Information

Lack of Detailed Information

Although we appreciate SunUp trying to educate homeowners on all things solar, we feel there is a bit too much generic information and not enough company specific information on the website. 

For example, the website's frequently asked questions page answers questions such as these: Will home insurance cost me more if I own a solar system? Will solar void the warranty on my roof? Will my HOA allow me to have a solar system installed? How can I maximize my solar savings?

While these are important things to consider before going solar, they are more general questions that could be answered by any solar company. They don't really tell you anything about SunUp America. 

We would like to see SunUp America include more information specific to their company upfront, such as: What kind of solar panels are available? What warranties/guarantees does SunUp provide? How long does SunUp expect a solar installation to take? What financing options are available? Does the company ever hire local contractors to perform installations? 

While we're sure that SunUp will provide more detailed information if you call or contact the company directly, not everyone is ready to speak to a company representative. It would be nice if the company would simply put all this information on its website — that way, it's available to anyone looking to go solar, no matter where they are in the process.


The Bottom Line

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, SunUp America is a solar installation company dedicated to helping homeowners understand and reap the benefits of going solar. If you live in Arizona or California, SunUp America might be worth looking into if you want to go green. 

However, although we appreciate SunUp America's commitment to educating people, we wish there was more detailed information about the company on the website. For example, the company states that its solar panels are manufactured in Germany and are up to the highest standard of quality, but there is no other information on the panels other than that.

Additionally, SunUp America claims to offer the best products and financing available. However, when searching through the website, there is no mention of what financing options are available or whom they are financed through. If you are interested in working with SunUp America, we suggest you contact the company directly and get more specific information.

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Lisa Busse Tucson, AZ

We have total buyer's regret! We're filing an ROC complaint against them and then suing them! They install their products poorly and then when the bad install is identified, they don't stand behind their products. They'll string you along the first couple of years, while you're calling them time and time again attemptingto get them to make it right, and then they tell you, too much time has passed, we're not making it right. 🤬 We pay more now between our solar bill and TEP bill, then we did before getting their products.

1 month ago

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Michael Sealy

I'm a new customer so we're going through the process of installation. Had the roofer come out a week ago to finalize the broken roof tiles. The roofer and assistant were here for a short period of time and had left without saying a word. I assume they completed their tasks, at least I hope so. I had to clean up the mess they left in my driveway as there were pieces of broken tiles and some nails. Today Cameron was here to outfit the panels with labels and leave some inspection paperwork. He had to update the Enphase which took some time. He was very pleasant and cleaned up prior to his departure. He let me know he was done, and everything was in working order. Informed me the next step was the inspection. He also said once the inspection is complete, someone will show me how to utilize the system monitor application on my phone.

1 year ago

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Daniel Johnson Scottsdale, AZ

Don’t EVER waste my time again. My wife was not available to attend the meeting with the salesperson so you immediately cancel the meeting?!!! A TOTAL waste of my time and I would NEVER consider your company for ANY type of service again. The way I figure, it is your “sales plan” to have both husband and wife together at the initial meeting to coerce signing a contract together, immediately. Sorry, but that is NOT cool! Go prey on some other sucker!

4 months ago

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David L. Koch Sierra Vista, AZ

Buyer beware! This company (SunUp America) is extremely difficult to communicate with and will not offer any services beyond the initial two-year installation warranty. A summary of our experience includes the following; unanswered and unreturned telephone calls, delays in the installation of the solar system and commissioning date, no service beyond the initial installation, loss of solar generation power and additional electricity cost due to the solar system frequently in a rapid shutdown state. SunUp America, inability to communicate and provide service after the sale led us to hire another solar company to conduct an inspection and restore our solar system to an operational state. This is at an additional cost, now approaching a thousand dollars to date. The root cause, SunUp America installation and use of non-rated solar circuit breakers. Selecting SunUp America as a solar system provider is by far one of the worst decisions we have ever made. We do not recommend this company and strongly advise against selecting them for any solar system installation or solar service agreements.

6 months ago

star star star star star

Adelyn D Modesto, CA

I had the best experience with SunUp America. From the first day my sales rep came out I knew I was in good hands. He answered every question I had thoroughly and with patience. SunUp America made everything so easy for me. If you're looking for a solar company this is the one! Thank you SunUp America for giving me the best experience

1 year ago


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David Lake Havasu City, AZ

Just got my new solar project commissioned and online this morning and couldn’t be happier! This entire project was so easy with @sunupamerica and I will definitely refer them to all my friends and family. Dominick was our onsite rep and did a great job of answering all of our questions and helped walk us through the set up, class act.

1 year ago

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Megan Kingman, AZ

SunUp America is a terrible company. While installing the solar panels they broke my swamp cooler. Fred R's initial reaction was to bully and lie to us. Then they continued to put appointments before us and took a month to fix it in June/July in Arizona. My 4 children, the youngest being 2 years old, lived in a 100 plus degree home for a month feeling sick daily. Oh, but they graciously lent us a 500 sq. foot portable air conditioner for a 1700 sq. foot house!! Which did nothing except run our electric bill sky high. Our panels have been sitting on the roof for over almost 2 months now not hooked up. SunUp America installed them without a hook-up date because they were getting too close to their 6-month allotment in the contract. RUN!!!!!!

1 year ago

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Dave Hankins Los Angeles, CA

Very disappointed. The system is apparently undersized, does not deliver as promised, and no return to voicemail or texts. I gave 2 stars because the working guys were very professional and polite. Three neighbors who were considering this have now declined due to my experience.

1 year ago

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Kelly Dawson Lake Havasu City, AZ

Horrible communication when you have issues that they don’t want to fix and very defensive when you demand answers or resolution.

8 months ago

star star star star star

Steve Humbert Apache Junction, AZ

Everyone was very knowledgeable Ajjesandro is awesome and knowledgeable about solar energy

2 years ago